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68.14% One Piece: Reborn as a Fishman (COMPLETED) / Chapter 92: A Little Garden...

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Chapter 92: A Little Garden...

Chapter 92

Title: A Little Garden...


Naruto goes amongst the Baroque Agents like they are nothing. Either immobilizing or killing them.

He would use <Tekkai> on any attacks that he couldn't dodge and he was still unscathed by any of the attacks.

His fighting style was most suited when fighting a group of enemies. 

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Zoro was fighting his own battles too, but he had a little blood coming out of his forehead as he was punched by Igaram's partner.

"Damn… this is troublesome." Thinks Zoro out loud.

Pow! Pow! Pow! Pow!....

A gale of bullets comes at him once more so he has to hide behind a building. Unlike Naruto, he isn't bullet resistant. Bullets will hurt him just like other humans. 


But while Naruto was doing that, a certain rather tall and fat man with big lips, and wears a green shirt that covers most of his body with black pants and gray running shoes. He is Mr.4 and he had been sent to deal with Vivi, he was upon one of the hills as he looks at Naruto going through enemies like paper.

"He… uhhh… he … is… strong." Says Mr.4 in a slow and dimwitted manner. 

That is when a middle-aged woman with a stout and red hair comes from underground. She wears a necktie that resembles a Christmas tree, which goes with her codename. Other notable attire includes a large pair of purple lensed sunglasses, a basket strapped to her back, and sandals.

She is Mr.4's partner, codename, Miss Merry Christmas. "He is dangerous, his Devil Fruit ability is even more dangerous than him. He just needs to touch something and it will separate, either making them immobile or killing them. So we must deal with him at a long-range distance."

That is when a dog-cannon thing appears next to them. 

"Well, the kid should be taken out at a long distance. Then we can go and deal with princess Nefertari Vivi." Says Miss Merry Christmas. 

Mr.4 nods at this and gets ready to shoot a baseball.


Naruto at the same time just separates another head from a Baroque Agent, but suddenly a chill descends upon his spine. His Observation Haki had never been too advanced like that of his siblings, but when an attack has even the chance of being a danger to his life, he can sense it.

That is one of those times when something is truly a danger, so he jumps back as much as he can.

Not even a second later and in the place where he stood before.


It's engulfed by a giant explosion. 

'Sh*t, that was a big explosion.' Exclaims Naruto, that would have definitely injured him if it hit. His eyes look towards where the explosion came from and he narrows his eyes. He can see the figure of two people and…

'A moving weapon?' Wonders Naruto, he hasn't seen one of those in quite a while. Ever since his dad kept some around for the younger children to play with and learn how to handle weapons. That way, the weapons have some intelligence and the children won't be hurt by it.


Still, Naruto uses <Geppo> to fly off and go towards Mr.4 and Miss Merry Christmas.

"Wha?... he flying?" Questions Mr.4 in his usual dimwitted manner.

"Prepare to attack him again. If he gets close we are done." Says Miss Merry Christmas.


Another cannon-baseball is thrown at Naruto who sees it coming towards him and his body moves strangely as if it's made of rubber.


He dodges the attacks that are thrown at him and blitzes use his devil fruit. 

<Zipper Bloody Decapitation>

Two heads fly in the air as Naruto just looks at the cute dog below him. 

Naruto puts his foot on the dog's head and bursts it like a watermelon. He wouldn't trust anything that was made by an enemy. The dog might seem like an animal, but animal zoan weapons always have a loyalty to a certain person.


When Naruto returns back, he sees that Zoro and Luffy are fighting. But Nami interrupts them by punching them in the face. She then shows them Vivi and explains to them the situation that they are in, and how she plans to save Vivi.

They sit down and talk about a deal, but at that time Vivi accidentally tells them the names of Baroque Works' Boss, Mr.0, or also known as Crocodile. 

That is when a strange bird and raccoon looking thing show up. They draw the faces of the Strawhats. They try to fly away, but Naruto casually kills them both as he uses <Geppo> to fly, in tandem with his devil fruit.

"This should keep us in the unknown for a while." Says Naruto with a serious look on his face. He knows just how dangerous a Shichibukai can be, true, for his stronger siblings, most of the Shichibukai are nothing but a rabble. But to him, they are all dangerous.


Later on, they set sail, Igaram tries to be a decoy, but his ship immediately explodes. Naruto and the others board and go forth to Little Garden.


During the encounter with Nico Robin, Naruto is asleep and so is Dead Cat. They didn't sleep at all during the last night as they fought/stole from Baroque Works.


As they arrive in Little Garden, Naruto is told of the encounter. But he seemed bored by it, he is a man of action. He doesn't care about such silly things.


"Woah this looks pretty cool!!!" Exclaims Naruto as he sees a T-Rex growling at the ship. Naruto then opens a zipper in his abdomen and Dead Cat jumps inside.

"I am going guys, see ya later." Exclaims Naruto as he jumps to the T-Rex that was growling at him.


He kicks the T-Rex in the face, knocking him out. "Bahahahahahaha… you are all weaklings. I am gonna beat every cool dinosaur on this island and eat them."

He then grabs the T-Rex by his tail and starts dragging the creature. "I have never eaten a T-Rex before. Let's see how you taste."


While Naruto is cooking the T-Rex, he is confronted by a man with his hair having the form of a number 3. He looks at the man and he sees the number on top of his head. 

"Oh, so you must be number three then?" Asks Naruto as he tilts his head to the side.

"Heh, of co-"



Naruto just knocks him out with a punch to the head and goes back to eating T-Rex meat. "Well, that is that now. These Baroque Agents are weak."


Miss Valentine saw this and her face paled as she saw Naruto easily take out Nr.3… she didn't even approach. Due to a certain event in the past, where she and her partner arrogantly attacked a Marine warship she has been careful when she picks her opponents. Her partner died, and she was only able to survive due to luck. 

'I need to fake my death and run away, at least then Baroque Work won't chase me.' Contemplates Miss Valentine.



Another chapter will come up soon... because I feel like it and COVID fu*ked me... I have nothing to do except eat, sleep and write...

P.S: Try to read between the lines what is going on in Naruto's journey. You will catch sight of the MC's plans.

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(33 Chapters in Advance)

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