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Chapter 24 - One Piece: Desperate - Chapter 24 by HolyJoker full book limited free

Chapter 24: Chapter 24

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Chapter 24

Title: Boin Islands...


Max looked at the sky with disinterest as it started getting darker and darker, he had not eaten any food around even when delicacies grew on trees. He casually crushed any giant bug that got close to him and seemed to want to attack. 

By now he had already started seeing some of the weird plants that he didn't know the names of. Some vine plant attacked him instantly wrapping itself around him with the intent to crush his body. But it wasn't meant to be as Max transformed in his hybrid bear form, and just as his body grew the vines ripped apart. 

This form of his wasn't used a lot since with his physical powers, if he used it, then most fights would be worth fighting. He knew that he needed to push himself hard to grow stronger. Especially now that there was only around one year left until Luffy set sail.

By now Max had the bodily strength to use all of the Rokushiki Techniques. But there was more than just raw strength to them and he planned to push himself extra hard this coming year to learn them all. Having those techniques under his arsenal would negate almost all of the normal weaknesses a Devil Fruit User would have.

Suddenly some kind of vine monster came about, its body reminded Max of that swamp monster from Avatar that was made by a waterbender. It had the rough form of a humanoid upper body with no legs. The plant creature swung at him and this made Max pull out his spiked bat and bash the hit aside.


The vine appendage that attacked him burst apart due to the power that it was hit with. Then Max jumped and was in front of the creature before it could react. He used Haki on his spiked bat and with all of the strength he could muster that was also amplified by his bear form, he swung the bat at the midsection of the plant creature.


It rang out like an explosion, destroying everything in its path, even the trees behind the vine monster were destroyed. Max looked at this in surprise. 

"Did I just do a long-range attack?" he wondered, without even noticing that he said his thoughts out loud. But he didn't mind since no one was around to even hear him. Plus he had thought that to create long-range attacks you needed to master your weapon. He knew he didn't have some ground breaking realization on how to use a spiked bat. 

'So does this just need to have the raw strength to use it? No wonder Kaido preferred this weapon instead of many others that would have been more effective. For power attacks, the spiked bat was one of the best weapons and the easiest to use.' Contemplates Max, normally he would have picked a giant sword for himself, but unlike Zoro, he hadn't been learning the sword since he had been young.

But Max also didn't have the time to pick out a complicated weapon, so a spiked bat or a big axe it was. Most of the time at least.


It took Max the whole day to reach around the middle of the island where the kins of plants that could hurt even him were. He was breathing a little heavily from fighting all kinds of monsters all day, but he didn't mind it since his body would be back in top shape in a minute or two. Zoan fruits have grown on him, he initially had thought that this kind of fruit would be good, just not that good. After all, it only could raise his body strength? But that hadn't been the case, with this fruit he had been able to grow at a monstrous rate that no normal human body even by this would's standards would have been able to.

He looked at the circular mouth of the island, it seemed to be closed, but at the wrinkly and fleshy structure of it was the middle of the island.


A giant green wolf with a red round nose made out if plants suddenly charged at him. He had sensed the creature before its attack could even come close to him. So the counterattack was instantaneous, though the numbness that passed through his arm surprised Max. 

The <Impact Wolf> was quite strong, though it was still destroyed in one hit as Max tried to get a handle on his power to use long-range attacks with his bat.

The attempt hadn't been as successful as he wanted it to be. Because he seemed to either use too much power or too little. But it wasn't that big of a problem since he thought that he could get it down in a week. What the hardest part here now was to think up a name for his attack. 

'Wind Arrow? Wind Blast? Normal Attack?' Max went through a lot of names but couldn't decide on which one to choose. 'The only thing to do now was pick up some seeds around here and grow them in low light environments.'


It took a whole week for Max to gather the seeds and get back to his ship. Though Raynare would say another story, of how her captain wanted to mess around and train in the island, even though he had gotten everything he needed from the island.


Time passed and in the Florean Triangle, a man with a disproportionate body frowned. He was Gecko Moria, the man known as one of the Seven Warlords of the Sea.  Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

He used to be feared at one time and even was considered Kaido's rival. Though at that time they were both young and that rivalry ended when Kaido had casually killed all of Gecko Moria's crew. There was bad blood between them, even though the Warlord couldn't do anything against the monstrous man anymore.

Kaido wasn't someone he could even touch now and Gecko Moria would be killed by one of Yonko's subordinates if he went to attack Kaido.

But he also knew how his fruit worked, and as long as he could get Kaido's shadow and make the man walk into the sunlight, then the Legendary Yonko would die just like anyone else. Even he couldn't resist the force of reality that didn't allow anyone without a shadow out on the sun.

Oars would be forefront in his plan because, in Gecko Moria's eyes, even Kaido wouldn't be able to match the might of a creature bigger than giants and known as a "Demon" back in its time.

He hadn't fought Kaido in a long time now, but how much could the man have grown? Gecko Moria was sure that some of the stories must be exaggerated. No one was unbeatable and immortal like that.

Booom!    Booom!    Booom!...

Moria was interrupted out of his thoughts once he heard explosions that sounded like knocks. 

"Little pig, little pig, let me in~" a sing-song voice sounded out through a loudspeaker.

This enraged Gecko Moria as he grinds his shark-like teeth, and veins popped all over his face. Someone had the gall to come and be so disrespectful on his doorstep, he would show them that a Warlord of the Sea shouldn't be taken so lightly!!


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