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42.85% one piece luffy the gamer / Chapter 3: the journey of the pirate king

one piece luffy the gamer Chapter 3 - the journey of the pirate king

Chapter 3: the journey of the pirate king

runned towards the forest my granfather ocasionally throwed me in, I needed to see how strong this new devil fruit i got from Shanks is, from Shanks explanation I undestood that im fully made of rubber now and can turn into water and darkness, since i was made of rubber i should be able to stretch all of my limbs.and I can also use darkness and water elements too

I tried to stretch my limb backwards and throw it forwards, it impacted a tree, when my fist reached the tree it punched trough it like a knife trough hot butter and i heard a beep in my head and a window appeared in my face:

Host has invented new attack, please name the attack!

I thinked about it a bit before selecting a simple name, i decided to go with "Gomu Gomu no Pistol" because i felt that my fist was as fast as a bullet and it penetrated the wood very easily.

Host has invented the attack Gomu Gomu no Pistol:Damage 200, can combine with Martial Arts.

After the first try Luffy created a lot of other attacks these were the few which he would use regularly:Gomu Gomu no Rocket:100, Gomu Gomu no Bazooka:350, Gomu Gomu no Gatling:100 per hit (high stamina consumption), Gomu Gomu no Bullet:100 , Gomu Gomu no Rifle:300,Gomu Gomu no Whip:250, Gomu Gomu no Spear:200, Gomu Gomu no Battle Axe:400, Gomu Gomu no Baloon (Defensive technique):Damage reduction 20%, those were the strongest and most usefull techniques that he could use in all situations, the other he created were either usefull in certain situations, or not strong enough for him, while he created those techniques his Martial Arts skill also leveled up quite a bit reaching LVL 10.He also created other attacks for his water and darkness fruits which were mizu mizu no whip,bullet,shield,spear,rifle,mist and yami yami no Dark Spiral ,Liberation,Black Hole,whip,rifile,shield etc

Martial Arts:The knowledge on how to use your fist and kicks to damage your enemies, you are on your own way to create your style LVL 15

It seemed I could create my own Martial Arts style based around my devil fruit "Hmmm this should work" after i thought a while i decided that i needed to use life combat to temper my techniques and gain more experience using the devil fruit, even though the system gave him perfect control he still didn't know everything about his devil fruit so he needed to experience it.

I easily found a horde of boars most of the time it would take me quite a while to hunt down a horde but now with my new devil fruits i should be able to kill them easily, i brought both of my hands near me and started to punch in their direction at high speeds, fist images started appearing around Luffy and they started to become longer and longer till they reached the boars, when one of the fist images grazed one of the boars, it grew unconscious almost instantly it's eyes going in the back of his head leaving only the whites, in a few seconds all the boars were down, but i started to breath heavily it seems Gomu Gomu no Gatling took quite a lot of stamina but with the system i should be able to regain my stamina pretty fast. I looked at my updated status page and it read:

Monkey D. Luffy






Even though his grandfather didn't come very often Luffy still kept up with the training and became stronger and stronger because of it, he also started to make battle plans on the fly when he met with wild animals, all the fighting and training also increased his stamina, the more he used it the stronger he became after he defeated those boars even though he didn't gain any Martial Arts LVL's he gained tons of meat.

I skinned the boars and took their meat, taking the snapped tree i destroyed earlier i made a improvised bonfire and started roasting the meat, i was still in the middle of the forest but i didn't really care, i could kill almost anything in this forest and the stronger animals were in the center of the mountain so i didn't need to worry about anything. The shrubberies moved and out of them came a little black haired wolf it had his left front paw injured it seemed he was only a few months old pup, he was growling to me wanting some of my roasted meat, i looked at it and you could see stars practially appearing in my eyes if you looked at me, i ripped some meat from the bone and beckoned for him to come over, it came slowly surely being scared of the small human in front of him, not knowing if it was trap, it neared me and I threw some meat at him.

The little thing even though he was pretty small he ate so fast you would think he didn't eat in days, it started to walk towards me and started rubbing against my leg, it even wagged its tail and he let out a few cute growls that meant "Please give me more" i chuckled at it and gave him a bit more and started eating myself, before i knew it we both finished all of the boar meat, my stomach was expanded because i ate too much but i didn't feel bad. The little wolf had his belly full and he looked quite plump and cute right now he actually started to lick my hand.

I took him in my arms and seeing he didn't protest i took him with me to Makino's bar to see if she could help by cleaning up his paw.

I arrived 30 minutes later at Makino's bar when she saw me with the wolf pup in my arms she ran to me and asked "Luffy what happened to that wolf and why are you holding it?" i just told her my encounter with it and she nodded at me, she took some antiseptic to clean the wound and bandaged it with some bandages from her first aid kit. The wolf looked tired and started to sleep right on the bar counter Makino turned towards me and asked "Are you going to keep it Luffy?"

"Well Makino i don't see why not, he is really cute and when he will grow up he will become strong as well, i will take him with me and become a pirate!" Makino chuckled at my words it seemed Shanks influenced me more than i thought, but i kind of liked the idea of piracy Shanks explained, being free to do anything you want, to party, to adventure, to laze around, to fight whoever you want, i longed for that kind of freedom it was practically in my soul.

I decided to name the wolf which Makino confirmed to me that he was a boy, Wolfy i also decided that i would start to take him training with me since he would come with me to be a pirate he needed to be strong!

After a few months of training with Wolfy, Shanks and his crewmates were back, they were met with the sight of me and Wolfy kicking the asses of the mountain bandits that trash talked and humiliated Shanks before, they came today to Makino's bar and started to talk badly about Shanks and the others again so I couldn't take it down without doing anything so i bashed the leader's face in with a Gomu Gomu no dark 1Pistol bringing him down instantly, the training for a few months gave me more than few points in almost every stat, so i could easily beat all of the bandits, Wolfy also grew pretty strong when i trained him, he could actually as a 4 months pup beat Adult men in a 1v1 but that would be more attributed to my training, but the courious thing was that he never backed down from my training, it seemed like he wanted to prove something, i could feel that from his gaze, he seemed pretty intelligent for a normal wolf. When Shanks saw the comic situation of a little kid with stretching arms and legs beating adults and a little wolf biting them he roared with laughter "Hahaha Luffy it seems you really like making trouble don't you?" i smirked at him and said "I just took back the humiliation they put on you that day, also the words they said today about you!" Shanks just shook his head, kids were impulsive and tended to do whatever they felt like, he knew that Luffy was strong the moment his haki felt his aura but the growth speed of him almost made him shocked inwardly, he was almost twice as strong as before he left, Shanks thought that Luffy would even give a marine captain a good fight, but the thing was Luffy was only 7 and a few months old, and this was pretty scary in Shanks opinion, how strong would this little monster become when he grew up?

After some arguing with Shanks and the introduction of his pet wolf to him they started to party like never before the reason was "Because Luffy did a manly thing to hold our reputation" i just thought they didn't have any reason to party and pinned it on me, after the party i followed them at the docks where Shanks ship was he turned towards me and said "Well Luffy it seems this is the last you will see us we won't return after this." tears started to pool into my eyes and i looked at Shanks and shouted "SHANKS, I WILL RECRUIT A BETTER CREW THAN YOU, SAIL MORE THAN YOU, AND BECOME THE KING OF THE PIRATES!" Shanks smiled at me and put his hand on his strawhat and tought "Is this your succesor captain?" before taking it off his head and putting it on mine, my tears started to flow down like a cascade "Neh Luffy i will entrust you with my hat, its very precious to me, return it back to me when you become the pirate king will ya?" i throwed my hands at the sky and shouted the top of my lungs "SURE AS HELL I WILL!" from today and onwards Luffy's resolution to become the Pirate King cemented itself in him becoming his greatest drive. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting..

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