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100% Our Only Hope / Chapter 13: The Strategy

The Strategy - Our Only Hope - Chapter 13 by Lexie_Deanne full book limited free

Chapter 13: The Strategy

3rd person POV...

Nadia and Ethan were now officially out of breath for they had used up all of their energy in their previous training. Ethan looked at the time and it was 9:00 pm. "Dang it's nine already come on let's go inside and find something to eat before it gets too late," Ethan stated as he motioned for Nadia to follow him inside. Nadia followed right behind him for she was starving considering she had skipped out on lunch.

As they both made their way to the kitchen Ethan began to get the ingredients to make a sandwich before Nadia asked what their next strategy was. "Oh, right I haven't told you have I" Ethan stated. "Told me what?...wait you have a plan already?" Nadia asked surprised.

"Of course I have a plan, we've been training intensely for almost a month now...what did you think we would just wing it?" He asked childishly as he passed her a sandwich. "Ok ok just tell me the plan already," Nadia stated as she took a bite out of her sandwich.

"Well, this plan isn't full proof since we know nothing about our enemies so we kind of have to guesstimate. Which already brings us to a disadvantage. And assuming Lilith isn't working alone it's going to be just us two versus who knows how many people." Ethan explained as he too took a bite out of his sandwich.

"Ok so then what do we do?" Nadia asked. " "Well for starters we are gonna use my dad's cabin by the lake to draw their attention away from my family. The last thing I need is for them to be in danger. So we'll be leaving the day after tomorrow so that we can spend our time training near the lake" Ethan stated with confidence.

" far is this cabin?" Nadia asked slightly confused. "It's about 30 minutes away it's far enough to wear my family won't get caught in the crossfire but close enough to wear if they need me I can fly back in less than 10 minutes. I don't usually like to fly in broad daylight cause it can bring unwanted attention and fly at the speed I use can be dangerous to humans so I try not to unless absolutely necessary." Ethan explained.

" that way you only fly with kai in the house instead of outside?" Nadia asked. "Exactly that's also why I didn't fly my mom to the hospital cause I could've not only killed the baby but also put her life in greater danger; when we fly with humans our energy could collide with their natural energy which is their life force so the more energy you use the more energy will collide with their life force. Which is why its okay for me to fly around the house with kai because its as easy as picking up a pencil for me meaning it hardly requires the bare minimum of energy" Ethan explained.

"oh ok," Nadia mumbled as she thought about how fragile humans really are."Anyway back to the plan, Lilith is most likely going to be the leader of the operation but I don't think she's in charge considering shes only 18 and most likely inexperienced so I think someone else is pulling the strings from behind the scenes so they probably aren't going to participate in the battle unless they have to or else they would've already made a move long before you could defend yourself so I'm thinking attacking you is Liliths idea but their has to be someone manipulating her desire to kill you and use that desire for their advantage.

Meaning for right now it's just gonna be Lilith, her right-hand man, and a bunch of axellion soldiers. If I'm right about this then they will draw the attention of the U.S. Military to get as many humans involved as possible since they will most likely assume that we will try and save as many humans as possible but it that happens, you let the army deal with the axellion soldiers, under no circumstances will you help the army, the axellions are going to get all of their information from the detailed prophecy that their witch gave them so we want to do the opposite of what we usually do to throw them off. Ethan explained.

"Wait how am I not supposed to help arent we here to protect this world, the army will be ripped apart and you mean to tell me I can't help prevent unnecessary casualties even if its instinctive?" Nadia asked before she was cut off.

"No...Nadia listens to me the axellion soldier's aren't as strong as Lilith and whoever they chose as her right-hand man. Yes, they are strong but they don't use long distance machinery force when it comes to battling, axellions rely more on their natural ability then heavy machinery that humans use, which automatically puts them at a disadvantage, when it comes to the U.S. army. So let them handle the axellion soldiers your focus is your sister who is gonna come at you with everything she has so don't you dare hesitate. She may be your biological sister but she doesn't care about you. And she sure as hell won't hesitate to kill you." Ethan explained harshly as he looked Nadia in the eyes.

Nadia nodded in response. Ethan then continued, " Now I'll have your back if you need me but I'll most likely be battling her right-hand man this all seems pretty hard for her to operate single handedly which is why I'm making the assumption that she has a right hand man But if not ill either help you or try to take down the operation from the inside. Your strong don't forget that, and you still have 2 powers that you have yet to unlock so don't worry you've got this." He explained confidently.

"Now on the day of the invasion my dad's not going to work so, my mom, and Kai are going in our basement along with my dad until this whole thing is over," Ethan stated. "Ok...but how long is this invasion gonna last anyway," Nadia asked curiously.

"Honestly I have no clue if anything goes wrong it can end up in a full-blown war, which is why we have to try and take down Lilith and her right-hand man immediately so that we can go up against their boss" Ethan explained.

"Ok, but what if their boss is the same guy who caused the destruction of our planet what then...if my mom and dad couldn't beat them what shot do we have?" Nadia stated worriedly.

"Nadia you and I are far stronger than the King and Queen of Ashron were when they went up against the Axellions. Plus I might be a protege, but so are you. I've known about my powers since I was young, you've known about them for only 2 months and you're already almost as strong as me." Ethan stated genuinely.

Nadia now with a soft smile asked: "Ok so once we bring down my sister and her supposedly right-hand man what do we do about their boss?" Nadia asked innocently. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

"Simple...we kill him," Ethan stated as if it was nothing as he finished eating his sandwich bringing chills up Nadia's spine as she looked down at the floor. Ethan noticing she was taken back by his response sighed and walked over to her as he gently cupped her jaw causing her eyes to meet his.

"You don't have to do any of the dirty work I will, so don't worry about it ok. Just focus on stopping your sister from destroying this planet." Ethan stated gently.

Nadia recovered her smile and thanked Ethan once again. Ethan smiled and walked over to put their dishes in the sink and began washing them.

"Oh and one more thing" he started causing Nadia to look at his back for he didn't turn around to speak to her "you and I also have an advantage. Since we're raised on earth and are used to the gravity and temperature on this planet we can fly but they won't be able to, not unless they are either proteges or have a power that allows them to, but the likelihood of them being proteges is like 5% considering how rare it is. So that benefits us by a lot." Ethan explained confidently as he put the dishes to dry.

He then walked over to the living room and told Nadia that he would be right back. Nadia watched for she was slightly confused, it wasn't until Ethan walked over to the sofa and picked up his sleeping 5-year-old brother that she realized what he was doing. Kai had once again fallen asleep on the sofa next to his mom's room as a way of protecting her.

So Ethan was carrying him to his room so that he could be more comfortable. Nadia looked at the time and saw that it was already 10:00 pm but wasn't quite tired yet. As Ethan walked out of Kai's room and closed the door he went back downstairs and asked Nadia if she wanted to watch a movie before they went to bed.

She of course said yes and they went into Ethan's room to watch one of her favorite movies (17 again). She walked into Ethan's room and they both laid in his bed as they began the movie like they did almost every other day since they started dating last week when Ethan asked her out by creating a picnic on his rooftop after she told him that she always wanted to do what normal people do like go on a picnic or a midnight stroll.

So here they were cuddling together on Ethan's bed while watching her favorite movie for about the 4th time. About halfway through the movie, Nadia had fallen asleep so Ethan kissed her on her forehead and slowly got out of the bed.

He covered her in his bedsheets turned off the tv and quietly walked out of his room. He then gently closed the door and slept in the guest room next door. Ever since they got back from the hospital Ethans mother Isabelle offered Nadia to stay in their guest room after Ethan told her that Nadia lives in a small crappy apartment.

Of course, Nadia didn't want to bother them at first but eventually, she said yes, she goes to her apartment from time to time but she spends most of her time at Ethan's place considering that they had such an uplifting environment.

Nadia loved being around Ethan and his family because even though she only knew them for 2 months to her it felt like she knew them all her life.

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