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75% One's Eden: Sword of Ren / Chapter 12: Chapter 12: Traitors

Chapter 12: Traitors - One's Eden: Sword of Ren - Chapter 12 by BrennJoezel full book limited free

Chapter 12: Chapter 12: Traitors


Returning to the dragoons who are currently flying away to retreat.

"Lucas! Why do we need to retreat? We can seize Pithon if we all attack together."

Said by the vice-captain of Dragoons named Turone.

Turone is a man in his mid-twenty who has black hair and green eyes. wearing the same armor all the dragoons have. Turone fly closer to Lucas and asked desperately asked him.

"Why do we need to retreat?! You said we're here to bring back our dignity as Dragoons. Let's get into battle and fight alongside that brave traveler."

Said Turone.

Lucas stay silent and as they came closer and closer to the island.

Lucas cast a spell that created a firework.

Every one of the dragoons saw the fireworks. Its beautiful light caught everyone's attention.

After that beneath the dragoons.

A Group of soldiers riding with a giant ship made an appearance and started shooting the dragoons with white metal arrows.

The white metal is a mineral that can negate any form of magic. The white metal is also known to be a great enemy of dragons. Because White mineral can easily destroy their scale and make dragons weak in no time.

Turone's dragons receive an arrow and started to slow down.

Gila with Hanayuki is also doing their best to avoid the arrows.

Some of the dragons fall with their raider. Some of them already died because of the arrows.

Dragons started to fight back and breathe flames to the enemy ships.

"Magic shield."

Several mages are riding the ships and protecting them with magic.

That time Turone look toward Lucas's face and realized the happening.

"Lucas... Don't tell me to set up this... We are friends, right?

"It takes so long before you realize..."

Lucas said.

"How can you do something like this? You are a traitor!"

Turone said with an angry tone and used his magic to heal his dragon.

"Flame dragon stream of destruction!"

The dragon is owned by Turone. Used a powerful attack to destroy Lucas.

Lucas dragon dodges the attack and fights back with Turone.

Turone with his dragon falls to the island near Celest city. They are both heavily injured and can move in the way they wanted.

Lucas with his dragon came down gently landing on the ground and have a little conversation with Turone.

"Sorry, my friend... But this needs to happen. We need a change in this city. Celest city needs a proper leader... With the ideals of the red robe terrorist group I will do my best to assist them in world purification."

Said Lucas and wear a red robe.

"You're one of them... Red robe terrorist... Tell me more."

"If that's your dying wish then, I shall give you savory information."

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"The one that kills our captain is not Pithon. The one who kills him is me."

Lucas said.

"I don't care about captain... The only reason I join this dragoon stuff is to beat someone I like to beat for a long time... That's you, moron... I sharpen my raiding skill and learn magic so that I can beat you. So that a get the attention of a girl I like all this time.

Said Turone.

Lucas look down at Turone and said:

"A girl that you like... A girl that likes me so much. I don't remember having a relationship with someone, but after this, I will surely free you in suffering."

Lucas pulled his sword and attack Turone.

Before the sword land on Turone.

The dragoons show up.

"You bastard! How dare you kill our friends!"

All the remaining dragoons came to attack Lucas from behind.

Using a magic called communication link. Everyone in the dragoon was able to hear the conversation of Turone and Lucas.

They were angry at what they heard from Lucas and attack Lucas without thinking.

With the help of Pithon's army that is equipped with white metal. They easily weaken the dragons and kill the dragoons in that area.

Except for Gila and Hanayuki who are a little bit late in the scene.

But Gila started to cry because she have high respect for Lucas and also Lucas is her first love. The reason she joins the dragoon is not just to protect the Celest. Deep inside her heart, she wanted to get Lucas's attention.

"Why do something so cruel?"

Gila whispered.

As the drop of tears from Gila fall to Hanayuki's cheeks. Hanayuki slowly wake up and held Gila's face.

"Gila what's wrong?"

Asked Hanayuki.

"It's nothing, some dust just goes inside my eyeballs hehehehe..."

Gila replied.

Hanayuki notices that Gila is just putting on a tough front and keeping her emotion to burst.

"Sorry, Hanayuki many awful things just happened. Everything happened in instant. I don't know what to do. Seriously what's going to happen to us."

The communication link just cut off.

Therefore, the caster name Turone and his dragon are already killed by Lucas.

Hanayuki started to think and look around. She gets up and slaps Gila's face as hard as she can.

Gila was surprised by Hanayuki's action.

"Survive! We continue flying in this direction. Those people that killed your comrades will kill us next. Think Gila, we can't let them die in vain. The dragoons protect the City of Celest Right?! Let's go back in there we might be able to do something."

Said Hanayuki.

Agilus the dragon nodded and turn back.


Agilus use its full speed to come back to Celest city.


In Celest city, a huge projection of what's happening is displayed and watched by the residence of Celest City.

The people were terrified and sad. Some started to cry and some people just lose hope.

"What gonna happened to us?"

"The heroes that used to protect the city are being destroyed apart."

Said some people.


In the tower where Pithon left the nobles.

"Scarlet what's happening down there? And why Pithon is battling that man before."

Asked Fredzer.

"Hmmm~ I wonder why~ Sorry, make you all stay like this but I need all of you to die here."

Said Scarlet to Fredzer, Giova, and the other noble.

They were surprised by the statement of Scarlet. Fredzer pulled his sword and pointed it out to Scarlet.

"Scarlet what's the meaning of this? Are you planning to take over the business all by yourself?"

"Bingo! But that's just a small part of my large plan."

Replied Scarlet.

After that instantly the noble's was frozen to Ice making them unable to move.

"Not you too... Yukihime."

"Is that your last words pointy mustache? Just be grateful your able to help Scarlet-sama with her plan."

Said Yukihime.

"Are you two from red robe terrorist?"

"Of course we're not."

Answer by Sally and continue.

"Yukihime-sama and Scarlet-sama and I were not from red robe terrorist group. That group started to get weaker and weaker. Also, they have different plans. We decided to form another faction."

"Enough in talking Sally..."

"I'm sorry Scarlet-sama."

"You're going to die anyway. I guess you better not know it Mister Fredzer."

With Scarlet's touch. Fredzer body immediately exploded and was killed.

"This is a little disgusting but I need to kill every one of you."

The soldiers that saw the killing is trembling in fear as scarlet walked toward them.

"Soldiers I'm a nice woman, just clean this mess and don't say a word. or else I'll kill you."

"Y-Yes ma'am!"

The soldiers clean the mess and the dead body of nobles.

Scarlet sits down to the chair where Pithon used to sit.

Maid serves her tea and sweets.

"A little tea party after that stuff is very relaxing... Now let's just wait if that boy with the sword can defeat Pithon or not. I can't wait for tomorrow."

Said, Scarlet..

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