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52.59% One Piece: Reborn as a Fishman (COMPLETED) / Chapter 71: Floating Away...

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Chapter 71: Floating Away...

Chapter 71 (BONUS CHAPTER)

Title: Floating Away...


-Jaw POV-

I look at the two Admirals standing in front of me. I can see Akainu's arms turn to magma and Aokiji's body releases cold steam. I know for a fact that I can't win against them, it's as simple as that. No Yonko can fight two Admirals, especially Akainu, he has the single most dangerous devil fruit. One direct hit from it and I am done. The magma fruit has the highest attack power of any fruit that I know of. 

Aokiji on the other hand has his Ice-Ice fruit… a fruit which will make any of my water attacks useless as he freezes them all. So the situation is very dire for me. If it was one on one, I could defeat either of them when on the sea. Akainu, I doubt I could defeat him on land… but on sea… that is another story.

The World Government is not dumb, they knew that sending one Admiral isn't enough. So instead they sent two, which is kind of an overkill move but whatever. I could have my children like Kakashi and Kisame try and hold back an Admiral. But that is unnecessary, putting my children in danger like that. A little risk is okay, like them fighting against Katakuri, but both Akainu and Aokiji have dangerous abilities that could kill them. 

"You aren't gonna start attacking now?" Asks Akainu with a slightly mocking tone to his voice as he looks at me trying to goad me to attack. "You scared little shark?"

I smile back at Akainu, how dumb does he think I am? I ain't fighting today. I am just buying time for a couple of minutes.

"What about you dog? You finally got the World Government's di*k out of your mouth?" I inquire and can see that even as I say that I can see Aokiji smirk a little at his comrade getting insulted. 

Akainu on the other hand only has a cold expression on his face. "You seem to be biding your time? Wonder why that is... little shark…"

He again calls me a little shark as if I would get insulted by it. When in reality I don't care. To me caring about what your enemies say about you is unimportant, they can insult me as much as they want. Become words are just air that will flow into the wind and nothing will become of it. Of course, if they try to ruin my reputation or something like that then I would interfere. That reputation is useful to me.

Still, you will never hear the marines speak well about pirates so no matter what they say about me it will just be seen as lies by the other pirates. 

"Also yes I am biding my time." I tell Akainu, I even smile at him mockingly. "Whitebeard will be coming here, so it will be you two against the Jaw's and Whitebeard Pirates… that is why I wished you luck. You will definitely need it."

As they hear this, both of the Admiral's eyes twitch for a split second. Whitebeard coming here will pretty much sentence the two admirals to death. They won't even be able to escape underwater or anything like that as I am here too.

Unlike the other Emperors of the Sea, who are mostly indifferent to each other. I have a moderately good relationship with all of them. We aren't enemies at least, and if war came about, I know that if I called on them. Whitebeard would have a 50% chance of showing up, Shanks has a 70%, Kaido a 60%... and Big Mom has around a 2% chance to show up… maybe Big Mom will be an enemy even if she shows up. 

I can't wait till my children grow up so we can marry the children that we have arranged to marry. Then that way, Big Mom will probably show up to help me in case of a war. 

Now pirates don't do politics, but I do. I am not gonna limit myself to just the stereotype pirate just because someone calls me a pirate. I will do what I want and how I want it. 

Of course, this time I actually called Whitebeard for a feast as a celebration between our families. But still, none of the sides need to know that I planned to use Whitebeard as a threat.

The Admirals know of what I can do. So they just turn around.

 "We will be seeing each other again one day Jaw… when that day comes…" Warns Akainu maliciously. Leaving by saying that as he and Aokiji just walk away on the sea. 

I smirk at that and clench my fist and punch the ice below me.


A huge explosion rings out as this happens and cracks spread all around. Breaking the ice completely. For two kilometers wide, and only the ice the admirals were walking on wasn't broken.

No battle would be fought today. Also, I never fight in a losing battle. It seems like I must send a clear message to the World Government. Maybe going to the first half of the Grand Line and destroying some Marine Bases?... No, I guess just killing a couple Celestial Dragons would do.




Since my confrontation with the Admirals, one year passes, and currently, I am on a flying ship. Chasing after a certain Golden Lion, I finally have the time for it.

By killing two Celestial Dragons, and openly torturing them in front of the whole Sabaody Archipelago. I tortured them for twenty minutes straight and carved out a warning in their bodies to the World Government. That served as a warning to them all, fu*k around one more time with me and no Celestial Dragon will ever dare set foot outside of Mary Geoise. 

Since then, the Marines and the World Government stopped confronting me. They learned the hard way that I am the one who has the advantage, they can't swim underwater in a world made of 95% water. I can imprison them all in their little islands.

Anyway, currently, I am in a flying ship manipulated by Mikoto, she is going towards her 'target'. By that, it just means that we are gonna finally go and kill Shiki, take his fruit and give it to one of my children.


-General POV-

Shiki was simply reading a newspaper about the recent events in the world and he couldn't help but wince at that. He could see many different articles dedicated to Jaw and his children.

'Jaw… that guy will be troublesome. But it doesn't matter as when my plan falls into place I will finally be able to get rid of him.' Reasoned Shiki, he put a hand over his stomach at where Jaw used his Seastone coin to immobilize him.

As Shiki was in deep thoughts, suddenly a large explosion rings out.


A giant ship breaks through the roof of his castle, Shiki is immediately alerted and is about to react. He is already in full fight mode as Jaw and him clash weapons. Shiki with his leg swords and Jaw his real sword. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.


But an electric sound was all that Shiki could hear before a spear, the tip is coated with Seastone as it pierces him from his back. This immobilizes him and Jaw grabs Shiki's skull and twists his head, breaking his neck… instantly killing him.



We see that the MC isn't just your everyday pirate. He makes alliances with all of the people that he can too.

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