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Chapter 14: Reconsider...?

    ~Ariana's POV~

Pushing open the door of the apartment, I got in, shutting it behind me,

"what are you both doing here?" I said, noticing Cain and Grey in the living room, I turned to glare at the twins.

"For the hundredth time, I will have absolutely nothing to do with them so would you guys just drop it!" I exclaimed in exasperation, Mia sighed,

"I told you we'd already tried, she's adamant." she said to Cain, Cain turned to me,

"I understand how this must all be new and a little bit too much to take in but we wouldn't keep asking the twins to convince you if it wasn't important, we came here to personally explain things to you, just hear us out and then decide." Cain pleaded, I sighed before taking a seat and lending them my attention.


"So what you're trying to say in essence is, the pain of a rejection could kill them?" I asked after Cain explained a few things, he nodded.

"especially since they didn't accept it." he confirmed,

"so they didn't accept because they were trying to prevent me from feeling said pain which would without doubt kill me?..." I asked, he nodded again and I frowned,

"considering I never asked for any of this, neither did I wish to be involved in your world, I don't know if I'm expected to be grateful or something." I said, Grey sighed at my words.

"Really, you really don't feel anything knowing they might die? they are your mates Ana." he tried and I sighed

"so I've figured, you know what else I figured?...that they don't seem too excited about that fact either, what exactly do you want me to do?" I asked tiredly, it'd been a week since the day of the ball, things haven't really been the same for me, I tried to pretend I didn't notice it but I did, something was different with me and it wasn't a good kinda different.

Mia and Dan had been trying to convince me to reconsider with Grey and Cain acting in the background, I had constantly declared my unwillingness, I didn't understand if they thought their presence would change anything, I understood where they were coming from, about how the rejection might end up causing irrevocable damage to Talon and Jaylen but considering both guys actually didn't seem bothered about that fact when they were contemplating rejecting me, I really didn't think I was supposed to care, I didn't want to care but somehow I knew I did.

The doorbell rang interrupting my thoughts, no one had actually answered my question. Mia stood up and went to get the door, I could see Grey and Cain visibly stiffen, soon whoever was at the door was in my line of sight and I gasped audibly, staring at him. Ge chuckled, stretching a hand to me.

"I see you recognize me from somewhere... something tells me I look like someone you know." he said with a knowing smile, I nodded silently, he was the spitting image of Jaylen, the only difference being the baby blue eyes he had instead of electric blue and his playful and warm aura.

"I haven't actually introduced myself, forgive my manners, I am Leonardo Arden Shadow, second in command of the Blood Shadow pride and as I'm sure you've figured, Jaylen's younger brother." he said politely as I took his hand, he lifted it to his lips and placed a light kiss on my knuckles, I raised an eyebrow,

"quite the charmer I see." I said, chuckling again he nodded.

"busted." he replied with a grin, I rolled my eyes.

"if you would take a seat and tell me what you're doing here, I'd appreciate it." I said seriously, nodding he sat.

"I am here for nothing else but the fact that you are my brother's mate and our future Leo reginae." he said seriously, I looked at him in confusion.

"First of I'm your what...? And secondly which one of you could not understand the meaning of keep it between us." I said angrily, glaring at Dan, Mia, Cain and Grey, who were supposed to be the only four people aware of this situation excluding Talon, Jaylen and myself, chuckling Leonardo answered,

"no one had to tell me anything, I know my brother enough to understand exactly what all that staring at you at the ball meant, I did pry out a little bit more of information from Mia though, thus finding out about the rejection and you as our Leo Reginae , it means Lion Queen by the way." he explained, I sighed in

exasperation, standing up,

"look whatever it is, I'm not interested." I said, walking away in the direction of my room,

"Ariana please wait..." I heard from Caine, I paused for a bit before shaking my head and continuing  on my way,

"Jaylen is falling apart." Leonardo stated sadly, that stopped me.

"And so is Talon, the whole pack is, in fact and I believe the pride would be in the same state, whatever happens to our leaders affects us, the animosity between the pack and pride have always been a cause of alarm but right now, it's becoming something else, the pride has cut ties completely, the tension has thickened considerably, fights between teens from both sides in the supernatural high school is becoming an everyday occurrence, things are slowly spiralling out of control and the world is watching, all our rival packs are waiting to pounce, each desiring to be the one to take either Talon or Jaylen's head, and at the rate they're going now, that reality might not be that far off in the future." Caine finished, giving me a complete break down of the packs situation.

You know, it was funny how choked up you start feeling, the moment you realized that any action you took would have considerable effect on a lot of people, especially when you were the kind of person who hated the idea of someone being hurt because of you, I knew I couldn't entirely say it was because of me, I wouldn't have made such a decision if the circumstances were different from what they had been, but that didn't change the fact that if my decision lead to something big, I wouldn't be able to forgive myself, I let out a heavy sigh.

"that brings me back to my question, what exactly do you suggest I do?" I asked without turning.

I felt a hand on my shoulder, looking at the person, I was enthralled by the blue eyes, so alike to the ones that constantly haunted my dreams and yet so different, somehow I felt I could trust this man, Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

"no one can really answer that question, not as well as you can." he said softly,

"but I don't know what to do." I said tiredly, he smiled,

"but you will figure it out, you are their mate, if anyone can help us, it's you, because just like them, you were born to be a leader, a queen, don't think fate was mistaken when you were chosen, there's a reason for everything, I believe you were chosen because only you can bring them back together, only you can make those two powerful and hardheaded leaders a united front once again, I believe you can do it as long as you're willing, the question now my Leo Reginae is are you?" Patting my shoulder lightly he moved back, bowed slightly and left, Cain and Grey walked up to me, copying Leo's actions before leaving as well.


Standing in front of the mirror in my room, I was drawn out of my thoughts when I heard my door open, in walked the twins, Mia headed straight for me, hugging me from behind and Dan took my hand, rubbing soothingly, I sighed closing my eyes.

"what have you decided?" Mia asked softly, I shook my head silently, indicating I hadn't made any progress.

"Talk to us Ana, why are you so hesitant?" Dan asked, sighing again,

"when it's all been said and done, I wonder if I am really willing to accept this fate, will I be able to love them, understand them and most of all....over everything pushing them away from each other...will they choose me this time?" I was hesitant to make the effort, somehow my dreams always ended up with them walking away, they never chose me, not even once.

Whatever it was keeping them apart seemed more important, if I already knew how things would end, why should I even try,

"I can't say I know everything about you, but I know enough to know this isn't you, come on Ana, where is that over confident sexy ass African queen I know, the intelligent, beautiful and soulful young woman, who has been through so much and yet came out intact because she didn't consider any difficulty qualified enough to destroy her, the girl that always gets what she wants,not because life made it readily available but because once she wanted something, she worked hard for it, the girl that hasn't failed in achieving anything she set her mind to, 'would they choose you this time?' are you fucking kidding me Ana, who the hell are you and what did you do with my best friend?" Dan asked whilst shaking me, like literally shaking sense into me.

"Like seriously Ana, Dan's right, this isn't you, look in the mirror girl, you got this, the Ana we know wouldn't even be giving them a choice, she'd say...." I cut her off, facing the mirror, my features rearranged, my confident smirk taking it's rightful place.

"she'd say 'To hell with what they think, I want them and that's all that fucking matters, I'm Ariana, I fucking got this." I said confidently to the mirror, Dan and Mia cheered and I laughed, turning to them, I hugged them both,

"what would I do without you both." I said softly,

"honestly, knowing you, it might have taken some time but I think you'd do exactly what you just did right now, that's just who you are." Mia replied patting my back, Dan sighed in frustration,

"and you couldn't just let her be eternally grateful to us because.....?" He asked his twin crossly, I laughed,

"you know I am Dan." I said,

"now we're getting somewhere." he replied nodding, rolling my eyes I reached for my drawer, pulling out the pack of chocolate I hid, I handed it to him, his eyes lit up in excitement, turning my head so I didn't have to see him go with my treasure.

"go before I change my mind." I said, he laughed, rushing out with a loud "I love you",

"I love you too" I yelled back amused, Mia rolled her eyes as I whispered a 'you too' to her , she nodded.

"so what's the plan now?" She asked,

"Well you know how you were talking about us needing a change of environment?" I asked mischievously, she nodded curiously,

"you didn't really seem into the idea." she replied, I smirked,

"well now that I think about it, rather than traveling and missing classes, moving into either Jaylen's or Talon's pack house would be a nice idea, not that I want to be nearer to them so I can cause havoc or anything, just for an ordinary change of environment." I informed her mischievously, she smirked knowingly,

"I totally understand" she replied before chuckling darkly,

"aren't you taking the evil thing a little too far, evil laugh and all." I asked amused, she rolled her eyes at me,

"what?, I'm excited." She replied giddily, I laughed,

"how bout you call up Cain, Grey and Leo so we can discuss a few things, I think we need to begin forming a crew." I said thoughtfully,

"I'm on it." she squealed rushing out of my room.

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