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Chapter 56: Hellish experience!

At school.

Currently, Aaron was sitting beside Aurora on their usual table at the cafeteria.

He was lightly bashing his head over and over on the table while graning and cursing under his breath.

Aurora beside Aaron was studying marketing on her tablet, she was ignoring Aaron's presence beside her.

Ian and Erisviel arrived and joined them on the table.

Ian seeing Aaron in a bad mood asked Aurora.

"What happened to him?"

Aurora looked at Ian then at her brother before she turned back to Ian and replied.

"Let's just say, he suffered a big blow to his masculinity." With an impassive expression, Aurora said to Ian.

Ian not understanding what Aurora meant shrugged his shoulders then sat down on his chair.

Erisviel also looking puzzled, took out her phone and sent a private DM to Aurora in Discordia.

Aurora raised her eyebrows in surprise! She looked at Erisviel giving a cheeky smile to her, she replied to her message.

Wicked Witch: What happened to Aaron? Is it something related to Nyx or is it your family?

Queen of Mist: Nyx is having her first 'Menses Period'. Because Nyx and Aaron share the same soul through their connection, Aaron is currently feeling exactly what Nyx is feeling. So in a sense, Aaron being a man is going through his first period. Hahahahaha Lmao xpxp

Reading what Aurora replied, Erisviel burst out laughing all of a sudden making Ian confused and puzzled.

He was thinking about why she started laughing out loud all of sudden, as there was nothing funny to see here and no one made any joke.

Seeing Erisviel, bursting out laughing Aurora too started laughing looking at Aaron.

Aaron watching the two girls laughing their ass off slammed both his hands on the table then said.

"It's not funny!!!" He said aloud guessing Aurora must have told Erisviel about his 'Hellish experience' that he is currently going through.

"Oh Aaron, you're a woman now!!!" Erisviel said giving a smirk to Aaron.

Hearing Erisviel, Aaron groaned and his face contorted in irritation and annoyance.

While the two girls were laughing their ass off looking at Aaron who was irritated by the girls. Ian was the only one on the table who was staring at the three in confusion.

Taking a deep breath, he sighed and shrugged off his shoulders.

"Bunch of Idiots!" Ian muttered under his breath.

"Sometimes, I really feel like I'm the only sane person in this group." Ian said staring at the three of them.

The three turned their head to Ian, each one of them with a different expression on their face said to him.

"Yeah, whatever you say Muscle brain" rolling her eyes Aurora said.

"Yeah, completely sane. I agree with you completely!" Erisviel said, thinking just before coming to the cafeteria. Ian beat the crap out of an entire class of seniors, just cause he wanted to show off his new martial art moves.

"Yeah, totally! Mad Dog!" Aaron said with an irritated expression.

Ian hearing their sarcastic replies rolled his eyes.

Suddenly, a handsome and beautiful boy with white hair tied into a bun. Wearing a white shirt and black jeans sat on their table.

The boy was very handsome and was exuding an ethereal presence.

Ian, Aurora and Erisviel frowned seeing the boy taking a seat on their table.

But Aaron was surprised seeing the boy.

Smiling, Aaron called out "You're finally here!"

"Yeah, was trying to find you but remembered that you said you always hang out in the cafeteria or at the basketball court behind the school." The boy said smiling.

Nodding Aaron looked at the others on the table and introduced the boy to them.

"Guys, meet my friend Sabastian. He is also Nyx's fiancé and the youngest son of the Heilige family." Aaron said introducing Sabastian to the others.

Ian and Erisviel were surprised hearing Aaron, that the angelic-looking boy in front of them is the one Nyx is engaged to.

Aurora figured as much after Aaron's reaction when he arrived.

After all, for days Aaron talked about Sabastian. Ever since he found out that Sabastian is one of his best friend from his previous life.

Aaron described him before to Aurora, so she figured it out after seeing the white hair, his pale beautiful face and his ocean-deep blue eyes.

"The name is Sabastian Franz Heilige. Nice to meet you all" Sabastian casually introduced himself.

"Nice to meet you, Sabastian. I'm Ian McCullum." Ian introduced himself.

Ian, he had a weird feeling meeting Sabastian. He doesn't know why but he wants to bash this pretty boy face, this guy has in front of him.

'damn! he is not just handsome but beautiful even!' Ian thought in his mind.

"Erisviel Le fay" Erisviel introduced herself before she activated all her 'Do not talk to me/Do not approach me/Do not breath the same air as me' barriers and guards up.

She is a friend to Aaron, Nyx, Aurora and Ian. Not this Sabastian guy.

She has accepted the gang and opened up to them. But her universal distrust towards others has not lessened a bit. If one wants to be her friend then they must earn her trust first, for her real friendship is hard to find in this world than any other things.

"Aurora Christina Blood. I heard many things about you, Sabastian." Aurora said introducing herself.

Sabastian stared at the three of them.

Ian was a bubbly social person, he was easy to talk to and can easily socialize with people.

Erisviel was a quiet person, the introvert person opposite of Ian, he can sense that Erisviel is trying to distance herself from him.

Aurora, she? Well, all he can say about Aurora is 'Once a ruler, always a ruler'.

The noble royal aura is hard to get rid off, the aura of dominance that everyone is beneath the one true ruler, a monarch is strong on Aurora.

They chatted and talked about themselves until the lunchtime was over.

Since today, someone new joined in their little gang. All of them decided to skip class today again.

They sneakily left the school premises to go to their clubhouse.


Luisa Schmidt.

The homeroom teacher just got notified by another teacher about two of her students skipping class once more.

She was extremely vexed thinking about it.

The two students in question were the Blood siblings, Aaron and Aurora Blood. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href="!_47798461340381853">!_47798461340381853</a> for visiting.

They both are excellent students along with Nyx Prince.

But they have a nasty habit of skipping class.

They are highly intelligent and smart students, she is extremely proud of them.

She felt like these three students are wasting their time in her class, and should be transferred to the Elite program of the school.

Thinking about it, she sighed.

She talked with them and also with their guardians, but they said they are not interested and the guardians said if the children decided not to join then they can't force them to join the elite program.

The children always perform with flying colours in their exams.

But their habit of skipping classes is the worst.

Ahhhhhhhh! So annoying, she holds her forehead with both hands thinking what to do with these two.

Deciding to give two weeks of detention to both of them for their punishment for skipping classes.

Luisa started thinking of all sorts of ways to get the two of them to enter the elite program of the school.

After all, if she can get them to the elite program, she will also be promoted and get a class in the elite program as well.

Hyacinth_FS Hyacinth_FS

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