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Chapter 27: Jerry

*Karate island dockyard*

Lex and Rollo made their way to their ship and to Lex's surprise as soon as he was seen everyone made way and left them alone. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

*Woosh* Tanya appeared in front of the harbour and spotted Lex and ran towards him.

Seeing an unknown lady move towards them at high speed Rollo unsheathed his sword and got into stance but Lex put a hand on him and shaked his hand telling him to stand down.

Tanya came in front of Lex and bowed,"Captain it's good to see you after 2 years". Lex nodded and she stood up.

Tanya looked suspiciously at Rollo and Lex caught on to her and *coughed*

"Tanya this is Rollo he's going to be our swordsman",said Lex pointing at Rollo.

"And Rollo this is Tanya my first Mate and our Assassin".

At this Rollo's eyes widened and stared at Tanya intensely.

*Clap*,Lex broke the tension in the air," Alright now that introductions are over,tell me Tanya did you discover any new talents?".

Tanya nodded at Lex's question,"Yes I've gathered a few they are not to that Level but they should suffice and just like you ordered they have infiltrated the lower ranks of the Yonko, it should take a few years but I'm pretty confident they'll raise through the ranks and no one should be suspicious about them. And Captain I've also visited all the places in the list you gave me it was a long journey and i covered all the four seas and the grandline,well atleast everything in that list...".

Lex nodded,"Good phase 1 of Project 'Utopia' is complete now onto Phase 2".

Rollo looked confused,"Project'Utopia'?" he asked.

Lex smiled,"I'll tell you in due time".Rollo was curious but didn't pester.

Lex walked upto his ship and the second in command of the ship came,"Captain we saw the bounty on your head we were shocked, but the thing is everyone is well..."

Lex understood what he meant, the crew weren't Pirates or criminals but they worked for one so everyone was a bit agitated *sigh*,"It's ok chief i wont be troubling now, I will be going on my own so now you guys have to go to Water 7 and wait for me and tell them that for the troubles I'm giving them I'll double their reward and if by any chance any one of them leaves without my permission then well...",Lex grinned from ear to ear, the commander swallowed his Saliva cause he knew what he meant.

The commander saluted Lex,"Aye Captain, i will tell the men your orders and we shall be waiting for you in water 7".

Tanya came forward and grabbed Rollo and Lex and asked,"Where to boss?".

"Well before that",Lex turned his head around towards an alley between two ruined down building,a figure in the shadow could be spotted. Tanya nodded and teleported behind the culprit and grabbed him and teleported back.

The man was astonished,he was here in an alley a second ago and now he was infront of Lex.

The man jumped back and came to a fighting stance.

Lex was irritated he lept forward and swung his fist ,the man held his guard up but It was of no use Lex had imbued his fist with haki so when the man's bones were broken and his hand were walloping around and the man was crying in pain.

"Now then Mr.Jerry its time we stop our game don't you think?"

Jerry was stunned, he didn't believe that the kid would be this strong and that he could recognise him either.

"Now Jerry i know that you have been following me since I entered South Blue so now you are going to tell me everything, first tell me why i have this 'Alive Only' Bounty, why are you following me".

Lex looked around and saw the look in Tanya's and Rollo's eye he sighed and explained to them about about Cipher pol and other covert agency

Jerry spant on the ground,"I will die but I'll never talk".

Rollo steped forward,"Captain let me handle this guy I'll get him to talk".

Lex shook his head,"We don't have the time,and they must have trained him for physical torture, but i wonder if they've trained you mentally?".

Jerry gave a grave look and suddenly A dome appeared around him.

"Listen up the sound inside this dome is amplified by a hundred times let's see how long you'll survive".

Jerry didn't think anything of it and concentrated on recovering.

But with every moment he made a sharp sound hit his ears, Jerry could hear himself breathing,he could listen to his heartbeat,his food getting digested with soo much auditory information the brain couldn't process it and Jerry held his ears but it was in vain he could stop hearing,Jerry screamed but that just made it worse, in a confined place it like a jet flying near his ears, two minutes later Jerry got down on his and begged Lex for mercy.

Lex just smiled and didn't do anything, Jerry's brain was being overloaded.

And after 5 mins later Lex removed the dome.

Jerry was still lying down and holding his ears and looked up to see Lex grinning from ear to ear.

"Now then will you tell me what i want to know or should I put the dome back?".

Jerry's face paled," anything but that I'll tell you everything".

Lex pulled him up,"Good now start from the beginning".

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