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57.89% parameter remote control / Chapter 11: For World Peace

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Chapter 11: For World Peace

Inside a family restaurant, I was forced to sit on one of the table, I didn't know what will happen to me as I glance towards the three women that were sitting on the same table as me as they look at me too.


Ema, Tomoko and Sakuya were silent.

They were staring at me silently.

"… then, let's order something. I think I will like a hamburger steak…."

"Kotaro-kun, please explain what on earth happens here. If you didn't say it, sensei will get angry you know."

Yamashina Tomoko was getting to the point, leading the interrogation.

"Kotaro-kun…. You are so cruel, even though you have me…."

This time it was Hanayashiki Ema who was sobbing in sorrow. In the first place, why Ema and Yamashina sensei together? About this question, apparently the two of them have been friends since high school and now when they finally become members of society they still go out together from time to time.

What inconvenient development! Which reminds me these two were of the same age….


"Kotaro-kun…., it was a lie, isn't it. For you to go out with Yamashina-sensei…. and this women….

Sakuya eyes become filled with tears while clinging next to me.

Probably because we were given out a strange atmosphere, after we are directed to this table, the waitress doesn't even come to bring water.

Sakuya was next to me. While Ema and Yamashina sensei sat on the opposite of us. I was completely surrounded!

"Nee, Kotaro-Kun. …. Kotaro-kun's girlfriend was me, right? These two people…. They are just having delusions right? It was like that, right? Ne?"

While Sakuya was clinging onto me desperately she speaks vehemently.

Or should I said what Sakuya said made the situation become much worse, It was like she was declaring that she was a legal wife competing with Ema and Yamashina sensei.

"…. Mizuhara-san, aren't you getting too close? Kotaro-Kun dislikes it too."

Looking at how Sakuya was clinging on me, Yamashina sensei was also giving her honest opinion. Then, Sakuya turned around facing Yamashina sensei while still clinging on me.

"There is no way Kotaro-Kun will hate it…. Yamashina sensei was in wrong, after all, Kotaro-Kun loves me, he even said that we will get married."

"Mar, Marriage….!?"


Yamashina sensei and Ema raise their voice in surprise. It seems like they were surprised by Sakuya's remark, however, Yamashina sensei was the first to recovered.

"Fu, fu~n…. Ma, it is just some silly promise between students…. Mizuhara-san must be mistaken. Because Kotaro-Kun's favorite is me. As evidence, Kotaro-Kun was loving me so much."

"Loving….!? su, such thing…. Did Yamashina sensei seduce him? Because Kotaro-Kun is kind so he can't refuse her."

"That is not true at all! Isn't it Mizuhara-san the one that approaching Kotaro-Kun and annoying him?"

"That is false accusation….!"

Oooh, it becomes a battle. Will it become pandemonium?

Yamashina sensei glares toward Sakuya across the table. Probably because their love for me was so high that they didn't blame me for my adultery, rather it seems like it was going down the path where they will fight against each other.

It feels like I was watching other people's affairs.

Maa, I had a feeling something like this will happen someday. Even if I have to hide it, it is not so thoroughly.

But, looking at this state, it will be hard to have a harem play. I wonder what I should do.

Finally, Ema who was crying in sorrow finally participate in this battle.

"Fuee…. Kotaro-kun. I, I will do anything you want. As long as Kotaro-kun wishes it, I will do it, that is why, please don't throw me away~…"

"Eh, Ema! …. even though you are my best friend, it is only Kotaro-kun that I will not hand over. It was Ema that is to blame too…. I am sorry…. Please break up with Kotaro-kun…."

"No~…. I don't want to…. Hueee…."

"Kotaro-kun girlfriend was me! As for you Yamashina sensei…. Isn't Kotaro-kun younger than you? Even for Kotaro-kun it will be much better for him to stay together with someone of the same age!"

The fighting scene continued.

It has gradually become troublesome. At first, I was watching the development curiously, but, as the story developed, it became gloomier.

The best friends and even the student and teacher were quarrying for love and the bond was broken apart.

It is a sad thing.

I must not let them fight and should strive for world peace.

When I think about it, the original cause was me after all, for now, I summoned the remote controller to calm them down.

Should I raise their passion to shut them up? While thinking so I look at the remote controller, …. and I notice the remote controller change again.

…. did the LCD become bigger?

At the remote controller upper part now. Before the LCD already taken ¼ of the controller main body, but now it already took ½ of the controller main body.

At the bottom of it the up and down, triangle and inverted triangle shaped button has disappeared, and it was replaced with [Decision] button with a cross key on it. When I look at the side carefully, there is a [Back] button.

Even though I was puzzled about the change, I press on the decision button for now and the LCD part displayed.


Etozawa Kotaro boost 3/3


Hanayashiki Ema [Child making mode]Off

Family Love… ■■■■■■■■□□  83

Love… ■■■■■■■■■■ 100

Lust… ■■□□□□□□□□  21

Loyalty… ■■■■■□□□□□  48

Yamashina Tomoko[Child making mode]Off

Family Love… ■■■■■■■□□□  75

Love… ■■■■■■■■■■ 100

Lust… ■□□□□□□□□□  13

Loyalty… ■■■■□□□□□□  37

Mizuhara Sakuya [Child Making Mode]Off

Family Love… ■■■■■■■■□□  78

Love… ■■■■■■■■■■ 100

Lust… ■■■■■□□□□□  56

Loyalty… ■■■■■□□□□□  51


….3 people at the same time! Moreover, the target of the remote control was me now, in other words, even if it didn't touch the body of the targeted people the parameter will still be shown. This remote controller had to be enchanted.

Above all, I need to pay attention to the new parameter.

Loyalty, eh.

Every time I wished for something, the Parameter I wished for was added.

No, this is my power. This power reflected on my wish. It was the power to realize what I wished for. This remote controller.

When I twiddle with the cross keys, the cursor appears beside my name, it moves in response to the cross keys. I move the cursor toward Sakuya name and pushed the decision button.

Then the cursor now moves into the column of the parameter now.

I lowered the cursor on the loyalty parameter and raise its numerical value. The Loyalty value that was at 51 points slowly raise to 60, 70, 80 points and finally stop on 100.

I raise the loyalty for Hanayashiki ema and Yamashina Tomoko to 100 points the same way as well.

With this, the loyalty of all the member was 100, but….

After I finish with the remote controller I raise my head to look at the table the noise from a short while ago already stopped. These girls who were just a moment ago glaring and raising their voices against each other were now looking at me with an anxious look. What happens now?

"…. what's wrong, everyone?"

When I call out to them, Sakuya asks me anxiously.

"A, ano…. Because we have argued with each other…. That…. is Kotaro-kun become displeased with us….?"

Yamashina sensei also followed up meekly too.

"I'm sorry. If we have annoyed Kotaro-kun…. The one that was fitting for Kotaro-kun. Kotaro-kun should be the one that decided on it…."

Ema still has tears in her eyes like before but, she still looks at me pitifully.

"*Hiks…. If Kotaro-kun said that he didn't need me I will be sad…. I am so sad that I feel like dying, but…. I will not appear in front of Kotaro-kun again…."

The girls who were quarreling against each other because of me so far suddenly pay attention to my behavior.

This is the power of 100 points of loyalty!

I try to guess the power of loyalty.

It was certain that numerical value was for their loyalty to me. The jealousy of the other girl and the desire to monopolize me still remained on the girls. But, because their loyalty toward me increased, it was being suppressed and controlled so it didn't come out on this table.

With their love parameter on 100 points, the girls will surely listen to me.

But, it was because the girls were so in love with me that they will listen to me.

However, if I request them to 'part from me' or 'can I go out with other girls?' they will probably reject it.

But this loyalty parameter is different.

They will probably hear any of my requests. Even if it was something like asking them to kill themselves, they will really do it.

Dangerous, This loyalty parameter was so dangerous.

I look around the three beautiful girls that were sitting on the table slowly. The three of them were looking at me tearfully. Whoever I choose, all of them will accept it.

I slowly open my mouth.

"I can't do this. It was not possible for me to choose from. I like everyone here. There is no way I can choose one girl out of all of you."

At the moment when I said 'like', Sakuya, Ema, and Yamashina senseis faces became red and there is a joyful expression on their faces.

"That is why everyone will be my girlfriend. Is that ok? Because I will love all of you equally, so I want everyone to get along with each other too. That is what I wish…."

Hearing my words, Sakuya represented everyone, snuggle towards me quietly.

"Kotaro-kun…. Un, I, will get along well with everyone. That is why…. I will feel happy if I can get loved by Kotaro-kun at the same time."

Yamashina sensei was nodding *Un *Un hearing Sakuya's words.

Ema said 'Yes~, everyone will get along! I didn't want to fight with Tomoko. Kotaro-Kun was kind….' while smiling.


It was too easy.

With this, it was possible for me to have a harem play. When I think about it this way, my suppressed crotch start to throb.

I did like to line up all these beautiful girls and fuck them in turns.

The place…., I think my house should be good.

"Then, everyone. I will love everyone as a celebration for everyone reconciled with each other."

Hearing my words, the 3 of them nodded their head in rapture

I take the 3 beautiful girls home.

On our way home, probably because I ordered them to get along with each other, the 3 of them were getting along with each other as ordered. Just like they are old friends, the girls were chatting lively.

The topic was mainly about me, like 'Kotaro-kun was good isn't it?' 'yes' or something like this. When their loyalty was so high they will blindly think positively about me.

When we arrive home, the front door opened.

When Sayaka-san looks at me and smiles and said 'ah, welcome back. Kotaro-kun….' shortly after she notices there are 3 girls behind me, or should I said she notices Ema and her face stiffened.

"A, ano Kotaro-kun…. Didn't you and Hanayashiki-san…. Broke up….?"

"Sayaka-san. These girls, all of them are my girlfriends."

I introduce all my girlfriends to Sayaka-san. Sayaka-san doesn't seem to understand the meaning of what I said and seems to be confused.

I summoned the Remote Controller while glancing sideway looking at that.


Etozawa Kotaro boost 3/3


  Etozawa Sayaka [Child Making Mode]Off

   Family Love … ■■■■■■■■■■ 100

   Love … ■■■■■■■■■■ 100

   Lust … □□□□□□□□□□  2

   Loyalty … ■■■□□□□□□□  33


Umu, Sayaka-san loyalty was only 33 point eh. It is so low.

I operate the remote controller and raise Sayaka-san loyalty to 100 points. Once again I said, 'all of these girls are my girlfriends. From now on, I intend to put my cock inside everyone.'

I also introduced Sayaka-san to the girls behind me.

"This is Sayaka-san. Ema already met her right? She is my stepmother, well she was more like a lover to me. Everyone, please get along well."

Because Sayaka-san's loyalty was maxed, she didn't have any problem with my words. She perceives everything I said as reality and accept it.

"Ara ara, Kotaro-kun was so bad. To say we are lovers, it is so embarrassing.."

Sayaka-san seems to be happy and made *iyan *iyan sound and go to greet the other 3 girls.

They were saying 'nice to meet you' or 'please treat me well' something like that, it was a peaceful atmosphere, and then I ask Sayaka-san.

"Sayaka-san, where is Kaori?"

"That child went to school since there is a club activity. She should return in the afternoon."

Un, I see. Yoshi, I will introduce Kaori to them later on.

I urge Sayaka-san and everyone to go inside the house.

Yoshi, who should I violate first.


The sounds of water splashing and lustful moaning resounding throughout the living room. there was currently four beautiful women with obscene expressions on their faces.

"ah,yaaa.…! Mizuhara-san, no not at that place…! please don't insert your finger desu…!"

"sensei's breasts are very naughty desu ne….

waa…it's already got this wet…"

as Sakuya and Yamashina sensei, were letting out lewd voices on the sofa.

Sakuya was sucking the nipple of yamashina sensei, and putting her finger in and out of sensei's pussy.

"ah…i'm…going to…cum again…!"

"fufufu…sensei wa kawai desu…cumming from a student's finger….is it good?…i can do it again and again"

white sexy limbs entangle each other, the breasts and stomach which seems to be soft, letting the penis rub in-between will make one cum quickly. both of them showing off something like a hot lesbian play, even though the two people aren't lesbian in particular I told them that "I want to see a lesbian play of Sakuya and Tomoko "

As I sat on the opposite side of the sofa watching the forbidden lesbian play between teacher-student play my meat rod was throbbing, enjoying the feeling of wrapped between the tongues of Ema and Sayaka who let out happy voices enjoying their heads being strocked. 

"fuaaa...koutarou-kun has become really stiff…while seeing Tomoko and Sakuya's lesbian play…"

"dirty juices are leaking from the tip…ah…chu…kotaro-san…i'm already…"

while watching the lesbian play of Sakuya and yamashina sensei, Ema and Sayaka were giving me a Fellatio.

Both of them completely nude.

I was burying my penis in between their big boobs.

I took a look at the opposite side to see two beautiful women entangling each other. looking down at my lower body, two women are licking my towering penis.

this is what I wanted!

"HAA.... this is incredible Sayaka, Ema....I'm going to cum soon....."

the two bishoujo's after hearing me started picking up the pace. A pleasant sensation was transmitted threw my lower back, and finally, I made the two stop servicing.

while rubbing my Dick 「shikoshiko」, I made the two of them open their mouth.

"Ema, your mouth.....I'll let a ton of semen inside your mouth....I'm cumming !!!"



「byurubyurubyuru」as the semen launched from my penis, I make a mess of the two beauties.

To catch my semen, the two beauties open their mouth wide.

so I started to fire semen aiming at the tongue inside their mouth.

Even I was surprised by the amount of semen that I let out after the ejaculation ended the semen was filled in both ema and Sayaka-san.

"fuu...thank you for letting out so much"

"Ah...Koutarou's semen"

"It has a naughty taste to it...."

After that, the two wring out the remaining semen out from my penis into their mouths. I didn't command them to do it, after that the two exchanged semen mouth to mouth and tasting it together. Looking at the women kissing with their tongue's which is full of my semen.

The intolerable desire to ravage them increased. Is it because of my order 『Everyone should get along with each other』.

Everyone was on good terms, tasting my semen and doing lesbian play. Looking at them I felt aroused.

Ema and Sayaka san were pressing their breasts against each other while kissing in excitement.

as their breast's where making 「munyumunyu」sound. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

Even though I just cummed my penis started to become hard again.

Also Today I haven't used the boost button yet, after all, there wouldn't be a man who wouldn't become erect again in this erotic atmosphere.

my penis started pulsating 『bing bing』.

「so, from which pussy should I start from.....」

I muttered while looking at, Sakuya and yamashina sensei lesbian play and ema and Sayaka's perverted eyes.

「koutarou-san....if you like, please use my pussy」

「koutarou-kun.....its so painful... I want Kotaro-Kun to ravish me」

「I also can't stand it anymore..... I want Kotaro-Kun's semen」

「auuu...k-Kotaro-Kun look.sensei has become like mind is becoming strange..」

Sayaka, Ema, Sakuya, Yamashina sensei...all of them are spreading their pussies and begging for me to ravish them. All four pussies are different from each other, the only commonality between them is how their pussys are convulsing expecting my penis.

my penis cannot take it anymore.

while looking at the four people 「jaaa.....minna everyone put their hands on the sofa and push your ass over here.」

selecting a single person looks difficult in this situation

so why not just eat them equally


「umu, the view looks magnificent」

four different types of beauties who are showing their asses here.

I was burning that sight into my memory.

there are various types of pussy here.

small and lovely one.

smooth and slippery one.

inviting lewd adult like one.

one who had hair growing while the other didn't have one.

however each and every pussy looks lovely.

compared to what I say on the net where there was a lot of darkish colored pussy, I would not get tired of using these pussies.

「Tomoko sensei enormous amount of pussy juice is leaking out of you. Was Sakuya's finger that good?」


out of the four, I bring my face close and sniff Yamashina-sensei's pussy which was bullied by Sakuya's fingers which sensei responded with an embarrassed voice. Her pussy is small compared to the other three while sniffing at it my rock hard penis started twitching, there was no hair. since it did not grow. that is my 24-year-old sensei.

「sakuya-san.....I think you bullied Tomo-chan too much? her pussy is this wet already」

「fufufu yamashima-sensei was so cute...Hya!!」

while speaking I inserted my finger into Sakuya-san's vagina which got swallowed easily. The lewd hole started to tighten with 『kyun kyun』 sound when my finger got inserted. soon the vagina got wet『toro toro』which gave a pleasant sensation to my fingers there was thin hair growing near the pink meat hole of an innocent girl makes me want to violate her so badly.

「Ema-san Sayaka-san....waaa, you both got this wet. I wonder licking my penis made you this excited」

「ahh, Kotaro-san」

「's embarassing」

Sayaka-san had a thick black public hair near her pubis while ema-san contained golden-colored public hair. which was shaved leaving a little trace of pubic hair which creates a 『sawa sawa』sound when it stroke it.

「 you stroke that much...ann....ann!!」

「kotaro-Kun, if you stroke it that much I'll become perverted...」

while listening to the perverted moans of these women I became excited, now who should I put it in first.

Yosh, let's start putting it from here.

I'll start by putting it in ema who is on the left.

I grabbed ema's waist, to put my cock into her 『doro doro』pussy which swallowed it with a 『zubu zubu』 sound as if I was waiting for my rock hard meat stick.

I instantly start to feel the pleasure from the soft tightened pussy.

「ahh....hyaa...! PENIS-SAMA KITAAA.....」

ema raises her voice in joy.

I start to intensely bang her from behind with my penis and about the fifth time I pull out my penis from her pussy.

「Ahh..Yaa.....Don't remove it....」

「next is Sayaka-san.who is going to get violated」

「!! something big is coming inside....」

I start moving to the right to violate Sayaka-san. The tightness of her pussy is different compared to Ema. It tightens gently, at the same time I feel as if it is trying to squeeze out every drop of semen that I have, this pussy is almost like Sayaka-san.

After 5 bangs I removed my penis and moved to Sakuya.

since I tried tasting them this way, I had a fun time while comparing the difference between them

As they start to shake their asses in pleasure, my penis got tightened up in their pussy, it started twitching 『kyun kyun』with an urge to release semen...

「fuwaa!! koutarou-kun's bigger than usual...!」

「sakuya too your pussy is tighter than usual.... you're excited more than usual right」

I almost felt that I would ejaculate unintentionally, so I held back and inserted into yamashina sensei's pussy.

Yamashina sensei small hole accepts my penis and starts to change form to make it compatible.

As expected after all its a pussy of an older woman. As her vagina accepts with『kitsu kitsu』sound of my penis which is being suffocated being to hold the ejaculation.

「fuu...! Tomo-chan has become my exclusive meat hole」

「ann..!ann,.,! aa....yes Tomoko has become Kotaro-kun's exclusive meat hole....hiyaaa...!」

a perverted 『guchi guchi guchi』sound starts to echo in the living room.

I start to ram my penis into their holes alternatively.

first, I started to go right side and after that round is done I start moving towards the left. I still have decided not to ejaculate yet.

it's a Russian roulette after all.

like that doing many times...I'm almost at my limit soon, inserted into the ema's pussy.


「!! its started coming into me, Kotaro-Kun is going dokudoku inside me....」

It seems that ema is joyfully accepting my ejaculation with her pussy.

my spine started shivering 『BIKU BIKU』since I ran out of power,

「Ah.....ema-san I'm envious....」

「ema-san has a happy face right now」

the women who did not receive my ejaculation started to look ema-san with an envious expression.

fufufu, Don't worry everyone, I still have a boost which I can use for 3 times up my sleeve.

I started to click with 「POCHI」sound,

「Ah,,,,nya!? it, it started to become big again.....」

「did you think that I would end it like this? because I'm planning to full everyone's pussy with my semen today」

The remote control is called and I pressed the boost button again, after that, the feeling of ejaculation that I had disappeared, my son started to become hyper and started up again so I thrust into ema's vagina where I left off.

「yosh, next is Sayaka san...after that who should I pick I wonder...?」

「ann...! ann,,,,! Kotaro-Kun is amazing」

I pull out from ema san's semen dripping vagina and started entering into Sayaka san.

even though I just ejaculated my penis increases the sensation even more while looking at the panting Sayaka-san and then, I started to fill my semen in each and every one of them.

all that was left in my head was FUCK.....FUCK.....FUCK....

I started to pant while holding my penis while all the beauties are collapsed due to the pleasure.

eventually, I finally released my fourth ejaculation into Sakuya's pussy, it was the end of vaginal ejaculation for all the members.

while panting I rolled looking at the exhausted beauties who were having semen spilling vagina,

I felt satisfied looking at the site, at that time the door at the entrance opened.

「I'm home-...aare? do we have guests?」


my step sister is finally home. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

I could not suppress the grin on my face,

I finally finished eating the main dish now its time for dessert.

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