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100% Optabilis Mundo: Shroud of Black Resort / Chapter 32: Pledging Like A Dog

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Chapter 32: Pledging Like A Dog

Clinic Building : Gynaecology Department - Red-Light District

When the morning light refracted through the windows, shining the room with a gloom-and-bright pattern, Mirai woke herself up and caught the attention of her burning eyes. She left herself naked while trying to spot anything that might help her body in cover. She was laying down on the bed until the light forced her to stand. Her crotch felt prickly. Her legs shook with no perilous signs, but the cozy feeling grasped her consciously.

"Where am I?"

Mirai stood up from her bed for her curious eye-rolling.

The room left her in solitary presence. There were multiple similar beds around with white curtain covers around it, and one cabinet desk had pictures on it. The display was a red-haired child with cute pigtails. Her dress was a frisky blouse. Her looks had innocent, playful vibes around her dress as her parents treated her in a suitable place. Although the photographic paper had black spots on it, it looked like they took it for decades.

"What are you staring at?"

A familiar, glamorous voice shocked her to tremble away from her supposed stare. Mirai replaced the picture back and turned her head at the vocal source. Her gape answered as it was Daisy who appeared before her. She wore her white, silky bathrobe to cover her entire, bare body. She stood her side against the wall for her tease. Her wavy, red hair astonished her from inch to inch. Her curvaceous figure exhibited toward Mirai's dazzling eyes. Her height outreached her angle of sight.


Daisy approached Mirai's position as she peeked closer to the object she held seconds ago. She smiled with her self-appreciation.

"I guess you were looking at my child self."

Mirai gaped, "What? Based on your appearance now and this picture, is this really you?"

"Do I have to say it again? Of course, that was me. I was a cute little girl with a charming, cute face that made most boys adore me wholeheartedly. However, little do they know that they haven't found my reason to reject them… in spite of their passionate love."

Mirai stared at the picture once again. She hardly considered what her pure smile compared to her current, hot smile with her natural-painted lips. At first, her belief made it doubtful to see the difference. Although Daisy aged a lot, she confirmed wholeheartedly with a memorable face.

"It's a long story, Mirai. If you want to ask me, my answers will be delivered in limited specification."

Mirai caught her nerve-racking fidget. Daisy's blushing cheeks were different from normal ones. The mixture of awe and shame was her actual reaction. She couldn't bear her truth in a total sense, so she decided to minimize her storytelling.

Mirai opened her question, "Who are you for me? Why did you save me from the guy with humongous guts?"

"Well. My curious exploration is the reason I stumbled onto you and my old friend, Veronica… Me to you? I think that's the reason I demand your questions."

Daisy confused around Mirai's first, open question. She couldn't think straight since it was awkward to consider for an explanation. Her hand pressed against the sole side of her hips to relax from her steadiness.

"Think of any questions and pick it before you have no traces to understand me."

Mirai peered at Daisy's awaiting seek. Her fidgeting eyes were rolling around to find any idea for her curiosity. Her tapping foot played for boosting her preference. She thought about something about her actual rejection of most boys — even if their wholehearted dream couldn't exceed her supposed, romantic expectations. Daisy's young face suited the platonic lover's worth to spend, but her glamorous looks developed into exceeding desires. The change of her appearance could describe her reformation.

So Mirai planned her relevant idea to open for another round.

"Is there a single or multiple reasons why you rejected them in spite of their passionate love?"

Daisy arranged her bathrobe to lessen its tightness. Mirai caught off her guard from the attempt to hide her shame. However, Daisy planned to soften her answer for a tease.

"It was my decision to handle myself other than these boys who will plan to cuckold me with their 'nice' gangs. They might think of me like a single girl amidst a group of boys," Daisy chuckled for a bit. "Talking about gangbang, isn't it?"

Mirai thought of her excuse as a sole sexual contradiction while Daisy twirled her hair and checked it for a slick check. They couldn't advise themselves to dare and proceed for further demands. Although Mirai had an idea to open it up exceedingly, she tried one more time to unlock her deep, specific secret. She had to use her technique from the time of Juliette's advice.

Mirai smirked while stepping towards Daisy, "So tell me. Why did you avoid them for your handle? Is there a plan to seek forward for your desire? Or perhaps, do you want something to escape from your usual self?"

Daisy broke a bit of her sweat, "I'm not a romantic person you can deal with. A plan? Is being a gynaecologist, my desire? If there's anything that escapes my dream, then my duty will be out of passion."

Daisy twitched her hips, but she resisted in a bit second to avoid her exposure. However, Mirai noticed her reaction without a single doubt.

"If your answer is sufficient, then why did you wear a bathrobe in front of me? Also, why did you loosen your bathrobe in a bit?"

Daisy blushed her cheeks, "Do you really think it's related?"

Her words went slurring. Her hands embraced each other for comfort. Mirai inspected every inch since her hips were flinching. Compared to her young self, it was hardly distinct between her physical versions.

Could it be her arousal towards Mirai?

Daisy plucked the hip area of her bathrobe — protruding from her skin surface. It was something that Mirai peered at Daisy's hand movements. Every inch of her movements were stroking around to feel the slick of her bathrobe.

Mirai figured it out. She came with her one hand to touch her bottom part. Meanwhile, Daisy fluttered from an incoming touch.

"What is this?"

Mirai finally revealed the answer through her touch. She felt something bulging on her crotch. It was something similar, yet unusual since she had the body of a woman.

Mirai gaped, "Cock?... on your crotch?" She gazed upon Daisy's blushed face. "Don't tell me you were competing with me — as if you thought about it. Perhaps, you're into me… am I right?"

Daisy dropped her jaw and smiled as her supposed expectations became reality. She released the grip of her bathrobe, revealing her bottom bulge once again. The shape appeared to be similar as penis — rather it was an actual one.

Daisy undid her bathrobe for the bare exposure of her entire body. Her figure was curvaceous from shoulder to hips. The difference between a typical one from her was the absence of her scrotum. It erected upward with a stiff curve and attractive shaft.

"Correct. I'm into you."

Finally, the answer had utterly revealed. Daisy committed in front of Mirai's face, panting with her passionate, hot air. Her body bathed with sweat for exercise — it could mean that her lustful intentions overwhelmed its will. She submitted it with no shameful reluctance. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

Mirai flicked her cock, brushing against it — while Daisy giggled from her stimulation.

However, Daisy backed out of her for further notice. Mirai gritted her teeth as she failed to open her feelings fully.

Daisy suggested to Mirai, "There are more that shouldn't be missed out. Let's not waste time before my day off with you will be all for nothing."


"This is not the real time to get along with it. Come, follow me to where we will begin our course."

Daisy walked out as she escorted Mirai to a certain place. Going outside the clinic, there were multiple female prostitutes waiting outside the other rooms for a check-up. As the department was gynaecology, the purpose was ensuring every one of them adjusted their sexual habits and status. If not, the risk would rise higher when the time should resist them for continuing their prostitution. Daisy considered Mirai as her patient, but she prepared more than just being a patient.

They reached their destination where Daisy stored the exclusive stuff consisting within. The door was locked with the label of "S&M". She finally proposed Mirai for a surprising present that might support her beginning to the world of fetishes. Although the label gave the obvious meaning, they expected an exact course.

Daisy grabbed the handle and opened it to reveal the materials. It was dark at first, so she switched the light on to provide her a clear sight. Once the room was lit, there were a bunch of dildos, whips, latex outfit, chains, and spiky boots organizing suitably.

Mirai whistled with her dazzling eyes while Daisy retrieved something for the course — the objects were: Leather collar with chain holder, latex suit with exposed collar and extremities, leather heel boots, and fingerless gloves. She gathered them into a single, suitable box.

Daisy handed to Mirai, "Wear this. You need these outfits before we will start our performance."

Mirai received the box and equipped them for her except the collar she was curious about. She thought of herself as a dominatrix who pledged from Daisy's gift, but one thing she kept on her palm was the collar.

Mirai whirred, "Um… am I supposed to wear this also?"

"No. I should wear that from you."

"Don't you mean?"

The answer would reveal once Mirai granted a wear of the collar to Daisy. Mirai dressed the collar around Daisy's neck. Once she fastened it, Daisy knelt down to the ground and bowed her head for weird purposes.

Daisy spoke in a compliant voice, "For now, I'll be your slave since you empathize with me even though it was inadvertently considered."

"Wait~ Hold on. What is the meaning of this?"

"Please," Daisy grabbed Mirai's foot and licked it. "Be my mistress. If you want to know why I rejected these lovely boys, then I shall grant you my definite reason."


"It's because they are so kind that I wanted to throw myself whenever they speak tenderly."

Daisy continued twirling her shoes while Mirai leered down on her. Daisy was a considerate lady who treated patients for her service to solve the prostitution's health problem, but in reality, she submitted herself to her mistress for a grateful treatment once their empathy received with faith.

Mirai lifted her licking foot and grabbed the chain handle from her collar, "Oh~ So this is why you're into me. No wonder why you reject these dearest boys you considered. What a wasteful sweet for being a bitch."

Mirai's words aroused Daisy as she licked her way up to the knee. However, Mirai pulled the holder to halt her continuous lick.

She faced closer to her newly sworn slave, "Let's take a walk, shall we?"

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