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96.87% Onee-San Leave Me Alone! / Chapter 31: The Mute Demon "King"

The Mute Demon "King" - Onee-San Leave Me Alone! - Chapter 31 by ConsumeSoul full book limited free

Chapter 31: The Mute Demon "King"

I wake up from being thrown to the floor.

I find myself in a castle with my hands tied in front of me with rope and my mouth covered with tape.

I find myself in front of a throne.

I look up to see... a girl.

"This power, this aura. This girl is the demon king!?"

"Hold up. Aren't demon kings supposed to be male? King is a male term."

"Wait, I've seen many anime where there are female kings because demon king is just a title in some cases. So this might be the case."

I stand up and get kicked back down on my knees.

Tortof: Kneel down to the king.

"That answers my question. The title of demon king is just a title and not something that changes due to gender. But did he really need to kick me THAT hard?"

I turn back towards the guy and flip him off with both hands.

Me: Why am I even here. I declined your offer to help me with my plans didn't I?

There was a moment of silence until I suddenly hear in my head a voice.

???: Sorry for taking so long. With you magic power, it was hard to get a good connection.

Me: Why can't you just talk.

???: Well I have 2 reasons. I can talk in secret since this topic is business and we wouldn't want anyone listening into this now, would we? And second of all, I can't speak. I'm a mute.

"The amount of tension restraining me form making a 'then just unmute yourself' joke is indescribable."

"Wait can she read my mind? Oh god. I'm dead aren't I?"

Lilian: I can't read your mind if you're thinking that. It's a normal question people ask. My name is Lilian, by the way.

Me: I'm guessing you already know my name so I'll skip to my question. What do you want with me?

Lilian: Oh, I shouldn't keep you waiting. I want you to join me as a mercenary.

Me: What do I get if I do?

Lilian: Your identity will be hidden so don't worry about your reputation and your onee-san's safety. As for what you get in return, you get a lot of things. Mainly, my protection, materials. money-

Me: How much?

Lilian: Oh my, so you're a greedy one. How's 2 000 000 000 per year?

Me: That sounds like a great deal. But continue what you were about to say.

Lilian: You also get strength and power through magic items and such.

Lilian (muttering): You also get me~.

Me: Did you say something? I missed the part after magic items.

Lilian: Y-you get medicine if needed! Yeah, that. I forgot what I was going to say.

Me: And what do you get in return?

Lilian: You can not betray me and you must follow my orders I give you. You may refuse ones I deem not important. You can end the contract whenever you want unless you haven't finished an order. If you fail to follow my conditions, I will gobble you up~!

"That sounds like a threat. In many different ways. I don't know which one she means at this point. I can't read her."

Me: From what I understand, I get money. And a lot at that. It's a deal. Give me the contract.

She makes the contract appear and I take it.

I read through it thoroughly and seems like everything is correct.

I then proceed to pull out a magnifying glass and a UV light. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href="!_20486428706939805/the-mute-demon-%22king%22_55526812876333476">!_20486428706939805/the-mute-demon-%22king%22_55526812876333476</a> for visiting.

With the magnifying glass, I didn't find something. Until I pulled out my homemade UV light.

The hidden writings were shocking at that. It only read, "Be mine!" many times across the page.

I turn off the UV light and look at Lilian in fear.

"Shit. Did she already get to S4? That's impossible. I just met her TODAY. Most demons, from the information I had before, normally take 2 weeks to get to S4. I'm certain I have never seen her before."

"Wait a minute. Unless if she was that person with the hood on a few weeks ago."

I use Inspect on her and it shows her in stage 4.

"Yeah, I think that was her if it shows S4."

Me: There's something I kinda don't want. Can I change something on it? Uh... May I come closer I need to show it to you properly.

Lilith: You may.

I approach her with the contract and pull out the UV light.

I showed the... hidden message.

I got my UV light out and showed her what I didn't account got.

Me: So... What's this?

Lilian: That bitch! She fiddled with it!

Me: Eh!? Who?

Lilian: I'm gonna call for her, wait a sec.

I could hear someone from the other side of the castle.

???: I'll be right there. Wait a moment!

I hear footsteps walking towards the room.

Me: Who's that?

Lilian: Her name's Olivia. She fiddled with the contract. I told her something and she went rogue with her ways. And she's kind of my mother...

"What the fuck does that mean?"

Me: Nah, please, explain further.

Lilian: You'll see for yourself.

I hear the door open and see a whole fuckin' MILF.

Olivia: What do you want, Lilian? Do you need anything, hun?

Olivia spots me.

Olivia: Oh, this must be him. How far have you gone with him, hun~~?

"I think I get it but I didn't expect this."

Lilian: Stop it with that! Don't act like my mom! This is the first time talking to him personally!

"Huh, strange. I can hear their conversation. I thought I was blocked from listening their chit chat."

Lilian: Anyway, what's this!? What did you do with this contract?

Olivia: Oh, you seem to have found it. I thought you liked this boy. You were talking about him so much just the other day, though!

Lilian (muttering): Well, you're not wrong in some parts....

Lilian: Stop interrupting with my plans, Olivia! You're delusional!

Me: Should we... make another contract?

Lilian: Yeah... That sounds like a good.

Me: I actually want to add something in my conditions.

Olivia: Oh my, what could it be?

Lilian and I: Shut up!

Me: Anyway, I want to be assured that I will not be attacked in any way or form by anyone of the demon kingdom.

Lilian: What? Why? Didn't I offer you my protection?

Me: No no. It's something completely different. I want to have assurance that I am safe from you and your people. I'm not sure if I can trust anyone here. I was kidnapped just to get here. I didn't ask to come here.

Lilian: But... Wait, you have a good point though...

Lilian: Fine, I accept! Just sign the paper.

Me: I have something in mind to build so this is gonna be fun.

I sign the paper and I feel a flash of light right in front of me.

I let out a sigh.

I crack my knuckles and stare at Olivia.

I pull out my gun and shoot a weighted bullet on her, sending her crumbling to the floor as a side effect.

[Weighted bullet] A bullet that does no damage but gives weight to the target. This spell was made during the time Arthur was in prison.

I burn the rope on my wrists to ash and walk out of the room annoyed.

"Why didn't I look at the fucking paper?"

I take a deep breath.


[Player 3 has joined!]

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