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Chapter 31: Dr.Nero

In an underground dungeon,there stood an old man who looked about 65 ,wearing a white lab coat, standing at 5"4ft, hunched back, a long nose, wearing glasses with dark yellow teeth, the dungeon was filled with a thick stagnant air the atmosphere stank of blood , the man was the scientist recruited by Lex, Dr.Nero.

*Flashback, 2yrs ago*

The day Tanya was recruited from the isolated island,and just as Lex was going back to Red Force, he heard a small groan coming from behind a boulder, Lex pushed the boulder only to reveal a hidden passage, curious Lex made his way through the passage until he came upon a small chamber in the middle was an old man who was tied up from the ceiling,he was visibly tortured and near death's door.

The old man looked at Lex and with much struggle talked,"Phahahah, Young'un get me down, help me and I'll give reward you".

"What kind of reward?",Lex wanted to be sure he was wasn't wasting his time.

"I'm a scientist you know I can...", before he could finish his sentence the old man fainted.

Lex didn't care if he lived or died but a scientist could offer something to him.

Lex took the Old man down and called Tanya back and said her to take care of him till he could talk.

Tanya obeyed and then Lex left for the Red Force.

A week later, Lex slipped out of the Red Force and made his way back to the island.

Lex then met with the Old man"So what happened to you?".

The man sighed,"Well Young'un first of my name is Dr.Nero like i said before i am a scientist in fact I'm One of the most outstanding one you'll ever see, Phahaha".

Lex looked at him suspiciously he feared that he helped a lunatic.

The doctor continued,"Have you heard of Dr.Vegapunk?".

Hearing Vegapunk's name Lex's eyes lit up.

"Hooo looks like you do know him, well let me tell you without my help he wouldn't have been soo successful and the government wouldn't have known him either".

Lex didn't believe this at all," Oye Old man don't Bull*hit me, there's no way that could be true".

The Dr smiled,"Phahah you've got me, but i did work with him and, even if I don't look like it I'm great scientist young'un.." Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

Lex was starring down at him,"I still find it hard to believe you old man, and if worked with Vegapunk and the government why on earth did i find you here, in this Sh*thole ?".

"Impatient aren't you i was coming to that,Me and Vegapunk were working on a top secret project called 'Pacifista' and when my part was done I decided to focus on another Project of mine which was of the origin of Devil Fruits but my funding was cut and it went to Vegapunk so as protest i left but you don't leave the government, then chased me all over the Grandline and soon i landed here and I thought I was safe until those Pirates came and well... Sadistic ba*tard".

Lex stood up and faced Nero," Pacifista hasn't been completed yet...You shouldn't lie to me you know.."

Lex let out his Haoshoku which made him fall face first to the ground.

" know about the Pacifista?That's top secret how did you..", before he could finish,Lex's bloodlust intimidated the doctor.

"You better tell me the truth before i finish you".

Doctor Nero gulped,"Yes the Pacifista project isn't over but my part was, which was the mind control and brainshwash project. The government hasn't used it yet and i don't know why and I'm close to discovering the secrets of Devil fruit".

Lex relaxed and retracted his haki,"Brainwashing eh? hmm you might be useful afterall..Ok from now on you are working for me and whatever you need for your lab tell Tanya she'll provide it.. but I'll warn you if you ever go against Me then you'll wish you'd be dead".

Dr Nero was gripped with fear but he nodded.

*Present Day*

Swoosh, Tanya carrying Lex over her shoulder teleported infront of Nero,"Doctor help the captain out he's been poisoned, he's in pain".

Nero pointed at a table indicating her to put Lex over there,"Phahahah Young'un why'd you go get yourself poisoned? I still need your funds for my research".

Tanya wasn't amused by this and gave him a deathly stare

Lex meanwhile was lying on the table bearthing heavily," Old man take this poison out of me and I'll double your current budget".

Hearing this the Doctor went into a frenzy he ran and got his tools and examined Lex and after finishing his checkup he had a defeated look,"Sigh, sorry Young'un, I maybe a Doctor but not the kind who treats people, I can't cure you from this".

Lex didn't have any reaction he was in Pain to think and Tanya looked defeated she started shedding a tear.

Then the Doctor continued,"I can't cure you but I can manage the Pain for a few days and maybe by then you can find the antidote..."

Tanya's eyes lit up,"Do it Doctor!!"

Doctor nodded and gave him the treatment by then Lex was already unconscious.

*2 days later*

Lex woke up having a massive headache but he was feeling much better than before he looked over and he saw Tanya sleeping beside him and Doctor Nero busy with his work.

Lex staggered and walked upto Nero,"So Doc am i going to live?"

Nero turned around,"Phahahah Young'un looks like you feel better,and no, I've not cured you I've just reduced your pain and only for a few weeks if you're lucky, and so i suggest you to find the antidote".

Lex agreed and went and woke up Tanya.

When she saw Lex up she got emotional and hugged him, not letting him go for a long time and then he pushed her away and asked her about Robin.

"Don't worry captain she's in a cell and we've cuffed her with seastone so she won't be leaving anyway''.

Lex nodded,"Ok then let's go pay a visit to our Crock".

Tanya grabbed Lex's hands and before they got ready to teleport Dr Nero interupted,"Young'un wait before you leave i want to talk to about something".

Lex sighed,"Yes Doctor I'll double your budget and if that's all then..", The doctor interjected,"Phahahah I'm glad that you remember, but that's not it, I've finished the Project."

Lex's face lit up,"Hoo finally you're giving me results ".

Dr came to Lex and handed him a microchip the size of a thumbnail,"This is it, my life's work, with this planted into a person's brain he's basically yours, he'll do anything you ask for, a servant if you will".

Lex gleemed with joy,"Dr looks like i did a good thing by Saving you, so i just have to bring someone here and then..."

Dr Nero shook his head indicating a no,"Not yet Young'un this one works only on regular people, not on someone with a strong will,for that I would still need some time".

Lex frowned from hearing this what good was this chip if he can't enslave his enemies,"I have to say Doctor I'm a little disappointed it's taking a lot longer than expected".

Dr Nero sighed,"Young'un you can't rush Science,but don't worry I can guarantee that I'll get you what you want in 3yrs", Lex agreed,"Ok Doctor if that's all.."

"Actually I need another test subject, this one is non responsive ", the doctor said as he pointed out to a table where a man was tied down and lying still his body was experimented on in numerous ways and was now in a vegetative state with no response, and this man was Pirate with a bounty of 24,000,000 belly, the captain of the foxy Pirates, "Foxy the Silver Fox".

"I was first amazed at his Devil fruit power which could slow down anything it's better than the previous ones you've brought me",Dr.Nero grinned.

"So you broke this one also, Doc aren't you being too harsh with them? it's only been a week since i got him ",Lex was tired his headache growing more.

The Doctor laughing replied,"Phahah sacrifices are necessary for Science Young'un, so how can you expect me to find the mysterious of Devil Fruits without test subjects? Don't tell me you feel sorry for them and want me to stop?".

Lex rolled his eyes,"Please, you just don't know the hassle of catching them but I'll let Tanya take care of it and if you don't need him I'll take him to the Marines and you can have his Bounty it should be more than enough for your expenses".

An evil grin appeared on Doctor Nero's face,"Phahah he's of no use as a subject but there maybe something else he can be used for.."

Lex nodded,"Ok then if you want something else just let me know, and try to keep the next one longer it's a mess trying to bring them over".

Lex and Tanya then teleported away to Alabasta

Dr.Nero turned his attention to Foxy , *Phahaha*laughing like a mad man he took him to a cold storage where a scene not so different from a movie could be seen,more than a dozen devil fruit users all alive but barely being chained up and kept like frozen food with some missing body parts and some with extra appendage,"Now now my beautiful puppies it wont be too long...*Phahahah*".

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