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100% One Piece: Rouge X Asura / Chapter 3: What Now??

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Chapter 3: What Now??

Rouge, a very beautiful woman like no other, her hair is a. Curly strawberry blonde, it shines under the sun enhancing her beauty even more. She wore a simple white dress for easy movement.

At this moment, she stood in front of the Oro Jackson waiting for someone to get out, it's been months since the last time she saw Roger, she can't wait to tell him the good news, she can already imagine his smile when he discovers that her belly is already showing up. Not because if fat but for another thing.

She looked up and saw a big wooden platform coming down in front of her from the side deck of the ship to the dock.

She got on it and walked up to the ship, in the way she met with a bare-chested man with a long brown coat. She gazed in his pale eyes and they were kinda scary

"Who're you??" Asura questioned the strawberry blond woman, who was climbing to the ship. He raised his hand to throw her off with his wind

"I want to meet Roger." She said causing Asura to halt His move, he resumed his walk and passed by her without saying a word leaving her to go up.

Asura strolled inside the streets off baterilla island. All shops are closed but his experience told him that in every island there is that one shop that deals with the pirates the most.

And he wasn't disappointed, in the Southern parts of the islands many shops are still open, Pirate shops, they sell weapons and forbidden items. The shops that deal with pirates have other names like the black market.

They appear to be just normal shops whose customers are pirates but nobody what is being sold in the back of the shops.

Asura looked for weapon shop, unfortunately, there was only one on this island. He had dealt with him in the past but he moves his shop location frequently.

"That old geezer! " Frustration is taking over Asura, how hard can it be to find a shop

Finally spotting the familiar trademark " There you are "

Walking inside Asura spotted an old man smoking his cigarette. " Well, well. If it isn't the great Kamikaze!" Said the man, his white mustache, he looked at Asura who entered, The light from outside made his silhouette black, only his pale eyes are shining in the darkness of the shop

" Can't get used to those eyes!" The man stood up and went to the nearest table and sate " What does the great Kamikaze want this time? Information? A devil fruit? Books??"

Asura joined him and crossed his legs " None of that, I just want a weapon for my dear junior"

"What weapon?"

"A sword," said Asura, he brought his sword and showed it to the old man " Something like this or better"

The old man looked at the sword and chuckled " You can't find something better than The black wind here but I have something that can hold its ground against it" the old man stood up " Follow me."

They went to the underground of the shop revealing a giant dim lighted room filled with all kinds of things, weapons, books, devil fruits, herbs even rare animals.

They walked to the back of the room in front if a large chest box. The old man opened the box and revealed 5 swords each one of them emitting a powerful aura. Asura smiled and reached for one of them.

"This is called the red edge, nothing about is red, but from how many people were killed by this one, if your will is weak he will influence you to kill anyone until blood is dripping from his edge endlessly. And that how he got his name." Said the old man after closing the chest " I hope your little junior has a strong will or he is a goner"

" Don't worry, my junior is many things but not a weak girl" Asura laughed, he liked the story of the Sword and if shanks used his Haki on this one, there is no stopping him

" Don't die old man" Asura left the shop and headed to the Oro Jackson.

On his way there, he met Roger with the strawberry blonde women, Roger seems happy beyond words, his smile is brighter than the sun

Roger waved to Asura " Yo Asura! Guess what??" Roger looked at Asura with a big smile, he can't wait to tell his friend

Asura pointed at Rouge "She is pregnant" Roger surprised at that, looked at Asura as if he figured why the sky is blue.

" His did you know??"

"Her belly is big enough, maybe 4 months pregnant. And I met her earlier at the ship, she was looking for you. And now I see you two together. Easy to guess" said Asura

"You're smart, Asura" Roger said as he hit Asura's back while laughing making him annoyed

Rouge got enough from standing on the said so she took the chance to introduce herself to Asura

"Glad to meet you Asura-San, I heard many things about you from Roger. I am Portgas D Rouge." She bowed slightly

"Yo. Nice to meet you too, I am Silvius D Asura."

Roger was surprised at Asura being a D, it is not every day you find another holder of the will of the D "Then. since you're here come and join us for lunch," said Roger

" All food restaurants are closed because of us, don't you know that?" Said Asura, Roger was clueless sometimes but not like this

"At my house.." Rouge said and pointed at the top of the hill, a single and small house can be seen " I will prepare food, its been a long time since I had any guest, it will make me happy "

Asura chuckled, he shook his head in disagreement " No, I have to give this sword to Shanks... " he showed Roger the sword "...Besides, you have important to talk about, don't you think so too" Asura gave Rouge a slight smile and then looked at her belly, Roger is planning on turning himself in, and the Marines will look for anyone he was in contact with and kill them. And since they came here they will for sure look for her and get rid of her too

Rouge clenched her hands, it's again that subject, but she was determined to never change her mind.

Roger's face turned into a troubled one. If only Rouge wasn't as stubborn as she is now.

Asura patted Roger shoulder before Leaving.

Reaching the ship, Asura called for shanks, as soon as shanks got out, he throws the sword at him.

"This is the end of your training with me, and this is your graduation gift. be careful tho, you need to show it who is the master." To say shanks was happy is a great misunderstanding, he was thrilled, he jumped from happiness and went inside to show Buggy his new sword which buggy didn't like even a one bit

"You met Roger on your way back?" Reighley came out to the deck and saw Asura

"Yeah, God! Can you believe that idiot, now what? His woman is pregnant and he wants to turn himself in. Where was his head when he thought about that?" Asura was frustrated at Roger. when the situation didn't include a baby Asura could tolerate Roger decision and respect it but now a baby is here. What will Roger do?

"Haha!! Evidently, Roger may die in a few months or earlier. it wouldn't matter if he turned himself in or not." said Reighley with a bitter face.

"Reighley, don't play dumb. if Roger won't turn himself in and just disappeared from the marines eyes they will be looking for him alone, but if he turned himself, the marine will kill everyone that even just talked with him. Our former friends are in danger now but those guys can fight" Asura leaned on the edge of the ship and crossed his arms " Does she know how to fight? "

"You know how he is. He had already decided and Rouge seems like she won't agree to hide" said Reighley " I tried to reason with her earlier but she said she won't hide from anything. apparently, for her hiding means she regrets her relationship with Roger" Reighley rubbed his forehead from headache, Tha woman is just like Roger.

"Tch...!" Asura clicked his tongue in annoyance, How are they going to deal with this. He doesn't wish for his friends family to die.

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