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Chapter 18: Time skip

*4 years later*

A raft was seen floating against the waves and on top of it was a young man in his teen,he was wearing black shorts, with white tshirt and a red sweater

This was Lex

With a yawn he rubbed his eyes,"Finally I'm back! That damn Shanks didn't even train me,he let his subordinates not even giving me a ship back to East blue....such a cheapskate. But man I have no talent, after 4 years I've only reached Tier 3 of Haki, to or is it that Luffy is just too abnormal".

Lex drifted and landed in Camenealia,he walked around the Town and nothing seemed to change,the island is lively as ever and Lex made his way towards the royal castle then one of the guards stationed there raised his weapon and pointed it at Lex he said,"Halt! This is the royal castle without summons you are not allowed to enter".

Lex recognised the person who stopped him,"Hmph Dave you have the gall to restrict my entry, did you forget your master while I was gone?".

Lex used his Haoshoku and everyone in front of the gate except Dave fell unconscious.

Dave was frightened, he recognised the person's voice and knelt down and begged," My Prince please forgive me I did not recognise".

Lex was amused," Haha it's good to see you to and I'm not your Prince anymore but I do expect you to kneel before me like usual".

Dave sighed and made way for Lex.

Lex was tired and so he went to his old room and dozed off

*The next day*

Sunshine from the window hit Lex's face and with a yawn he woke up and got ready. As he left the room Lex saw an incredible thing.

All the maids in the castle and Captain Cougar and his men were kneeling down and crying tears of joy.

Cougar" My Prince you've returned,we all missed you s..." before he could Finish his sentence Lex raised his hand," First I'm not the Prince anymore and second I'll talk to you all later first I have to go and meet my father".

The others nodded and made way.

Lex came inside and knelt down,"Father I've come back".

The king stood in front of Lex and looked intensely,"You've grown strong,looks like you can use all 3 haki that's good.

Lex stood and smiled,"Yes Father! and I can also use my devil fruit masterfully".

The King looked happy,"Good Son, so what have you thought of doing now?".

Lex answered stiffly,"Father I will start my journey now and look for like minded people and travel the world,now that I'm strong enough it's time I leave".

The king slumped in a chair,"Good son, I've prepared a modest ship for you, if you need anything else just ask".

Lex gratefully grinned,"Thank you father I'll do my best!".

The king in a serious voice said"Good son,now I have one thing I must warn you, beware of people with the name 'D', you must be careful with them".

Lex also became serious,"The will of D huh?".

King looked a little surprised,"So do you the meaning of it?"

Lex looked intrigued,"No father,but please tell me".

The king was silent for a while and then spoke,"You'll find it out later, now is not the time but just be wary of them now go and have a great journey.Live long and Prosper".

Lex bowed and exited.

As soon as he exited the head maid came running and hugged Lex Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

Lex escaped from her grip and also saw Cougar,"Yo captain how've you been, how have the others been up to".

Captain remained solum and replied,"Sir after you stepped down the nobles acted again but then the crown Prince took care of it saying he wanted to protect the citizens but actually he wanted to test out his new power, he also took out many Pirates with high bounty,so Pirates started showing less and less".

Lex thought this over for a minute and spoke,"Meh let him do what he wants,I achieved my objectives and with Father around nothing too dangerous will happen so let him be".

The captain nodded.

Lex left to the docks and saw his new ship, It was the size of a typical Navy ship, the wood and metal was of the best quality and it had 10 cannons it was not too big and it was ok, the crew of the ship were trained professionals but Lex had a problem, he liked the ship but he wanted the best, meaning a ship made from Adam's wood and because of his business deal with Doflamingo he had more than enough money. So lex immediately fired 50% of the crew

And the best part was that his cabin was as large as his room in the castle which bought a tear in his eye," Finally I have my own cabin, that Shanks he made me sleep with 3 other sweaty old guys,I curse you Shanks".

Lex ordered his crew to come to the deck and he made a speech," Listen up you Pigs, I am your captain and you 75 people are responsible for taking me to where I say, let me be very clear you people are not my crew after our final destination which is Water 7 on the grand line,then each of you will receive a million belly and you can be on your way.

The crew held their breath, they were shocked....A million belly was like a dream come true.

They all bowed and shouted," Thank you Your highness".

Lex smirked,"I'm not the prince anymore,call me captain".

Everyone nodded

"Now for our first destination, set sail to Karate in the South Blue".

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