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Chapter 34: Vanishing Enchantress

-Day after the raid-

Tanya came bursting through the door holding the newspaper, "Captain we've got new Bounties on our heads".


'Night Raider' Lex

Wanted: Only Alive

Bounty Amount: 200,000,000 Beli

*A former Prince of the kingdom of Camenealia who turned to a life of thuggery and banditry, Sources say that last night he went across the 4 seas and attacked multiple Marines bases abducted 20 surgeons and harmed thousands of Marines.


'Vanishing Enchantress' Tanya

Wanted: Dead or Alive

Bounty Amount: 80,000,000 Beli.

*According to our sources in the Marines, Tanya was an assassin for the underworld boss 'Joker'. Now she is believed to be the 'Problem solver' for Lex, and his second in command.

-Marine HQ-

Sengouku is in a high-level meeting with the Admirals and Vice-Admirals. Discussing last night's fiasco, he slammed the table and broke it in half," You lot call yourselves the Marines? How can you let a kid come in, cause such a ruckus, kidnap our surgeons in our own territory? And worst you let him escape, someone needs to take responsibility for this!

And how did that Bird get wind of this? Seems like there's a leak, Akainu plug it for me, I don't want such a thing happening again

Contact Cipher Pol, I want them to increase their surveillance of Lex and why the hell does he need so many surgeons I need some answers".

-Dr Nero's Lab-

Lex looked at the Bounty and shrugged, "I knew they'd increase my bounty but by a whole hundred million, that's unexpected and looks like Tanya also got a bounty, I'm astonished by their intelligence network they always manage to get such sexy pictures".

Lex casually walked in and sat on chair, yawning he noticed his nights plundering, there were about 20 surgeons lying on the table waiting to be fitted with the mind control chip, "So Dr how many worker can you make with their help?".

"Phahah Young'un you'll have a two thousand new workers by this month even more if we work them to the bones", replied the doctor

Lex stared at the ceiling for a long time thinking his new plan, "Alright Doc a thousand is fine for now, don't push them too hard the World Govt will undoubtedly tighten security around them now and we can't afford to derail things right now".

Lex walked to the Dungeon where Robin was being kept, she was put in a comfortable room with lots of spaces and anything she fancied only drawback was that her legs were cuffed with Seastone, when she was sipping on some tea Lex walked in and smiled, "And how are you today Robin, hope the Tea tastes good."

Robin didn't like Lex he kidnapped her and kept her prisoner and worse she couldn't escape as she believed Lex that he had info about the Rio poneglyph even though her gut said not to believe him she was clinging on to this as this was the first and only lead she had.

"Now Robin tell me what is it that you most desire?"

Robin was taken aback she didn't expect such a question from Lex,

"I want to find what the world Govt is hiding, the void century that's what I desire", there was a fire in her eye that would appear when she always spoke about Poneglyph.

"That's all? You Disappoint me Robin looks like you still need 'his' help *sigh*", Lex knew all about Robin so he knew her desire for the poneglyph but there was one more thing she wanted, 'Freedom' she was on the run all her life she wanted that to stop. Lex got up and left, Robin was confused what was he talking about, "Wait what do you mean? Whom are you talking about?", Lex didn't stick around to answer her and left.

-Moby Dick-

The white beard Pirates were lazing around not doing anything serious, it was just another typical day in the grandline.

When just then below deck in the storage room a low level member of the whitebeard pirate took out a long range Transponder Snail and started whispering, "Madam I've been surveying the whitebeard pirates and the other day Red Hair visited and we had a massive party for 3 days and 3 nights and while drunk the older members loosened their lips, and apparently Shanks wasn't in the Pirate kings last journey so he doesn't know anything not the location or what exactly it is. And about Whitebeard he had an old crewmate someone called 'Oden' , apparently he was from a faraway country called , he was one of the few that was good at deciphering something and someone very important, and apparently the pirate king himself gave all of his fortune to Whitebeard just for his knowledge for his last journey to Raftel. This was as much I could find, anymore and they might get suspicious.

And congratulations on your new bounty madam, the picture is *ahem*good, the crew here talked about recruiting but Marco shut them down".

On the other side of the line Tanya sighed, "Thank you I'll notify the captain about this and be careful. Oh, I almost forgot the captain wants you to inform as soon as a guy called 'Ace' joins the crew, that's all for now". Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.


Tanya reported all of this to Lex, "Hmm looks like Roger couldn't understand the Dead language and he was helped by Oden looks like I have to a word with Shanks, but for now lets just keep things as it is we don't need to deviate from things right now and keep tabs on the Yonko but leave Shanks to me, and have you made contact with the people I told you about?".

Tanya looked down disappointed, "Captain all of them turned us down and chased off our representatives. I'm sorry captain it was all my fault, I shall repent for my inability".

Lex sighed, "Forget it, most of them are Pirates, it's in their nature not to understand the future benefits plus compared to us they have huge bounties so they look down on us, its natural they wouldn't talk to us about any arrangement. We must wait until the 'War' that is when we make our move, so until then be nice to them, After all we're going to take over them in one scoop.

Besides the entertaining ones haven't started their journey yet so let's not be in a hurry".

Tanya looked eerie, it always baffled her how Lex would talk about the future, she had witnessed a few things that Lex predicted so she knew that he was speaking the truth which made her more curious of her captains premonitions but she knew her place and kept quiet.


Doflamingo reading the paper was laughing and veins on his forehead could be seen he was visibly angry, he had gone to the world Govt to ask them about Lex's 'Only Alive' tag but was shooed away like a dog without explanation this ticked him off, he ordered Vergo to investigate but that was also a dead end, in the end he had to stop but that didn't mean that he gave up.



RoScore RoScore

Hey guys sorry for the Break, too much going on with my job and personal life that i couldn't concentrate here.

I'll try my best not to take too long with the uploads. Cheers and do tell your friends about this fan-fic lol.

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