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58.46% Our Lazy and Idiotic but Abnormal Life / Chapter 76: 'HaloCutie'???

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Chapter 76: 'HaloCutie'???

"So what up with this raid?" Sabastian asked Aaron, sitting on a broken forklift.

"You know about, how I found out Erisviel being bullied?" Aaron asked Sabastian.

"Hmm, I heard about it. So what about it?" Sabastian thinking about it for a moment recalled a conversation he had with Aurora, about how Aaron found out Erisviel being bullied at the school roof by few of her classmates.

"You see the guy, Jack? That boy who is playing pool right there is his brother." Aaron pointed toward the boy who is playing pool, to Sabastian.

"Well, that d*ck of a younger brother made up some BS story, about how Erisviel and I beat up his bully ass."

"So this brother of his without investigating and knowing the full story tried to send some goons to rough us up." Aaron frowned when he was checking up his cams and saw couples of Trinity Crown gang members entering the warehouse.

'Ahh! Things just got a little complicated.' Aaron said in his mind watching four members of Trinity Crown enter the warehouse with a briefcase on hand.

"Well, it's his family you know, so he believed his younger brother. Anyway, the thing is for the past couple of days his goons were following me and Erisviel." Aaron said while checking up the vicinity to see if there are any more members of Trinity Crown here or not.

"Because we were always in a group they didn't act towards us. Aurora wanted to teach them a lesson but I told her, I will take care of it cause the brother here is one of the candidates I have listed to recruit into Nameless." Aaron told Sabastian why they are here, it's not just to completely get rid of these thugs but also recruiting someone to their organisation.

"You want to recruit that guy, that hooligan? Will he be loyal, Aro?"

Sabastian was surprised to learn that they are here to recruit someone who's in a gang and with his experience from the past, he learned that these kinds of people who are in a gang don't have much loyalty to any kind of organisation they join in. They always follow the scent of money or power of authority in gangs and organisations.

"Well, the reason he joined the organization is that they have a leash on him. He is not willingly doing all of the work the gang throws on him, you know?" Aaron said looking at his phone finding a few more members of Trinity Crown outside the warehouse.

'Hmm, we need to get rid of them first before we do anything inside.' Aaron thought.

"He's not a bad kid, but he is forced to do all of the s*it they ask him to do." Aaron said to Sabastian.

"I see, well I will trust your judgment on this. What's wrong, you seem to be annoyed by something or is it someone?" Sabastian asked when he saw Aaron frowning in annoyance for something or someone looking at his phone.

"Well, things got complicated." Aaron explained to Sabastian, how some members of Trinity Crown just joined the list of people migrating to hell tonight.

After learning everything from Aaron, Sabastian also frowned in annoyance.

"That really is troublesome." He commented seeing that the Trinity Crown might have come here for official business.

"Whatever is in the case, must be very important since they are being so lowkey about it." Sabastian said giving his input on their current situation.

Aaron responded with a hum and nodded hearing Sabastian's comment.

Suddenly, Aaron's eyes lit up thinking of something.

Sabastian watching Aaron's change in expression asked Aaron.

"What's up, did you think of something?"

"Hmm, well, technically speaking it's 'me' but also not me. Nyx thought of something good." Aaron said giving a smirk to Sabastian.

Finding, Aaron's words confusing and puzzling Sabastian asked Aaron.

"What does that suppose to mean. If it's something Nyx thought up, isn't that means it's you who thought it up?"

"Well, Nyx and I, Aaron is the same person. We are both 'Ian' but we also have individual consciousness, you know. We figured out that though we are the same but also not the same but still the same, ha hahaha." Aaron laughed thinking how funny it sounded.

"Because of weird circumstances and what happened with the Blood parents, we both created individual personality and consciousness while still being the same. Think of it my original self 'Ian' has become two-person, we divided up 'Ian' between ourselves, Aaron and Nyx. I'm 'Ian' but the parts that I have inherited from 'Ian' is his mentality of a genius and his ruthless, merciless, selfish self who doesn't give a f*ck to anybody besides his family and friends personality. While Nyx, on the other hand, is selfless, cunning, scheming, caring, emotional, way too emotional I say and ruthless and merciless only when she needs to be. She is also social and empathetic while I'm as Aaron is anti-social, edgy and apathetic." Aaron tried to explain in simple terms and turned to Sabastian looking at his deep ocean blue eyes.

"Did you understand anything, now?"

"Half of it but not all, but I understand the gist of it. So you are 'Ian' but also Aaron and Nyx. But you, Aaron, are not Nyx but 'Ian' and Aaron. It's mind-blowingly confusing but yeah I kind of understand but also dont." Sebastian frowned trying to process everything in his mind about what Aaron said but he gave up halfway.

"Before Aaron and Nyx were in Sync with their emotions, now they are synced but have separated emotional state because what happened at the Christmas party." Aaron told him about the biggest change that has happened recently.

Sabastian sighed hearing Aaron.

'They are still my best friend, so whatever. I dont care as long as they are Ian, the greatest magician to have ever lived in Arterra.' Sabastian thought in his mind then shrugged off not thinking about anything but why he is here tonight.

"So when are we starting?" Sabastian asked staring at Aaron's face.

"Hmm, right now I think? Everything is fine from my end. So, first of all, we need to get rid of those Trinity Crown members outside. Then we will start our raid inside. What do you think?" Aaron said letting Sabastian see, where the members of Trinity Crown is waiting outside.

"Sounds, fine to me. So do you have anything that can help you kill them or do you have to borrow this from me?" Sabastian tapped Aaron's chest with the Black ninjato weapon, Aaron created for him.

"Nah, I got mine here with me." Aaron waved his new cane 'HaloCutie', that he created some time ago.

Its functions are very unique, as it can throw poisoned darts and unlike a short sword inside it has a 9-inch blade that pops out from the side and looks like a scythe in weapon combat form.

It can shoot 7 poisoned darts that acts fast and makes people paralysed in 5 seconds.

The colour of the body is black and the handle is shaped in a pink-ish sakura tree and on the handle it says.

'Where there is food there is me :)'

Sabastian saw the 'ordinary' looking custom cane on Aaron's hand.

"Yeah, I should not judge a book by its cover or in this case its a cane." Sabastian said looking at the cane on Aaron's hand.

"Hahaha, my 'Cutie' is hungry you know? So let's go say 'Halo' to our first customers, shall we?" Aaron said putting his phone on his pocket and swinging his dear 'HaloCutie' on the air with a creepy smile on his face.

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