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Chapter 60: THE END

At the main house in the Dead Horse inside the kitchen Bobby and Andrew sat on the kitchen chair with a cup of coffee each sitting on the table.

Marty had left the two to their business to go check on the horses and cattle.

"And so, how are you doing?" Andrew asked.

"I'm good and doing good too," Bobby said grinning as always.

"Bob, you don't need to hide your feelings... you need to be sincere with me," Andrew said.

"Haha truly I'm OK, everyone keeps asking the same thing, for real I'm OK and even if the wedding won't be holding tomorrow it might still hold next year when Francisca has finally decided on her dreams and that reminds me why I came to look for you, do you mind or should I ask does Auntie Roro love you to the extent of marrying you? like tomorrow preparations being made..."

"Oh, then you won't be discussing that with me alone then," Andrew said.

"Ok? do we involve her in this?"

"Certainly. Yes. Besides I'm not gonna marry myself." Andrew said smiling.

"Haha, yes you are sure right. So let's head back to your place."


"Le Cordon Bleu in Paris France, founded in 1895 known for French cuisines. with more than 35 schools in twenty countries. Le Cordon Bleu, as a culinary arts school, was founded by the journalist and publisher of La Cuisiniere Cordon Bleu magazine Martha Distel.

Bakery diploma:

The boulangerie program was based on understanding, learning and mastering boulangerie techniques. The training mainly comprises practical classes, Theory classes, conferences and boulangerie related visits are also included.

Full time program: Advanced Diploma In Pastry and Bakery Arts (9 months)

Duration: Monday-Friday (9:00am - 5:00pm).

Remarks: For 36 weeks (3 weeks of theory and 33 weeks of 'hands-on-practice in the kitchen)

Syllabus: Basic level, Intermediate level and Advanced level."

Francisca listened carefully as the teacher explained everything in details.

"In the macaron workshop: Intense Vanilla, Hazelnut, Chocolate, salted butter caramel, lime basil, Cardamom Olive oil Jasmine, Pistachio, Strawberry and Black pepper." The teacher continued.

"Pastry workshop: Chocolate and Pistachio opera cake, Cheese cake like an entremets, Grapefruit Meringue tarts, Brittany shortbread with Meringue and Menton lemon.

Milk chocolate-passion fruit tart, lemon Yule log."

"I'm going to give you everything in full details so you can prepare yourselves," the teacher smiled and Francisca nodded.

"Freshly baked Pastries: Small milk breads, Brioche. Cocktail Brioche, Kouglof Croissants, Chocolate rolls, Almond Cake, Almond black current lemon cake."

"Any question so far?"

"No," the students said in unison.

"Choux Pastry Workshop: Salted butter caramel, Choux pastries Paris-Brest, Choux pastries filled with lemon basic creams. Yuzu cream and white chocolate Choux pastries."


Meanwhile back at the ranch in Texas, Andrew and Bobby was sitting on the couch in the living room and waited patiently for Rose to join them.

"Hey Bobby why you look so serious?" Aunt Roro asked sitting beside Andrew.

"Oh not really, and I came to talk to you about something important," Bobby said.

"He wants us to have a wedding tomorrow at the same time he was meant to Wed Francisca and since Franci is not around Sandy is gonna be the bridesmaid, so Marty left to go get ready to be my best man." Andrew said giving Rose the full details.

"That's great then so like I need to go get a dress and prepare myself and..."

"Wait, did you say great?" Bobby asked, he hadn't wanted to ask because he didn't know how far they've progressed and didn't want to make it seem like the money was gonna be wasted if there was no wedding.

"Oh yes." Rose said smiling.

"I need to go get a suit too besides I'm the groom," Andrew said as he kissed Rose's Cheek.

"Have you guys gotten tha far?" Bobby asked.

"Yes actually we met during February winter blizzard and had a ONE NIGHT TOGETHER even if it was caused by the blizzard it still didn't matter whatever matters right now is the wedding tomorrow." Rose said.

"Oh ok then I'm gonna leave you two to get prepared tho everything's being done and only needs the groom and bride to get their dress and suit."


Traditional bread baking: Small spelt breads, Buns topped with mixed grains, Spinach sandwich bread, Mini baguettes, Country style walnut and fig bread, Fougasse.

Chocolate Workshop: Chocolate blocks, Chocolate souffles, Chocolate tart also with raspberries.

Mendiants, Chocolate bar, Cappuccino flavoured molded chocolate candies, Beautiful mango, Chocolate horizon.

Tart workshop: Milk chocolate-passion, fruit tart, chocolate tart, praline crisp and strawberry tarts.

French cuisines: Sea bream tartare with lime, crispy yound cod, raw and cooked cauliflower, shellfish mariniere, Brittany flan with apples and rum macerated prunes financiers.

Foie Gras Workshop: 'Mi-cuit' duck foie Gras, mango chutney with ginger.

Yule log: chocolate Yule log.

There's much more to learn as you are here take it easy and be patient, do not rush whatever it is you are learning so you can have a clear vision of what to do later when you leave Le Cordon Bleu. You will still pass 'The art of cooking like a chef' class, Eclairs workshop and pound cakes workshop. Whatever it is you are lacking knowledge in can be answered by our chefs, classes starts tomorrow and you will know better by taking a jotter along with you now if you may excuse me." The teacher said all smiles as she half bowed to the students leaving the class. This year was gonna be great she thought as she pulled her hairs behind her ears.


Getting to her apartment provided by Le Cordon Bleu Francisca put down her books she buried her head into her kneel she wanted to cry, now she realized how much she missed Bobby and she will have to endure it all till after nine months. The first thing will be to get back to the ranch, get the first flight to Texas. But now she needs to call to ask about her auntie.

It didn't take long for the phone to be answered at the other end of the line, breathing in as she tried to swallow her tears.

"Yea? Yes I'm OK and you know classes will be starting from tomorrow and you? What you doing what? OMG congratulations auntie Roro and how's Pookie? No, Sure I will call later to check on him, have a great day." Francisca said smiling at the same time crying.

"Yea bye I have to go on tour with other students to have a look around the school, ok bye. Have fun Auntie Roro, Good luck." Francisca said and hanged up immediately as tears flowed down her smooth face while some entered her mouth some went down further to dampen her clothes.



Rose had gone to the store she went to with Francisca to get a dress and she needed something simple but Unique.

She was busy trying to pull a dress up her body when her phone rang picking up without looking at the caller and heard sniffs taking the phone out to look at the caller ID she realized it was a foreign number and Francisca flashed on her brain immediately

"Francisca?" "Oh how are you doing sweetie?"

"I'm getting married to Andrew tomorrow." "Pook's good and have you called Bobby? ok make sure to call him, ok thanks bye."

She had wanted to ask questions but it could wait and she was running out of time to get the simple but Unique dress she was looking for.

Sandy at the other hand smiled as she watched Rose trying out different dresses and finally settled on one heading over to the lady of the store they paid and left. Aunt Roro had chosen a yari gown.


The wedding:

Andrew was standing at the forefront wearing a blue vintage tweed check blazer with a black bow tie with feather shaped lapel pins while Bobby wore a Calvin Klein blue suit, white shirt and a black tie looking all good the two gentlemen stood while Bobby turned to see if Marty was in the church he needed to go sit because he wasn't the best man.

Marty ran up to them smiling "Oh men you look better than I do."

Marty was wearing blues and whites checked shirt med blue blazer navy bow tie.

As the three men were conversing the bride entered with Shorty who wore a simple black suit with pants.

Everyone turned to examine the bride, her yari dress: flowers blend in With the skin, creating a tattoo effect to sculpt a suggestive mermaid dress with a two-piece effect. The skirt part with a natural waist and fitted to the hips was paired with a delicate crystal tulle bodice.

A deep V neckline.

The illusion back in tulle has floral thread appliques that adorn a back full of details and nuances.

She had wanted to look simple but today was her wedding which comes once in a life time.

Coming from behind her Sandy wore an off the shoulder, knee-length white dress with slouchy, puffed sleeves and a cinched-in waist.


The made their promises and exchanged rings Rose had thrown her bouquet and it was easily caught by Sandy...

She was happy because Marty had a surprise for his woman.


Back in the ranch the couples was all parked because they were going for a honeymoon.

They were going to Rose's beach house in cape cod.


It's being 3 weeks and finally it was their wedding tomorrow as Marty kissed Sandy saying "Babe, what about our honeymoon? we haven't planned about that but we need one,"

"You two can go to Miami or anywhere that gat a good of a great ocean." Bobby said.

Turning to look at him Sandy tried to push Marty away and then Mrs Martin came in and ushered them all to the table.

Mr and Mrs Lynette sat across the other so did Sandy and Marty.

Bobby didn't want to be here but Marty had begged him and since it was his day tomorrow he decided to grant him his wish.

Sandy sat in the same roll as Bobby as she stared at him nonstop making Bobby uncomfortable.

The dinner began as Mrs Martin sat down after making sure everyone's plate was filled with different delicacies.

Tomorrow was a day she dreamed of and she was happy it was finally going to happen.

"Sandy?" Mrs Lynette called.

"You mind putting your attention on the table and eating?"

"Hmm OK, Yes I mean." Sandy said stuttering.


Another great day had come and gone as the couples kissed Marty brushed his hand on the back of his bride, she had worn an elegant dress like Aunt Roro.

Sandy in an Imelda gown looked too good from her normal self.

the mermaid shaped wedding dress with a sweetheart neckline, with illusions and lace off-the-shoulder straps in tulle with a guipure appliques and sparkling beading.

the sensual dress that streamlined the silhouette and accentuates the feminine curves.

while he on the other hand wore a Ralph Lauren- slim fit poplin Tuxedo shirt with bow.

The inner lapel of his tuxedo, he wore a small piece of lace wedding dress and a rose suit lapel.

Bobby had been the best man for his best friend while Mandy had been the bridesmaid.

The Lynette's had wanted a much bigger gown, more expensive more beautiful and whatever it is tha made a wedding superb but Sandy said she wanted a simple dress and that was the least dress they went for.


10 months later in the month of May Francisca was standing at Texas airport and waited for Bobby in the scorching sun.

She didn't want to stay in for it might take Bobby a long time to find her.

Bobby was furious as he looked for a space to park in the lot, not finding any he parked recklessly on the road and made his way to the airport lobby and then he saw a familiar figure which had turned her back on him as she stared inside the lobby.

When he had received her call he was lazing around with Pookie and hadn't done a thing the whole day. Aunt Roro was busy in the kitchen trying to cook something when she heard him speak and yelped with happiness but then remembering that the doctor had told her not to scream or might give the baby a shock she immediately closed her mouth.

"Bobby go change your shirt first," She had really grown close to Bobby after she and Andrew returned from their honeymoon.

They had stayed in the beach house till the end of August.

Andrew went grocery shopping and she was trying to prepare dinner.

Looking at his face she could see the happiness emanating from it and she was glad Francisca Handel was finally back.

"Francisca!?" Bobby called, turning to face the familiar voice her eyes filled up with tears.

"Bob... Bobby," she said stuttering, she hadn't seen him for good ten months and he looked more handsome than he was and more sturdier she noted as she examined his body.

Walking up to her with his hands in his pockets he grinned and leaned in for a peck but got a kiss. Her lips tasted different than he could remember hugging her tightly.

He wasn't letting go, not again and never again

He had missed her alot and didn't want to experience such thing again.

The kiss lingered on for three whole minutes before he let go breathing in heavily he grinned

he had tasted tears and wanted to clean them but then the moment was cut short as two airport officials tapped Bobby in the back.

"Sir you have parked and blocked a lot of cars from leaving now if you don't mind you need to take your car out." one of the official said.

"Yea sure." turning to Francisca he picked up her two bags and she followed behind closely and tried to stop the tears.


At the ranch Rose has rushed out as she heard a car engine come to a stop but then it was Andrew.

"Franci called and I think she's in Texas." Rose said looking at the drive way.

"That's great news and..." Andrew was cut short as he heard the screeching sound of the Caddy brake come to a stop.

Walking over to the Caddy, Rose had tears trickling down her face "Franci?"

"Aunt Roro," Francisca said as she came down and seeing her auntie with her tummy the tears came back falling endlessly.

"Welcome come Francisca Handel." Andrew said looking at the happy face of Bobby Calhoun.

'This was a really great news and there was gonna be a great celebration for sure.'

Sandy had left Texas for California and he heard she was going to study and get a better life but he sure wasn't dumb. Bobby had screamed at the girl and told her to stay off him.

Now Francisca is back maybe the future would be brighter now and perhaps a little change of plan wouldn't ruin it.

Walking into the house their nostrils was greeted by Texans dishes.

Rose had taken her time to learn from Mrs Martin and Andrew even Bobby on how to prepare different types of Texans dish.

Bobby took the two bags up to Francisca's room that was cleaned always by the new maid while Mrs Martin taught and stayed with Aunt Roro all the time to help her adjust from a lady to a mother.

"The room's clean so shower and come down for dinner," Bobby said as he made his way to the door.

Francisca blocked his way as she tried to stop her tears because Bobby didn't like seeing it.

"Bo... Bobby?" she circled her arms around his neck and started kissing him.

she didn't want to let go, she wanted to be with him, no one else but him.

The kiss heated up as Bobby made his hand inside of her face blouse and found the bra hook.

He was loosing his cool and it was because of Francisca, all the desires he had kept inside of him came flooding out as his other half rose from it's pit.


"Mm?" Francisca murmured softly.

"Let's go have lunch and then later we could..."

"No, I'm not hungry." Francisca said shutting Bobby up.

He was lost for words and he unhooked her bra using his other hand he held her waist tightly and using his second hand he moved it to the front of her chest and the warmth from her breast seeped into his hand.

He had always known she had full breast but never this full as he couldn't get to try it.

Kneading on her perked up nipples he heard her moan and moved toward the bed.

Going down slowly together he ruffled her hair as he tried to fit himself in-between her legs.

'It was now time' Francisca said as the parted her legs slowly.

Looking at her eyes covered with moist he kissed them.

She found the buttons of his shirt and undid them one by one.

Bobby didn't want to rush it as he started to pull down her jeans.

Tonight was gonna be better than all the night he slept with different women in the past.

His other half kept rising like the morning sun as he brought his lips down to her shoulder and then her nipple, he stood up and took her blouse off.

Finally naked he went inside of her slowly and discovered she was tight, he bent down to lick her juice and make her wet.

She moaned as she held on to her two breasts and squeezed hard.

The moans turned Bobby on more and he slid into her and their body moved rhythmically together, he started kissing and nibbling at her lower lip.

Francisca never knew Bobby was this big as she felt pain and at the pleasure all through her body.

She never knew what Bobby meant to her until after three days in France without seeing him grin at her.

But now that she knew she will stop at nothing to be with the only man her heart desired.

The dark room filled with moans and the sounds of pleasure as Francisca recited in her mind 'Tears of the eyes are VALUABLE'

'Speech of lips are POWERFUL'

'HEART with love is beautiful'

'LIFE with someone like you is wonderful'

Yes truly life with Bobby sure going to be wonderful.

JoannaAngel05 JoannaAngel05

HELLO MY DEAR READERS, WE'VE COME TO THE END OF AJ (kinda sounds like my name Angel Joan) RM, FHM & BC.




JOIN ME ON DISCORD @JoannaAngel05#6579 also on Discord channel


Bye for now...

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