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100% Overseer's Asylum / Chapter 10: The Hive

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Chapter 10: The Hive

And then we were off to the 49th floor. As the elevator door opened, we started to walk through a corridor for a while and then we came across a stair.

We didn't know anything about this floor, So, We stood near the stair cautiously.

And then Suddenly our HGs beeped and the Overseer said," I forgot to tell you about this floor, It is known as The Hive. The floors which are connected with it are 49th, 48th, 47th and 46th floors. As you can see the walls of the hive looks exactly like that of a bee hive, some of each columns of the hive contains a creature of mine. You can say this is their nest, And these stairs that you see will lead you through the 3 Labyrinths that I have created for you all. And the Doctors did as they planned but some died due to the test subjects killing them brutally even without thinking... I have to say that was nice of you to dispose of them. You all didn't even think how did they have a meeting in the 50th floor, did you ? Anyway now it is useless to think about because you are about to meet your demise. I have to tell you at least that there was a secret door in the safe room which looked like a wall which had a handle but you weren't interested, So, you moved on ahead... Then... Bye ! ".

Then the Overseer just beeped off. We were all surprised to hear that there was a snarl on the 50th floor but he never told us about it till now. We went ahead down the stairs.

Diana looked at Andrew to see is he was alright and then saw that that he was terrified after what what had happened and now that that he is alright makes it more terrifying.

Diana whispered to Andrew and asked," Are you all alright, you don't look well... ? ", Andrew immediately looked at Diana and held on to her shoulders and shouted saying," Do I look the same because that guy injected something into me and I recovered from the previous wounds that he had caused me ".

Diana was shocked and also knew that it true because she saw the doctor, Vector did break Andrew's arm Infront of her while she was tied up in the bed. That was when I realised that Vector had taken a blood sample of fine and told he was going to test it on one of our friends. And then I looked at Andrew top to bottom and then saw that he was alright.

I whispered and told to Andrew," Are you alright, The Doctor injected you with my blood because I was him take it from me and told he would be testing on one of you and I didn't... ", As I was telling Andrew was pissed and frightened, So, He held both his hands on my throat and choked me and then shouted and said," You don't know what it is to be hurt ! ".

I didn't try to break but instead I started to cry because I knew it was the wrong time I told this to him. Then he looked at him and saw tears coming out of my eyes and then he started to calm down and then he left hold of my neck and said," Sorry... I... I didn't mean to do that it was just that I couldn't take this anymore ".

Then Diana came towards Andrew and me and then slapped Andrew and said," You know what you said to her is wrong and still you did it ".

Andrew accepted the slap and said," I didn't mean to either say it, it was because I was frightened and don't believe that I am still alright ".

I was still weeping and said," I think the doctor might have put the virus along with my blood and then injected into you because I don't understand how does my blood even heal up anyone ".

Then Benjamin came over to us. He then asked me," Wait ! Why did he take your blood in the first place ? ".

I replied to Benjamin," He took my blood because he said that I was immune to the virus and I was one of the ones who was infected and there is no one else who is infected with the virus in our group, The other one was Xavier like you all know ".

Then James and Rebecca who were ahead of us stopped and turned towards us. Then James said," Now that we know the others aren't infected you all can now calm down and focus on get out of this place. To be Honest... I am afraid too... ", He told that in a lower voice because he was ashamed.

Rebecca smiled at James and said," If I say how I feel I would still say I am not afraid and it is because you are with me and I know you will do it in the right way ".

James looked back at Rebecca and gave a small smile then told," I wish it is true, Now we can't be thinking about that since the 49th floor is just a stairway to the 48th floor it could have something in store for us ", He told that while he took out his pistol from his pocket, And it all began to get serious, We all wanted to stay strong but it was already so terrifying because it was so silent that if we howled we might hear it echoing around.

And then we finally reached the 48th floor through stairs and it was a Labyrinth and It was silent. As we slowly went on the maze we could hear our own footsteps, it felt like the maze was a regular maze.

Suddenly as we went on ahead James stepped on on something. It triggered something and the maze started to move in its shape. We didn't seem to shake up about and went on ahead and we saw a small girl who was bleeding from her forehead and was unconscious on the floor.

We went up close to the girl and tried to wake her up and she woke up and then James told us to move aside then pointed the gun towards the girl and asked the girl," What happened and Why were you in here ? ".

The girl was scared after seeing the gun being pointed at her and immediately answered," I don't remember what happened! ", After James asked the question.

James then put his gun down after seeing that she was afraid of it, as he was convinced the girl was not one the Overseer's experimental creatures. He goes up to the girl and then kneels down Infront of her and looked into her eyes when she cried and then started to wipe the tears of her eyes and then said with a smile," I am really sorry... I was just trying to confirm upon my instinct and now I am clear of it, I did want to do that it is just because we are here but I promise you I will make it up to you ", and then he held onto her hands.

After that moment, we knew he cared for all of us too. Then James asked the girl," What is your name and what is your age ? ".

The girl replied," My name is Lara and I am 11 years old but I don't know how did I get in here ? I only remember that I was my friends in the park and then here ".

James told to Lara," It is Okay ! we all have been trapped like the same way you have been but don't you worry we will get out of here and take you back home ".

And Lara was in the group along with us. She walked alongside Allan. After Lara noticed Allan smiling at her she smiled back at him and then they looked forward and moved on.

As they went on ahead Lara and Allan started to get along with each other while they did they both so saw a route that the others didn't look for because they went straight.

Lara asked," Why don't we go this way, just see what it is ? ".

Allan agreed with Lara with a nod and then they both left the others to explore the other route. Allan was really scared but had to hold on because Lara wasn't afraid to move on ahead. Lara was ahead of Allan and took the lead.

Allan stopped and said," We should leave and get back with the others ".

Lara looked back and saw Allan holding a gun at her. Lara asked," What are you doing ? ".

Allan said," We shouldn't stay here any longer ".

Lara said," I just wanted to spent some time with you alone, You could have told no before itself ", and then she put her head down in depression.

Allan calmed down and said," I... I am sorry, I just met you and I know we can get along very well but I have a sister and I promised her that I would stay along with her and we will protect each other ".

Lara didn't say anything and then faced the other side and saw that there was a Dent ahead, So ,She stood still.

Allan asked," So, Are you coming ? ".

Lara showed a gesture to wait and be quiet. Allan didn't understand what she meant and then moved towards her. Then the Dent heard Allan's footsteps move viciously at them. After Allan heard the Dent screech he took pistol and started to shoot at its gills on the side of its neck. It wasn't effected and got close to Lara and Allan just popped upfront to protect Lara and then the Dent attacked Allan on his left arm which tried to use to protect himself while pushed Lara backed. The Dent immediately ran after it attacked Allan. Allan started to bleed badly from his left arm due to the slash.

Allan just stood there thinking of why it ran because he knew that Benjamin's arm was eaten by one of those.

Lara got up and went towards Allan and so he was injured but was thinking about something else.

Lara waved her right hand Infront of Allan's face, then said," Hey ! You're Alright ? Because you look like your bleeding ! ".

Allan snapped out of it and looked at his arm and said to Lara," Would you mind taking the strap of clothes from my messenger bag ".

Lara immediately checked his messenger bag of his side while Allan covered his arm tightly and cried in agony. After Lara checked the bag and found a strap of cloth, she wrapped the cloth along his left arm. It still was bleeding and the cloth turn red due to the bleeding.

Allan said," There is one more strap of cloth ".

Lara checked and found the other strap of cloth and covered it over other one and stopped the bleeding.

Lara stood there and stared at Allan while he was tightening the cloth the cloth on his hand.

Lara asked," Why did you help me there, You didn't gain anything out of it, You could have left me go away, So Why ? ".

Allan gave a big smile and said," I know what I said. I didn't say that because I was scared. Not that I couldn't move on ahead but not to make Alexa worried, We promised that we would protect each other. You are right ! I have no benefits but I can't let anyone die Infront of me even if it is to die before they do. It is just that I was so happy to see you so now I could look after you rather then being looked after ".

Lara looked straight at Allan's eye and then saw him stare back at her and then Allan got closer to her while Lara didn't know why he got closer and tried to moved back but Allan held onto her shoulders and then asked," What do you feel about me ? ".

Lara was confused and then said," I really don't know, but I know it is new ".

Allan was laughing when she said that but Lara was still confused. Then Allan told," I guess I have to wait till it get mutual between us ", Lara then gave him a nod.

After that they both went ahead into the passage. The path behind them then got shut. That was when Allan realised that this was one of the secret snarls.

Lara held Allan's both hands and said," You were right, I should have listened but I had to... ".

Allan was confused and asked," What do you mean ? ".

Then Lara looked into Allan's eyes and said," I just wanted to know you more but that is not it, I... ", As she was about to continue, they heard footsteps rushing towards them. And then they saw running towards their direction. The footsteps got closer and closer till they could see a boy around their age.

The boy stopped as he saw Allan and Lara and said," Huff... Huff... It... It is nice to meet... you, Did you come from the Snarl ? Anyway, If you are coming with us it is the you guys and me other left ", He said that while his head was down.

Allan was shocked said," I am sorry, Are you alright going through this alone ? Isn't hard ? ".

The Boy kept his left hand on Allan's right shoulder and looked up towards Allan and said," I pranked you, I was just kidding, To be Honest, I left them behind. There are two others with me. And we were the only once in this piece. People from other pieces have never came here before till you both ".

They waited for the others and then heard footsteps rushing towards them. They saw the other two. It was a boy and girl and they both were also about their same age.

The boy said," Oh I totally forgot to tell my name, I am Dean, This is Katie doesn't hate everyone but me and this is Augustine just call him "Cheapo" because he make lame jokes and laughs along with Katie, And Who are you guys ? ".

Allan said," This is Lara and I am Allan, I was with my sister but I think it would be okay for her if I go along with you, isn't it Lara ? ", Lara nodded and didn't say anything.

Augustine went to Allan and Lara and said," Dean hasn't been like this since we started off. Before he was all frightened and felt lonely even when we were around and used to run off just like how he was here way before we was but I feel like he will be alright because now you guys are around and by the way, call me August ".

Allan gave him a nod in approval. As they went on ahead they started to talk to each other even with Dean as he didn't run ahead. Suddenly, their HGs beeped and the Overseer said," Finally nobody will be missed, It because I don't want anybody to die alone. So, I had to kill my creatures because they were scattered all around I want them all to see it together rather than seeing it separately makes them hate themselves but when they it together it is fear and that is when the heart pounds faster and make breathing difficult.

And now it was off to us. As we went on ahead without noticing that Allan And Lara had left to another Snarl, we went on into the maze and concentrated to get through the maze without stepping on any other tile-plates and finally after we succeed through I looked around if Allan was nearby, So, We talk on ahead but when I looked around I didn't see either Allan or Lara probably they might have wandered off inside the maze. When I was about to get back into the maze, It is just shut the entry and then suddenly our HGs beeped and the Overseer said," I know, I know, You might be thinking where are the other two. They both wandered off into one of my secret snarls and joined school batch that they should normally be in. You might be thinking What is this about being in batches well you will know, I bet you will... ".

And then the Overseer just beeped off. We were totally confused but not me I just blacked out didn't think of anything and I felt lost, That was when Diana saw me staring at the maze behind us. She rushed towards me and said," Calm yourself down, you have to believe in Allan more, he is your brother ! ".

I really couldn't hear what she was saying because I was lost in my world thinking how did I miss Allan, I even started to blame myself. I went towards the gate of the maze then I fist-bumped it and said," Sorry, I will come back for you. I promise you if anything happens to you I won't forgive myself and... and I will protect you again but this time for real ", After that I whispered to myself," Whatever it takes ".

Diana tapped on my shoulders and asked," Are you alright and did hear what I said ? ".

I nodded her a yes just for her relief and so then we moved on. As went on down the stairs to the 47th floor, I kept on thinking about how would Allan be now. Diana saw me looking down at the stairs as we went down she knew I was worried about Allan.

Diana held onto my shoulder from my back and said to me," Alexa ! Allan, He is brave and when you were out most of the time I used to come visit him to have a talk. I got to know your brother really well that I can say he could do this because he believes in you. I asked him who was the person he respected the most after your Father passed away and he said it was you, So you have to trust him more... ".

I realised that Diana knew Allan more than I did, And I felt like I haven't been there for him when he needed me the most but Diana was there for covering and that she did well.

I said to Diana," I should have been there but I didn't and You did Stay up for me there ".

Diana replied," Yeah but I am glad Allan was there because he helped me more than I did for him because I vented a lot to him and he helped me through all of it consoling me ".

Then we hugged it out and then I said," Well you were right about one thing you are a good person to talk to ".

Diana laughed and then said," Thanks ", Meanwhile, Andrew overheard us and said," I wish she was the same to me too ".

Diana turned back at Andrew then gave a creepy angry face which made Andrew to flinch.

And then they reached the 47th floor. They saw nothing but empty void to the stair below. Void in the sense, The floor had nothing special, The floor was concrete and there were no maze. So, they could simply pass through but as we took a step forward, Andrew stepped on a tile-plate which triggered something like before it made a maze appeared but this time that was not only what happened but it also triggered something on the floor above us, we heard something scream from above.

George freaked out as he heard and said," We should keep moving while we can before "that"... finds us ".

Andrew said," Yeah, I agree with him let's just move on but quickly ".

Hassan asked," I just want to see it before we leave could we... please ? ".

All of us immediately said "Nope" and James replied," It probably might catch up to us, then you can have a clear view of it but later ".

George said to Hassan," You should forget about that creature because that thing sounded creepily ferocious ".

Hassan said," But... it could be a new creature that we hadn't seen before and we could analyze it ".

George and Andrew gave Hassan the "didn't bother" eyes and asked," And How do you Analyze it ? ".

Hassan said," By shooting it? Duh!?! ".

James put his hand on his head and said," Oh Come on... You are really an interesting kid ", He said it sarcastically with a sad smile.

Hassan said," Come on... Aren't any of you interested ? ".

Everyone at that time had already entered the maze but George and Jean stayed at the entrance of the maze waiting for Hassan to come. Jean said," No... But are you coming or not ? ".

Hassan sighed in sadness and said," Ya.. Ya.. ! I am ", And then they got into the maze.

Now it is off to Sarah and the others. They had already reached the 47th floor as it awfully silent in the maze that even if they dropped a coin on the floor it would be echoing all around them. Sarah hadn't talk to them ever since they entered the maze.

As they were in the centre of the maze in the 47th floor, Harry was ahead of the others to be confident in their way till the end. He stopped as he went on ahead as he stood on a tile plate which sounded like pressing a button. The tile Harry stood on was slowly going as the same level as the others.

Harry told," I was getting well till now ".

Sarah replied," It is okay, it is not as if something weird is about to happen right ? ".

As she said that the maze ahead of them was cleared the maze slide down along with the tiles.

Ben said," Honestly, That was not as I thought weird ".

Dexter was confused as hell that he gaped in awe just watching it happen. Sarah helped Dexter to close his mouth.

Harry went to Dexter and asked," Dex, Ben says it was not as weird as what he thought, What did he mean ? ".

Dexter replied," I don't know but this is freaking me out ! ".

Harry said," If you are freaking I should say I already did, You are late to join".

Sarah laughed and said," I guess it might get weirder ahead", Then she said in a cold tone," Brace yourselves ".

As moved on almost to the stair down the heard something rushing be towards them from behind them.

Harry said," Something coming fast at us ".

Sarah immediately said," We should be getting down quickly ".

After that Sarah held Harry's hand and dragged him down the stair to the 46th floor.

Now it was off to us, We had already gone past the 47th floor and were on our way to the stair to the 46th floor.

We went on ahead feeling weird about nothing yet happened in the Hive and it felt empty. We did hear something from the top of the Hive but didn't give it that much importance but we did run from it quickly down the stair. That when we could hear it again and we reached the 46th floor but it was absolutely empty.

Suddenly our HGs beeped and The Overseer said," Finally you all reached the Lower Hive. Some of you came through empty mazes and others had a lot to see and explore and it makes your path worth the watch but those had empty mazes saw there were tile plates that were like buttons. Those were the activation of the hive mazes and my creature. You will soon see 2 of them and I am sure that I am going to enjoy watching them survive past you, Enjoy while you can ".

Then the Overseer just beeped off, We all started to look at Rebecca. Rebecca then noticed we all staring at her.

Rebecca felt confused and asked," What is with the look, Have I done something wrong or did I forget something ? ".

James replied," The Heavy Guns are required now ".

Rebecca smiled and told," Ya, About that... ".

James was confused and asked," What About that ? ".

Rebecca replied," I took 3 and left the rest of them over there ".

Hassan went crazy after he heard that and started screaming," Why me ? ", James smiled slightly and asked Rebecca," Are you joking ? ".

Rebecca replied," I was and it really worked on Hassan, I like this "

Then Rebecca put her Bag down and then took her Machine Gun out, Rebecca then said," Let's kill these Sons of a Bitch ".

James was shocked and said," I agree with you in that I liked it too, And you all too pick your weapons up in a group ".

We did as he told and stood in groups. I was with Benjamin and John, while George, Hassan and Jean was another group and then Rebecca and James was the last group.

Suddenly we all heard something crumbling on our left. Since the floor was just a plain ground with nothing around us but ourselves we saw a tunnel open on the left, We all took it for granted not to go in there but Rebecca didn't think as we did and went closer and closer to the tunnel's entrance. James didn't want to go in there but had to look out for her. We didn't have the guts to go in there. As they both just entered the tunnel the path behind them was closed that neither we nor they could meet up.

George freaked out and started murmuring saying," What is happening ?, Why did they have to go in there ?, Now who will look out for us ? ".

Honestly, It was weird, confusing and frustrating because we didn't except anything but a clear path, now we felt the path ahead of us just got harder and longer. The sound got louder and louder as it was closing up towards us.

Now it is of to James and Rebecca in the tunnel, Now that they know it was a Snarl, Rebecca stopped after she heard the path behind shut.

Rebecca said to James, while facing forward," I came in because... I.. I saw... Danny ".

James went forward to Rebecca and held onto her shoulders then turned her towards him and said," Rebecca, I was not joking to you about Danny telling me to move on ahead ".

Rebecca looked straight up his eyes and said," I know what I saw ".

They heard footsteps moving away from them, They didn't think even a second but stated at each other for a few seconds and started to run behind it. As they reached at the end of the Snarl they three other adults like them in the Hive as one of them seemed familiar to Rebecca and James.

As Rebecca felt one of the them looked familar she went up to him, he turned around and saw Rebecca standing Infront of him.

He immediately hugged Rebecca and said," I missed you a lot, it has been a long time since we've seen each other, Rebecca ".

James was confused, happy and in tears asked," Danny, Your still here ? ", Then he joined along the hug. That was when Rebecca remembered the old times...


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