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40% Otherworldly Seeker Mad Scientist / Chapter 1: Chapter 1-The Beginning of Disaster

Chapter 1-The Beginning of Disaster - Otherworldly Seeker Mad Scientist - Chapter 1 by Zontal_Zev full book limited free

Chapter 1: Chapter 1-The Beginning of Disaster

Hello to introduce, I am a mad scientist who really likes other worlds.

What? Do you guys say other worlds don't exist? Of course, I thought that too at first, but since I really like novels, manga, anime, or anything that has to do with reincarnation, transmigration, and reborn, I researched it down to its roots.

I am a cultured scientist, even the leader of a country must submit to me asking for help in making a teleportation tool to move between continents and even planets. Really they are parents who are very good at speaking in front of me, what did everyone think of choosing them as the leader of the country?

By the way, I am the greatest scientist in the world, I create various tools that are very useful for human life as well as for war. Everyone considers me a genius, they have high hopes in me for the future of mankind. But what do they know? I'm just a person who likes another world, all this I did so I could create something that could take me to another world.

I learned how Truck-kun can take people to another world. This makes me confused to learn this nonsense, various stories about Truck-Kun I studied.

There are people who got hit by Truck-kun reincarnated into another world, there are also girls who got hit by Truck-kun because of his stupidity, ran out of the house without looking around, and ended up becoming zombies. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

A man who somehow thought he was saving a woman from a Truck-kun crash was actually hallucinating, in fact, he just saw a passing tractor and died of shock until he peed in his pants. Even after reincarnating, he was accompanied by a stupid goddess and a strange party. A psycho woman who likes to scream "Expruosionse" and a masochistic woman who can't use a sword. Fortunately, this man has the ability to steal, to steal women's 'pantsu'. This is such an amazing story, that I couldn't stop laughing.

There was a person who was stabbed by a robber and reincarnated into slime with predatory abilities, he was able to gain great abilities from what he ate. The slime that became the weakest monster in a game, who always melted the clothes of beautiful adventurers, was actually really OP? How could this happen?

A magic circle appears in class, after that the MC gets a trash ability so he gets kicked into the abyss while in the dungeon, by someone who doesn't like him for being close to a woman, Come on is this a romance drama? If you like a woman, you should confess to her straight away. And if you get rejected, well maybe because you're not handsome enough.

W-what? are you mocking me? Even though I'm a mad scientist, many girls try to approach me just by looking at my face, even though I don't have that kind of relationship yet...

Come on it's just wasting my time doing experiments, I don't have time to think about things like love and stuff.

There are many stories about reincarnation, such as one who becomes a walking skeleton, because he is still in the game at the time of the server shutdown, or one who becomes a demon lord, after being summoned by a beautiful elf woman and a catgirl. Or maybe a man was summoned to another world as a shield hero but ended up being tricked by B*tch.

Because there are so many stories, I can't possibly tell them all. So far I've only been able to create objects that traverse through space like teleportation, which I described earlier. Now there is no need to get on a plane which has some dangers while driving it, you only need a few minutes to reach the destination you want to achieve.

All the Technology that is here I created it, my genius has surpassed the limits of humanity, so no one can match it. Earth now looks very advanced, even though it doesn't look like the Sci-fi movies you watch, but at least technological progress has increased.

Do you think I'm too proud of myself and such a shameless person? No-no, this is the truth.

So now to the point, after a long time of research and experimentation. I finally created an object that could take me to another world. That's right this is the thing I've always wanted.

In a very large and very modern-looking lab room, in the middle of the room to be precise. There is a giant portal with a height of about 15 meters. I'm currently in front of a hologram screen, moving my hands processing all the programs to complete the last part of this project.


I sighed and wiped the sweat off my forehead. Everything is done, the last thing is to press this button. Holding my breath, with my heart beating fast, I will soon see a portal that can take me to another world. Slowly but surely, my hand moved towards the button and pressed it.


Not long after that, the portal started to fire, lightning bolts were seen coming out of the portal. This place is shaking like an earthquake, I panicked and looked at the hologram again, but there was no error there. When I'm checking if there is a problem with the current running program. Out of nowhere, I heard a cracking sound.

*Crack, Crack*

"Wa-What happened?"

I looked towards the cracking sound, I was shocked and opened my eyes wide. In the air at this moment, around the portal the cracks looked like space was about to burst. Suddenly everything stopped moving as if time had stopped, even so, my body can still move, I've never heard of anything like this before.

Even if I was a great scientist, I couldn't make things that could stop time or change the past, this was all just a dream that couldn't happen.

While I was deep in thought, a car engine sound and people screaming were heard. This time, it's all beyond my comprehension.

"Truck-Kun came to pick up~~"


There was a big explosion, a truck came out of the crack in the air, I closed my eyes reflexively. After feeling the explosion finally stop, I opened my eyes slowly, seeing what really happened, I was immediately flabbergasted.

Right now cracks are visible in thin air, but this isn't a problem, the problem is that it's now visible that Truck-kun is there.

"Hahaha... I didn't think it was actually the person who summoned me from this world,"

That Truck-Kun spoke which surprised me, is he a robot or an android like my other creations? But if it was my creation, I should never have made such an ugly creation, because this truck really is very different from my mine.

"Truck? how come there is a truck here,"

Truck-kun's light shone brightly when he heard what I said, suddenly Truck-kun turned into a giant robot, he moved towards me and crouched down with his hands on his knees. He looked me straight in the eye as if he wanted to see what I was thinking.

'Wa-Wait, is that Truck-Formers?'

"I'm here. It's all because of you who opened the gap in the dimensions of space and time to go to another world," the robot truck spoke with its iron mouth.

"Hah? I don't understand," I looked at him with a confused expression.

How can what I do make a truck come out of the portal, isn't that weird. And why Truck, is everything I've read so far, like being hit by a truck and moving to another world real?

"You don't understand? Hmm... Hmn... I'll explain properly," The Truck-Kun looked at me pitifully as if he understood the limits of my intelligence. I don't know why seeing his expression makes me so angry.

"This world is not only limited to your world, there is another world besides the one you currently live in. But even so, it is very rare for people to be able to change the time of their birth into the world. And if you unlock one of the keys to changing that time, like changing the past, or changing where you were born. The guardians of space and time will come for you to take your life, because this is forbidden, no matter where your world is," Truck-kun said with a strange flash in his eyes.

'What does it mean? So if I change the past or try to be reborn in another world, I will summon the guardian of space and time, and that is him?'

But as I remember I never did that, on the other hand, all I did was connect two different worlds with the portal I made, and what caused it to come here? This shouldn't be related at all.

"But didn't I just create a Portal to another world? I didn't change the past or anything related to time," I looked at Truck-kun in disbelief.

"Do you think all you're doing is connecting the two worlds? No, you do not only that. As a result of what you did, time became chaotic in every world, even terrible natural disasters occurred in other worlds due to your actions. You must now be responsible for everything you have done, you must save another world, otherwise, the other world will be destroyed by your actions."

Zontal_Zev Zontal_Zev

If there is a Mistake, tell me okay

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