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10.52% parameter remote control / Chapter 2: Hanayashiki Ema

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Chapter 2: Hanayashiki Ema

"What is…this remote control"

As Hanayashiki-san disappears I was left alone in the hospital room, and I muttered while looking at the remote controller in my hand.

It is strange.

I can see and feel it.

But despite that Hanayashiki-san cannot see it and it was not possible either for her touch it

Or rather it slips through.

"Huh? could this seriously just be in my head? Perhaps this remote controller is only visible to me…"

I am confident that other people cannot see it while only I can claim to see it. I have a feeling that this a symptom of mental illness. If that is the case it's expected, the remote controller was on the table and before I knew it, it was in my hand. It's like this remote controller is not real, making me question if this is a product of my imagination.

*Shake*! I unintentionally trembled I was feeling scared.

This product of delusion…I attempt to the throw the remote controller on the floor. The remote is dropped on the linoleum floor…but a sound wasn't produced.

"Haha, there's no sound…"

I watch the remote continue to roll on the floor. It didn't disappear, even though It was dropped. I attempt to re-imagine it in my mind, the image of the remote being held in my hand.

"Wow…is this serious. I'm delusional…"

In an instant in my mind, the remote on top of floor disappears, and before I knew it the remote was back in my hand. What should I do with this.

"Its confirmed I am delusional….What to do, it would be best to consult a doctor…"

But it may not be visible to the doctor, in my hand there is remote, look, please look!Look! Look!!

That's right, they will look at me like I am a kid with a strange head.

Or perhaps I already am that!

It seems the powerful hit also shocked my head. By the damned meteorite.

And, while I am worrying about my head, I look at the remote controller. There on the liquid crystal of the remote until now there weren't any letters shown...but what is this?

Hanayashiki Ema Love --> 10

Only one line. It's like an old pager displaying crude half-width characters.

Hanayashiki Ema…is this Hanayashiki-san? What love.

The two buttons on the remote control. The triangle b.u.t.tons on top was pressed and the numeric value on the liquid crystal increase by 1 becoming:

Love --> 11

When this button is pressed, it seems that it changes the value. The inverted triangle on the bottom is then pressed and the numeric value decreased by 1 making it return to

Love --> 10

..What does this do?

I attempt to continue pressing the bottom button and in blink of an eye the numeric value falls down to 0 and then minus is used as it continue to go down.

Hanayashiki Ema Love --> -100

The numerical value went to minus -100 and didn't move any more. Is there a reason why it can't go down anymore? Is it the same for the opposite?

I pressed the top b.u.t.ton and the numerical value quickly raised up to and crossed 0 and then continued to rise. And then as it reach up to 100 it incidentally stopped.

Hanayashiki Ema Love --> 100

The liquid crystal displays「love」, what is difference between this LOVE. LOVE can increase and decrease on the remote from -100 up to 100. Hahaha, this truly is product of delusion, it seems I am an fool.

It seems I am fool…but,

To think that my remote controller delusion extended to Hanayashiki-san!?

Such a thing to Hanayashiki-san who I think of as my beautiful elder sister, although I would like to bury my face in that plumpy ass and put my dick between her large tits. I thought about doing this everyday…

Still, I better consult with the doctor. About all this.

I press the nurse button beside me. I wonder if this will cause my hospitalization to extend…I wonder if they will say I can go home. I wonder if I will be hospitalized in the psychosomatic department.

While I think about such things, I look at the mysterious remote in my hand while waiting and since I decided to press the nurse button 30 seconds did not even pass and the room's door was forcefully opened.


" Kotaro-Kun are you all right!? Where does it hurt!? Ah, I am sorry…I was only away…"

Hanayashiki-san only just left since she entered some time ago to finish making her rounds. When she forcefully open the door her facial expression changes, as she was her spirit was terrible while rushing towards my bed.

While her eyes were wet with tears, she takes my hand with concern while moving her face looking my way but it's close! Her long eyelash, her nice eyes were full of concern and her complexion was pale.

"Eh? Eh? Hanayashiki-san..? Aren't you too close…?"

"Oh…I am sorry Kotaro-Kun. I was just worried since…"

I Unintentionally said those words but Hanayashiki-san did not even try to separate from me. Her figure was almost glued to me as Hanayashiki-san took my hand but I was not able to follow this sudden situation.

What`s this? Does Hanayashiki-san behave like this to people?

"Kotaro-Kun? Do you feel pain anywhere? Are you all right?"

"No, I am not particularly hurt. I am okay, I am okay since…."

Being so close Hanayashiki-san beautiful shaped breast I just wanted to squeeze them with my hand. Even with nurse clothes, I knew that there are soft! When I return home I need to sleep with a woman. Or should I say, I want such a situation! The heck somehow Hanayashiki-san behavior is different. In the first place I was delusion about a remote control so I pressed the nurse call button, am I breaking through the said bonus stage where I can feel Hanayashiki-sans breasts with my hands?

When I look at Hanayashiki-san I become worried, but there is nothing in particular strange about her body, I should just be patient for an explanation, and then I can finally stop worrying. However, my hands were still grasping it.

…Or should I say 'it' is the remote controller. I only called for a doctor to consult about the remote.

"Ah, well, Hanayashiki-san…."

"I would like it if you called me Ema.."


What are you saying?

Is that something you suddenly tell someone.

But Hanayashiki-san does not notice that I was confused, with myself between her breast, I cannot help be honest while my upturned glance appeared to be flattered.

"Ah, I am sorry? I am not used to suddenly being scolded….But, but it doesn't feel right to have you call me by my last name?" (which is Hanayashiki)

"You're not supposed to behave like that to a stranger"

"Ah,…is that so. To me, Kotaro-Kun is not a stranger…I am sorry? Is what I'm saying strange…"

Hanayashiki-san expression suddenly became sad(gloomy). She looks like she may start crying.

I could not understand this situation, but this pretty elder sister's tears will be really destructive! I hurried to Hanayashiki-san… and call her Ema-san to improve her mood.

"Ema-san! That's good! I am going to call you by your name, Ema-san!

"Really? I am glad!

While Ema-san's eyes became wet, she clung to me. I was being shameless as I was covered by her breasts. My face was in her breast!!

I am happy, I can't understand why but I am happy. I can't understand this situation. I didn't understand what caused the sudden change in Hanayashiki-san.

….Is it because of the remote controller?

I never thought this could be because of my remote controller 「Hanayashiki Ema love --> 100」, is this the said situation where Ema-san is head over heels for me? I am such an idiot…. I think, but I can't see Ema-san play such a trick on someone, I am nothing but surprise.

In addition to me being confused at such a situation, for some reason Ema-san tension rises.

With my body being rubbed the desire to sleep draws near and while my eyes were shining I began to talk.

"Hey,hey, Kotaro-kun do you dislike woman like an elder sister? Or do you like?"

"Eh? No that, I don't care about such things…"

"I don`t have a boyfriend. I want Kotaro-Kun like a boyfriend…..that would be nice"


"Kotaro-Kun is attractive, right. Yes…amazingly attractive."

While I watch, something is murmured.

My limit as a virgin was exceeded. I was happy but what is this.

"Err Ema-san that. What's wrong?"

"Hmm~? Is something wrong?"

"Well something, your acting different from usual"

"I'm so much different.....Hey, can I kiss you?

"Eh? What….Me"

Before the conversation could be completed, without any warning Ema-san brought her face to mine and pressed her lips on my own.

She smelled good

"uchu(kiss)…Ema-..san unh…."


I felt her soft lips. My figure was then pushed down on top of the bed, while I could feel Ema-san long golden hair tickling my cheeks I was completely confused about the sudden kiss.

This is my first kiss.

Until now important…not, particularly important because she was not joking, rather such a beautiful elder sister affectionately stole it, I think Ema-san lip stole my first kiss.


While I feel Ema-san sweet breath, our lips are connected. whilst engaged in the kiss my little brother awoke (not an actual brother but your penis ). In Front of Ema-san, and with her sharp eyes she discovered it.

"Uh…Kotaro-kun…this is…"

While she blushed a little, but somewhere inside her was delighted, while looking at the bulge that raised the pajamas, she was showing a bewitching smile.

Because I could not masturbate a lot has accumulated, it was so stimulated that it was fully erect facing towards the sky wanting to break through the pajamas.

Ema-san slowly extended her hand, her white fingers .stroked the peak of the bulge

"Amazing… Kotaro-kun here…is like this"

"Ah... Ema-san …Fuooo!

"From the top of the pajamas you're excited…All right, leave it to elder sister"

The top of the pajamas was being stroked because Ema-san grasped my little brother. I could only feel the hand of the beautiful woman besides my dick.

Still, before long Ema-san stopped, and the pajama pants were then torn off. The boxers I was wearing got exposed, I was embarrassed about my erection that kicked out in front of Ema-san.

While the open-air was touching it I felt refreshed, Ema feverish eyes are exposed, further the heat of holding the aroused erected dick.

"Wow, …Ema-…san!?

"It seems painful…now, I make you comfortable….. *glomp*"


Ema-san smooth hands then seized my dick and she took it in her mouth without any hesitation. feeling her soft lips, then I felt the sensation of her tongue crawling around, I couldn't believe the pleasure that ran through my back.

This…I only saw this inside AV and erotic books! It's fellatio! Woww…the inside of Ema-san mouth is warm…


In front of my eyes, the blonde nurse with black glasses(a beautiful person) was holding my erected dick in her mouth.

Feeling her tongue crawl around my waist unintentional jumped.

My dick stuffing Ema-san face was very erotic. She moves her lips in order to lick my pole with her tongue, my dicks head was teased and flicker, not wanting to bear it feeling of welling up and I felt like ejaculating.

1 week of no masturbation, and then a kiss, what my hard dick has received is unbearable.

"Its dangerous…cho…come out.."

"Fuiyo? Then do it…

With my dick still stuffed in Ema-san mouth, she talked while mumbling. I couldn't endure it anymore and I erupted inside of Ema-san mouth.

Byurubyuru!! And the semen was discarded inside Ema-san`s mouth.

I was dumbfounded of the said situation where I ejaculated inside a woman's mouth, and then I was attacked by a strange excitement.

*grunt!* Urgh…uhn.."

….Swallowing. That Hanayashiki-san, no Ema-san was drinking my semen…

ejaculating in the mouth of a woman, while this situation brought an unbearable feeling of conquest I also felt excited that a large amount of semen that I released was still being kept inside of Ema-san mouth.

Swallowing the semen, and then Ema-san kisses and sucked my dick till it was clean before raising her head, smiling my way with a face of innocence.

"*grunt*….*grasp*. Amazing…I drank all of it…"


I had a nosebleed and I was so excited I ejaculated, while I took a small rest, Ema-san was looking at my face. It seems she can't drink all of it, because from her mouth the semen was spilling out in a single line.

I made this elder sister drink my semen.


I did not understand this situation, but Ema-san was somehow different? my thoughts were broken as I heard, a *Peep* alarm ring out from Ema-san pocket.

"Ah, I am sorry….The sound is summoning me…."

Frowning a little at the sound of the bell, Ema-san stands up as usual state. It seems that bell made ordinary come back from extraordinary, in a rush I push my boxers under my pajamas.

Without losing any time ask yourself what the heck, Ema-san turns this way

"Kotaro-kun, again, tonight…" she said that with a soft smile.

"Ah, Yes. Again tonight…tonight!?"

"Fufu…well, see you later…"

"Why tonight…Ah, Ema-san! it's dripping down! Your mouth!"

While disappointed in her leaving, when Ema-san was going away in I called out in a hurry,

"it's dripping down!" her face went red, she moved her finger to her mouth.

From her mouth my semen that was dripping down was wiped with her fingers, she showed me all that while sticking out her tongue that she licked it clean.

That scene made me unintentional go ZUGYUN, I became aware of the excitement running along my abdomen. In my state, again Ema-san has a bewitching smile, leaving from the room.

To be honest, I was half-convinced. To begin with, I believe now it's completely like I was dreaming during the day.

Because of this remote controller, has Ema-san become like that…..?

The characters 「Hanayashiki Ema love 100」 suspended on the liquid crystal. After all, I can't tell this to a doctor or anybody about this remote controller. The remote control which I thought to be a product of delusions was real, but what happened during the day can't possibly be a dream, it was definitely real.

When Ema-san came she also was incidentally doing her evening rounds, her attitude towards me seems like a complete lover. Usually, when she was finished measuring my temperature she would then move onto her next job immediately, but today she was beside me asking if I was in pain one way or another trying to get close to me.

Even I understand. Ema-san loves me and her love is unbearable.

If she swallowed all the surplus semen with the sudden fellatio because of that, then I can manipulate Ema-san degree of love towards me with this remote controller, I must make the best of this situation.

The numerical value had fluctuated as far as from minus 100 to plus 100 by tampering with the button. When I considered that the first reading was 10, then 0 was a situation where there wasn't any interest. I guess the acquaintance level was at about 10.

Thus at a 100, I would think she would be in a state of being completely charmed by me.

If that's the case minus is the state of 「hatred」? Then I guess minus 100 is 「hatred to the extent of wanting to kill」?

"If I had pushed the nurse call button with minus 100, I wonder what would have happened…"

I guess if looking with a similar viewpoint I can see even the parents with enmity. No, isn't being stabbed the worst? When I think about that, this remote controller is also similar to frightening…

A remote controller that manipulates a person's feelings. I have obtained an amazing object. Or perhaps I should say ability?

However that kind of change to a person's feeling careless like that, such a thing….

"Is unbelievably convenient ~!!


Cool, this is seriously cool. Can`t I bear as much as I want to? If I'm a man, isn't this situation a man's exact dream? I will be able to have sex with any beautiful woman with just the click of a button.

When night came, the room door slowly opens quietly and raises tension for one person. The blond-haired beautiful woman came in slowly, to ensure she was not seen or heard keeping watch on the hallway for any nurses.

"Kotaro-kun….are you sleeping?"

"Ema-san…? No, I am not sleeping. I cannot sleep!"

Ema-san came back at night despite not knowing I was not asleep?!

Or perhaps I should say she really came! Ema-san came!

When she slowly closes the door, Ema-san who entered was squirming while moving to approach the bedside, as if she can't endure anymore, she comes and clings to me on the bed.*Mugyuuu*

"Kotaro-Kun, I wanted to meet YOU!!!"

"Ema-san….Fuoo! Embracing me all of a sudden among other things is breaking the rules."

I approached Ema-san raising from the bed but I suddenly received a passionate hug and was again pushed down. Her scent smells good and besides that, she pressed something soft….

Ema-san was still in her nurse uniform. I asked and it seems her shift just finished some time ago. Saying that she came to meet me without changing, regrettable there was no time to change.

Ema-san sent a rain of kisses to me with a trance-like expression, I responded to her attack. Sound like pecking echoed quietly in the room, eventually, the state of Ema-san face was flushed, raising her head she gazed at me.

"Kotaro-kun, I am sorry for suddenly….? But I don't even understand, this is the first time I loved someone like this…."

"Ema-san….About that, since when did you love me?"

Holding each other's hand I tried asking.

"I was hospitalized 1 week ago. And then I was lucky to have Ema-san as the nurse in charge, but thinking about it such behavior was complete non-existence before today's remote controller."

Sure enough, I tried asking for an answer, from today's event during the day, It seems that after I raised Ema-san LOVE to 100 with the remote controller.

"Its strange however….Suddenly Kotaro-kun I think I became unbearable miserable….That I already cannot live without Kotaro-Kun …"

Incredible. This remote controller is incredible

Did I hear that? Without Kotaro-kun I cannot live, so that's the answer. Furthermore, just a while ago Ema-san was crying.

I who was knocked down on the bed was looking up at Ema-san hanging over me, her eyes wet and she made sure to cling to me completely.

"Hey. Kotaro-kun do you love…"

I had come to be interested and decided to try tease Ema-san just a little

"Ah, how should I put this, I like you, that's right. From only meeting you during this one week."

"Do you like another young girl!? Do you dislike elder sister? Is such a woman bothersome!?"

"No, I wouldn`t go as far as saying that…calm down a little."

"Kyaa…Hey, I, am also not the best but, listen up…I can't live if I am hated by Kotaro-kun…."

" calm down Ema-san. Since I don't hate you"

"Oh, you don't hate me…"

The adorable elder sister clings to me and this situation was a little amusing, I was surprised as just a minute ago I tried to tease Ema-san and the result was that she had cried…..This? Love is rather heavy?

The power of 100 love…..

I don't dislike Ema-san echoed, *sniffling* while crying I was being clung to.

"Is it bothersome that I`m 24 yet still a virgin….? Kyaa…I, if it's good for Kotaro-Kun, that I am a convenient woman but listen up….*Hiccup*…because it's fine only being by your side…"

"24 years old!? I thought you were around 20 years old…."

Or perhaps I should she was a virgin?

"Are you seriously a virgin?… But I felt that your fellatio among other things was incredibly skillful."

"Prepared….at home…since I practice…"

"At home!?"

"Yeah….Since I had asked what sort of things men like…..Vibrator.."


"Fuee….. Even though…I was a little interested however…. I was afraid of men…"

I didn't know such a thing but the shocking facts rapidly came out.

Is she afraid of men? When I asked, she said that she doesn't know very well but if it's a young boy it's alright. It's no good, the first image I made of the beautiful elder sister is rapidly crumbling.

"Whether or not it was so…I certainly will experience in itself elder sister"

When I said that, Ema-san suddenly got up trembling a little while embracing her own shoulder.

"K-Kotaro-kun if you say that you had better…Because I am going to throw away my virginity with another person….I…unpleasant however…it's unpleasant to the extent I will die, however…"

"Wait wait wait! Being a virgin is ok~! I love virgins!"

"…Really? Being a 24 years old virgin is good?"

"I love 24 years old virgin elder sister! Therefore calm down…."

There there, and Ema-san who was holding her shoulder, 「funya…」 and as she was she leaned on me.

"Hey, I am also a virgin? I say aren't we the same?"

I don't know whether what I just said is right. However 「…first time,what」 when Ema-san had asked, for some reason begins to shake her shoulder.

"Ema-san? Wow! ….Well~ why did you push me down again?

"Kotaro-kun first time….No, I can't be impatient again…"

"…Ema-san? Just a minute ago you looked scary?

"Its all right, leave it to elder sister…"

"Despite being a virgin?

"! …T-That said yayadaa…."

I was so cruel that I had to bear Ema-san crying again. I think the beautiful elder sister had changed to an adorable elder sister. soon my little brother awoke again ready to go for more.

For now, I want to do this slowly so it lasts for the rest of the day.

I made preparation in secret for Ema-sans ass that hung over me on top of the bed. And then with a start Ema-san body trembles and stares this way with wet eyes. In addition to my hand extending towards the thigh, it was allowed to crawl inside of the nurse uniform skirt.

*GropeGrope* When the ass was rubbed over the tights, that soft sensation that was transmitted was something unbelievable.

"S-Stop…. Kotaro-kun…….."

"Can I not touch it?"

"No….touch it…even more…"

Each time it is massaged, it made Ema-san's body twist on top of me. In addition, my hand is extended into the thighs at the place where permission is needed to move forward, to massage her ass over her underwear.


"For only Ema-san to end up being pleased, isn`t that cheating."

"Ah, s-sorry…but Kotaro-kun hand…hiyau…!"

A finger is extended and it gave a rub across the panties at Ema-san secret place and it made a reaction that was amusing.

From the secret place of Ema-san transmitted a wet feeling. To an extent I understand but it's over her panties and it's already wet.

Moreover, at that moment I had noticed that I had raised up and it had become unbearable, so i pushed down Ema-san.

"Hiyau! W-Whats the matter…Kotaro-Kun

having been pushed down, her nurse's uniform skirt rides up and the tights had slid down up to the middle of thighs. Then the pure white panties had become a spot to the extent of knowing by just looking inside a room with nothing but moonlight.

"Ema-san panties…"

"Kotaro-kun…'s embarrassing…"

As I held down the embarrassed Ema-san, I touch the secret place over her panties. With a soft-touch, the spot had spread. Then illuminated in only moonlight I was captivated in the scene of the thigh that had a white shine. So Erotic…

In addition to undoing the buttons earlier from the nurse uniform, the bra that had become exposed was also dragged up.

*Boyoyon* Ema-san breast became exposed before my eyes with the sound seemly attached to the impact.

"tits…. Raw breasts.. weren't in the erotic books and AV."

Ema-san seemly soft white boobs, on the summit of each a sweet pink-colored nipple was attached. With my shivering hands, I decided to tightly hold Ema-san's breasts. *Punyopunyo* I can't believe something feeling this soft is transmitted to my hands.

Amazing, raw breasts are wonderful.

So Amazing it isn`t 2 dimensions, but 3 dimensions! It is watery! It's three-dimensional!


" Hyan!!….Kyaa Kotaro-kun do you want to play with my breast…"

I went into a trance jumping into Ema-san breast. *Licking* When the nipple is licked, from Ema-san mouth like she was excited, a sweat sigh was leaked.

I cannot endure…. Not only boobs but, Tonight being in high spirit I want everything. I want to do everything that is allowed to every corner of Ema-san body.

I had removed the mouth that had sucked on the nipple and slowly moved my gaze down. There the thigh seemly so beautiful was wrapped in the tights with the panties that were stained.

"…I want to see Ema-san pussy"

"Eh, Kotaro-Kun…?"

"I want to see, I want to see. Please show me."

I stroked her thigh while making a plea.

Then Ema-san with those words "Already…" but somewhere there was something like expectation, and she had moved the waist bashfully in a state that was excited.

"….Yes, it's embarrassing but, I will show it Kotaro-kun…"

When I released my hand, Ema-san excitedly took off her tights on top of the bed, furthermore, she moves by also taking off her panties. In proportion to such embarrassment, she was in relatively high spirits.

A faint color pubic hair was seen between her legs. She took off the panties by way of the ankle, taking it off the white thigh. And then the lower body falls down revealing Ema-san sitting on top of the bed, where she then slowly spreads her leg.

As it is I was unable to control my excitement, as I moved my face in front of Ema-san secret place my nasal breath got rough. Ema-san made an M shape with her legs but her secret place was hidden by her hands however I quickly rebuke that hand.

"Ugn…hey…Kotaro-kun…this place is a girl`s…..important place…."

The secret place before my eyes was where she had kicked off the bleached cotton. As for the mons pubis, it was the same with the hair or a small dark hair grows lightly, below the v.a.g.i.n.a as a result of excitement gleamed with s.e.xual fluids and it got wet making it shine.

I did not hide my excitement in seeing a girl's vagina for the first time. Images Uncensored were such things seen on the internet but Ema-san virgin vagina was pretty enough that it cannot be compared with those.

Because the center of the vagina has a vertical split, the pink color armor was the only thing that made an appearance.

"Sp-spread it, show me…."

"If further…Kotaro-kun.....Hh"

Ema-san spreads the vagina with her fingers. When she had spread the vagina, now its embarrassing to show me her cherry blossom.

"Hh…here….the hole of a woman...Is the place babies are delivered…:"

While showing me the vagina's hole, Ema-san gave an explanation. That hole was dripping wet as if inviting me, like twitching and moving faintly.

"The hymen can be seen. So Ema-san really was a virgin"

"Hya! Kyaa…its embarrassing…."

I was just a virgin but it was easy to understand that such a thing was a hymen.

If I must say, what Ema-san had decided to do appeared to be very embarrassing. However, she did not stop spreading her secret place nevertheless.

On the contrary viscous with sexual fluids from the vagina's hole had overflowed.

Having seen that, I had a feeling.

"A-and then…on top of that is the place where pee comes out by the urethra...On top of that is the clitoris…..Kyaaaaah!!!"

*tongue licking*

Still in the middle of her explanation but I had already found it unbearable, jumping into Ema-san vagina. With the bleached cotton kicked such a delicious looking vagina in front of the eyes of a virgin boy, it wasn't unreasonable to say I did not have self-control.

*tongue licking*

"Ko-kotaro-kun…! No…if you lick such…..Kyauuu…."

*tongue licking*

Her vagina hole was licked with my tongue, teasing the urethra, the clitoris became pointed by the tip of the tongue. While listening to her flirtatious voice that was like a cry, like having been squeezed to death, I made sure of reaction by teasing the clitoris for a reaction that was similarly good.

Licking the clitoris and kissing it. Ema-san secret place was already covered with my saliva and sexual fluids.

"…I can't bear it anymore, can I put it in?"


My dick was already throbbing, Frustrated I kicked off my pajamas, becoming naked.

"Hh….here? Down there? Don`t enter there…."

I tried to insert my penis but Ema-san secret place was covered in sexual fluids and saliva so trying to sliding in was quite difficult.

*soft* It does not enter even when pushed, I was a little flustered when Ema-san hand supports my dick gently, giving it guidance.

Kuchya…when the sound of water echoed.

In the right place, her vagina had swallowed only half of the glans allocated. Only there in the waist does the pleasure seem to comes out running.

"Is it in….?"


*clench* When I put strength in the thrust of my dick in Ema-san vagina. The vagina hole had finished getting wet already by swallowing my dick while conveying a slippery sensation. I remembered something like being caught in the middle. I think it's possible she called this the hymen?

"Argh…tsu! Haa….Kotaro-kun…moves entering…"

"Gu…uo. It dangerously feels too good."

I am likely to ejaculate even though I had only put in half of it. Enduring while advancing up to the inner part and before long my dick was buried completely.

Haaa…! When I took a deep breath. I felt her tender vagina tighten up. When her legs opened wide Ema-san groin and my crotch became one. It seems that I have ejaculated with only a little movement.

When I looked at Ema-san while breathing heavily, it seems to have resulted in pain that it became slightly teary eyes.

Because I calm down a little bit, when I moved,"hn…aaa…" a voice was leaked from Ema-san mouth.

As for me presently that appearance was that of a raped girl, and thinking of that my chest became hot and my penis once again became hard.

it was Unbearable, the feeling of her vagina. While feeling across the waist was Ema-san soft ass, I moved little by little. The movement was awkward but before long Ema-san voice leaked out and it gradually became louder.

"Kotaro-kun….does it feel good?

"Yes, it truly feels great…..Ema-san pussy is the best."

"I'm glad…."

Seemly having endured the pain. I, however, did not stop my crude waist movement.

As if the penis full-length was swallowed there in Ema-san tender vagina by myself. Having sex like this had felt good…..


"Ema-san pussy is so tight it is amazing…."

It seems that the head in excitement became eccentric. I temporarily stop my movement in order to again ravish Ema-san, taking off the exposed nurse uniform top.

In the moonlight, the body of Ema-san had become half-naked, she was just so beautiful that I became dizzy.

I jumped into Ema-sans boobs and as I held a nipple in my mouth, I restarted my waist movement. *GuchyuGuchyu* When I had moved forward a sound was made and Ema-san had started to leak a sweet voice.

I wonder why a 'woman's body' is tender like this. Her breasts and vagina, just about everything is tender. It seems that I have become addicted.

I had wanted to enjoy Ema-san's body forever, I would have endured up to my limit but the feeling of her vagina rubbing my dick had increased and I thought I could not endure anymore.

"Hnn..haaa. Kotaro-Kun….It feels good…aaa…"

"It seems I'm at my limit…"


Removing my face from her breasts, I again push forward violently by seizing Ema-san waist.

While making lewd sounds, my dick was being swallowed in Ema-san secret place.

I felt my ejaculation raising. Already at my limit.

"Ah, dangerous…taking it out inside of vagina… no good?

During the pleasure I seem to melt, I pull my dick from Ema-sans vagina hole because my reason had remained faintly. 'Hiyah!!' Ema-san raised a flirtatious voice in excitement. And then almost simultaneously. I came out ejaculating ... Byurururu! white semen gushed out From my penis Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

*Byurubyuruto* Downpours on Ema-san body. The white stain came on the chest and face. While breathing heavy, as if making a marking like, Ema-san body was covered with semen.

"A…faa….Kotaro-kun….Ah just now…."

A voice like Ema-san playing innocence resounded in the hospital room. Ema-san figure was soiled in semen, I became fraught with emotion by a sense of accomplishment and sense of conquest.

The first time having sex, that excitement with despondency in attacks while I breathed out roughly.

Ema-san seems embarrassed with my semen covered over her body but checks the feeling by extending the finger.

That lewd figure, even though I just ejaculated, already my penis started to form a half erection.


Calling out to her, I slowly extended my hand to Ema-san and Ema-san who was delighted opened her hand wide.

Before long, without anyone saying anything their bodies became one.

Eventually, that night I was completely indulged in Ema-san body until in the morning.

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