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Chapter 84: Chapter 84

I started walking towards grove 24.

'I've only been here once. After I almost killed the Celestial bastard, I was banned from this place. But since I don't have to care about rules anymore, I can go wherever I want.'

I'm going to grove 24 to eat some food at a restaurant. I heard that it's really delicious.

A little bit later, I arrived at the main street of grove 24. Everyone immediately backed off.

'Hahaha, everyone here fears me so much. They didn't fear any of the supernova's like this before the time skip.'

I entered the restaurant and sat down at a table. No one around me dared to move. I looked at the waiter. He got scared stiff.

"What is this for service? When a customer comes in you, ask him what he wants to order. And why is it so quiet here? I won't eat you up if you make some noise."

The waiter quickly came to take my order, and the rest started to slowly continue with what they were doing before. When the food came, I started slowly eating it.

'Hm, the food is pretty good. I still need a cook, but I'll find her soon enough.'

I sensed a lot of people spying on me, but I ignored them and kept eating the food. They are too weak to bother with. The waiter kept bringing plates after plates of food to my table, and I completely devoured everything. The people around me looked at me with shock.

[2 hours and 78 plates later]


"Ahh, that hit the spot."

The waiter walked towards me.

"Was the food satisfactory?"

"Yeah, tell the chefs that it was really good."

I put a stack of money on the table, and he quickly bowed to me.

"Thank you, sir. Please come again."

I walked out of the restaurant, and I could hear everyone in the restaurant talking about how surprised they are at my behavior. I smiled and started walking through the street.


I looked up at Mary Geoise and saw a huge explosion.

'Damn, Vlad is really going at it. Too bad the poor guy will be taken down within minutes. I feel worse about the wolf, but whatever. It is what it is.'



'Damn, that's some serious damage.'

I kept looking at the fight when I suddenly smelled the definition of disgusting.

"How dare you block my way!"

I looked at the person who said that to me, and he immediately got scared and fell off the back of his slave. I looked around and saw everyone bowing down.

"Sigh. You're still such an idiot."


Everyone around me what speechless.

"How dare you say that to Saint Charloss!" screamed one of his guards."

I disappeared and appeared next to the guard with my sword at his throat.

"Shut up if you value your life."

He was shaking like crazy.

"D… don't you dare disrespect Saint Charloss."

'I see. His family is probably being held hostage or something. But that isn't my problem.'



Before he could do anything, I cut off his head, making his body fall forward on the ground, and his head rolled in front of the celestial bastard. All the normal people around ran away.

"K...Kill him!" screamed the celestial bastard

The remaining 5 guards immediately ran towards me, but with 5 clean slashes, they ended up the same as the first guy. I looked at the bastard and saw that he had pissed his pants.

"You're always so disgusting."

"Do you even know who I am!"

I kicked him in his head, breaking the helmet.

"Yeah, I know who you are. You're my bitch."

I started stomping on his head, and he started crying.

"Please let me go! I'll give you whatever you want! Just please let me go!"

"Bow in front of me."

He looked at me like I just asked him to kill himself.

'This is the perfect situation. Now that Vlad is holding back the World Government, they don't have time to come and help this useless guy. And there is a big chance that only one Admiral is here at the moment.'

"Would you rather have me end your bloodline?"

He immediately turned pale and bowed down.

"I'm really sorry! Please spare me!"

"Keep saying it till I'm satisfied."

I took out a Den Den Mushi and captured everything on camera. A couple of minutes later, I got bored of his apologies.

"If you give me the keys to his collar, I'll let you go."

He looked surprised but quickly gave me a key. I threw it to the slave, who looked just as shocked.

"Run away. If you get caught again, I won't be there to save you again."

He quickly opened up the collar and threw it away. He bowed down in front of me.

"Thank you so much! I will never forget this!"

"Yeah, yeah. Just go away."

"Thank you again, sir!"

He started running away.

I looked at the bastard.

"I gave you what you wanted, now please let me go away."

I smirked.

"It seems like that little present I gave you the other time wasn't enough for you to change your way of life."


"Sigh. You really are stupid. Does Rob Lucci ring a bell?"

I suddenly smelt something disgusting.

'He shitted his pants!'

"You disgusting bastard!"





I used my sword to carve my Jolly Roger in his chest. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

"I hope that this will help you remember who you're dealing with."


He was rolling around in pain.

"Goodbye, celestial bastard."


I disappeared.

'I would have liked to stay there a little bit longer, but I don't want to fight an Admiral right now.'

A couple of minutes later, I appeared in Grove 13 and entered a bar.

"Welcome to Shakky's Rip-off Bar."

���So that Shakuyaku, or how most people know her, Shakky, Silvers Rayleigh's partner.'

"Yo. Can I rent a room for a couple of days?"

"We don't do that here."

"Not even for 100.000 berries?"

"Take the stairs up and keep walking to the end of the hallway, and then to your right."

"Thank you. Oh, and if someone asks about me, you've never seen me."

"That's an extra 100.000."

"Sigh. Whatever."

I walked up the stairs and went to the room. I locked the door behind me. The room is so small that It can barely fit one bed.

"She does the bar's name justice."

I laid down on the bed.

'At least it's pretty comfy.'



'Damn, he is still going at it. Those stupid Elders will be really pissed after this. I would have asked him to join me if I knew that he was this good. But whatever. There is nothing I can do about it now.'


'What should I do in these couple of days?"


Anime Quotes:

"In the human world, truth and reality aren't always one and the same. Humans just call their desires and ambitions as "truth". Humans will even kill other humans if they have "truth" as an excuse."

– Mawaru Penguindrum (Mawaru Penguindrum)

"To reach the top we must crush their dreams and climb atop their shattered hopes. The will to win at any cost, to obliterate the enemy if necessary, without ambition there is no way to move up."

– Angito Wanjima (Air Gear)

"If a man hasn't discovered something that he will die for, he isn't fit to live."

– Minato (Naruto)

[Don't mind this part down below. It's for someone. He knows who he is.]

(Here you go, Shitty Reader.

BTW: Shitty Reader, this is your new nickname, and there's nothing you can do to change it.)

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