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Chapter 23: First mate(2)

At an island isolated and desolate, a thud was heard for miles out,dust filled the air and a huge crater was created in the ground Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

When everything settled down,four people came out,

Lex, old man, Mob-1&2

Lex looked at the island and it was full of vegetation and wild animals

Lex looked at his party,"This is the nearest i can fly, else they'll detect us, the enemies are spread out all over the island and we are going to pick them out one by one,now old my you are going to stay here and wait for us ok?"

The old man face turned sour,"No they killed all my people so i want to come with you"

Lex didn't argue and just nodded.

*An hour later*

The mobs were hiding in the bushes and Lex was on the opposite side, in front of them was a scouting camp and around 10 enemies, Lex used his power and created a dome around the camp which muted sounds within it

Lex signalled the mobs, they jumped out of the bushes which surprised the enemies and in the brief moment Lex watched as the Mobs killed all of them.

Lex took his time, looked around and found a stash of cash and weapons he gave them all to the Mobs.

*A few Miles away*

"Captain we lost contact with the 2nd scouting party, that makes 50 people".

Zefer was sitting and listening to the report by his subordinate, his face was red with anger in just a few hours he had lost 50 men he did not even know who or how many enemies he's facing.

Zefer seeing his subordinates Shirek, called out to him,"The enemy is taking us down one by one,so contact everyone and make them come here and tell them to be careful".

In the middle of the jungle,Lex and his party were moving forward and suddenly Lex started smiling,"Looks like we don't need to use this guerilla tactics anymore" the Mobs and the old man didn't understand,Lex changed directions and picked up the old man,"Change of plan we're going straight to the main base,looks like everyone's gathered together".

Lex and the party charged at full speed killing anyone in their path and a few metres from the base he let the old man in the bushes and walked boldly in front of the base,the Mobs were a little scared,in front of them stood 150 enemies and on top of the base on the roof stood the notorious Zefer

Zefer looked at the 3 people and snorted,"You pipsqueak dared to come alone let alone killed my men you dared to march right in to enemies base, you've got balls I'll give you that but you're gonna die"

Lex looked at the Mobs,"You take care of the small fires,leave Zefer to me", the Mobs had a stange look,"But Lex there are more than 100..." before he could finish,Lex used his Haoshoku Haki, with ripples a 60 people lost consciousness.

Lex smiled and looked at the Mobs,"See I've taken out majority of them you should be able to defeat them right?",The mobs sighed, they all knew Lex's by now so none of them were surprised.

Zefer and his crewmates were shocked at seeing their comrades collapse.

"Damn Haoshoku, the will of the emperor, never expected that kid would possess such a troublesome power"thought Zefer.

Zefer saw his crew losing morale and acted fast,"What are you maggots scared of there are only 3 of them, let's avenge are fallen men kill those bastar*s".

In a sec all the men jumped with high spirits and started attacking Lex and the Mobs.

Lex using his observation Haki dodged any attack that came to him, and made his way at supersonic speed to Zefer

Lex jumped and stood in front of Zefer,"Now let me take your head".

Zefer got angry and swung his fist covered in haki at Lex.

Lex using his observation ducked down and swiped his leg aiming at Zef's leg wanting to make him fall but Zef caught his Lex with his hand, Lex did not expect this, Zef used his elbow to strike down on Lex's leg,it hit good Lex's leg was throbbing in pain.

Zef used this opportunity and used his momentum and Swing the back of his fist towards Lex,but Lex saw this coming and dodged, he took Zef's arm and threw Zef to the ground and then punched his face.

All of a sudden Lex's instinct kicked in and he jumped back a few metres and stood sweating,Zefer smirked"Kid you have excellent insticts,but you are too inexperienced to fight against me"

Lex had difficulty walking but he didn't give up,he knew he that if the fight dragged on he would lose,"Damn I overestimated myself I still need to learn,looks like I've to finish him now, it's gonna hurt but i dont see any other option".

Lex used his supersonic speed and ran towards Zef, expecting this to happen Zef raised his arm infront of him wanting to stop Lex but what Lex did surprised him, Lex took out a pistol and shot at him,Zef used his haki and stopped it but Lex was at supersonic speed so a second was enough and he used this chance to get behind Zef and grappled his neck into a lock with his right arm.

Zef tried to get out of his grapple but it wasn't enough

Lex then moved his left arm towards Zef's heart and with five seconds *Boom* his heart exploded.

RoScore RoScore

I have no clue how to write fighting scenes, so I'll just try to fast pace it and give the results

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