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32.98% One Piece: Reborn as a Fishman / Chapter 32: The world is not perfect, but it's not that bad...

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Chapter 32: The world is not perfect, but it's not that bad...

Chapter 32 (BONUS CHAPTER)

Title: The world is not perfect, but it's not that bad...


Makino looks at Itachi sadly, she knows how hard he must have had it as a child growing up in Gray Terminal. She knows exactly how hard it can be for a child to grow up there. Plus someone with a good heart like Itachi it's even harder.

"He… the first time he appeared here he was wearing rags." Says Makino, she remembers when this happened a couple of months before. "He had an empty look on his eyes and the Mayor decided to help him, it seemed like there were some rumors that he has been part of Gray Terminal for countless years."

Shanks looks at Itachi with a curious look in his eyes. He can sense a person's strength with his Observation Haki and strangely Itachi is stronger than the average eight-year-old… way stronger than people his age. 

But he didn't find it weird at all. There are countless people who are naturally born stronger than normal. Whether that takes them somewhere or not depends on their choice.

What they didn't realize was that Itachi was a Yonko's son. So even though Itachi is never able to approximate his strength with his siblings. He was comparing himself with monsters, each of his siblings is a monster in his own right. When compared with people their age, all of Jaw's children are monsters… pure and simple monsters. Jaw doesn't go easy even on his more talented children. 

So Itachi sees himself as weak in his family, but anywhere else, and he is considered monstrously strong.

"Wonder who his parents are? To abandon their children, just like that. Especially Itachi who is a nice kid and all-around nice." Says Makino, bringing Shanks out of his thoughts. He smiles at this and now his concentration is back to Makino. 


Itachi on the other hand has a calm look on his face as he is cooking some rice and vegetables for one of Shank's crew members.

He gives Shanks a side glance and can't help but think. 'That guy… he is strong… stronger than even Kisame. Wonder who he is?'


The pirate crew party all night and after they go back to their ship to sleep and some fall over and sleep on the road while trying to bring their blacked-out fellow crew members to the ship. But many of them tumbled and started sleeping on the roads. 

Makino was washing the dishes and organizing them, Itachi couldn't reach the high shelves so he was cleaning the floor with a mop. Making told him that his shift was over and that he could go back to sleep. 

That is when the door opens again in the middle of the night and Itachi says. "We are closed already, you can come back in the morning."

"I am here to help clean up." Says a familiar voice to Itachi, who then looks up and sees a smiling Shanks looking at him. Itachi has a calm look on his face and then he points towards the room with the staff only sign. 

"You can find a mop in there." Says Itachi nonchalantly.  

Shanks nods with a smile and goes to pick a mop, Itachi then notifies Makino by saying. "Makino! Your red-haired boyfriend is back." 

When Makino hears this she just says to Itachi. "I only just met him, and you are too young to understand what Boyfriend means, Itachi."

Itachi nods at this. "Uhm…. Of course, I don't know anything about that."

Makino smiles when she hears Itachi say things like that. 'He is a very charismatic kid that is for sure.'

"Well I just found some mops, I am ready to start." Says Shanks as he comes out of the staff room with a mop in his hands.

Then they start cleaning the pub…


Half an hour later they are done, Shanks goes back to his ship. While Makino and Itachi go to the second floor of the bar, that is where they live… Itachi too since Makino took him and Luffy in, taking care of them. 

As Itachi enters his room. It is a very minimalistic room with only a bed, desk, and a shelf of different cookbooks, as well as books on carpentry, medicine, and many other miscellaneous things. 

He then pulls a drawer out in his desk and removes the bottom of the drawer, revealing a hidden compartment with a sleeping transponder snail inside it.

He picks up the Dendenmushi and calls a certain number. Immediately as he did so, he took a bottle of sweet strawberry juice bottle.


He turns the snail towards the wall and a projection appears on the wall, it is his father and siblings in a live meeting.

"Yo! Son, how have you been? Wanna come back home?" Aska Jaw, with a smile on his face. He has Naruto on the top of his head and a dozen other baby members of his sleeping siblings on his arms. 

Mikoto takes this time to make herself known by jumping up in front of Jaw and saying to Itachi. "Don't listen to dad, he is just very cranky, ever since you left he has photos of you all over his office and he looks at them all day long. This is just dad's way of saying that he misses you."

Jaw grabs Mikoto by the top of her head and says. "So what? Do you think it's wrong for me to miss my son? I know that you also have photos of him and hide them under your bed."

Mikoto blushes at this and tries to defend herself by saying. "No, I don't!!!"

Itachi smiles at his family. This is something that they do every evening, talking to each-other… well it's supposed for Itachi to give reports and they know that when he joins the Marines he won't be able to talk to them every night. So they spend all of this time talking to Itachi and messing around. 

Itachi sees Naruto frown and jumps from Jaw's head and out of the frame.


"Dad! Naruto is fighting his cat again!" Says one of Itachi's siblings. Itachi can't help it as a smile appears on his face.

'The world is not perfect, but it's not that bad. As long as I have them I will never be alone.' Thinks Itachi, his resolve strengthening as he looks at his siblings playing around. 'I want to protect them so they never have to worry about anything and that they always can be as carefree as they want.'


Almost one hour passes as Itachi spends time with his family. He has to sometimes turn down the volume as his siblings are being too loud and he doesn't want to wake up Makino next room.

And as all of his siblings go to sleep, only his father is left on the projection and… he says to him. "Itachi remember… when the world is not kind if we have each other then we will all be fine. You will have a family to fall back on, so no need for you to stress yourself out about this."

Itachi nods at this with a smile on his face. "Of course father…"

That is when they close the call. Itachi knows that his father doesn't feel good having his son so far away from his protection and even though Jaw and Kakashi worked out countless plans for him.

'You worry too much father… but one day, I will be so strong that you don't have to worry anymore.' Thinks Itachi as he goes to sleep, while at the same time creating a couple of clones using his Double-Double Fruit. Though he can't absorb the experience that his clones get, he can get their memories so studying for him is quite easy.



Itachi is actually quite strong, but he gets overshadowed by a lot of his siblings so he doesn't seem that good in comparison to them.

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