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Chapter 24 The Princess - One Piece: Fruit of Reincarnation (English Version) - Chapter 24 by Juanjo full book limited free

Chapter 24: Chapter 24 The Princess

She was in a hurry for a few days. That day, Lei Yu left Hades and walked alone towards the Alabasthan Empire. As for Kuina, she accompanied the women and them, she went to the market to collect items. After all, Without Lei Yu, Pluto is not powerful enough, only Kuina and Nico Robin can be alone.

Although Lei Yu has carried out a special transformation and training on Alvina in the last few days, it is not a day or two that can be great, and Alvina will not become more calming and the skin will be smooth, so Nami is hoping that people were so jealous and envied that Lei Yu didn't dare to continue transforming.

Although Nami has been trained since she was a child, she is good at dealing with ordinary people. If she is a little stronger, she will have a hard time. As for Kaya, she can only hehe, the enemy, if you are afraid, It is estimated that Kaya will lose the ability to fight, but Kaya's medical skills in recent days have grown a lot with the help of someone.

"Shasha ..."

Lei Yu walked through the desert, making a crunch under her feet.

Lei Yu now kinda understands why it is so hot in here and she needs to wear a hat and coat.

The temperature difference here is too great. It is very cold in the morning and very hot at noon. Fortunately, Lei Yu's body has been strengthened to the point of an anomaly. Otherwise, Lei Yu will drown enough to walk through the desert.

At noon, the scorching sun was like fire, the burning sun, when the sky shone, white smoke rose from the earth.

"I'm so thirsty ..." Lei Yu walked for a while, but she didn't even notice a single hairy figure, and felt a little depressed in her heart.

After half an hour, Lei Yu finally found the market and immediately ran towards it. Lei Yu knew that the desert was so big that Lei Yu and Kuina would go with them. At least they could be accompanied by beautiful women.


In an entertainment room, all the people were singing and dancing, and suddenly her entertainment room door was kicked open!!

"Came !!" When the visitor saw the wine on the table, her eyes suddenly lit up, and she ran in an instant.

"Guru ... Guru ..." After a while, Lei Yu drank the entire large bucket of red wine, and then Lei Yu wiped his mouth with some satisfaction.

"Eh? He plays with yours, go on, I won't bother you." Soon, Lei Yu discovered that the entertainment room was still lively, and he suddenly calmed down. The very generous people around said as if this was his place...

"Hey, your boy came, do you know where this is?" A man appeared in front of Lei Yu and roared at Lei Yu.

"I care where this is" Lei Yu sat directly, eating the sandwiches on the table, and said lightly.

"You are looking for death!"

"Cut the people!"

The man in front of Lei Yu quickly turned his right hand into a sword and slashed at Lei Yu.

"Oh, it turns out to be a person with Devil Fruit Skill, it's something interesting ..." Lei Yu said jokingly, looking at the bald donkey in front of him.

"Unfortunately, if a few years ago, I might still be interested in B-level Devil Fruit in your body, but unfortunately, this type of fruit is of little use to me now."


Lei Yu's body glowed. He disappeared instead, appeared in another chair.

"Boom!" At the same time, the chair that Lei Yu was sitting on collapsed in an instant.

"But why aren't you unlucky? I took in some of the crew again. Unfortunately, their strength is too weak. I'm worried there won't be any devil fruit to use."

"Aiming at the gun!"

Lei Yu's fingers, slowly in everyone's eyes, appeared on the opponent's body.


Then there was a heavy explosive bomb, and the people in front of Lei Yu suddenly splattered with blood and smashed into the distant wall with force.

"Wow !!" In an instant, the people throughout the entertainment room freaked out. Did the most powerful person in this entertainment room, who offered a bounty or even tens of millions of tall people, die in an instant?

"You don't know whose site is here? Isn't this guy afraid that Master Shichibukai will annihilate his family? " Everyone present looked at Lei Yu in fear and kept backing away as if treating Lei Yu like a demon.

"It's boring ..." Lei Yu looked around and discovered that there was only this B-level Devil Fruit, other people capable of Devil Fruits, Lei Yu despised them, and they did not commit any evil, Lei Yu decided to leave them to go. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

Lei Yu walked towards the man lying in the corner; "Your name is Dazz, right? Your superman devil fruit that represented reincarnation today, and it has been confiscated."

After Lei Yu finished speaking, she placed her right hand on Dazz half dead, and then a quick force lost from her body, and then flowed into Lei Yu's body.

"Ah!" Daz suddenly let out a miserable cry, the pain was like a cramp.

"Blame it, you are the wrong person," Lei Yu said quietly as she looked at the man lying on the ground trembling.

"I didn't expect to break into a place and find something so good." Lei Yu felt that the reincarnation power increased by at least 50,000 reincarnation units, and she said with joy.

When Lei Yu didn't meet some of Nami, Lei Yuan didn't care about these fifty thousand reincarnation points, because Lei Yu could extract almost a thousand reincarnation powers every day, but after meeting Nami, Lei Yu found out again that The reincarnation. power is not enough again.

Although Lei Yu took the devil fruit from the opponent, she did not kill the opponent and left a sum of money for the opponent. Lei Yu hopes to be able to put down the identity of a pirate in the future and live a normal life. a pirate, even Lei Yu. If he doesn't kill him, sooner or later he will die at the hands of other pirates or the navy. He now he can save his life.

"Crocodile, I don't know if your fruit is S-level or A-level. I look forward to it ..." Lei Yu extended his hand expectantly, but when Lei Yu was about to leave, a beautiful woman in a blue dress appeared in front of Lei Yu.

"Do you have something to do with me?" Lei Yu looked at the beauty that suddenly appeared in front of him, a hint of joy in her eyes.

One pair of eyes stared directly at the other's plump breasts and the deep cleavage in the middle, causing the other party to tangle for a while.

"The man has nothing good, but for the sake of the kingdom, for the father, I can only forgive him." She knew this was her chance, or her last chance, as the other party might kill her. with one move. He thinks the pirate is extremely powerful, then the opponent's force must be very powerful.

Besides the mysterious origin of the other party, she seemed that she did not fear the appearance of Shichibukai under the king, and she decided to take a chance.

"I want to ask you to do me a favor ..." After a while, the people in front of Lei Yu said firmly, enduring Lei Yu's naked gaze.

"Oh, why are you busy?" Lei Yu asked with a hint of glee.

"Help me fight the Sand Crocodile, Shichibukai, one of the seven seas of war under King-Krokdal! Save my kingdom, save the people of Alabastan, save my father, I am the princess of Arabasta-Neve Tali it's a little." The woman in front of Lei Yu said word for word.

"What, she ... she is the princess of Arabasta, you bastard, how did this bastard get here?" The people behind Lei Yu were shocked when they heard Vivi's words, but they weren't fools either. Even if they were shocked, they didn't dare to do it now, didn't they see that there was one already lying on the ground, and it was still the most powerful on it?

"Interesting, how do you know that I can help you? Also, I am not a philanthropist, why should I help you? What can you give me?" Lei Yu said lightly, Lei Yu deeply discovered that he has more and more businessmen from the potential.

"I ... can fulfill all your wishes, as long as I can, even if ... that's fine." Vivi looked at the people around her, knowing that she could only throw herself today, and the only one of her was in front of her. Even if she is a life-saving straw, she will hold her tight!

Juanjo Juanjo

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