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Our Group Chat! original

Our Group Chat!

Author: ForcedToWrite

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Chapter 1: Our Group Chat!

In a room that looks like a laboratory there are six men dressed in lab coats looking at the monitor screen in front of them.

Moments later, a handsome man with long black ponytail who looks like the leader of the group started talking to the handsome man wearing glasses who was standing at the very front and his hands were on the keyboard.

"Is everything going well?" Tokugawa Haise asked his five best friends who were currently looking at the monitor screen that showed complicated calculations for ordinary humans.

"So far .. everything is going well!" Nagayashi Shunsuke answered Haise's question while showing his observations which he described from his laptop.

Haise who heard this finally breathed a sigh of relief and then his five best friends also followed Haise who breathed a sigh of relief.

"Hahaha .. during the seven years of torture, finally a project that surpassed the intelligence of ordinary humans was finally created!!" Lazy Fujiyama Rei is finally able to laugh happily when he manages to escape the project that tortured him for the past seven years.

"I can't refuse Rei's opinion, damn it! It's finally over!!" Kageyama Jun could only smile and leaned his back on the sofa he was currently sitting on.

"For this time alone I agree with Jun and Rei's opinion." Hinomoto Hito was forced to agree with Jun who is his rival.

"Hm!" Tadakatsu Gonda just nodded his head and crossed his arms while leaning against the wall.

Haise who saw this could only smile and then joined in with the friends he trusted the most beyond his own family who were thirsty for power.

"Okay let's stop, Shun please install 'our' application into all of our smartphones, then let's together continue our adventure in the new world that we will go to!" Haise said which was then answered with shouts of agreement and upward fists from the five friends.

"It will be finished in a few seconds, by the way Haise .. should we delete this data we created?" asked Shunsuke who was hesitant.

"Of course Shun. If this is known to the world, then only the powerful will have it and worse, they will increasingly act as they like which will make the common people even more oppressed!" Haise replied who was a little angry because of the doubt from Shunsuke.

Shunsuke also knows that the creation of the six of them will make greedy humans even greedy, so he can't help but erase every trace of the project he is working on with his five friends.

"Sorry Haise and thanks for your slap!" Shunsuke replied with a smile.

"No need, we are family afterall!" said Haise as he tapped Shunsuke on the shoulder.

"Yeah" then Jun, Rei, Gonda and Hito took turns patting Shunsuke on the shoulder.

After the family bonding ended, Shunsuke quickly installed their application on his smartphone and his five friends.

* Ding *

A notification sound was heard from the six smartphones gathered on the glass table close to the sofa previously occupied by Jun. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href="!_15515057205721505/our-group-chat!_49146226372824415">!_15515057205721505/our-group-chat!_49146226372824415</a> for visiting.

[Omniverse Group Chat asked for permission to install, will you allow it?

Y / N]

"Athena, allow it!" Haise said.

"Freia, allow it!" Rei said.

"Hephaestus, allow it!" Shunsuke said.

"Hestia, allow it!" Hito said.

"Loki, allow it!" Jun said.

"Ishtar, allow it!" Gonda said.

* Ding *

[Omniverse Group Chat has been installed successfully, first mission is available, please host to check!]

"Well, everything went well and it seems as if it was programmed, we will get the mission immediately when we first install this application!" Haise said who was not too surprised, of course it was because of all this thanks to that old man, an old man who suddenly appeared in front of us while giving us the knowledge that was able to create this application.

It's just that the knowledge will disappear after the six of us succeeded in creating this application, the old man once said "Live as you wish and when you six of you are satisfied, then I will take the application that you created and pass it on to the generation after you six!"

We were angry at first, but because we believed that the person who gave us such great knowledge was not an ordinary person, and we even believed that he was the ROB we knew from fanfiction works.

So .. we all agreed and chose to forget about it.

Afterall, we will all be able to visit many universes which also have Universes from ACG, Movies, Classical Literature etc.

And even better, we don't have to run into Truck-kun, Bus-kun, Motobike-kun,

And .. PC-kun who is pretentious but weak in the end.

Well, let's stop.

And .. let's get started!

= End =


= About OC =

Tokugawa Haise is a twenty-five year old man and also the youngest child of the Tokugawa shogunate family.

He had a handsome face with long, straight black hair ponytail like a culitivator.

His eyes are bright blue as bright as sky blue with eyebrows that are not too thin and thick, he also has a beautymark under his right eye which adds calm to someone who looks at him.

His body was like that of a swimmer athlete, but don't underestimate his strength, he was able to take on a hundred gangsters with just a little sweat.

Haise is realistic and calm, but he hates humans who are hungry for power.

Therefore, he left his wealthy life because he saw that his own family was one of the things he hated the most.

Haise started living alone when he was sixteen years old, but because he had graduated from all the required education, Haise decided to disguise himself as someone else and fake his own identity.

He became Kurono Haise, an orphan who had just moved to Tokyo and attended a special high school for ordinary people in Tokyo.

Namely .. Shinse Highschool.

It was at this place that he met Nagayashi Shunsuke, Fujiyama Rei, Kageyama Jun, Hinomoto Hito, Tadakatsu Gonda.

The five of them will make Haise's life colorful, and the five of them don't know about Haise's real identity.

However .. If they found out, they wouldn't stay away from Haise either, because they already thought that Haise was their family.

That's all, for now.

(AN: no YAOI okay! The six of them will have their own wives and almost all of them will not have just one wife.

Btw Athena and the rest are their A.I)

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