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27.06% One Piece: Reborn as a Skypiean / Chapter 36: Time to leave...

Time to leave... - One Piece: Reborn as a Skypiean - Chapter 36 by Master4thWall full book limited free

Chapter 36: Time to leave...

Chapter 36



[Around a month later]

Amon was sitting on his chair in his office while drinking strawberry juice from the pack he brought from Angel Island.

[Image Here]

He is quite often showing off his wings, mostly because he wanted the Birkans to learn about this so he could move things more… smoothly. 

Last month, he did everything that should have been done for the time when he will be absent. Finally, every preparation was completed.

"Fuck, this tastes like shit." Amon spat out the juice and threw the package away. "Nothing can beat the mango juice". He picked up his glass of mango juice and started to drink it. 'Hmm, maybe I should start a mango juice factory in the future…'

Ignoring those wandering useless thoughts, Amon then started to think about the real thing. He plans to start a rumor about him having flyable wings… 'Though this might attract Big Mom, the Race Collector's attention, I don't worry too much.'

Even if the rumor gets spread like wildfire in the sky, it will need decades to reach the blue sea. By then he will be strong enough… But he isn't scared of Big Mom coming after him. The main reason for his fear, or more accurately his caution is, "Kaido's All-Star, King the Wildfire."

'That guy has black wings…' Amon thought with a frown. 'I would have taken it as a given that he just likes to clad his wings with Haki for protection always, however, according to Big Mama, he is from a race which went extinct… As a Yonko, she should definitely know about Skypiea's existence, so it doesn't make sense that she would call King a member of an extinct race…' Amon thought. 'So it's 110% guaranteed that King is from a race who possesses black wings…' Amon thought as he bit his lips lightly. 

From all the myths in his previous world, a Fallen Angel or Satan is the one to have black wings. Yes, those are myths in his previous world, however, Satanism does exist even in One Piece as some random weirdos 'summoned' Brook using Satanism bullshit. 

'Well, I am scared because if this stupid myth is real even in this world, and the White and Black-winged race does have a history, and it's something cliche like 'White Winged race is a natural enemy of Black-Winged race' then I might get targeted. Also, Big Mom will probably propose to me to join her kingdom, and I can live by accepting it… However, in King's case, he will probably kill me.' Amon thought, gritting his teeth. 

'Obviously, this is most likely not true, as King never attacked Skypiea, the place where white-winged people lived. However, that might not be the case after he learns about a Skypiean with large moveable wings... If so, then according to these useless myths, King will probably kill me.'

"Fuuuu…" Amon released a long breath. 

'I'm thinking too much, they will most likely take me as a Devil fruit user, so that's that. I will get away…' Amon thought. 'When I go in the blue sea, I will have to be a little bit more cautious with my wings, can't show off too much… And if I have to, then I will have to act like this is an effect caused by Devil fruit…. Oh well, a few years and  I don't have to be worried about small things like these  anymore.'

"Thinking too much like always?" Suddenly, the door of God's Office opened, and Isa entered. 

"...Yes, kind of. Anyway, is everyone here?" Amon asked as Isa nodded. Previously, he had called all the Shandians on the top of Giant Jack for a meeting.

"Yes, they are here," Isa said as Amon got up from his seat and started to walk towards the Shrine's front yard.

As she was walking beside him, Isa opened her mouth. "What do you think about with such seriousness anyway?"

"Nothing too important."

Nobody knows about the reason for Amon's new wings, except a few people. The few who know the truth, the truth that Amon had met the soul of a Great Shandorian Warrior in the bottom of the upper-yard.


"So, yes like I said, I will be leaving the tribe for 2 years," Amon said looking at the people gathered around him. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

"Huh? But we are still fixing the ruins, we would need you here!" A random Shandian said as many others nodded their heads.

Amon sighed. "I know, but I have to"


"Now, now it's decided," Amon said as he pointed at the chief sitting around the place. "You can ask the chief for more details. I'll let the chief summarise things."

The chief did some fake coughs, as he felt a bit nostalgic seeing everyone looking at him. "*Cough*... Anyway," He said. "Even though the blue sea is a dangerous place, it is also a place where knowledge as valuable as Vearth is laying around. The knowledge that we, the people living in the sky don't know, and won't know unless someone goes there themselves." The chief took a break to catch a breath.

The people still looked a little unsatisfied with the answer, so the Chief decided to use the line that Amon taught him.

"Also, all of you know Mont Noland right?" At the chief's question, everyone nodded. "Just like Amon and Wyper, who are descendants of Kalgara, don't you think somewhere in the blues, the Descendant of Noland is living?"

""Ahhhh! That's right!""

This time, everyone agreed.

"Yes, so if Amon goes down there, he would most likely meet him. Isn't that a good thing?"


After that, Amon explained how Gan Fall will be there to help anyone in need too. The Shandians had a good relationship with him after he's been training Raki and Amon for a year now, and also from the stories, they hear now and then from the chief.

He explained how Skypieans will soon join the 'God's Army' too. Though the Shandians were a little reluctant, they accepted the proposal because of Gan Fall, and also because of their relationship with some Skypieans who they befriended in secret after taking over the upper-yard.

Soon it was time for Amon to leave, as he asked everyone to leave the shrine, and give him, Isa, Raki, and Aisa some alone time.


"Are you sure you'll be fine without a boat?" Isa asked as she was caressing Amon's hair from behind. Unlike canon, she didn't have short hair, as Amon didn't let her cut them. "Should I prepare some more mangos?"

"Hmm, it's fine. I don't need a boat, but I need mangos. You don't have to treat me like a kid anymore though." Amon said as he was playing with Aisa on his embrace.

"My, why? Are you a grown-up now?" She said as she hugged him tightly from behind, as her chest pressed against his back. "Can I not act like this with you anymore?"

"...I don't know, it's up to you to decide. If you ask, I can be your littl-shit." Amon bit his tongue as he realized how he was about to flirt with Isa. 'My days with the AI messed up my mind… I need to calm myself down in the blues.' 

"Hmm? Were you saying anything?" Isa asked, unaware. 

"Nothing, keep doing what you are." 


Just like that, a few hours passed. Raki was pretty quiet the whole time, even though she was still playing with Amon.

She was still wearing the mask though.

With Aisa falling asleep, Isa went inside the shrine to leave her in the God's comfy bed. Amon didn't really mind anything like these, yet previously, Isa never left Aisa in God's shrine, nor did she stay. But now since Amon is going to leave, she didn't mind using the comfy mansion for her and her daughter.

"Hey, brother…" Suddenly, Raki called out as Amon looked at her.

She was standing in front of him, with her back straightened and hands shaking.

"I will become strong in the 2 years you will be gone…" She said as Amon smiled softly. He expected her to cry and beg him to not leave, however, it seemed the little girl was growing now.

Amon didn't answer as he crouched down,  took off her mask, and surprised her. "E-eh! What are you-" Raki tried to cover her face with her hands, but Amon caught them. She realized her promise she made to herself was just now broken.

"No need for that shit," Amon said. "You want me to leave for two years without seeing my sister's face?" He said as Raki looked down.

Soon, Amon laughed out loud. Before she could realize why she felt a forehead touching her own. 

"Raki, you are half my size," With his forehead touching hers, Amon said. The tip of his nose also touched hers. Raki's face became red. It's been a long time since both of them have been this close, and now Amon looked quite different than before. "2 years from now, when I return from the blues, I want to see you the same height as me."

"Become strong, strong enough so that I don't need to protect you any longer…" 

Raki's hands were shaking, as was about to faint but she still uttered the last words. "Y-Y-Y-Y-Yes, big brother!"

Amon kept looking at her with a smile, but his internal thoughts were quite different. 'Tch, so dramatic…' 

Amon didn't really feel anything too much for leaving Skypiea for 2 years. In fact, he was happy to do so. He was, for a long time, feeling quite crammed in this place. Even though the sky was wide and tall, he still wanted to go to the blue sea right now. However, he was aware, even if the 2 years time frame was quite little for him, it was quite long for a child like Raki's mindset. So instead of just straight up leaving, he decided to boost her will... 'Though she won't grow as tall as me in two years, at least she will train more diligently.'



Another few hours later, when Raki was wearing her mask again and Isa had returned, Amon was about to take off.

"Did you forget anything? Do you need more mango?" Isa again asked as tears were forming on the corner of her eyes.


"Do you want to stay a few more days?"

"..." Amon just smiled at her constant questions and shook his head.

Raki was there clenching her teeth to not cry. 

"Anyway, I will be going now," Amon said. "I will come back… 2 years later."

Isa wiped her tears and smiled. Amon gave a last glance at Raki and decided to take off now.

His wings soared up, and, *FAH!* flapped themselves.



In a second, Amon leaped high in the sky out of the two's sight.

He wanted to retrieve the Goro Goro no my just now, however, that would be very hard. From what he gathered, the fruit is kept inside a hidden chamber in the Temple of Birka. Trying to sneak in is impossible since it is always guarded by people with a high level of observation haki, along with the fact that the hidden chamber's location is also unknown to Amon.

In the end, even if someone managed to find the chamber, there is also the fact that it is kept inside a locker with a special key, which is in the hold of the ArchPriest. Amon's only chance is that he has to the locker, which will make a commotion and he will be found out before he breaks it completely.

A war would be inevitable at that rate. Where 3000 Birkan Priests proficient at Mantra and possess great battle experience would definitely win against the 130 Shandians. Amon was at the losing end, so he had to play safe. Enel is supposed to get the fruit it 1516, this is only 1512, so unless something massive gets changed, he won't get it before that time.

Shaking his head with smile on his face, Amon closed his eyes. The next moment, he opened his sharp eagle eyes. 'I will become strong… Enough to not worry about some random king.' 

As he thought this, he also heard a shout saying something similar from down the Jack. Amon just smiled.

He has prepared everything needed if things go highway. If someone gets Goro-Goro before him and attacks the upper yard, he has all the traps around the place to subdue him in seconds, even when he's not around.

Besides that, in the worst case scenario if someone gets the Goro Goro no mi and tries to attack the upper yard, they will fail. The whole Upperyard is an Electric-Malfunction array, there are a few bullets made of sea-prism. Duy can blow a person's head from a 200 km distance. There are rubber-bullets too… 

There are rubber suits for anyone to wear and go against the Goro-Goro eater, even if this time it's not Enel. The rubber came from the merchants and pirates that came to Skypiea.

After what happened last time, Amon is always prepared for any unexpected situation. Even if he isn't present at that place, he will have absolute control over it.

In the end, there was himself who can come back to the sky anytime just by a Call from any of the Shandians.




A/N: Amon knows that people might think of his wings as an effect caused by some Devil Fruit he ate. Even Big Mom and King might take that as a given, as there are Slime users with angel-like wings(manga).

However, he is keeping his mind prepared in case something like the Karikiri pirates happens again. Amon learns from his mistake and does his best to plan things before.

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