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100% Parallel - A Virtual Reality. / Chapter 66: Chapter 25. Dorek. (Part 1)

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Chapter 66: Chapter 25. Dorek. (Part 1)

"They are moving" A woman with silver hair tells the girl besides her.

The other girl nods, her golden short hair matched her full body golden armor. A shield was on her right side and a one-handed sword on her left side. Her eyes demonstrated the vibrancy of youth, but her expression showed that this girl was no stranger to battles.

She looked behind her as she looked at the platoon of people that came with both of them. Tyrfing also looks at them as she nods. The tense faces of everyone seemed ready to burst into battle at a moment's command.

"Are you guys ready?" The golden armored girl asks the soldiers that came with her with a solemn expression.

"Yes, commander!" The soldier shout uniformly, only respect showing on their faces as they looked at the young girl in front of them. Not even a trace of distrust nor discomfort could be felt from them despite being commanded by someone so young.

"If that's all you got, then better go back!" She shouts at them with a menacing expression. Despite her cute face, her eyes at that moment showed a terrifying fighting intent as she looked at all her soldiers.

Everyone who heard that straightened their backs even a bit more and shouted the highest they could, "YES, COMMANDER!"

Unyielding fighting spirit that would frighten any creature that stood in front of them made the girl nod.

"Today, we win! There is no other choice, only victory! ARE YOU READY!?" She shouts with a ferocious expression.

The soldiers lifted their swords high in the air and shouted to the sky as if announcing their destiny.

"YES! WE! WILL! WIN!!!!!!!!"

The corner of the lips from the silver haired woman curl slightly as she looks at them, tremendous undulation of fighting spirit and bloodlust was in every soldier. The golden armored girl instigated them quite well.

She also looks at her soldiers, each of them looking at the soldiers of the golden armored girl and wooing around. She grins and tells them, "You slackers also get into formation! You heard them, we are marching now!!"

All of them wake up from their stupor and a sharp expression appears on each of their faces, signs of obvious respect towards their leader.

"Now, let's go, we need to get our share of fun" A fiendish smile appears on her face as she turns back while nodding to the golden armored girl.

Both of them start going to a certain direction.

'Time to pay back'


Not wasting any time, we marched towards Storm Lake, the place where Dorek and his minions are. Because we were transporting warfare weapon too while moving forward, our speed was a bit slow. But that also gave us time to slowly consume the little fortress that the subjects of Dorek made.

Making a small elite team, we easily destroyed those fortresses. Making the whole army fight against the monsters that were only cannon fodder would only make it tiresome and slow.

"Hahp!" Shouted a Scardinian commander as he jumped high, arrows rained on him, but a shield appeared before that deflected everything coming his way. He swings his mace down, crushing the little fortress wall. In an instant, I manage to go through and move both of my swords at frightening speeds, whips of darkness appeared on them attacking dozens of enemies.

I infused fire and lightning on my attacks, making them extremely fierce against many. After my entrance, Zenith and Arksen, along with a few Scardinians enter to wreak havoc.

"The enemies have gotten subtly stronger" I say out loud as I finished decapitating the last of the monsters in front of me. I look that everyone nods at me.

"While they aren't too bothersome by themselves, their movements have gotten more coordinated and their combat skills have increased slightly" Says Arksen as he was waving his spear around. His insights were truly useful in these situations, he is probably the most 'sensitive' to these small changes out of all of us.

Everyone nods at Arksen, I pm Vladi and tell her we had already finished with this group. She soon informs us of a few more along the way and a click my tongue.

'Well, this was in our plans, but…' I think to myself, as we were ready to face a small part of Dorek's army before getting to him, but this still wastes a lot of time.

"Okay, guys, it seems we are going to have to split in two teams, we will rest with the rest of the army when we are two thirds of our way towards the Storm Lake" Everyone nods seriously and we split ourselves fast.

'I am having a bad feeling about this' I think to myself as I move towards the next fortress with my team. I knew that the purpose of Dorek in putting these small groups of minions was only to delay us, but…

'It still doesn't make much sense, he knows that we would rest even if he throws at us waves and waves of his army, and, even then, it would be far better to keep these numbers in his quarters to overwhelm us with a few more numbers. It's a waste to throw these as nothing more than cannon fodder'

We move forward as we continue killing each and every little minion that appeared, horns of alarms sounded everywhere as we attacked.

But the bad feeling didn't leave me at all. I closed my eyes and tried thinking of a reason, but decided to not fret on it anymore, as it would only be detrimental to my mental status.

'We are going to win, there is no other option' I look towards the direction of the Storm Lake. Strong fluctuation of the elements, especially water, could be felt from that place.

Rather than strong, they were almost completely chaotic, thus the prefix Storm.

- Ardha, there is a couple more fortress close to where you are. Finish those and come back, we are close to our destination.

Vladi's voice sounds on my ear as I say,

- Roger that.

I look at my team and grin at them.

"Shall we catch some fish?" They grin back as we rapidly go towards the remnant fortresses.

Neither of us notices that dim green glow that appeared on one of the rings that someone in our team was using.


"Sir, they are coming here, the cannon fodder is falling apart rapidly" Reports Qube as soon as he gets back to Dorek.

Dorek eyes become sharp as he says, "Well, well, it seems the info was right, those vermins made their move today…"

"Sir… I don't get why we are sacrificing these much of our troops just because of that phantom scum" Says Qube with obvious distaste towards the Phantom General.

A dangerous glint sweeps on Dorek's eyes as he looks beyond the waterfalls hiding his cave, "You could say I am paying back a debt… and also, he said this would help our cause in the long run"

Zar steps up this time and says with agitation, "But why trust so much in this bastard?"

Dorek sneer at that question and looks menacingly at Zar, "Are you questioning my orders?"

An oppressive atmosphere burst forth from Dorek's body.

Zar shakes a bit at the ferocious eyes of his Lord and kneels in respect, "Sorry, sir, I was out of place but…" he trails at the end of his speech.

Dorek looks at Zar coldly, "Hmph, I don't trust him at all"

Zar and Qube looks at Dorek surprised, but he doesn't care about their looks and continues,

"I am just paying back a small debt…"

Then, a cruel glint surfaces in his eyes as the temperature start lowering.

"… and I still have one last use from him" As he finishes saying that, he starts slowly getting up from his throne. Bindings appear on his body but those slowly start being undone as he finally stands up.

A satisfied smile appears on his face as he starts walking further away from the chains of the throne, Zar and Qube looking at their new King with awe.

"Sir, has the seal-!?" Qube says agitated but suddenly a storm appears besides Dorek. Frost appears in their surroundings.

Dorek puts his hand in the storm of frost and as soon as it came, the storm goes away as a beautiful Halberd made of ice appears on his hand.

"Aaah, I can finally breathe" Dorek says with a satisfied expression as a chuckle escapes from his mouth.

"Soon, very soon, I will finally be free!!" Dorek shouts with an expression of madness as guttural sounds escapes from him.

"But well, let's give these vermin a preview of my power, and after that, when I am finally free, I will surely squash all of them" A fiendish grin devoid of all reason appears on his face as a green light appears on his eyes.

Zar and Qube look at thei King excited as their blood boils and they start getting buffer up.

"LONG LIFE OUR KING" Shouts Zar powerfully and soon, echoes surround them from their army outside the cave.

The eye of the storm was prepared to become even more fierce than the storm itself

Soon, very soon.

Dorek would come out!

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