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87.5% Overpowered shapeshifter traveling through existence / Chapter 6: Quick first day, New transformation, ROR, and Practicing powers

Quick first day, New transformation, ROR, and Practicing powers - Overpowered shapeshifter traveling through existence - Chapter 6 by GenderbentMerlin full book limited free

Chapter 6: Quick first day, New transformation, ROR, and Practicing powers

3rd POV

It was the next day and the sun was shining, currently Morana was in the Great hall eating breakfast made by Poppy, as she ended up finding that there was a loyalty potion in her food, which she knew came from Dumbledore after some investigation, currently she was thinking about who to transform into next, as while she doesn't need knew power, she isn't dumb enough to be okay with her current level, Morana thought 'The next transformation needs to be one having experience in leading, because while I don't plan on being a king it will be helpful, there's only a few people I can think would work, Number one would be Artoria Pendragon from Fate, who can allow me to use swords as that is apart of her memories. The Second one would be Gilgamesh, but that wouldn't be a good use of the transformation as his gate of Babylon is much to strong to simply skip out on. The third would be Doctor DOOM, arguably the scariest of these three due to his intellect and overall leadership skills, while he does have other skills besides his mind they aren't as powerful as others in his field' After thinking for a while Morana Decided and thought 'I'll go with Doctor Doom, his intellect makes him one of the smartest in comics, his memories on things such as technology among other things will be incredibly helpful in the future, I'll have to transform into him when I eventually find the ROR (room of requirements)'

The breakfast was rather quiet due to the entire student body staring at Morana eating, which she found incredibly irritating, after eating for a little over 20 minutes Snape finally walked up to her, he handed her, her class schedules which was the same as everyone else's for Slytherin, she looked down at her paper and saw she was put into divination, which she most definitely didn't sign up for, so with little restraint she looked into Dumbledore's eyes and dug through his head, and ended up finding out that he had changed her class so that he could monitor her more, and Charles bugged him to do it. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

Seeing this she simply nodded and walked off, into the library and read for the remainder of breakfast, after reading for another 25 minutes or so.



It was lunch and she decided that she would got to the ROR now, as she needs to transform to get that Doom's intelligence and memories, she also decided to stay there and practice her abilities as that's the only place that she can't be monitored at, after walking for a while she had eventually gotten to the 7th (it was on the 7th floor right) and found where it was located, and immediately a door had appeared for her, as she was made the Mistress of Hogwarts after the will of Hogwarts decided that Dumbledore wasn't worthy of it anymore, this caused some problems for Dumbledore, such as the fact that he can't use the wards, among other things.

Walking in the door immediately closed behind her, she then looked around and saw she was in a large training room, that seems to be reinforced for her, walking around she eventually found a large rock in the far middle of the room and realized this was the ward stone that powers the whole of Hogwarts wards, seeing this she walked up to the Stone and put her hand on it and inserted a large amount of magic into it, which then connected the wards to her, and using her magic she instantly repaired the wards to there old levels, now at this level they wouldn't be broken anyone less then the four founders, which means the Voldemort and Dumbledore won't be able to break them no matter how hard they try.

After that she finally decided to transform into Doom, and she did and felt a bit different, more arrogant and overall kind of uncomfortable, she quickly chose his intelligence which also gives her his memories, after that she transformed back and allowed the memories to flow into her. To say the Doom was a genius was an understatement of the century, the man was a monster, and if he wasn't so arrogant and damaged then he would make Reed Richards look like a child, his IQ was around 75 higher than that of Reeds, which makes him the smartest person on Earth, and potentially even the Universe, feeling the memories flow in, and admitted that if she wasn't gay then Doom would have been the perfect man for her.

Getting out of her thoughts about the things she has just gained she got up from the ground that she sitting on and started practicing, the first thing she practiced was Void God Azathoth, she decided to try out the soul consumption, she used this on the piece of Voldemort's soul in the Ravenclaw Diadem, it works and instantly happens, she can instinctively feel herself gain more "Soul Power" and more memories from Voldemort, the next thing she does is practice her Regeneration from Wolverine which was easy to practice, the last thing she ended up practicing was Boundary manipulation from Yukari Yakumo, this ability was a pain to practice and was hard to manage at first, but eventually she managed to make a portal the same way that Yakumo had, by manipulating the borders in space and making a chasm, then having the object she wants fall into the chasm and then to her, the item she ended up summoning took a lot of thinking but she ended up summoning a CYOA essence, this can give her a number of bonuses and strengths, the Essence was the Essence of the archmage, which makes pretty much all versions of magic easy for her to do, this also gives her infinite magic and any other energies she eventually gains access to, this also gives her the abilities to teach any system of magic, and even manipulate and combine different systems of magic.

The wards that are powered by her magic immediately increased in power and now was completely unbreakable by anyone other than Morana, this would be good thing for Morana as she plans to eventually get the Essence of the home and turn Hogwarts into a massive home.

Finally it was time for the next class and the rest of the day went by quickly, well...that was until it came to the Divination class, Morana knowing what her next class was walked the opposite way all the Slytherins were walking, and Hadrian seeing one of his House members wasn't going immediately told the teacher, who then went to look for the missing student, with the students trailing behind snickering, Charles on the other hand was annoyed that "his" woman tried to skip class, and decided he would try to teach her a lesson.

Morana seeing all the idiots following her just decided to go back to her room, the teacher Professor Sybill Patricia Trelawney decided to go and tell the headmaster, while the different students were waiting for her to come out, Morana seeing this was irritated about the fact that they're all following her over something so small, and there she decides that Hadrian who was previously gonna live is now going to be killed by her hand.

Dumbledore and Snape eventually got there and went into the dorm with the students behind them, and they both allowed it, as they think that humiliating her like this will put her down a notch, while Lily who was there for a meeting with McGonagall about her sons behavior just looked worried for the young child before it was changed to a look of annoyance.

Walking over to her bedroom both Dumbledore and Snape attempt to just walk in but failed, they then knocked and Morana answered and asked "What do you want?"


"You will call me Ms Pendragon"

sighing Dumbledore says "Ms Pendragon why didn't you go to class?"

"Because it wasn't the class you and I agreed on, I signed up for Runes not Divination, and while I don't mind Divination I'm not going to go just for you to one spy on me and two have an overweight, Arrogant idiot ogle me the entire time." and with that Morana slams the door on there face and has Lady Hogwarts push them back outside the common room along with the non Slytherin students.


And done, I know this was a bit short but I didn't really know how to end it, and my arm is killing me.

(Word count is 1448)

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