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Chapter 85: Again?

After finish filling up their stomach, the gang started talking about the competition and their usual chatter.

Aurora, Ian and Sabastian were talking about the competition and the matches Ian fought so far, also they were talking about Ian's future opponent on how to beat the guy up quickly and leave this damn boring competition as fast as possible.

Nyx and Ana were talking about web novels.

Lastly, Aaron and Erisviel were talking about tech-related stuff.

20 minutes later,

"Do you know where the ladies room is, Ian?" Erisviel asked Ian.

"Hmm, yeah I know." Ian replied.

"I also need to go too, so where is it? Tell us quick!" Aaron said putting down his tablet on the table.

"Then follow me, I also have to go. Anyone else wants to go the washroom?"

Sabastian, Ana and Aurora shook their heads and said no.

Finishing up the last sandwich quickly, Ian got up and told Aaron and Erisviel to follow him.

The toilets were on the other side of the venue from where the cafeteria is.

So it took them a few minutes to arrive there.

Ian pointing on the left hall said to Erisviel "The ladies room is on this hall at the end to the right"

Then turning to Aaron pointing at the right hall, Ian said.

"And you, come with me to this hall."


(5 minutes before Aaron, Ian and Erisviel left the cafeteria.)

13-15 people were looking at their boss, who was drinking and smoking staring at a picture.

One of the underlings asked their leader.

"Boss, who are we here to kidnap? And to need so many people for two people? You don't think it's too much, boss?" (Disposable mob number 1)

"Ai, what do ya know! The big boss gave me this job, it's very important ya hear." (Disposable leader) said in an angry tone, barking at his underlings.

"We are here to kidnap two kids, a cripple boy with a stick and his sister who always sticks with him. Boss said it's a very important mission." The leader said looking at the picture on his hand thoroughly like he is imprinting it into his memory.

Before coming here he lost the other picture of the girl.

He was having a good time with a couple of blondes, banging some b**ches.

When the big boss gave him this task and told him to do it today, as they figured out that they are going to this crap of a competition or something whatever.

"F**k!!! I was having such a good time, that Angelina girl was quite feisty today!! Haaaaisss!" He sighed thinking of the blonde b*tch.

"Boss look! The boy came out." One of the underlings said pointing at Aaron, Nyx and Ian.

'Hmm, I think its the same girl if she is with the cripple. s*it! If only I had not lost that picture. Since this girl is together, let's just grab the girl and the boy. (Disposable mob boss leader) thought.

"Oii! Get ready, follow them quick!" He quickly ordered his underlings.

Soon, they all arrived at the hallway to the washrooms.

"You, take some with you and grab that girl. And you lot! come with me to get the boy. The other s*it is wearing those fancy martial art whatever you call it, f*ck! He will put up a fight so come with me, just knock them out and don't hurt them much. Big boss said not to harm them much, it's okay to break some bones but don't kill them accidentally!" He said ordering his people around.

Three went to grab the girl in the ladies room and the rest went to grab the cripple in the men's room.


"Ian, are you okay? You seem kind of down." Aaron said looking at Ian.

"I guess so, I just miss someone. It's nothing don't mind me." Ian said giving a smile to Aaron.

Aaron didn't think too much of it, he was just looking down but not too much it seems.

Then suddenly, many people entered the men's room together?

Aaron frowned looking at them, they looked like local hoodlums.

He doesn't want to mess with any of them, so he is minding his own business.

But there's an eerie feeling on his heart.

Somehow these people ticked Aaron off!

He looked around the men's room from the mirror then finally, he understood the situation he and Ian were in.

His heart grew cold and started preparing for any possible ambush.

Ian also noticed it, so he turned to Aaron.

Seeing Ian turning to him, Aaron nodded and mouthed out 'get ready'.

Aaron can't do much, his body is already too weak.

He was about to notify Aurora, then suddenly everything went black.

When analysing the situation, Aaron made a mistake.

He didn't think one of them was already inside the men's room with them in the first place.

The person beside Aaron made the first move and knocked him out.


Suddenly Nyx stood up making noise at the table they were sitting at.

her face was pale as a sheet.

"What's wrong Nyx?" Said Sabastian looking concerned.

"F**k! Aaron is knocked out!!! Aaron and Ian, both of them were attacked in the men's room just now." Nyx said clenching his jaws.


"Hey! Who the f*ck are you guys!!!" Ian yelled, punching one of the hoodlums.

Seeing Aaron knocked out Ian completely lost it.

'I need to go get help and beat these sh**heads!' Ian thought in his mind.

Parrying some attacks and counter-attacking, kicking and punching some people, Ian wasn't doing too well.

The leader of these hoodlums is strong and Ian was in a very disadvantage position, fighting 10+ people alone.

'These ba**ards might not be strong but it's hard to fight them when all of them are attacking me together!'

He grabbed one of the hoodlums and broke the arm by twisting it.

"Aaaaarrrrhhh" the guy screamed in pain having his arm being twisted.

"F*ck!" Ian can't do it.

He knows who these guys are here for.

Aaron is from the prestigious Blood family. It's not a hard guess to figure out who they are here for.

He is trying hard, very hard but it feels like its futile to fight back.

He knows he wont to be able to beat them up and save Aaron.

'It's just like that day!' Ian thought of an unpleasant memory.

"Get the f*ck out of heeeeeeeere!!!" Ian screamed hoping someone will hear.

"HEEEEEEELP, SOMEONE! ANYOOOOOOONE!!!" He screamed as loud as he could just like that day.

'Dammit! Not again!!!' And just like that day, he was not strong enough. He still lost and wasn't able to save the people dear to him.

Ian punched and kicked as hard as he could.

He was bleeding from his nose, there was also a cut on his forehead near his left eyebrows.

Blood was trickling down from the cut.

His already bruised hands were numbed.

His abdomen, shoulder, arms and legs all of them hurting.

Ian was on the ground, they were kicking him all over his body.

Ian was trying to defend himself from all the kicks but his eyes never left Aaron.

He saw the leader of these b**tards carrying Aaron on his shoulders and leaving the men's room.

"Dammit!" Ian weakly muttered.

That was the last thing he saw before he lost consciousness.

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