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62.5% One's Eden: Sword of Ren / Chapter 10: Chapter 10: Dragoons and Assault attack

Chapter 10: Dragoons and Assault attack - One's Eden: Sword of Ren - Chapter 10 by BrennJoezel full book limited free

Chapter 10: Chapter 10: Dragoons and Assault attack

After being saved by the dragoons Hanayuki and I was brought to their headquarters.

The headquarters was located in the abandoned district of Celest and it's covered by the magic barrier for the enemy not to trace them.

As we walk I have a conversation with the dragoons leader.

The name of the dragoons leader was Lucas. He has the appearance of a middle-aged man and has that knight air around him. He wears steel armor and a sword at his waist.

Not only that he looks very strong.

As our conversation continues.

I learned things about the chaos happening in the Celestial City. .

According to Lucas. Celest city is one of those old cities that the kingdom never owned. Since no kingdom owned this place.

The terrorist was able to use this as a hideout. Celest City is far from the land and in the middle of the sea. No one can immediately respond if there something terrible happened in this city.

That's why the dragoons were formed. The dragoons are the special organization that keeps the balance in Celest city. And also the one that keeps order ad leads the city in the greater future.

It's been like that these past years.

Until Pithon came to invade the City.

Destroying districts and forcing some residents to become his soldiers. The City is currently in unbalancing military law and no one can oppose Pithon easily.

Pithon is so strong he destroys the former captain of the dragoons.

Because of that defeat, the dragoons retreated and find a place to hide.

Currently, they are planning on taking revenge and releasing the resident in Pithon's hand.

"That's horrible, then, what's your plan?"

I asked Lucas that is walking beside me.

We were now inside the barrier district walking to the street to kill some time.

"How can you casually do that? You don't trust me yet. Y might be a spy from the Pithon army."

Said Lucas and gaze upon my eyes.

"Did I look that suspicious to you? Well, it' not that I need trust. Just the basic information you told me was enough. By the way, my name is Ren. I'm a traveler to kill the red robe general."

"Those are big words for someone that nearly killed earlier... Or are you just holding back... I can feel it. Even we didn't come to save you two. I can feel that you're going to survive... I don't know you're secret. That's why I can't trust you."

Lucas said and look away and leave.

I stopped walking and think.

He is right, I can't trust anyone...

My secret...

"Ren! What's wrong with you? I'm calling you this whole time and You're not responding."

Said Hanayuki, that has a basket of bread in her hand.

I walked to her and grab some bread.

"come and eat it's tasty."


I take a bite and find out that what Hanayuki saying was true.

As I look at Hanayuki's innocent smile. I started to think about that...

Maybe I can tell Hanayuki my secret.

Maybe she's gonna accept me...

No that's not right.

Hanayuki was so innocent I don't want her to find out such things After this I might leave Hanayuki without telling her.

My mission was dangerous, I don't want her to be in danger.

"Ren it's good right?"

"Yeah, it's good."

I nodded and reply.

After the cold conversation.

Hanayuki and I sit in the non-functioning fountain and take a relaxing atmosphere.

"Hanayuki why you're following me?"

"Like I said I wanted to stop you in doing the killing." Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=";s-eden-sword-of-ren_14190418206658505/chapter-10-dragoons-and-assault-attack_56802809542132033">;s-eden-sword-of-ren_14190418206658505/chapter-10-dragoons-and-assault-attack_56802809542132033</a> for visiting.

Hanayuki replied as she looks above the stars.

"I already promised, that I won't kill him."

"I feel like you're gonna break it."

"Then, you know that I will kill that Pithon."

"Of course, you're an assassin, right? That's your literal job... Still, I wanted you to know that in this world... You really don't have an enemy."

That moment. When she said those words.

I remember Hikari said the same words.

"No one is my enemy? I don't understand it..."

I pointed out the tower-like thing in the Celest City. That's also the place where Pithon the red robe captain resides.

"Are you telling me that man that killed people is not my enemy?"

I started to have this serious tone and it's felt by Hanayuki.

She held my hand and said.

"I know it's hard to understand, but someday I know you will."

An unfamiliar guess came.

"Ehhhh... Hanayuki? You finally got a boyfriend?"

Hanayuki blushed and turn her glance to the female knight that came to save us earlier.

"I already told you Ren is not my boyfriend. He is my friend I met in Stella city."

Replied Hanayuki.

"Stella city, you mean that city surrounded by giant boulder... I wanted to take a trip there sometimes... By the way, I forgot to introduce myself to you mister traveler. My name is Gila, one of the dragoons soldier."

Gila offers a handshake.

I gladly take the offer and introduce myself in return.

"My name is Ren, I'm a traveler."

"Traveler, that's great. Being able to travel is every man's dream. I'm quite envious of you. To us dragoons, we always stay here to keep peace and order. We indeed have free time and day-off. but those time was consume usually in rest and self-training."

Gila said and scratch her cheeks.

"Then if you want to travel then why not just do it?"

"Well, traveling is just second to my choice. I wanted to be a respectable dragoon. I wanted to protect this city for the rest of my life."

"I see."

I said and take another bread from Hanayuki's basket.

As I take a bite. I take a good look at the bread and notice that it has stuff filling.

This taste is butter.

Looking back to the basket. The basket contains different bread.

Then I started to be curious.

"Hey, Hanayuki, where did you get those bread? In the situation of this city. They should not have a sufficient amount of bread to give to you."

I asked Hanayuki.

"Your slow Ren, look at it. These bread are fancy-looking bread. Where do you think this bread is from?"

"What?! You mean, it's from the noble's?!"

I was surprised.

Looking back, I never saw Hanayuki having those bread in the first place.

Don't tell me.

"Hanayuki you can use inventory magic."

"That's close but not the right answer... I don't want to brag about this but I learned this magic... Sealing magic: little cube."

As Hanayuki cast her magic. The basket of bread turned into a small cube that can be placed in her pocket.

That's very convenient magic.

"I learned this magic in Stella city. The nun that is in charge of the orphanage is a skill in this magic. She teaches me while I'm there. Too bad, it can't be used in humans or animals... But I think it's convenient because I'm not the type of girl that brings bag pack every time."

Hanayuki said.

Well, that makes sense.

all this time I was wondering where are her things.

Looks like everything of her belonging is located in her small pouch.

In another hand.

The girl knight beside me is having sparkling eye's and said:

"That's awesome. It's very convenient and useful. Can that sealing magic put a giant ship inside it? Is that magic that can seal monsters?"

Gila became aggressive and held Hanayuki with lots of questions.

"I forgot to tell you this. This Gila is a bit of a magic nerd. She like seeing the magic that she never saw before."

Said Hanayuki.

"Well, I can see that."

As the two are busy in their conversation.

I look upon the tower and think of a way to attack.

Since that's the only reason I'm here.


At the same time. But in the location of the nobles.

Moving to the central district of Celest City. In the Dragoon tower.

The noble earlier arrived and meet up with the one causing the chaos in Celest city.

"Ho ho ho... Look at those slave's. I want to buy some of them before we left."

Said Giova the fat noble of Arsland.

Down in the tower, ground slaves or the resident of Celest city is working and training.

"I want a handsome slave. Scarlet-san will you get me one."

Asked Sally.

Sally the music enhancement wizard.

"That's a no, your still a child to be involved in love."


Sally makes a smug face and look away at Scarlet.

"Well, where is Dusk?"

Asked Giova.

"Well, I just give him a little punishment."

Said, Scarlet.

Currently Dusk is tied upside down in the flag pole of their ship. Dusk is out cold and looks very happy for some reason.

"What's with that terrifying look on you Fredzer-san?"

Said Yukihime.

"Don't talk to me with that friendly voice of yours. You let a spy escaped. I can't forgive you."

"Ehhh, but she's so cute I wanted to do cute things with her. Like tea party."

"That mentally of your are a problem to us."

"Eh? Really."

Yukihime sends a menacing glance toward Fredzer. Fredzer fights back and looks into her eyes.

These noble's are from different families in the kingdom of Arsland. But for some reason, they are together for business with Pithon.

We can say that they are here because they wanted to make sure that Pithon will buy their illegal weapons and talk about their safety when the red robe terrorist invade the kingdom of Arsland.

The noble reached the place where Pithon is.

There was a giant door and it's the door for the giant library of Celestial city containing its brief history and discoveries.

The soldier opens the giant door and is in there.

The noble saw Pithon reading a book.

Pithon strong appearance. He's wearing a snake mask that covers half of his upper face. His two sword is placed beside him next to his seat.

"Good evening, lord Pithon."

Scarlet lead the greetings.

"You nobles are here... Did you bring the weapons I order?"

"Yes, we have it in our shop,"

answered Scarlet.

"Very good nobles of Arsland, you noble has good judgment in teaming up with me. With my power, I will ensure your safety in the upcoming war."

Said Pithon.

"We are very grateful to hear that Lord Pithon.'

"Then, may I ask you something? Did you meet a girl with little brown hair?"

Scarlet is a little surprised. In Scarlet's mind, she knows what Pithon is thinking. That's because Scarlet has knowledge about Hanayuki.

"That's right we indeed encounter a little girl with that description."

Scarlet replied.

"This is indeed a beautiful evening... I indeed feel her magic earlier. I need to confirm it."

Pithon put his hand in his mask as he look to the moon from the window and continue.

"Hanayuki to know that you came to my nest... Soldiers guard the castle and give my visitor a relaxing time. I'm going out for a little walk."

Said Pithon.

The soldiers replied:


Pithon gets his two swords and using a window. He jumps and charges in toward the direction of magic his tracing.

And the magic his tracing is owned by Hanayuki.


Me, Hanayuki, and Gila are still in the fountain and enjoying the bread Hanauki stole from noblemen.

That's when I sense the unusual presence. This is a presence of a red robe terrorist. It's coming at high speed from above.

Don't tell me!

I immediately pulled my sword and make it blaze in flames.

It's coming from above.

I pulled Hanayuki as a swing my sword to deflect the upcoming attack.

"Lightning punch!"

"Tornado fang!"

Looks like Gila and Hanayuki also notice the presence and they find out that someone is about to attack us.

The masked man is currently above me and about to smash his two swords at us.

With the combination of our attack. We deflected the attack used by the masked man.

As a result, made an explosion sound in the area.

It destroy some houses nearby and the ground.

Also with the intense collide of magic. Hanayuki, Gila, and I were thrown to the ground 20 meters away from the masked man.

"Look like we met again. Hanayuki... Do you still remember me? It's me Pithon."

Said Pithon as he make an introduction.

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