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57.14% Our Lazy and Idiotic but Abnormal Life / Chapter 96: Haunted memories of their death.

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Chapter 96: Haunted memories of their death.


"I feel so tired!!" Aurora plopped down sitting beside Sabastian who was dozing off before he jolted awake and glared at Aurora.

It has been two days since they took over Trinity Crown.

Terry and his subordinates are doing everything they can to kill off the remnants of Ethan's faction and cutting off most of Trinity Crown members.

He was going around all over the city, making sure to spread the word that Trinity Crown has fallen.

Also, spreading the word that 'Ember' has taken over Trinity Crown.

Ember is the new underworld organisation under Nameless.

Aaron and the others have already approved of giving Terry, 'Ember' for management.

It would have been chaos if it weren't for Park Hae-young's help.

Park Hae-young was Hawthorne's, right-hand man in Trinity Crown. He knew everything there was for Trinity Crown. With his help, Terry only had to follow him around and grab hold of all the resources Trinity Crown had.

There were some skirmishes with few rival gangs but a couple of slaughter made them go silent and kept them at bay.

Park Hae-young had a talk with others, he was still wasn't in his right mind but they desperately needed his help.

Aurora revealed to Terry that Park Hae-young is his half brother and told everything about Hae-young to Terry.

She also saved Terry's mother and sister, used them against Hae-young to convince him not to do anything stupid and join Nameless temporary.

With the four of them having a serious family discussion.

Under a few conditions, Park Hae-young agreed to join Nameless temporary.

Hae-young will help Terry taking over Trinity Crown and teach him about management. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

Until Ember properly settles in, Hae-young will join Nameless as an advisor to Terry on a Temporary contract.

He also agreed to get help for his emotional and psychological issues.

With the two brothers working together although they were extremely busy, things were looking good for Ember.

It will still take some time to settle the unrest and chaos, but it will be manageable with Hae-young's help.

Aaron estimated it will probably take 8-9 months to fully take control of Star City,

"I don't wanna work!!!" Sabastian screamed.

"Shut up, you're making my ears bleed." Zulkernyn threw an apple at Sabastian.

"Where's Aaron?" Asked Aurora looking at Zulkernyn.

"Still torturing that b*stard." Replied Zulkernyn furrowing his brows.

He just came from the torture chamber.

Aaron was like a different person.

He had no emotions, the aura around him was also different.

The state of Hawthorne was a mess.

He had seen pretty creaky creepy stuff and was numbed to gore, tortures and everything.

But Aaron's torturing methods were pretty brutal and scary.

"I suppose, he is going a bit too far. Alright, I will go check up on him." Aurora wrinkles her brows in thought. Seeing the expression on Zulkernyn's face confirmed her thoughts.

Getting up from the sofa, Aurora mutters softly.

"I hope, he doesn't get affected by it too deeply."


"Ahhhhhhhhhhrrrrhbhhh" Ethan screamed in pain once more.

Patches of skin have been cut off neatly and we're placed in a tray on a table.

Ethan was strapped on a surgical table.

He was missing his ears, nose, an entire left arm, fingers on the right hand, toes, his sexual organ and skins from many places of his body.

Aaron was watching Ethan scream and begging for death.

Aaron hasn't even started touched his internal organs and Ethan is already crying for death?


Clicking his tongue Aaron started to cut off another patch of skin.

Just when he was about to cut, the door to the torture room was opened and a familiar voice called out to him.

"Aaron, let's just stop. Sabastian can do the rest."

Turning around Aaron saw his older twin sister.

"But he doesn't know what to do!"Aaron said in a disgruntled tone.

"he knows, so stop and come with me. Let's have a chat." Staring deeply at Aaron's light green eyes Aurora said.

"Later, sister. I'm currently busy as you can see, I'm trying to pry out all the information related to Death Parade." Aaron turned away from Aurora dismissing his sister to go back to torturing Hawthorn.

"I'm not asking, Aaron. Come, let's have a chat." Aurora said once more in all seriousness, concentrating a bit of her 'intent' on Aaron she waited for a response from her brother.

If he dismisses her once more, then she probably has to use force on her brother.

Aaron turning Around stared at Aurora for a few moments before he placed the blades on his hands at the table nearby and got up from the chair displaying his displeasure by making an irritated face.

"Then lead the way, sister." In a snarky tone, Aaron replied to Aurora.

Following behind Aurora, Aaron left the torture room.


"I believe you have gotten all the information he had, brother?" Aurora said sitting on a log.

They were near a waterfall in the forest.

The sky was clear tonight night, the stars were shining brightly.

A crescent moon was up in the sky, still, it was enough for the moon reflecting the sun's light illuminating the lands of the living.

It was such a beautiful and peaceful night.

The sound of nature in the forest was also peaceful and relaxing.

"So, little brother! Tell me, what do you feel? Now that you have seen what you have experienced and felt when you went through the same torture before your death in your past life?"

"Tell me, now that you have experienced the torturer side of perspective? What do you feel 'Ian Devon Ceres'?"

(A/N: And finally we got to know the true name of our MC. The soul of Aaron and Nyx.)

Hearing his sister, Aaron started trembling.

Remembering the time of torture before his death, tears formed in his eyes.

Those memories of being tortured still haunts him to this day.

Aaron's shaking hands clutched his hair, with a quivering voice full of pain Aaron replied to his sister.

"I can't get it out of my head. I just can't! I thought I could move on if I could understand what they might have felt. But no, it didn't help me find the closure I needed."

Aurora hugged Aaron from behind holding on to him tightly, trying to comfort him but she knows that she can't help him overcome his trauma.

"It's scary, Aurora! It hurts!!! This nightmare never ends, what can I do to make it stop? What do I do? I want it to stop! I relive it from time to time, it feels like I'm trapped in a time loop. I relive every sensation, every pain, everything! Over and over and over and over, like a never-ending nightmare!!!" Aaron screamed holding onto Aurora's hand as tightly as he could.

Aurora understands Aaron very well, as she is the same just like her brother.

She also just like Aaron hasn't gotten over her death.


"Nyx, do you want me to call Sabastian or Aurora?" Ana said embracing Nyx who was trembling and crying.

"No, please don't leave me alone. I don't want to be left alone." With a hoarse voice, Nyx softly said.

Nyx wrapped her arms around Ana.

Holding onto Ana tightly, she cried and whimpered.

"Don't leave me!"

"Okay." said Ana holding onto Nyx tightly.

Hyacinth_FS Hyacinth_FS

Here's the new chapter!

Have some idea about my story? Comment it and let me know.

If there are any mistakes? Please, make a comment on the comments section or make a paragraph comment and let me know

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[(3/6) Weekly chapters released.]

I wanted to pair Nyx with someone else, but I fell in love with Ana later when I was creating her.

How Stupid and Idiotic Nyx will be when in love is funny to read. Hahaha.

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