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100% Once Upon a Writer / Chapter 6: I Made A Deal between Our Hearts 1

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Chapter 6: I Made A Deal between Our Hearts 1

It's Christmas and I'm single, freedom to do anything I want was priceless! What should I do? Hm… AHA! I remembered Uncle Robert still didn't give me my Christmas Gift.

Dialing Uncle Robert 09*********

*kring kring*


"Uncle, are my cousins available? I just want to spend my Christmas with them, please~?" I literally begged him.

[Hey, Yuka, I know you were heartbroken because of Luke; but it doesn't you would find somebody else by boy-hunting with your cousins! I know you were close to your cousins but… hey, Yuka don't you think it's a little early to find someone you can spend with the rest of your life?]

"Yeah uncle I'm fully aware of that and to inform you, it's been a while since then and I've already accepted the fact that Luke and I weren't together anymore. To be honest, we're still best friends. And another one, I won't be called a B**** by anyone ever again… never."

[Promise me, it's just a hang out with the group okay?]

"Yes Uncle, I promise"

[Good! Where do you want to hang out?]

"Ah, Uncle, if you don't mind I want to hang out with just me and my cousins"

[I know, you can't take a joke. HAHAHA! Where do you want to meet?]

"Hehehe, in the old place"

[Got it, so see yah!]


Woah! Uncle felt like he was interrogating me. So, then I went to the mall. I just love going to that place when meeting someone but I'm not staying there for long. It's usually a place for us to meet then go to a different place.

Well, if you're wondering who am I, then let me introduce myself in a very dramatic way. After I got a Heart Break then you found out my First Crush, Until Now (soon), this time I'm coming back to share my story of how I Made a Deal Between Our Hearts. Yuka HERE! At your service *salute*.


Well I was expecting to be the first to come but here you go, they were there. They're fast; I wonder if they were expecting me do ask them. I'm gonna go asked them…

"…how long have you been here guys?" I asked casually.

"Secret" they said simultaneously. I really wonder if they're really twins or something of the same.

Well let me introduce my cousins that were present. First is Jun, the most handsome among the present (there's actually another whose more handsome than him that's why) and seriously impatient person. Next is Claire, the smartest among us cousins. There's Vincent, our sly and silly cousin. Zyra, the playgirl is also there. If you want boy recommendations, she has a lot. Daisy is the most timid and delicate among us when facing our elders. Gregor or also known as Gregy was surprisingly present. The twins Nina & Neil my vibe-mates are also present. And last but not the list is Clarissa, the dancer.

(Well I might get them a one-shot in the next stories here so I might as well take the opportunity to introduce them. Lazy be like XD)

"Yuka, where are we going?" Zyra wasn't the most impatient among us but she's easily irritated, like now.

"Easy, let's think of the place where there are lots of boys" I put my mischievous smile.

"I hate that smile of yours Yuka" simply said by Daisy.

"Sheez, Daisy don't kill the fun" Vincent surely wasn't planning on finding boys but rather followed the saying 'when there are boys there's definitely girls'

"HAHAHA right?" I high-five with Vincent, putting on our scheming smile.

"Okay guys stop it. That kind of thinking really." Helplessly said by Claire, the referee is here.

"Really Claire we're just kidding here don't take it seriously, HAHAHA" I put my innocent smile as I secretly smiled at Vincent and Zyra.

"Did you have a problem?" what Jun uttered put silence for a moment.

"…" I didn't say anything but glared at Jun.

The twins saw that and laughingly said "that's why Yuka was kind of weird."

"If you two didn't stop laughing I'll really chop you, alive" I'm so irritated at the twins.

The twins instantly shut up as they timidly said "we're shutting up/yeah zipper the mouth"

"Well, can't do anything about that. Let's go to the bar of Uncle. I'll dance and also need to recruit new dancers in our DC (dance group)" Clarissa was also quite impatient now.

"Yeah let go!" I immediately agreed.

"Hey Yuka don't you dare to forget we're not allowed in that scheme of yours!" Claire reminded me.

"There's no, NO, when it comes to family" Vincent Zyra and Clarissa simultaneously said.

"I give up" Claire got a bit of headache. Our poor guardian HAHAHA just admit we're a bit hard to handle.

"You guys are hopeless. I'll go with you, in case you get into trouble." Jun was our big brother-ish *worship*

"YEY!" we shout as we celebrate the victory.



"Yuka have companions later" for the first time Jun was going to let his friends come with us.

Sure no problem as long as it's a boy… or so I would like to say but I won't really. Jun-nii might hate me if ever, HAHAHA.

Instead I said "sure no problem as long as they won't get in the way of our boy hunting." I gave my silliest smile to him.

I left our table and moved near the bartender. I knew they knew that Luke and I weren't in a relationship anymore. Well, I can't do anything about it anymore, he has his true love or new love.

"Hi miss" a guy just pop out of nowhere, he had eyeglasses but he look so cool on it, "is the seat next to you occupied?" he asked me. I felt like he was an angel.

"Nope. There wasn't anyone occupying there" I didn't flirt but rather politely answered him. He then takes a sit.

The bartender then arrived with my drink "here's your cocktail"

"Oh thanks" I didn't order hard drinks because I can't handle it. Just cocktail was enough.

"By the way I'm Justine… and you are?" I was stunned at first when he told me his name, but chance won't come often so grab it.

"Hi I'm Yuka! Nice meeting you." I gave him my best smile in response.

"Could it be---" he was interrupted in the middle.

"Yuka!" Zyra pulled me after she saw me talking to someone. What the! Manners, manners!

"O-ouch! Zyra!" I said it in a lower volume.

"And you immediately get a boy huh? Nice one, but why a nerdy type? It's not your usual type of guy." Zyra whispered at me.

"Hey, he just introduced himself and nothing more" I apologetically glanced at Justine and smile. This cousin of mine really, she made me loose some poise of a woman.

"Zyra, Yuka" the twins called us. I've got no choice but to come there. And a bright idea came to me.

I pulled Zyra to the place of Justine as I said "Let's invite him to our table"

"Justine" I called onto him, he was quite stunned but I don't care about that. "Would you like to come to us? You seem to be alone anyways. I have my cousins together with me, it would be fun." I shyly offered to him

"Oh sure… who is she?" Justine asked

"Zyra, one of my cousins." I said while we're going to my cousin's table.

"Uumm…Ju—" somebody cut me off

"AH!" I was startled by Zyra's 'I-remembered' exclaimed.

Justine approached us and said "Jun, here you are!"

I was puzzled in here. They're acquaintances? "You?"

"Right, this was the friend I was talking about." Jun simply said.

"And!" Zyra suddenly exclaimed "you're the only one who didn't know him. He's in our circle whenever you're not together with us or busy to whatever you do" I see I'm the only one who didn't recognize this Justine hee…

I irritatingly said "well, I don't know him. You go and go your way. I'll also go my own way" putting my sarcastic smile.

"Seriously, Yuka. Don't put out your temper immediately." Vincent really is the master of girls.

But I only snorted at him. "Sister Yuka" the Twins tried to divert the conversation. I just raised my eyebrows at them.

"We have a dare to you" Nina slowly said as she studied my expression.

"… As you get to know Justine already." Neil continued.

"Then" I expressionlessly said.

"Just let us finish conveying this" Greg consoles me.


"We thought of something" Daisy had an ambiguous smile there for some reason.

So I immediately retorted "of you thought of something, you have brains"

Justine giggles in the background.

"One" Claire gave an authoritative voice.

=x= <---- Yuka

"Could you cover your ears please?" courteously asked by Clarissa to Justine. He was a bit confused at first but after thinking for some time, he did it anyways.

After checking that Justine didn't really hear anything. Claire faced me and signaled to Zyra who's at my side.

Zyra put her serious face at me. "You should be together with him."

"Together?" I confusedly said

Jun then clarified everything "You're going to have Justine as your boyfriend, as in right now"

What? Are they crazy? Why would I get him to be my boyfriend?

"Is this some kind of joke?" I one by one studied everybody's faces. They really weren't kidding with me. "Why would I do that?"

"If not, you'll have to be with us this summer" Jun gave me a silly smile. That creeped me out.

"WHAT!? Are you kidding me?!" where's my justice?! Somebody! Give me justice!

"We're not kidding you and you will never oppose me right" Jun got the evil smile there and its super scary.

"Okay fine…" then I secretly whispered "…although I won't do it anyway"

"Ah! Wait. If she didn't do it we're going to curse her, in any possible way, that she wasn't going to have a boyfriend until she became 18" Zyra threatened me. This is inhumane!

"Fine I'll do it!"

*Clink* their glasses of several drinks cheered with each other.

"CHEERS" they all said except us, Justine and me.

Zyra then signaled everybody in the table. "Then will you excuse us?" and winked at me. The hell she wants!

I just didn't say anything in the end. They're super annoying as time goes by… seriously =___=

"Hey" I was startled as I was in the middle of my daze moment back there. Just was still here huh…

"Ummu" I was at loss of what to say, "wait have you heard everything they wanted me to do?" its better to know at least we could make a deal on how to deal with those cousins of mine.

He was stopping himself from laughing out loud before responding "yes of course, with that loud voices how couldn't I hear everything?". Now that I think about it, what's the purpose of letting him cover his ears? Oh god where's the brains of my cousin really… did they do that on purpose or not? Anyway, I won't care anymore. One thing's for sure, they weren't stupid because no one in our family was stupid. ^O^

Then I faced him, "nice, so this will be an easy conversation." His laugh was contagious that I nearly laugh with him. He's kinda cool as he laughs, dreamy eh?

When he calmed down a little bit, "well, yeah. I know, and I do have my own plans too". He got that evil smile there. It wasn't compatible with his nerdy aura but he' seriously cool and handsome.

Even if I'm a bit daze, I still remembered to remind him of "well whatever that is I don't care. Better not have me in a disadvantage, or else…"

"it's easy, we could do it!" if he's that positive, I better listen to what plan that is.

I raised an eyebrow while asking "what game are we playing?"

He was a bit taken aback to my attitude. "are you really that trusting with strangers? I bet you're always the first to cry in relationships" *chak* some arrow just pierced my conscience there.

I made a quick response "it's not like I'm easy to trust with some strange guy. You we're even classified as a stranger coz you know my cousins…" and when I calm down a little bit, I added in a quiet voice "… we became together because we already know each other in the past and just getting back to have a title relationship" although its sounds like a curse when I said it then, but that's the sad truth.

He's curious but just teasingly said "… well it's not like I'm the one who's always broken"

He shot it and bullseye. Why do I feel like this guy was a mind reader?

I annoyingly retorted. "tsk, broken, I'm not the one who always ended up broken. Sometimes I'm the one who broke their hearts and I also became a cupid in their present lovers. We're not really for each other and that's for sure. I don't have the means to prison their fate to me because I'm not their one." Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

"with that explanation then, should I call you MS. PERFECT? You're so perfect based on what you uttered. You always think of the feelings that person that you even bet your position, rights and love rather than to follow your own love for him. I won't even wonder why those cousins of yours wanted to find you a person they trusted." He walked a little bit before he faced me again "like me?" that silly smile there made me smile a little bit after all his criticisms on me.

But all is said and done I still have to defend myself "… what right do you have to say that to me Fake Mr. GENTLEMAN. That attitude made the whole bunch of my cousins blinded. Even though you're close to them you can't change the fact that this silly smile of yours were super irritating"

Rolling his eyes onto me "That really says it all eh? Really? Tell me, how many ROMANCE books have you gone to read just to make this perfect? Your breakups were also perfect, smooth and less drama." He shook his head like I'm a hopeless person "life isn't like that at all, my dear"

"Says who?" I really don't believe we weren't the same kind.

"Tss, I know what you're thinking. You don't have to explain."

"Well, am I right?" I'm a bit confuse to be honest.

"you scared?"

"to what am I going to be scared? To your face maybe?" I retorted because I am confused.

He touched his face in shock. "to my beautiful face? Seriously? You're just diverting the subject. Well, can't help it if one day you fall to my looks" that smirk was getting more and more annoying as time passed by.

"thick faced"

He snorted and said like it's a showbiz scoop "why did you even come here for if you're not finding someone who'll last?"

As I was prohibited on drinking beer, they changed the drinks to juice. I replied this while drinking "Is guys gossiping a new thing now a days?"

"so?" he was waiting for the right answer.

I was forced to say this "fine, I was scared. I am scared. But if you really understand me with that weird mind reading ability. That's rare and you should've avoided giving me questions like that." My sarcastic reply is super obvious there. "insensitive"

"You can't escape that question anyway. Even if I'm not the one who asked you, there will be people who will someday." That made me stunned for a moment and slowly glanced to his way.

"even if I needed to face it someday, I need some time…" I felt like tears will fall any minute.

"woah woah don't cry" he panicked a little bit.

"its fine" my voice was hoarse and immediately stopped my tears.

"Then…" the million-dollar serious face was plastered to Justine's face "will you let me lead you to a contract that will last 1 month? It's just to teach you things that would possibly put us in a situation with more trials?" really thick faced eh?

"No. I shall lead within that contract. Its very unfair if a guy like you will lead" he made an odd face there "I'm serious…" he just laugh at me. Really where did Jun find this friend of his.

"So.." He then wrote the contract. Well, I could but my penmanship was… don't mention it.

Lerin Lerin

still need to edit it if i had time.

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