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Amazing cover made by Lord Valmar, who has somehow managed to make a great cover for all the books of mine that he's read :)))

Huge thanks to him and his pp is humongous~!


Alexander Nikolia, is a person of many talents, a genius in the eyes of many.

After a bizarre string of events, he ends up getting reincarnated into his favourite anime into the body of one of the most underutilized overpowered villains in the story.

The world was bound to change in some way, whether that change is positive or not... That's up for interpretation really.

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Cough cough... The author is here to shamelessly review his own work, nothing to see here, keep scrolling. >.> Btw, Enel's facial expressions are cracked up

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Story was okay until it became absolute garbage once the MC meets the strawhats. Everything was so forced and now his “future” plans are extremely idiotic lol Do not waste your time on this fic.

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I'm not gonna lie to you, the reason I decided to read this novel was because it doesn't have a harem. I didn't expect too much out of it, ya know. I thought it was just gonna be a bunch of gibberish with a lot of information dump and with little to no dialogues (or those awkward dialogues), but I was honestly surprised with how well-written it was. There are no grammatical errors (if there were, I missed them) and I actually enjoyed reading it (in other words, I read the available chapters in one sitting.) It's now in my library, and it's one of the novels in which I eagerly look forward to reading new chapters.

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the author have thought well while writing the beginning cause the first two chapters were amazing then from the fourth chapter this story became simplictic or simply idiotic for a self proclaimed genius the imagination and creativity of author just vanished after chapter 4 the opening for this was unique purely brilliant for a fanfiction but alas i should have never expected something good cause I have never felt so much disappointment from a fanfiction (sorry for my English is not good )

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MC's interaction with the straw hats was so forced and inorganic. The reason why I say the 'interaction' is because I really don't nitpick on the outcome of any scenario, but if the way you reach that outcome is a terrible, then I can't be bothered Other than that give it a read if you have the time, maybe the interaction won't irritate you as much as me.

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The development of the story revolves around Luffy, he is the main character of the fanfic because the supposed main character is a fanboy of Luffy. In the first few chapters MC meets the "straw hat" crew. Furthermore, he tells them and other characters that he is a reincarnation, specifically stating that this is not his body. Since he met Luffy it could be seen that MC is Luffy's SiMP, which could be considered something... *cough* gay *cough*. MC joins the navy, faking his identity but... Luffy and all his crew know who he is. MC lets Nami go with the sky island gold, tells Robin about the stone; and the worst of all is that MC and author claim that he is a genius.

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Story starts with a man who can see a beggar that nobody can and gives him some money which led him to get transmigrated ( Author tried to do something new for the reason behind transmigration but it could be done a bit better) So the character he gets transmigrated is Enel, as people in today's time is mostly peaceful mc corrects his predecessor mistakes and thinks of letting previous old man become God of Skypiea. Now we have impression that mc is kindhearted with his actions and monologues so far but it changes in next chapter, it was mentioned that four priest were loyal to him and only do things ordered by him but he kills them which is inconsistent with his character, I will not tell how could this has been considered done better as all you can think this by yourself. Oh and author also mentioned in his comments these priest weren't that powerful so they were not of much use, which kill mood for me to continue read. Anyway try yourself first and see it for yourself, thank you.

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My first impression of this fanfic was good at first, but everything changed when he decided to join the marines to learn their techniques.He should have practiced his devil fruit abilities better instead of starting to learn new techniques. Moreover, he joined the marines where they would become his enemies in the future.And for haki he should be able to find a teacher to help him learn haki in the new world instead of joining the marines.Moreover, MC can hone his fighting skills in the new world because haki is supposed to develop through battle (google translate)

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your character looks like a chinese protagonist It is a world of adventures because everyone is so obsessed with being a springboard for the protagonists and why do you want to destroy the world government if they do not represent any threat to those who do not want to discover the truth of the world and more in your case that you do not seek anything from the world and why did you send him to the navy to make him strong when you saw that the new generation of sailors can face the strongest pirates

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The mc is disappointing I really hate these types of fisc "reborn as" and yet turn out nothing like the original character the story itself is not that bad I just don't like the mc.

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I don't understand why he explains and explains to the old man and why he even needs to make up a story. Is he afraid that he won't accept him? Just give him electric shocks and he won't ask again why he's looking for excuses.

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It's amazing how fanfiction authors can still screw up a story even though they have a complete world and character list that they can copy and take inspiration from the original. You literally have a huge world that you can use for your story but you shrunk it down and half assed it because either you're lazy or you really don't care or try writing a serious story. Lets also not forget how bad of a character you made Enel turn out to be and how overpowered he is. You made any and all forms of conflict obsolete simply because Enel can probably just beat and kill everyone in the story. The characters have had hardly any interactions between each other and there is not depth to any character so far and if there is you did a poor job at it. Simply put, the characters are boring, hollow dolls that I don't care to remember about. The plot is pretty much nonexistent. I truly don't know what or if there are any kind of story being told here. Some nobody gets reborn as Enel. We don't get any sort of development for him so we can't like or care for the character. Not just him(but mostly him) we don't have any plot or story or any details for anything thats going on. You just created some characters and threw them into a poorly made one piece world. I dont know what the goal and motivations of the character are. Whether he has dreams, likes, dislikes, you know core things that make people feel alive? tldr- Nobody gets reborn as Enel in one piece then proceeds to train... and find even better ways to train... Thats it. No one expects fanfiction to be good and your story can be added to the pile of mediocre fics that prove even more that fanfiction authors dont know what they are doing and clearly need to respect the world more. At least your story doesnt have the typical harem, where every girl falls for mc... or it? Wouldnt suprise me if you start thinking with your lower half and turn this into another pokemon collector.

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don't read it don't read it don't read it don't read it don't read it don't read it don't read it don't read it don't read it don't read it don't read it don't read it don't read it don't read it don't read it don't read it don't read it don't read it don't read it don't read it don't read it don't read it don't read it don't read it don't read it don't read it don't read it don't read it don't read it don't read it

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I hope this ends soon. There isn't really much to do now since the MC can just fly everywhere, has Jewelry Bonney who can just de-age Garp and WB, BB is dead and both the WG and Marines have become weaker than their canon counterparts. It's honestly impressive how One Piece fanfic authors manage to shrink the massive One Piece-verse and basically make Oda's worldbuilding obsolete by having giga op and trigger-happy MCs. I guess it's good that I finally got this one off of my collections, so I can focus on keeping up to date with the better ones. 3/5

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I love this story, I jusy finished binging it. I'm excited for the future of this story, I read every one of your previous works and love them. Keep up the good work!!

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This is one of the best stories of Enel that I have come across. I hope that the author will continue to publish the story till the end. I look forward to reading this story.

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5 Stars the moment I realized who were... I was threatened by Ashton.... HELP!!

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another terrible fanfic yeah I do not recommend

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The story is good, however you are making your opponents way to weak. Like cmon. Like u win against jack so easily? The way u use Enel does not make him too op, but ur making his opponents way to weak. Learn from once piece; how luffy actually struggles in most of his fights, and variety of moves he uses and eventually learns, like in his battle against katakuri. Also Just having a strong devil fruit does not make you strong instantly; it’s just hard to fight against, which is typical for all logia uses. Plus you just gave him a plasma ball that can one shot kill someone “in the top 30” ha what a joke, especially considering that enel devil fruit is still in a unawakened state. And what’ with the continuous women falling for him. Also your pacing is way too wrong. Too many time skips, typically I do not mind it, but there’s barely any depths to your characters. There is barely no normal interactions with any of the side characters. It is like you give them a basic description and just go with it. Like when sanji went in to enel cabin, and straight away looked at the kitchen??? The only thing about sanji is not that he can only cook.

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True review part 2 Against my better judgement I continued reading. Lo and behold it actually improved from 6/10 to 7/10 and I got caught in a binge. Most of the flaws are in the first 60 chapters. After having post nut clarity of finishing the binge, I thought yeah I enjoyed it...but is this really One Piece? Where's the whacky adventure, why is the story compressed into one year of rushing to put out fires, brief conversations before moving to training. Some slice of life would greatly improve the story. To be fair, I like the redeemed Akainu, no harem gang and Robin ship. Here are some more of those first third of the story flaws: "He wasn't goint to be selling out Luffy anytime soon. He wanted the straw hat wearing pirate to appear at Marineford." Pointless thought, he won't be selling him out ever. "Sure!Let's go." The two of them started heading for the first level almost instantly What's the point of "almost instantly", write they went for the first level, no pointless adjectives. "She simply scoffed and turned around." "Enel simply cleched his fist" "grabbing a newspaper with his earlobes and randomly skimming trough" "Enel simply stood up" "Enel simply scowled" "Enel simply winced" "Enel simply advised" "Bonney randomly sat down" "Enel's arm had stopped rubbing her back randomly" "Bonney simply scowled" "simply sighed" Author should stop adding "simply" and "randomly" and "without any issue" for no reason. I don't believe Marines would be foolish enough to give Enel all the training he wants before he proved his loyalty trough service. Anyone can get a few bounties, show up for training and then go become a pirate or revolutionary. Enel' postponing his leadership duties was definitely not sus... "he sunk a few pirate ships out of boredom" Didn't Enel consider whether he is in the right to kill pirates with unkown crimes? For all he knows he might be killing the likes of Straw Hats. Sure it's a safe bet that pirates are evil, but some of them could be petty criminals or adventurers who don't wanna be bothered by the opressive government. Dafuq is with lighnting leaving holes in the sea that start whirlpools? Lightning doesn't do that no matter how strong. What radiation from lightning plasma? Author really doesn't get physics. Enel had to wait for books at Baltigo. How does that make sense, the should have at least some theological books at hand, especially in that massive library. "If he was here for a fight he would've already done something..." Everytime Enel meets a potential enemy/neutral party. Show, don't tell. Daijobu prophecy - Enel believed he could do whatever he wanted and Luffy will have plot armor. That's a stupid assumption.

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