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38.46% Our Lazy and Idiotic but Abnormal Life / Chapter 50: Sabastian's way of the sword.

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Chapter 50: Sabastian's way of the sword.

*Claaaang* *cliiiing* *cluuung*

The sound of metal clashing was resounding on the training room.

A young white-haired boy of 12-14 year old was sparring with a girl with long black hair, she looked to be around 15-17 year old.

Her black hair swaying every time she swung her sword.

It looked like the girl was losing, she was constantly defending and deflecting every strike the boy made.

The boy finding an opportunity to finish the battle swung his sword at the girl's left shoulder.

But suddenly, he felt danger! He was about to change the direction of his sword but was kicked on his left side.

Groaning in pain from the kicked that landed right below his ribs, he lost balanced.

The girl quickly deflected the sword to the side taking a couple of steps forward, she grabbed the wrist of the boy. Putting pressure in his wrist at one of the pressure points on the wrist, the boy hissed in pain and let go of the sword in his hand.

She then pulled his arm and kneed him on his stomach, then kicked him away with force.

The boy lost his balance and fell on to the floor.

"If you keep this up? you will never be the Saint, Basti." The girl said staring at the boy on the ground.

The boy looked up and saw the girl was staring at him with a frown on her face, obviously displeased by his fighting style.

He got up from the floor and gave a smile to the girl in front of him.

"Sister, you have your own path and I have mine. The path that I walk on, is different than the norms and the hardest one for anyone to walk on. I'm still learning and it's still early for you to say that." Sabastian said looking at his sister who snorted after hearing what he just said.

The girl looked at him with disdain then said.

"A sword without any intent is not a sword, Sabastian. Your sword will not be able to help you defeat your enemies."

"My sword only wish to protect, dear sister. Though it is a weird sword, that it even protects what it goes against. but you see the path that I have taken is a weird one, to begin with. My sword is a saint and it's pure. The only thought it has is to protect, not to kill." Sabastian said giving a smile to his older sister.

All of his siblings are talented in the way of the sword. They are much better than him but what he practices and his way of the sword differs from them.

He was just like them too but the path that he took now in his current life is different from the one he had taken in his previous life.

He wasn't able to protect his people that he held dear to his heart in his previous life.

The sword that he practices is the complete opposite of the one he used to practice in his previous life.

His current sword art was actually created by one of his dear friends.

She was different from all swordsmen and swordswomen. An eccentric swordswoman that never killed a single soul till her dying breath.

She shed blood but never killed, hell she even safeguarded her enemies with her sword and prevented them from killing themselves.

Yet, she was the fastest and strongest swordswoman in that world.

Even Gods admired her skills.

Sabastian heard everything from Nyx how their friend helped his kingdom from destruction alone by standing up against 10 millions of soldiers, a joint military forces of a few allied nations.

It was a Mythical feat.

Until her dying breath, she didn't kill a single soul.

All of them were wounded in the end, the only soul that departed that day was the soul of his dear friend.

The God of War witnessed the battle, he admired the girl with the unusual sword. He took her soul with him to paradise and gave a blessing of protection to the kingdom that she gave up her life for.

Sabastian, when he learned this from Nyx, lost himself to depression for a few days.

An incompetent king and friend he was. He not only wasn't able to protect his friends, actually drove one of his friends to death and failed his kingdom.

When he finally came out of it he was more determined to learn the swordsmanship of his dear friend.

He was already practising the sword art after reincarnating into this world, but after learning about his friend from Nyx, he was more determined to learn the way of the sword his friend once walked on.

He sighed, looking at his hands which were filled with callouses.

"I will be leaving today, sister." He gave a sad smile to his sister.

"When are you leaving?" She quickly looked at Sabastian and observed him, Staring at his brother's sad smile broke her heart.

She swiftly came in front of him, touched here and there to make sure he was not hurt from their spar.

She asked Sabastian, did he got any injuries while sparring?

Sabastian replied saying "No." to his sister's inquiries.

She asked once more staring deeply at his brother's ocean blue eyes.

"When are you leaving?" Her expression was sad, reluctant to let her dear younger brother leave.

All of the Heilige siblings loved this younger brother of theirs. He was unique and was always in his own world.

He always had a sad aura around him, only the people who spent some time with him can tell that he longed for something. But what it is something no one was able to tell, it was only after the recent visit of his fianceé that he changed a bit and had this lively aura around him.

All of them siblings thought that he was completely smitten by that young Prince heiress but no, they were completely wrong.

The girl was only a friend, not a girlfriend.

It was shocking at first but this younger brother of theirs said there was nothing between them. He even swore on their name! to convince them that there was nothing between Nyx and him.

But still, a friend that really shook him up to the point he wants to go and live his life like a normal kid now.

They were so proud of their younger brother that all the siblings cried tears of joy.

This younger brother of theirs is finally growing up.

Sabastian told his sister "The flight is in the afternoon. After lunch, I will leave for the airport."

"Promise me that you will take care of yourself? You can do anything you want but dont do anything stupid. You will call us every night, okay? You will send us updates on your daily life, what you eat, where you're going? Everything! You will tell us everything! Sabastian Franz Heilige!" The girl was nonstop chattering on things he needs to tell all of his siblings, it made his head throb in pain.

Sabastian said in his mind.

'Ahhhh! There she goes again!'

"Karoline Lumine Heilige! I get it okay! So stop, please! I beg of you, you are making my head hurt! Ahhhh!" Sabastian screamed in despair.

Karoline, seeing her younger brother like this gave an evil smirk, then she started another round of her barrage of words.

Sabastian who saw that smirk on his sister, felt cold sweat running down his back.

He turned around and bolted out of the training ground.

Seeing her younger brother escape from her clutches, she chased after him with a bright smile on her face.

Hyacinth_FS Hyacinth_FS

Here is the chapter!

Have some idea about my story? Comment it and let me know.

If there are any mistakes? Please make a comment on the comment section or make a paragraph comment and let me know.

Help me improve myself.

[(3/5) Weekly chapter released.]

50th Chapter!

I never thought I would have come so far.

Thank you, everyone, Who is reading Our Lazy and Idiotic but Abnormal Life.

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