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56.54% Our Lazy and Idiotic but Abnormal Life / Chapter 95: The downfall of Trinity Crown. ( Final)

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Chapter 95: The downfall of Trinity Crown. ( Final)

It's chaos!

Bullets flying everywhere.

Aurora, Sabastian and Zulkernyn were taking cover behind some thick pillars.

"How long, Aaron!!!" Aurora screamed in their telepathic channel.

Aurora, Zulkernyn and Sabastian killed and incapacitated people as much as possible.

It's a pipe dream to kill off hundreds of people with just the three of them.

Still, they were able to kill off ⅓ of the people inside the great hall.

"They are coming 5 minutes, Aurora! Hang on there for 5 minutes." Replied Aaron soon.

'5minutes, dammit!' Aurora cursed hearing Aaron.

It will take about 5 minutes, for Timothy and Terry to come.

Three out of four explosives has already been used to distract the people in the hall.

Julian and others are in the same situation as Aurora.

"I shouldn't have decided to walk the path of 'Absolute Sword'. F*ck! I wanna kill them." Sabastian complained beside Aurora.

"You're bleeding!" Aurora's eyes widened seeing Sabastian's bloody arm.

"It only just nicked me a little, a flesh wound. Nothing serious to be concern about." Sabastian told Aurora shaking his head.

"One last bomb left." Aurora told others through the communication device.

"Go for it, I'm ready!" Zulkernyn voice was heard from the communication device.

Getting ready for the last round before reinforcement comes, Aurora reloaded her guns before she gave the order to detonate the last bomb.

"Explosion!!!" Ana screamed while detonating the last bomb.


Once more the whole mansion shook but this time it was much worse than before.

When they finally relaxed thinking all the bombs exploded, a bigger and much more powerful explosion occurred.

It was like a high magnitude earthquake.

The whole Mansion shook some part of the mansion collapse too.

Aurora and others didn't waste any time, they jumped out from their hiding place once more and started killing people.


(Just before the explosion occurred.)

Ethan Hawthorne was scared to death for the first time in his life.


He has been hearing this name for weeks, now they have finally come for him.

But this isn't what he wanted.

How could they get any information about the meeting?

Most people here are low-rank members of Death Parade who are under him and the others will rather die than betray him.


'How? how? how? how? how? how?' Ethan kept on muttering this over and over.

There were only a few people of this 'Nameless' inside the great hall.

But all of them are strong! There over a hundred people here and they have already killed over half of them.



Ethan stumbled down on the grown.

The walls were cracking and collapsing, some parts of the ceiling broke down.

Ethan's ears were buzzing, he looked around and saw those bastards again came out of hiding and started slaughtering people.

He has already given up on reinforcements since they haven't arrived yet means all of them are dead.

He wants to flee but he can't, every time he tried to flee they come out of hiding and starts to shoot at him.

They focus on everything they have to not let him run away.

"Boss, come with me!" Ethan heard someone called out to him.

He turned around and saw Hae-young was calling him.

"What do you mean!!! How can we get out, you idiot!" Ethan scolded his filthy spawn.

The only reason he kept Hae-young alive is that he was a good caretaker.

He is good with numbers and nothing more.

"Boss, we can get out! Let's go boss." Park Hae-young once more said, pointing towards the big hole in the wall.

Seeing a way out from this hell hole, Ethan's eyes lit up.

He quickly got up and told some people to guard him.

Following Hae-young Ethan left the great hall.


"Aurora, he left!" Yelled Sabastian cutting off arms and legs of some people.

"Let him go, our reinforcements are here." Just as Aurora said this, Terry and his people entered the great hall and started cleaning up.

Aurora giving out a dazzling smile muttered out loud. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

"Its all yours brother."


Ethan was running towards the forest.

There's a river near the forest, some speed boats were docked in the river dock.

Suddenly a gunshot was heard.

Ethan turned around only to see, Hae-young killed one of his guards.

Seeing Hae-youngs betrayal, Ethan was enraged.

"You son of a b*tch! How dare you betray me, I'm your father!!!" Ethan yelled at Hae-young.

"So, now you acknowledge me as your son? Hah! I'm not your son, Ethan. I was only a puppet of yours, but not anymore. From this moment on, I'm free, so is my family and you are not my family." Hae-young said looking at Ethan with cold eyes.

He at least thought he would feel something, any sort of satisfaction maybe for finally being free from his clutches.

But no, all he feels is nothing.

The other guards were about to shoot Hae-young when more gunshots resounded on the area.

They all plopped down dead.

Ethan looked around and saw people in black clothes wearing masks of cartoon characters.

"We will take it from here, Hae-young. I believe you have met my sister before and have made a deal with her?"

Aaron emerged from the forest with people with guns surrounding him.

"Yes." Hae-young didn't say anything more.

Aaron nodded then pointed a gun towards Hae-young.

"Ah, yes, I forgot! Shoot then, please." Hae-young was surprised at first before he remembered his condition to help them.

Giving a slight smile, he asked once more.


"Very well then."


"Ughf!" Hae-young cried out in pain.

But soon he realized there was no blood.

Surprised! He looked at the young boy before him.

"What is, what wha-" he was about to say something but everything went black.

"You need help, Hae-young. Death is not an answer to your pain and suffering." Aaron said before he turned to Ethan.

Ethan was shocked to see the Blood heir here.

"You-you who are you?" Ethan questioned Aaron.

"You b*stard! You're the one behind all of this? Does the Blood family approve of this?" Ethan roared in fury.

"Hey-hey, calm down, will you? I'm acting on my own and no, the Blood's didn't approve of this because they don't know about this. Let me introduce myself formally."

"My name is Aaron Christopher Blood, also known as 'Viper'. I'm the fifth, one of the leaders of 'Nameless'. Nice to meet you, Mr Hawthorne."

Giving a smile full of friendliness Aaron introduced himself.

"You-what!!! You-you-you-"


"I will torture you personally, later. So sleep comfortably for the last time. Because later, you won't be sleeping in comfort but despair, Ethan."

"Wait! I don't tho k you will be able to sleep later, now that I think about it. Haha, either way, you're f**ked!"

Smiling, Aaron whispered near Ethan's ear.

Turning around, Aaron said.

"Let's finish up, quick! We have lots of work to do from now on."


"Ugh! My whole body hurts." Sabastian complained sitting on the ground.

Everyone other than Ethan and Timothy was here.

"Owwww! Ana!!!" Feeling a sharp pain Sabastian complained.

"You got yourzelf 'urt! Idiot, zhut up and let me 'elp you." Looking at the complaining Sabastian, Ana coldly said.

"So, everything is fine. The mission is a success, so let's celebraaaaooo-" Suddenly, Aaron plopped down on the ground unconscious.

"..." Sabastian.

"..." Zulkernyn.

"..." Ana.

"..." Erisviel.

"The f*ck, Aurora!!!" Nyx.

"You told me to knock you out when we finish up, so I did." Aurora shrugged her shoulders replying to Nyx.

"..." Nyx.

"..." Everyone else.

Hyacinth_FS Hyacinth_FS

So this was the last of the action-packed chapters.

It will take a long time to before we will get more Nameless activities.

Now that the long arc Trinity Crown ended.

We will finally focus on our main characters daily life and their love life.

Soon Aaron's love interest and Nyx's dramatic love life, as well as Aurora's major change and love life, will be started.

Aaron's love interest will be revealed soon.

[(2/6) weekly chapters released.]

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