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Chapter 4: The Thing That Changed Haise!

"I want to be the best!"

Everyone who heard this was silent and the background effect that helped Haise made them all even more dumbfounded.

'He's shining!' it is what they all think.

Kuma-sensei was the first to come to his senses and his face was currently filled with a happy grin. "Hahaha good good! Now I believe that this team will be the best!"

The five of them who heard the sound of laughter from Kuma-sensei finally woke up and then laughed happily then walked and tapped Haise's shoulder in turn.

"Well, our big bro finally found his ambition, it looks like today the snow will not fall!" said Rei jokingly. "Yes, I think so too" replied the famous Gonda who rarely spoke.

Haise was embarrassed but he quickly shifted their conversation by asking "Kuma-sensei already knows our ambition, then yours is?"

Kuma-sensei quickly replied "Winning the interhigh!" and then continued "For three times in a row!"

Hearing this, everyone grinned and their bodies shook full of vigor. The lazy Rei finally shouted excitedly "Shaaa!!" Which was followed by everyone "Shaaa!!"

This was the beginning of the creation of the legendary club which was the beginning of the rise of Japanese forces in the field of volleyball. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href="!_15515057205721505/the-thing-that-changed-haise!_49178409384854111">!_15515057205721505/the-thing-that-changed-haise!_49178409384854111</a> for visiting.

Thanks to this club, lots of monsters have sprung up and make the interhigh level match at a professional level.

= Scene Move =

Morning, Kumayuki High, Class 1-A.

"Saku-chan!!" Yuki Hitomi shouted to Nadeshiko Sakura, who is currently reading a book entitled "The Window That Unites Us" by ForcedToWrite-sensei who is one of the Author subscribed to the Ranking List.

"Hm?" Sakura answered Hitomi but didn't distract her from the book she was currently reading.

"Moo .. Is there nothing but reading a book in the morning? Like for example watching our class 'Prince' practice Volleyball!" Hitomi's advice to her nerdy friend.

Hearing about the 'Prince', Sakura was a little unfocused on the book she was reading and also her cheeks flushed a little because the events of yesterday afternoon began to recollect in her mind.

Hitomi did not escape the redness of her best friend's cheeks and began to grin teasingly "Arara .. looks like a girl who likes calm and reads books has now grown up"

Hearing Hitomi's teasing, Sakura blushed even more and decided to ignore Hitomi by changing the direction where she sat.

Seeing this, Hitomi was even more motivated to tease her innocent friend, she said "I heard yesterday that 'Prince' still doesn't have a partner, even according to the rumors I heard, he seems to have been targeted by many seniors"

Sakura was a little interested in Hitomi's words and decided to listen to her but pretended to read her book.

"I heard that yesterday afternoon he was summoned by one of the most beautiful girls in Kumayuki High on the school roof." Hitomi paused for a moment while checking whether Sakura was interested or not.

And sure enough, Sakura's body trembled a little. Hitomi continued saying "And .. looks like yesterday afternoon he started dating her!"

"Stop! Stop your nonsense Hitomi, I know he's not that kind of guy. After all yesterday afternoon he was chatting with me in the old building!" shouted Sakura, who realized a moment later that she had made her own hole.

Hitomi was a little surprised, but then she started to grin that made her lips resemble a cat's. "Nyahaha .. Saku-chan is finally starting to grow up, I have to tell aunt (Sakura's mother) about this!"

Seeing Hitomi who started running here and there, Sakura tried to stop her with a flushed face, but unfortunately because Hitomi was a runner, Sakura couldn't help but give up and covered her face with the book she was reading.

"Moo .. Hitomi no baka!"

= Flashback =

Yesterday Afternoon, Old Building, Kumayuki High.

Haise parted ways with his five best friends after finishing rebuilding the Kumayuki High boys' Volleyball club.

The five of his friends decided to go around his new neighborhood and so did Haise who decided to find a quiet place so he could rest.

He heard that the old building was rarely visited by people because of the dusty and prone environment.

But Haise decided to go there anyway because he was sure he would find his paradise in places like that.

Haise walked for five minutes and finally he arrived at the place, he then went around looking for his paradise.

Haise entered the old building, he decided to check the top floor and middle floor first before checking the first floor.

After ten minutes of checking the upper and middle floors, Haise came down to the first floor with a disappointed face. The roof that used to be his paradise is now gone because it is full of holes.

With a disappointed face, Haise decided to check the first floor. However just as he was walking, he heard a singing voice emanating from the end of the first floor hallway leading to the backyard of the old building.

Hearing a melodious and hypnotic song, Haise accelerated his footsteps towards the singing voice. It didn't take long for him to reach the place where the singing voice was heard.

In front of him there was only a window full of dust and cobwebs also behind the window was where the singing sound came from.

Haise walked carefully and when he arrived in front of the old window, he gently opened the old window and saw what would make a part of his life change because of the person he saw back then.


That's all, btw this works has a plot! And..

The love relationship between Haise and Sakura will be told more fully in my novel, which is entitled like the book Sakura read. That too if you are all interested in their story. hahaha!

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