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Chapter 3: Episode 1: Calamity!

The smarties took to themselves to protect their life. They hid underground in their self- sustaining bunkers. The sons of rich men who had made apocalypse bunker for themselves took residence there. They also invited their besties to the party.

While others did what they used to do most. Work, eat, party, and sleep. They believed in the words of World United Governments and the newscasters.

Sadly for some the world United World Government conclusion was right. The Meteoroids disintegrated before they reached the land. Many who wanted an apocalypse to start couldn't believe that the meteoroids really did disintegrate.

The peoples laughed at the idiots who had to hide themselves under the bunker after  cancelling all their meetings. They were labeled as cowards. They got called out as pussies and scared cats.

The World United government kept its face. Not only that‚ its reputation also increased in the world. It gained more power in politics. Even though, it already held immense power.

Though‚ the unfortunate event happened some days later.

Many meteoroids, big and small, appeared out of nowhere in the atmosphere of Earth. They had appeared undetected by the advanced technology of the modern era and the space Hubble telescopes. They appeared right above the surface of the EARTH and induced darkness all over the world.

They gave humanity no chance to reply!

Large and small meteoroids covered the skies. They obstructed the ray of lights emitting out of the Sun. The skies darkened as if telling humanity that nothing could be done to stop this Calamity.


The meteoroids, big and small crashed into the surface of the world. The land shattered.

Most human inhabitant cities came directly under the assault of the huge and small stones that descended from outer space.

Sky-scraping building shattered plummeting nearby small and large houses. It caused a domino effect. The nearby building started crashing into one another which mass-produced destruction. Many lives we're butchered inside populated cities. Many died, be it humans, their pets, street rats, or insects.

Some buildings along with their residences were annihilated due to the meteoroids landing on top of them.

Millions of lives were reaped in a single moment under the merciless judgment of devastation.

The destruction caused the so-called modern era in multiple cities to end in all its entirety!

Working of fate or basically a hidden mastermind. A superior race of aliens... Dominator of the star or an evil God. No mortal knew who it was. They didn't know why such existence will suddenly destroy devastate their beloved Earth.

Maybe it was a single being. A being that sends the order of a peaceful world into disorder or basically garbage disposal.  

No one knew because they were ineligible to obtain such knowledge. Or simply considered unworthy by that existence. Or the group of beings who caused all this.

For such beings maybe all mortal lives are meaningless and non-existence.

Those still alive only had one thought 'who was it and why did this happen. But such thoughts slipped out of their mind as they ran for dear lives. They were being chased by murderous stalkers!


2 minutes after the Apocalypse!

Two young children, one boy and the other a girl were buried beneath the warm embrace of their mother. They caressed and hug their mother body while hysterically crying.

They kept on shouting out "Mom".

Their mother had sacrificed her life to protect them from the jaws of death. She bore the frontal brunt of shattered rocks falling down from a broken building.

Many dead bodies, broken buildings, and shattered rocks both from the meteorite and Earth land lay scattered..... here and there.

The cries of the children resonated in this corpse-filled desolate area.

The mother of the children opened her eyes. Almost as if God has heard the cries of the two children. It caused a smile to appear on both the children's faces. They hugged their mother tightly. They did not want to let go of her. Not even for a single second. They shared their bodily warmth – for this was the only sense of comfort for them. Especially, after suffering a cruel fate and almost puking their heart out. The children were deeply terrified by the sudden explosion.

Sadly, the kids didn't look into their mother eyes. Her eyes contained no warmth. They only pure madness and hunger. She opened her mouth wide and took a huge bite of the boy. Since he was the closest to her mouth. She ripped out a huge meat chunk from the head of her son. Enough to expose his brain to the wind.

"Ahhhhhhhhh..." the boy shrieked out. He violently squirmed in pain as his blood splashed on his sister's face.

His sister's eyes opened wide in disgust. She harshly pushed her unrecognizable mother and escaped her embrace. Sadly, the boy had no power to resist the monster. He was still held within the embrace of the monster.

The poor kid that had escaped the embrace of the monster trembled, both due to horror and disgust. She saw something that made her go crazy.

A tear dripped down her face and snot run down her nose.

She covered her mouth with both of her hands. As she clearly saw how her mother tore apart the cheeks of her only brother. Her poor brother was shouting in pain and struggling to escape.

Sadly, The mother... No! The monster ate the boy flesh bite by bite‚ piece by piece‚ from his head to his heart. Sh ate the boy as if her son was the greatest delicacy to ever be presented before her.

The monster turned towards her daughter after earing her son. She began staggering towards her.

The young girl couldn't stay here. She did not want to be eaten. She started running madly through the devasted land with ground ablaze and mountain-shaped rubles. The girl ran crazily. She didn't know how many dead bodies she stepped upon during her march. Many dead bodies lay littered across the city roads.

Thankfully‚ she didn't turn to look back or else she would have seen dead bodies rising up from the ground. The dead bodies slowly began to walk while making a grunting noise.

The young girl ran for a long time and finally stopped as she was out of breath. She coughing out loud and puked out whatever was left in her guts. The traumatizing scene of her mother eating her younger brother played within her mind. It haunted her soul and consciousness.

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The little girl broke down and cried for a long time. But she didn't know that her fate will be tied with a weird man.

A man whose soul retransmigrated back to Earth from a magical star clusters. The man will take her on a grand adventure. A ride through hell and heaven. In the end, she will find happiness and comfort in this deadly world.

The young girl didn't notice the danger approaching her. For she was crying her heart out. The undead‚ cannibals or to put in better words "zombies" from nearby locations crept toward her while producing rising sound.

The girl was unaware that a zombie was right behind her.

The zombie opened up his mouth to take a bite of her flesh and devour her alive.

"Bang" The zombie head blasted into smithereens. The loud voice of a gun being fired attracted the attention of the girl and pulled her out from her endless grief.

She looked up and saw a military jeep in front of her.

A man stepped out of the jeep‚ and looked towards her...and said "Stella"

Tears dripping down her face even faster. The man was her father.

She ran towards him and he took her in his embrace.

"Sob* Sob* Father mother and little brother... They...They...Sob* Sob*"

The man heard the sound of his daughter crying and understood what happened to his wife and son!

As the monster, he just shoots to death was none other than his wife.

The man knew he had no time to waste as he saw the zombie hissing and coming towards them. He turned around ready to leave this place.

He along with his daughter went inside the jeep. He drove it out of the dead infected city. The city which will be called the mystic dome of the undead in the future.


The calamity didn't arrive alone. It was accompanied by a hidden danger!

The devastation had ended hundred of millions of life instantly. But it also caused the body buried under the land‚ the dead bodies scattered on the land to rise up. The dead limped their bodies ahead. They could be called demons for their joints are broken and their bones stocked out of their skin.

The dead started walking the land of the living. Not only that, the devastation had started to mutate the animals and plants. They were mutating slowly but steadily for sure.

The nature of Earth started changing to the law of the jungle. A Nature never experienced  by the people of the new generation.

Only the strong were capable enough to survive in this cruel world. They began killing zombies and fleeing towards a safe haven!


Three minutes ago. Right when Meteoroid was crashing into the world!

Some small and large meteoroids, ranging from 3 meters to more than 400 meters, hurled towards an extremely large city called Muffin city.

Most of the sky-reaching buildings were blasted. The walls plunged on top of other nearby buildings. It caused more destruction and annihilation and undead started rising in Muffin city!

A small meteoroid that arrived late was falling down from the skies. It was going to hit and smash a good looking house. The house was located on the outskirts of Muffin city.


The small meteor split into two pieces as if it was a butter and a hot knife had passed through it.

A clean-cut separated the meteoroid into two pieces. The meteoroid split into two right from the middle. The two pieces of the meteor fell on the left and right side of the house entrance. The collision shook the ground.

A person wearing a black tuxedo fell down from the skies. His hair waved with the wind. He twisting his body in midair and stunned around. He stood firmly right in front of the house door.

He opened the door and entered the house.

The house belonged to his master, an extremely eccentric being!

A person had been sleeping upon his soft cushiony bed while the world was suffering from devastation due to the meteoroid crashing into multiple cities. He didn't know that undead had started rising from the ground.

He lazily opened his eyes and looked toward his first trustworthy companion --- the housemaid Chandni.

"Why was the house trembling? Was there an Earthquake going on?" he asked. He slightly changed his sleeping position from stomach upside to his stomach right side.

"Master don't need to worry about it. The trembling has already stopped." said the maid.

 A symbol of a moon was drawn on the middle part of her body. It opened up after the steel plates moved vertically.

A hot cup of tea was stored within. A soft yet banana type aroma came out from the hot tea. The robotic maid served it to her master. Her master is also called Feng Mei. Her master was more than 300 pounds of fats. Basically around 150 kilograms.

Feng Mei took the tea out of her hand. He turned on melodic music and happily drank his morning tea. He had been drinking this tea. It had become a habit ever since that day. That day when he drank this tea for the very first time. The tea was served to him by a servant called 'Fu bai'. He realized that this tea was meant to be his. Almost as if the tea was his soulmate.

The tea has a mellow taste. It is soft on the tongue. Its texture is something between a marshmallow and a jelly. While its aftertaste feels more like a custard.

Feng Mei still regrets the fact that he missed drinking the tea the very first time it was served to him.

Feng Mei shook his head to forget about the past. He had decided three years ago that he will not be reminding himself of those times. As the memory of the past only caused him pain. Pain due to the frustration of not starting a harem and safeguarding his virginity for his wife.

But habits die hard. His habit of drinking tea undermines his suffering of not starting a harem!

He couldn't help but try whatever he can to recreate the Buna Tea which he loved to drink in Eastern immortals Western Gids star cluster.

It took a lot of effort. Many tests and trials. Bue finally managed to make out partially the same taste of tea that he once used to drink.

The main ingredient used were sour pineapple juice mixed with Queen's bee honey‚ thirteen herbs found in the Arabian desert and banana.

He savored every sip of the drink for this was the last time he will be drinking this tea. After all, the last batch ingredient needed to make this tea had been used. He will have to order another batch of ingredients this week.

That is so much work and Feng Mei hates working.

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