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94.73% parameter remote control / Chapter 18: Houshouin Seira

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Chapter 18: Houshouin Seira

Houshouin Seira is a freshman at our school.

It's an awesome woman.

What is special about her? Firstly, the name is amazing, "Houshouin" and then "Seira". I don't know well, but there's no doubt it has power in it.

And her family is also shocking.

The Origin Noble Family.

Has tremendous wealth.

After the war, in the middle noble families fallen one by one, Seira's great-grandfather has shown a business talent, rather than letting down the family, Houshouin Family has even more glory than the prewar days.

Houshouin Group, There are more than 100 affiliated companies now, Their field range has construction, medical, education, and finance.

From relatives in great numbers are the mayor and prefectural governor, It can be said the local city around here is control by Houshouin.

This school that I am going to is also a private school operated by a school corporation based on the Houshouin Group.

Well, in short, the superior Ojou-sama can't be attracted to the common people.

Well, in short, common people can't be attracted to this superior Ojou-sama.

Lastly, Her looks amazing as well. It's a beautiful girl.

Shiny and smooth legs, the tighten waist, that ripened breasts.

Lastly, Her looks amazing as well. It's a beautiful girl.

Shiny and smooth legs, the tighten waist, that ripened breasts.

Long hair that makes you feel the elegance and well-organized beauty.

There is no harm to see her from a faraway place and it will be preserved to the eyes too, but she had a bad personality.

One day, When I walked past the corridor, I encounter Houshouin Seira and her group is surrounding a girl there.

Space between the school building and the school building which is continuing to the schoolyard.

The girl surrounded by Houshouin Seira and her underlings, stood on the spot shrink her small body like waiting for the storm to pass while looking down.

I can hear the group that encircles a girl talking.

「Really, you're so full of yourself, Oyamada-san」

「Didn't you come in with a scholarship? Honestly, a girl like you here will be damaged the elegance of our school」

「Yadayada~ poverty will be shifted. Heard? Oyamada-san lives in a ragged house, I wonder if a typhoon comes, will it break?」

Houshouin Seira has not joined in this abuse.

Only looking at encircles bullying that full of laughing and grinning.

Eventually, the abuse of the underlings mentions the birth of this girl.

「If your parents are humble, the child is also. You were born ill-fated」

As soon as one of the encircles mentioned the girl's parents, the girl who had endured until now raises her face retort while trembling.

「D, don't say bad stuff about mother…!」

「…Huh? Who said you can talk back?」

「Mom… mom is not wrong… for me, she working hardly…」

「Anyway, she earns money by selling her body to any man because she is a whore」


The girl glared at them, She was glaring with cool eyes saying that she is not allowed to bad mouth against her mother.

the group gets frightened by her glare for a moment but begins to abuse further when looking at rebellious girl's eyes.

While the girl glaring, she was trembling with tears accumulating in her eyes but there's no more to talk back.

See the appearance of such a girl, Houshouin Seira only looking at with an arousal smile.

…The scenes like in the Manga really exist.

I thoughtlessly while watching this scene.

"What is this? So funny"

Houshouin is an influential person in this region. The only daughter of the Houshouin's house, Seira is an extreme Ojou-sama that raised like a princess from a young age.

Looking down on others, adults bow down in front of her.

She took it as a matter of course, became her pride and personality.

Such an Ojou-sama brings her underlings to bully a girl.

Listen to their talking, it seems likely there is a relationship between that girl and Houshouin Seira, but as an outsider, those matters don't have anything to do with me

Yes, nothing at all...

Houshouin Seira's uncle is also the chairman of this school too. I can't believe I will be safe in this school if I go against her.

And, I would be thinking like this if it was the me before.

If the face in front of me who have Rimokon…

I look as if licking all over Houshouin Seira's body.

You can understand her excellent proportions even on her uniform. Pretty appearance also those dazzling but mysterious thighs too.

I slowly get closer to Houshouin Seira and her underlings.

Then, the other side also notices me here and throw the line of sight toward me with the

eyes full of the nuisance.

Slowly, I approached closer to Houshouin Seira. Seira who looked at me with suspicion includes arrogance line of sight while asking.

「Can you please stop disturbing me, We are "talking" with this girl…」

Before Houshouin Seira finished speaking, I came close before her, raise my hand…

And I slapped her with all of my might.

The boy seriously took actions quite powerful, and Seira who got slapped raised a short scream and fell on her butt on the spot.

While holding down the beaten cheek, she shows a face "I don't know the reason". Until now, she probably has never received this kind of violence. She has been raised like treasure after all.

Seira who fell down, her skirt was turned up slightly and shows her whole alluring white thighs.

Seeing such an appearance of Houshouin Seira, I…

「Show me a bit of your pantyー」

「…Kya! Kyaaa!! Stop it!!」

I Roll up Seira's skirt with all my might and look at her panties. As expected of a Ojou-sama, wearing such high-grade underwear.

Seira raises a scream, holding down the skirt, trying to escape from me. To get away is also useless~ As soon as I slap her butt, she screams again.

While she was frightened I put my hands on her underwear. While forcibly take off her panty, Seira resisted in a panic, regardless I still pulled down. Pure white buttocks and a glimpse of an embarrassing place.

At this time, the underlings finally got back to their sense, grab my shoulder while saying 「H, hey! What are you…」, I give a headbutt to that person. That girl also falls down screaming too.

I decided not to wait again the stripping off Seira's panty.

「Hey, don't resist…」

「S, Stop…!Stop it!! What are you…」

As for Seira's underlings, many are Ojou-sama's. All the girl's parents are executives of the companies involved with the Houshouin Group.

whether they grow up in a good environment or not, those Ojou-sama who are not used to the storm cannot respond to this sudden circumstances.

Seira holds her skirt down don't let me take off her panty, but there is a difference in power between boys and girls. While struggling somehow I took off her panty, I raised this loot up high.

「I've taken it offーーーーー!!!!」

Let's sniff the smell. Kun-kun-, Ojou-sama's smell.

Stunned Seira.

Finally, the surrounders recognized me not "Good person who likes meddle other business" but "A crazy boy who passing by" try to grab me and take Seira's hands, who desperate start to escaping while her skirt hanging on her waist.

「S, Somebody help! A man has gone rampage… Help!」

「It's crazy…! What's wrong with this guy!!」

Houshouin Seira and her group running away while saying the bad things. Cruel enough saying someone is crazy, I just a bit excited so I was forcefully stripping the girl I hated.

Although those people completely disappeared from this corridor, some students hear the noise looking out from the windows of the school building.

Houshouin Seira and her group are no longer here, only I and the girl who was bullied. Oh, mention it, she here.

Suddenly I recall, turn around look at her, for some reason the girl looking with a

frightened expression.

「…D, did you come to help me?」

「No, why?」

This girl says something strange. When I asked back with a strange face, the girl takes a step back with a more frightening expression.

「Violence is not good… and you did such a terrible thing to the girl…」

「But it is exciting, is it not?」



The girl looks more scared.

When I look at the girl again, I realized she is surprisingly cute.

Although the bob hairstyle, the long bangs are hidden in her eyes, it's difficult to read her facial expression. But now her whole body expresses frightened to me.

And I glance from between the bangs, I realized she surprisingly has a cute face.

No, it's not quite right. I feel it's pretty cute…

A small body that is only about my chest, attitudes timidly.

Take a step forward, I want to see her face closer.

Then, she raises a voice 「Hii-…!!」 she fell to her butt when attempting to step backward.

…that? What is this bullying aura? I have not done anything yet…

My cock begins to respond, but before that the hallway became noisy.

It seems Seira and her underlings called the teachers.

A physical education teacher old man full of anger walking to this way.

Really is troublesome.

「And, Supan! like this, I slapped Seira's face. Then Seira collapsed. I saw her seem scared for a moment, it turns on my switch, therefore I bully her」

Reception room of the school.

There is me, a physical education teacher, principal, board chairman, and the policeman also here talking about the incident.

「arent the frightened girls cute? And also, the other party is Seira Ojou-sama. The cock will react, isn't it? Did I do something wrong?」

When I ask back, physical education teacher, principal, board chairman, and the policeman looking at my mood start speaking in a hurry.

「No, no, nothing wrong! I am really sorry, Etozawa-san. I've wasted your valuable time…」

「Really, really, I understand Etozawa-san's feeling very much! I am really sorry, I didn't know it is Etozawa-san…」

Adults desperately apologize. Well, this is the result of raising loyalty value to 100 with Rimokon.

It seems the principal called the police.

He called the policeman because a cute niece Seira was beaten by a boy. Or maybe

Seira called the police.

The principal contacted the police because he didn't know the boy who hit her is me.

Well, the police chiefs around here obviously are staking with Houshouin family's


As I saw, the policeman who raised the loyalty value to 100 was earnest apologizing.

「No, I'm sorry, I didn't know, sorry, there was an instruction from the top… attempted **** and murder… said that I should ignore the Juvenile law anyting」

Far from being injured, it is attempted murder!

When I heard the story, It seems Seira in rage not only told her uncle, board chairman, but also her father and her relatives, all kinds of adults, 「I was about to be killed」 and 「I was about to be raped」.

Apparently, the Ojou-sama's anger seems deep. I wonder if it was so shocking that she had been hit and seen in her underwear.

「Really is troublesome. Fine, I thought I was going to do it in the near future anyway. Principal, let me meet with the highest people of the Houshouin Family」

「Is there something you need with us? …Oh, no! I will immediately call them!」

I showed the dead-fish eyes to the principal, he seemed noted then ran away like a rabbit.

I felt it necessary to connect or rule the Houshouin family. Yes, it is "necessary".

And then "Please" to the policeman as well.

「The police's highest person… no, I'll go. Please take me to the police station」

「Ah, yes. Of course, I don't mind…」

「I want you to investigate that girl a little. Are you good at it, investigation? 」

The policeman nods to my question with a question mark.

Now, let make one by one to my servant. The man is a servant, the woman is a female slave!

Hahaha, have Rimokon can do this kind of thing, Seira-chan.

I grinning and laughing while remembering Seira's face.

Did you get raped? You know well, your future.

「What do you mean father!!」

I can hear Seira's sound. And then the voice of an older man, Seira's father.

「Calm down, Seira」

「How can I calm down! Suddenly told me I have a fiance… The arranged marriage I don't want! I have told father before, right! I will never marry the person I don't love!」

「Don't be selfish, Seira… listen, the person you are going to meet has the power even our Houshouin Group can't compare. If he gets serious the Houshouin family can be easily destroyed」

The fierce voice of Seira and the persuasive voice of Seira's father.

Try to convey the seriousness of the matter, but Seira still not convinced with it.

「He likes you a lot. By all mean want to get engaged with you, and it's not a bad story for you, he is a wonderful man from my perspective, I'm sure he will make you happy」

「Aren't we going to meet for the first time? … anyway, if not a lustful old man then a greasy pig, right? A man who strives for engagement is not necessarily a good man」

「Seira! Even if you, I won't allow saying the bad things to him!!」

Seira's father suddenly roared to Seira when she abused the other party.

She has not thought that her father would get angry this far. After she gave a surprised voice, for a while I heard a voice mix with sobbing sound.

「Gusu~... you don't have to get this angry… father… I don't want… if just to meet with him, I can accompany you… but you will refuse for me, right?」

「No, I cannot go against him」

「That's…! father is an idiot! I can't keep accompanying with you anymore!」

Earlier, Did she just pretend to cry? She stopped her cry when she was going to leave the room… I heard, it seems like several people tried to do something.

「Release me! rude! Who do you think I am!!」

「It is okay, you can be happy for sure, can be engaged with such a wonderful person like him…」

Seira's father persuades voice as if intoxicated by something, seems like a human voice addicted to religion.

Did she finally realize the abnormality of her father?

She has gives a frightening voice.

「Father…? What's wrong? father as if not in your usual…」

Well, I also stand up. I was waiting quietly in the next room.

Here is the Houshouin's head family, it means, this is the Seira's house.

Sa~a, Let's go to see the fiance's face.

「Y, you are…! Father, this guy! who hit and tried raping me!!」

When I opened the door, I saw the appearance of Seira being held by the men in suit. Another side, uncle wears an expensive-looking suit. He is Sierra's father.


「Well! Well! Etozawa-sama, we have been waiting for you. Seira, go introduce yourself. He is your fiance, Etozawa-sama」

「W, What are you talking about, father…? Isn't this guy a criminal? Isn't he hit me?」

When seeing me, Seira raises a doubtful voice. Without care of that, I start to talk to Seira's father.

「Oh~, so wild, your family's Ojou-sama」

「So embarrassing, we don't give her enough education…」

「Iyaiya… Make her submit to me, it's fun too hahaha」

「As expected! Etozawa-sama has a broad-minded. This Houshouin admires」

Hahaha! I laugh with Seira's father.

Seira looks at such a scene with unbelievable eyes.

I turn around looking to Seira. Then Seira kicked me, staring at me like looking at dirty things and start to abuse me.

「Get lost! poor man! I don't know how you deceived my father, here isn't the place where people like you can…Kya!!」

Pachi− Slap her lightly.

Rather than care about the pain, this's the second time she got slapped moreover her father and the other men don't care about it at all. Seira is stunned there.

「It seem like tonight you need education. Right, Seira's papa」

「Really is ashamed to have such a bad-tempered daughter. Please, Etozawa-sama if you could discipline her」

「Can I discipline her around here? I came because it looks interesting, isn't it?」

Then I speak to the stunned Seira.

「Nice to meet you, or rather, It's a second time meet. Your fiance, Etozawa Kotaro」

「W, who is your fiancee− hii!!!」

Pachi− The cheek hitting sound resound again. It's the cheek on the opposite side from earlier.

I slowly hold Seira's face between my hands, looked into that pupil, I speak slowly to make her listen clearly.

「You really don't understand. Until now, I can do what I want in Houshouin family, you still don't understand it?」

「W, what…」

「even if you do have power but when the stronger power appears that power will be crushed. Seira-chan you think you have power, that's exactly right, but… too bad, now I am on the stronger powers side」

I slowly lower down my hands and grasp the Seira's nice shaped chest. 「Hii−!」 A short scream leaked from the Seira's mouth.

Momimomi− I pinch, rub and filling my face to Seira's breast.

「S, stop! father! help me, father!!」

「Seira-chan's boobs are so soft~, how about your ass?」

「Hii−! N, no!! Help! Somebody help!!」

Seira desperately seeking help but surrounding people no one responds to her. Seira's papa keeps smiling while watching here.

「What's going on… strange, everyone's strange…」

「It so suddenly but, how is your taste look like? 」

「Iyaa~!! The poor man like you even if I die−… kyaa!! What do you want to do!?」

「This is? The handcuff, isn't it?」

Kacahri− A cold touch has worn on the Seira's wrist. It was a blunt silver shining handcuff.

「Okay. Then, please carry Seira-chan to her bedroom. Oh, because I want to play tied-up play afterward, please bind her to the bed」

「S, stop!! Don't, don't touch me anymore!! If not, I'll be going to biting my tongue and die!!」

Don't have the courage to do only good at barking.

Along with those men carry the struggling violently Seira-chan, I take a step to the direction of her bedroom. While Seira's papa wave a handkerchief 「You must your best! Seira」 like a stupid.

A luxurious bed, high-class furniture.

Probably here is the Seira's room, there are a lot of girl's accessories too.

Seira was handcuffed and each leg tied with a rope to the bed in own room.

She keeps in the spread legs pose to make me easy to insert.

She struggling her body to escape from me, but she couldn't leave the bed.

I'm looking at such appearance of Seira.

「If, if you come closer than this, I seriously biting my tongue and die…」

「You should not say things you can't do, Seira-chan. hora~, I'm getting closer and closer. hora~, I've come this far」

The eyes of Seira staring at me. It seems, she's doing her best to look strong, but in the back of her eyes, there is certainly fear hidden.

I get near to her body, in the distance if I extend my hand I can touch her. Then, this time Seira calling out to me in a flattering voice.

「Nee~ What do you want? if money, I can tell papa, papa will give you a great deal of money. If I open my mouth in the Houshouin family to ask for anything you can have anything, you know?」

I approach Seira in silence and stroke her luster white thighs.

「Y, you want a girl, right!? if that the case, Oyamada is good! because her mother is a prostitute… her daughter will surely open her crotch to any guy!」

Prostitute… You know a lot of useless old words Seira-chan. And the mouth is so poisonous too, Seira-chan.

And… who is Oyamada? I don't know her.

「Who is Oyamada?」

「T, The girl whom you helped…That girl, invite a man by showing weakly. Her mother is such! That's why her daughter is also a prostitute!」

Ahh! That Mekakure-chan. (TN: Here is used Katakana "メカクレ" it mean "Eyes-hidden")

Somehow I have been reminding by Seira such saying, but what kind of their relationship? Rather, the way of Seira speaking it seems like she has a grudge against Oyamada's mother than Oyamada herself.

But now it doesn't matter.

「can I wish for something now, will it come true?」

「Ah! yes!! Whatever it is!!」

「My wish is to **** Seira-chan now. I would like to insert my penis inside Seira-chan's pussy, sow my semen until you pregnant」

When I said with a smile, she froze for a split second then start to curse me while distorting her face.

Like 'Raping demon!' or 'Pervert!' perhaps because she is an Ojou-sama is the reason she has chosen

such an elusive old word.

I don't care about those words. I slowly turn up Seira's skirt. Lovely pink panty.

Kya− kya− Seira gets more and noisier. It got even bigger when I remove her panty and start licking her secret place.

Seira's vaginal was a beautiful cherry color. It's a premium vagina of Ojou-sama.

She has only thin pubic hair grows, It's almost a paipan(no pubic hair). When I spread her slit with my fingers, Ojou-sama's female hole lasciviously invites me.

「I'll kill you… I'll never forgive you… I'll kill you…」

Although Seira muttering like a curse, I still kept licking her secret place without mind.

After having a full tasted, I ride on Seira and roll up her uniform.

Puru~ her good shape chest was exposed, and the white twin hills have cherry nipples on the top. chu~chu~ Sucking on this thin crimson and soon it becomes hard.

Seira continues to mutter her curse, I tried to say 「Seira-chan's nipples got erect!」 to reverse the situation, it's still not good.

Unn− What I want to see is the frightened expression of Seira, not this resentment expression.

It's become troublesome. I call the Rimokon.

Maybe I have to use the hypnotic button.

Seira keeps cursing me with her hated. Like "I'll kill you", "I never forgive you" such dangerous words. It's a bit scary, Seira-chan.

But when I press the hypnotic button, Seira's mouth that keeps cursing me stop and lost the light in her eyes. She entered the hypnotic mode.

「Can you hear me, Seira-chan?」

「Yes… I can hear… you…」

Seira's legs still attached with a rope, honestly reply my words. Well, what kind of hypnosis plant on her is good?

「From now on, Seira-chan assume my words are true. If I say I'll do something, please think I really can do it」

「Yes, I will think, Etozawa Kotaro really can do what he said…」

「Oh, later, you cannot commit suicide, commit suicide isn't good, you can't even think about it」

「Yes, I will not commit suicide…」

Even if she said "biting tongue and die" just a bluff, but it cannot sure depend on my actions later. Take insurance for the time being.

Now, the prepares are already. While at this I check the Seira's parameters.


Etozawa Kotaro boost 3/3


Houshouin Seira [CONCEIVE・MODE]ON

Affection… □□□□□□□□□□ -79

Romance… □□□□□□□□□□ -54

Lust… ■□□□□□□□□□  9

Loyalty… □□□□□□□□□□  0


So low… well, of course, it is.

Or rather, the affection and romance values were gone minus already. She truly hates me.

I release her hypnotic mode. Then she starts cursing again.

「I'll kill you, I'll kill you, I'll kill you…」

「Yareyare−, you're so noisy, Seira-chan. You should not say "going to kill me" is good, don't you understand current situation?」

I talk to Seira like I'm at my limit.

「Said "Kill" "Kill", I wonder you don't even think you may get killed instead?」

Piku− The Seira's curses stopped.

Seira looks deep into my eyes like search anything. My hands held her face and match my eyes with her…

「Kill cruelly, kill tragically, kill mercilessly, killing you in the most pitiful and horrible way in the world」

Seira shows a dramatic change when she heard what I said. Her eyes dyed in fear, her knees begin to tremble. Shaking her head with all of her might while the face filled with tears…

「No… noo… don't kill me… I don't what to die…」

「Useless, I'll kill you. Seira-chan will die. Seira's papa will be sorrowful… I do not tell a lie」

「Noo−… h-help… please don't kill me…」

Really! Threaten the effect so outstanding!!

Now, Seira's face paled by frightened in fear.

Got carried away, I put even more reckless words.

「I love you so much I want to kill you」


「Killing me, Softly」


「I fall in love with you until gerende melted」」

「No… it melting… gerende are melting…」

It looks like Seira already fall upside-down to the bottom of fear.

Chorochoro~ There was a sign the raw warm liquid leaked from my behind. I turn back to look, it looks like Seira was so scared she started peeing.

「Wow, you are pissing…」

「Help… please don't kill me… no…nooo…」

Look like I went too far, but It's also good to frightening this Ojou-sama. Take out my erected penis that is socked by Seira's piss showing it to her face and swinging it so it slaps Seira's face.

「From now on, I'll put this into Seira's pussy, if it feels good, I won't kill you」

「R-really…? I will be saved…?」

「Really, really. yotto−」

I point my erect penis that moist with Seira's piss to her pussy.

I notice that her pussy was moisturized with the slimy liquid that was different from her piss. I take out Rimokon to confirm it.


Etozawa Kotaro boost 3/3


Houshouin Seira [CONCEIVE・MODE]ON

Affection… □□□□□□□□□□ -29

Romance… ■□□□□□□□□□  10

Lust… ■■■□□□□□□□  32

Loyalty… ■■■■■■□□□□  61


Oh, the parameters are rising. Apparently, the feelings of fear seem to inspire Seira to move to Stockholm-like feelings.

Does she want to escape from fear, her brain make up a misunderstanding to force itself to love me?

Anyway, I slowly advance to taste Seira's pussy.

Zupu− My penis going inside and it's awfully tight. Seira muttering "painful…" with tearful eyes as I keep going forward. I can see the blood flow from the joining-part.

「Seira-chan, were you a virgin?」

「Ah! It doesn't hurt… I am happy that I can accept Etozawa-sama's! …please, don't kill me…」

Seira shows a forced smile while still crying, with the fearing face that cannot be hidden.

I'm happy! She is willing to force herself to tell me. I have to work hard on this! I grasp Seira's boobs that standing tall and erect roughly while slowly shake my hips.

Her tight pussy squash my penis, and Seira twisting her body from enduring the pain.

The rolled-up uniform showed a white and lustrous body. The appearance of Seira accepts me while squirming the body. Make my penis get more harden and harden.

「Seira-chan, It seems like you don't feel comfortable. Right, let's kill you if you don't cum」

「Hii!! Ah~…ahh~…」

Seira hasty release a panting voice when I heard my words. She raises a contrive voice when I pinch her nipples.

「A-ah~ It feels good, Etozawa-sama~…ah~…ah~…」

「If you pretend, I kill you」

「N-no…!! don't kill me… please, please−… I don't want to die, I don't want to die…」

Seira began to cry while being fucked by me.

While Seira who lie-down and serious crying, I move my hips even more intense. zuchuu~ Her pussy that swallowing my meat stick increase a lot of moisture, while making a lewd sound.

Hahaha− Well, let's stop bullying you at this.

「Seira-chan will also know the goodness of my penis right away」

Calling the Rimokon, I raise the lust values greatly, from lust values 30 to 80 in one swoop.

Bikun! Seira's body trembles.

「Eh? W-what…? …ah~… haa~… nmm…!」

Seira changes from a crying voice to a panting voice.

Her white body dye with pink color lightly, the whole body of Seira became sensitive and when I rub her boobs, her pussy squash my meat stick tightly then she raises a joyful voice.

「Ah~… feeling… is good! Etozawa-sama… I, I cu−… I cum!」

Bikubiku! Seira shaking all over the body from the climax, kyunto~ and her pussy tightens my penis feeling so good.

「Ah~… haa… ha~… even though it's my first time… I properly… cumming… Etozawa-sama, I cumming… I will be saved, right!」

「I have not cum yet」

「I'm so sorry! I just cumming…u-uu… I'm afraid… I'm scared… I don't want to die… 」

Seira begins to cry again.

When I slowly withdraw my penis, Seira's frightened eyes looking at me.

「D-don't kill me… I will do anything… I will do anything, so…」

「I only untie the rope. I am tired, this time Seira-chan will ride on me and shake your hips」

I untie the rope that tied Seira attached to the bed, and at the same time, I also unlock her handcuffs. Surprisingly, Seira honestly gets on top of me when she got released.

「That… excuse me, please feel good with my pussy…」

Seira who on top of me slowly downward. Zu-pupu~ It's my penis being swallowed. Looking at Seira's body from below, the white and lustrous body that releases tremendous sexual desire aura.

「Ah! haa~… Etozawa-sama's…big…nn… ah~… ahh~…aaaahh!!!」

Seira just let down her hips and piston several times then she cum again. Overcome her strength, she lay down cover over me.

「Hey, have you cummed again? stop joking with me」

「S-sorry, I'm sorry, I just feel too much… Next, I will try my best to make you feel good…」

The fear of death, Seira shakes her hips intensely.

Although it's unpleasing movement, look at the desperate expression of Seira, light and soft body that move on top of me. I stretch out my hands from below and rub her breasts, look at the Seira's face that restraining the feeling of pleasure as to not to feel too much, my meat stick getting even more hardened.

「Etozawa-sama's penis… big and sturdy… Seira love it soo much! Ah~… Etozawa-sama!」

Seira desperately flatters me it is so cute. I'm sure she said those words for the first time in her life, and she never thought one day she would say something like this too.

Now she fears me, flatter me, and drowning in the pleasure as a female.

「If you lie to me, I kill you」

「I-I'm not a lie…!! ahh~… Etozawa-sama's penis is amazing… it is true… ahh~!」

Seira praises my penis while swinging her waist with tearful eyes. It seems like she just acting really. Check the lust values on the Rimokon has already exceeded 90. She was trembling intermittently from a little while ago, I wonder how many times has she cum? This Ojou-sama serving my penis in her pussy , and swinging her waist intensely while hiding this truth from me.

Soon I reach my limit.

When I grab Seira's butt and start to pistons from below, she can't endurance anymore, Seira lay down and clinging to me with disheveled hair.

Munyutto~ Seira's boobs pressing tightly on me. She whole heart seeking me.

「Ahhhhh!! no… no!… I'm dying… I'll be crazy from feeling too much!」 Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

「I'm feeling good too! it won't be long till I cum…」

「I will die… I will die… ahh… kill me… please kill me… Seira is already− Seira is−!! 」

While I listen to the ecstasy Seira's voice the repeating "killing me! killing me!", I further accelerate the movement of my waist.

「Uu!! I cumming, Seira… I will plant my seeds inside… firmly, take it all!!」

「Y-yes, I-I will give birth to Etozawa-sama's child… a lot! a lot! please fill me a lot with your seeds!!」

Buruburu! My erect penis ejaculate inside Seira's pussy. At the same time, the strength Seira clinging to me get tighter.


Her body trembles fiercely without a voice. Look like, this is have been her biggest ever climax.

Seira clinging to me like a spoiled brat when my ejaculate end. While being wrapped in pleasant fatigue, I think about a single girl.

Oyamada that girl.

It's about time for the police investigation results to arrive.

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