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Chapter 7: Confrontation

Author's Note

Also, sorry about the delay, had a bit of writers block for this story. I'll try to upload more consistently, but College is lowkey kicking my ass.

----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------The rest of the week passed in the same manner. I continued to work on my telepathy during school and my other abilities once I got back to the institute. The materials Xavier had ordered had finally come in, so I had access to a lot of different things to practice with, even if I was mainly interested in one.

One of the materials Xavier had obtained for me to train with was diamond, so some of the time I spent amassing as much diamond as I could and periodically leaving the school to try to establish some underground contacts to sell it and any other items I may want to.

I started off by getting back into contact with some people I knew from my time living on the streets. They were able to get me in contact with some people who would be willing to purchase the diamonds I had forged. After the deal was done, I sol a fourth of my stash for roughly $50,000. I didn't want to sell all of the materials I created at once, so I wouldn't flood the market. My plan was to change what precious metals I sold around in a rotation, so that I could continue to get good prices for them.

Other than that, my repeated use of Phase-Shifting to jump around town lead to me gaining another level, along with my telepathy finally getting another level from my time spent training it in class.


[Skill Leveled: Phase-Shifting: Through the action of shifting into another dimension for a brief moment, you are able to teleport somewhere in your line of sight or you have been before within a certain range. Current Range: 0.8 miles Lvl 3/10]

[Skill Leveled: Telepathy: The ability to read and manipulate minds. Lvl 2/10]

After the level I was able to read two people's minds continuously if they had no shields. I hadn't tried to read someone who had shield's mind due to the risk of exposing my power.

Other than that, we had a few more Danger Room sessions, some of the time of which was devoted to martial arts training. Logan began teaching me a fighting style centered around adaptability and using different weapons based on how my powers worked. This was something that would greatly boost my combat potential, as right now I was mostly swinging my fists with no style at all.

It wasn't until the end of the week when anything major happened. We were inside the institute when the alarms went off. Everyone suited up and rushed outside, with my absorbing some diamond to suit up. When we got outside, we found Wolverine having a fight with Sabretooth while a silver blur ran around him.

'I thought Quicksilver didn't appear till a little bit later. I guess Magneto wanted Sabretooth to have some help since the X-Men have me as an unknown this time.'

Scott begins to try to give orders, but I didn't pay attention and charged towards the blur, with my hand shifting into a mace. When I got near, I swung, but Quicksilver dodged out of the way. Trying again, I continued to try to make contact, but he was too fast for me to be able to do anything.

Changing tactics, I said "What so all you can do is run. I might not be able to beat you, but you definitely can't beat me."

It didn't work however as the blur continued moving while saying "Hah, nice try. I'm the fastest there is, why would I need to beat you."

'Well that didn't work. I've got to try to use my other powers without making them obvious.'

Reaching out with my Magnetokinesis, I could feel the metal shoulder pads of the suit. Subtly reaching out with my power, I jerked the shoulder pads back, with the rest of his body being clotheslined by the change in direction.

Taking the opportunity while he was disoriented, I charged towards him and formed a mace without the spikes before slamming it down on his head, knocking him out cold.

Looking around, I noticed that while I had been fighting Quicksilver, the rest of the teens were watching Wolverine fight Sabretooth.

While everyone was distracted, I reached out and touched Quicksilver, absorbing his power.


[Skill Gained: Super Speed: The ability to move and think at superhuman speeds. Body is adapted to be able to take the strains of moving at those speeds. Current top speed: 180 mph. Lvl 1]

'That's a little slower than Barry's first speed in the tv show. That's around a tenth of Mach 2, but I know Quicksilver wasn't moving that fast. That means my power doesn't take 1/10 of their current power, it takes 1/10 of their current potential. Quicksilver's speed was maxed out at Mach 2 I believe.'

Turning back towards Logan's fight, I noticed none of the teens seemed to be interfering with his fight.

'I guess he told them it was his fight.'

Wolverine's fight continued for a few more seconds before Storm finally had enough and said "Logan you can have you pissing contest somewhere else" before sending a bolt of lightning to strike Sabretooth, disorienting him before blowing him into the air and far away with a tornado.

"Damn it Ororo, leave him to me." Logan growled.

"Don't have your fights at the institute then." She answered back.

Logan growled before nodding his head and heading inside.

Scott came up to me and said "Kevin, what was that. You need to work with the team and wait for my orders."

Not really feeling like dealing with Scott, I nodded my head and said "Yeah sure, I will next time."

He didn't look appeased, but I was already walking back into the institute, so he couldn't really press the issue anymore.

After that surprise the day continued on mostly normally, although we had a particularly grueling Danger Room session with Logan. It was two days later that something I had been interested in finally happening occurred. Xavier called us all up to his office and told us we were going to go find a mutant who had just awakened her powers. It was the words he said at the end of his briefing that had me excited though.

"Team, we've got ourselves a Rogue."

While we were getting suited up, I was thinking about Rogue.

'How will our powers interact. Will she drain me and get all of the powers I've drained? Or could she get my absorption power. If I absorb at the same time as her, will our powers cancel out, or will we continuously drain each other. I need to test it as soon as possible, I don't want to be surprised.'

We flew the jet to a small town where we were sent out to find Rogue. I remembered that Mystique in the show took the forms of the X-Men to scare her off, so I'd have to keep her calm and speak to her quickly before she could get scared.

We all spent time searching around, and I reached out with my telepath similar to what Jean and the Professor were doing. My range wasn't as great as theirs, but we were far apart so I could see farther away than they could relative to me. Eventually, I picked up the scared thoughts of Rogue and used my newly discovered Super-Speed to speed over around the corner from her.

The feeling of running at speed so far beyond normal humans was exhilarating, it felt like the whole world was moving slower than I was. I couldn't imagine what it would be like when I level up and become even faster.

Slowly walking around the corner, I walked towards Rogue. She looked panicked, but when she saw me she didn't seem to panic more like I expected her to.

'Guess Mystique hasn't gotten around to using my form yet.'

Walking up to her I say "Rogue I'm here to help. I know your powers are out of control, I can help you."

"Why should I believe you, the other people keep attacking me."

"That's not them, there's a shapeshifter who is taking on the form of people to scare you."

"Then you could be that shapeshifter."

"True, but why not a leap of faith."

I held out my hand towards her. She looked scared for a second, before slowly edging forward and touching my hand. As soon as we made contact, I activated my absorption to get seeing how our powers interacted out of the way. When our two absorptions met, I got a felt a weird tug of war between our powers before mine won out and absorbed her power.


[Skill Evolved: Osmosian Absorption: Draining powers now leads to gaining 2/10 of their strength permanently. If someone is held for a great amount of time, eventually they will be drained completely and 100% of their strength will be gained. Gamer's Mind cancels out memory absorption.]

'Well this went way better than I thought it would. My absorption just got a lot more powerful, kind of sucks I didn't want to drain Quicksilver though.'

Meanwhile, Rogue had a shocked look on her face at the fact that she didn't drain me dry before getting a weird look on her face and grabbing me in a hug before she started crying.

I wasn't exactly experienced with dealing with emotions, but I wrapped my arms around her and allowed her to cry on me. While she was crying, I saw Mystique come around the corner, most likely to try to get her to leave with her, but when she saw me and the state Rogue was in, she narrowed her eyes before her face took on a complicated look.

I glared at her, waiting to see if she would make a move. Rogue wasn't in a state to react and I couldn't fight with my base powers while she was holding on to me, so if Mystique made a move I'd have to reveal my Phase-Shifting.

Mystique continued to look at me, before turning and walking away. Rogue continued to cry, when the rest of the X-Men came around the corner towards us.

'Xavier or Jean probably picked up her distress.'

Tapping Rogue to tell her she needed to let go so we could move, she looked up then looked around. When she saw the X-Men she got a scared look on her face.

"Shapeshifter remember it wasn't them." I whispered to her.

She slowly calmed down, before releasing the hug bug grabbing onto my hand and holding on to it.

'Damn, she found out she could touch me and won't let go.'

"Well Kevin, looks like you found our Rogue." Xavier said.

"Huh, Rogue I like that. You guys can call me Rogue."

"Alright Rogue, so you want to come with us to place where you can learn to use your powers?" Scott asked.

Rogue looked up at me for a second before turning to the group and saying "Yeah, I'd like that."

We made our way back to the X-Jet with Rogue still refusing to let go of me. I shrugged it off, it doesn't really matter if she grows attached, though it might become a problem when I leave the institute.

Along the way, Xavier took the time to explain to her what happens at the institute and his goal for the future. Rogue just nodded her head, although I couldn't tell how she actually felt about his dream. I didn't want to use telepathy on people I actually interacted with, it'd be extremely hypocritical of me when I'm so opposed to liberal telepathy use. I use it on the people in class because I do need to train it and nothing they could think about would matter to me at all.

Eventually we got back to the Institute and Xavier had me show her to her room since it was too late for the tour.

I walked Rogue to the room Xavier told me would be hers, although when I tuned to leave she gave me a hug before going inside.

'I don't think it's normal for someone to grow this attached this quickly. Her power must have left her pretty shaken up.'

Shrugging, I went back to my room and did my daily practice before going to sleep.

AGuyWhoWrites AGuyWhoWrites

Alright I'm gonna say it now, just because Rogue is attached to him already doesn't mean she's the pairing. Something I always found confusing was almost every fanfic I've read if anyone shows interest in the MC, it's always reciprocated. I'm not saying it won't be, but I'm also not saying it will be. Let me know if you think the absorption buff is too strong, I wasn't sure about it myself. Leave your votes for Harem vs. Single Pairing, and I'm going to be speeding things up from now on. Dealing with the Phoenix next chapter I believe, so that will be interesting.

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