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Chapter 15: Shikimori Arisa

There is a sound like a kitten licking up milk that can be heard in the study room.

However, these licking sounds are too lewd and captivating to have been made by a little kitten.

The kitten is Sakuya.

The milk is my sperm.

And the plate where this dish is served was in the pink meat of Sakuya's best friend Tsuzurigi Shiori.

I have ejaculated inside her vagina several times so now that Shiori is laying naked on her back, the semen that spills out of her female hole is scooped up by Sakuya's extended tongue.

「Ah… no~… Sakuya-chan… Kotaro-Kun's semen… you're eating it…」

「Fufu, sorry Shiori-chan, but Kotaro-Kun said he wanted to see it. n… it's a nice taste. Kotaro-Kun and Shiori-chan's perverted taste…」

「Noo~…, n… ah…」

She does not want her dear boyfriend's semen that was poured into her to be sucked out. And even if she makes various sounds of rejection, it seems that there is no power behind it and Sakuya can do her job in peace.

Besides, this body of hers is now sensitive after the sex, so it easily reacts to the caressing tongue of Sakuya and makes a new batch of vaginal fluids to pour out and mix with my semen.

Sakuya who is filling her face with Shiori's groin and licking my sperm is also naked.

She is standing on all fours with her butt up in the air, and much the same as with Shiori, from Sakuya's nether region there is also white thick semen spilling out.

I had called Sakuya to the study room shortly after we finished.

Shiori's Loyalty value was increased using the Rimokon, and she embraced Sakuya. These two beautiful girls of the same class were then lined up and I indulged myself with their asses, sticking it in and out alternatively.

The loud wailing voices of two people echoed in the study room, and with the effect of the Boost button… The sun had already set by the time we finished, and it was already night.

While watching these two beautiful girls' impure bonding, I began to think about who I should fuck next…

「Ah, senpai… what a coincidence to meet in such a place」

「N? Ah, it's just you, Arisa-chan?」

「Geez, "it's just you", that is mean… After all, I saw senpai and went to greet him」

Arisa's cheeks swell up cutely as she raises her voice in protest.

Shikimori Arisa.

She is a beautiful girl whose soft hair and innocent eyes left an impression during this year's 1st-year matriculation.

I was invited by a classmate that asked me to check out this new 1st-year student. Because she was so easily distinguished as a cute girl there was immediately a rumor of her beauty after her admission to the school.

With wavy long hair that span over and down her back, she carries a somewhat transient atmosphere.

I have been going there often in the past few days, and rapidly grew to be on good terms with this Shikimori Arisa.

It all began when I started talking to her at the station after she was in trouble because she had lost her regular entry pass. 「I found this on the ground, it's not yours, or, is it? Shikimori Arisa」 She had a look of relief as I approached her. And even though she told me words of gratitude because she thought she had dropped it, the truth of the matter is that I had ordered one of my servants at school to steal it out of her bag.

From then on, we greet each other every time we see each other at school, and our relationship steadily progressed like so.

Raising her Affection value towards me by manipulating the Rimokon, to Arisa I became her 「Ideal Senpai」. Like a puppy, she would come to me and start up conversations, and in her cute excitement, her skirt would be pushed up high to reveal more of her thighs that extends out of it, and the chest part of her shirt was pushed up as if attempting to impress me with her lovely appearance.

I'd say the preparations are done. And now, it's time to conquer Shikimori Arisa.

「Anyway, it's unusual to see you here at the station so early in the morning. Senpai, you would normally walk to school right?」

「Ahh, yesterday I was at my relative's home. Since it got too late I stayed the night and came from there just now」

To coincidentally run into each other on the station platform was surprising to her, but she was convinced by listening to my story. I guess she was just more happy to be able to meet me in the morning. It kind of feels like I can see an invisible tail that is flapping about as she comes closer.

By the way, of course, it was a lie that I had stayed at my relative's house. I deliberately woke up early to come and wait here for Arisa.

The platform starts to get crowded with office workers and students, I guess it's normal that everyone uses the train for commuting or going to school.

However, Arisa tilted her head a little in curiosity while looking at the people around us.

「…somehow, there are a lot of people here today. Usually, there are not this many people who use this station」

「He~e, maybe today is special. Yare yare, I don't like crowded trains very much… Ah, seems like the train has arrived」

The train arrives, and the doors open.

A lot of commuters surge forth from behind us and in no-time, we were buried deep in the car that was uncrowded until now.

We were pushed and washed away by the crowd, all the way to a corner just like that. And we ended up in a position where we were forced to stand in close contact with each other.

Arisa is pushed up against the window with me holding her in my arms from right behind her.

The soft body of Arisa is felt through our uniforms and the delicious scent of her hair reaches my nose. Hmm, it smells nice.

「 …uh, there are a lot of people. Arisa you ok?」

「Eh, yeh… I'm fine… Se, Senpai are you also ok?」

In this position where I am embracing her from the back, Arisa hesitated a little but she got concerned for me as well.

In this crowded place, it seems to be impossible to let go of her. She was a little embarrassed by the situation but it did not seem to be a matter worth complaining about. Rather than trying to get away, it was more like she seemed happy even.

I decided to summon the Rimokon and look at Arisa's parameters.


Etozawa Koutarou boost 3/3


Shikimori Arisa [CONCEIVE・MODE]OFF

Affection ■■■■■■■■■■ 100

Romance .. ■■■■■■■■□□ 75

Lust ..... ■■■□□□□□□□ 33

Loyalty .. ■■■■■■□□□□ 60


The train that is now packed with people starts to move.

Because the interior of the car starts shaking, my body is forced even closer to Arisa. The small and soft ass is pressed against my lower body through her skirt.

While this was going on, I kept whispering in Arisa's ears as we were pushed together closer.

「…sorry. I'm being pushed by the crowd. Is it uncomfortable?」

「Do, don't worry. Senpai has these people clinging to him… so…」

It makes me rather happy… Arisa lets her voice leak out quietly while her face reddens. Is she happy to be squeezed like this? If so, I'll respond to her request and squeeze her tightly.

The train has not been running for many minutes.

I have been enjoying the scent of Arisa's hair, and push my hips against her ass in accordion with the shaking of the train.

My foolish dick that was looking forward to what is yet to come has begun to grow bigger in my pants.

Arisa who is still being hugged hesitates a little but asks:

「a, ano… senpai…」

「What is it? Arisa-chan」

What is she planning to do with this shy face?

「ano… something on my butt… that… it hits… like…」

「Hm? Ah, sorry, sorry. Arisa-chan is so pretty, so, it is natural it grows bigger」

「Growing big…? Ano… that, you mean…」

She whispered to me while realizing what it could be that is hitting her ass. Her face reddened more and she looked down on the floor.

「Yes, well… I'm in trouble. Because your ass is so soft, it feels nice so it will only grow bigger and bigger. See?」

「Ah… ano… the hand is also… touching…」

「There are so many people that I can't move. Forgive me? I've accidentally touched your boobs, but you forgive me, right?」

The swell in my pants grew larger as I continued to pound against Arisa's ass.

Furthermore, the back of my hand enjoys the softness of Arisa's chest being pushed against it. Arisa cannot do anything, and her face is redder by the minute, she stiffens.

「But, you see… Thanks to Arisa-chan, I got bigger… It's a little painful. It is tight inside my trousers」

「Painful…? Ano, Senpai are you in pain?」

「That's right. You see, when a man's thing becomes big, he can not return it to normal by himself. Though, I need to calm it down…」

While teaching false knowledge to Arisa, I force the lower part of my body to be pressed up completely against her. With each thrust, Arisa's body trembles a little in tension, it was a little funny to watch.

Painful, painful, I whisper into her ears while pushing up against her thighs.

「Uwa~ I can't believe it got this big because of Arisa-chan… dangerous, dangerous…」

「a, ano, senpai… Can I help somehow? Senpai, if you are in pain, I want to help you…」

Such a proposal was just what I wanted to hear from Arisa. I laugh a little with a grin on my face towards a direction where she is unable to see it.

「Eh? No, that's not good. I can't bother Arisa-chan with something like that…」

「A, a bother? No, it isn't a bother to me… I can't let my senpai suffer. Because if there is anything I can do I will do it」

「Really? But, well…」

Even if I pretend to be reluctant, Arisa is not able to leave me alone at all.

And it doesn't look like Arisa has a lot of sexual knowledge, as her actions seem innocent.

In addition to the fact that her Affection is at 100, so my words would have an increased persuasion ability. She is simply guided along with my will.

「Well, since Arisa-chan is willing to go that far, I wonder if there isn't something you can do to help me」

「Yes! I will do anything, just say it…!」

「Then, could you unzip my pants and take the cock out?」


Now, let's bully this innocent Kouhai. Sexually.

「It's a cock. Look, my dick is getting bigger and more painful, I need to ejaculate at least once」

「Au… eh, ano…? Se, Senpai… that's…」

「You won't do it? …I see, so Arisa-chan was worried about me in words only. I guess I was ignorant, I'll just have to suffer」

「Tha, that's not true at all…! However, train, we are on the train…」

「Don't worry, because everyone is facing the other way there is nobody who will know」

Yes, as I said that, all the surrounding passengers turned their back towards us.

Even if we are speaking to each other in a low voice, words like cock and ejaculation should be heard clear as day. But, there was no reaction at all, as if they were all just dolls.

Well, that's true too. Because all the people who entered this car was completely under the influence of my Rimokon.

When I got to the station early this morning, I manipulated all of the people there one by one and made them into servants with a Loyalty value of 100. They only had one single command, 「Make a human wall to hide Arisa and myself」.

All of these people were my subordinates. It was my power alone that made this train, which would normally not have a lot of people, become crowded.

「Nobody would notice if you do it gently. Look, maybe you could do it as quickly as you can, too. Because I'm struggling here, and unable to bear it」

「Auu… I understand. Senpai is in pain. I'll do my best then…」

I adjust my position slightly to have the zipper of my pants become reachable to Arisa's right hand. She then nervously stretched her hand to reach up, while becoming embarrassed.

Jiji…, the sound of the zipper could be heard when it was pulled down.

She fumbles with her hand and reaches out to confirm the position of my penis. This hand that belongs to Arisa touched my erection over the pants and trembled.

She became shy again and was twitching around, so when I got a little irritated with Arisa, and said「You still~?」, Arisa's hand reached inside the hole before I could finish.

And my penis was taken out.

My dick was grasped in warm and soft hands, the ones that belong to Arisa, and she could probably feel the way it pulsated with my blood.

「Hi~a…! It, it's hot… ano… from here, what do I do…」

「Nice, you got it out finally. Well, I guess it wouldn't be strange to use the hand… Ah, yes, yes. That's a good condition」

「This is Senpais… pulsing and, warm thing…」

A bit awkwardly, Arisa began to stroke my penis the way she held it. The movement of her hand is not very good, but because it is my Kouhai that is doing this handjob – the situation excites me and the stimulations my penis receives makes it grow into a full erection.

Arisa is worried about our surroundings but is fascinated with this male object that she could see and feel for the first time.


「A, ano, Senpai… How is it? Eja, ejaculation… is it possible…?」

「Yes, Arisa-chan's hand feels good. It has a very smooth feeling to it」

When I praise Arisa, she gets embarrassed. But she looks happy at the same time.

Then, suddenly the car interior rocked with the sound of a loud gatan, and my penis fell out of Arisa's hand.

I took advantage of this situation and pushed my waist up against her ass with the shaking of the train, my dick slid under her skirt and in between her butt and thighs.

「Oops~, with this, shaking, somehow my dick is~」

「Hi~ya,Hi~yaa! Senpai… that place is…」

「Sorry, sorry, it looks like my dick got stuck inside Arisa-chan's crotch. Hmm, I can feel Arisa-chan's panties and thighs…」

「Ah…! P, Please don't move…」

While hugging Arisa from behind, it was exactly the right height for my dick to reach underneath her bare thighs. I can feel her slender and soft thighs and the feeling of it pressing up against her panties.

「Arisa-chan, do you understand? The dick that was just in your hands until a while ago, is now touching that important place of Arisa-chan on top of her panties?」


Because of this tension and the shame, Arisa stiffens. She attempted to close the gap in her thighs but it only tightened around my dick and made it more comfortable.

I can feel Arisa's vagina on the other side of just this one piece of cloth.

Her thighs are squeezing my dick from both sides tightly.

「…It feels really good but, these panties are a little disturbing. Arisa-chan, can you take them off for a while?」

「Eh? A, ano…!」

「It's fine, don't worry because I will just rub there for a short moment… You see, Arisa-chan's ass is smooth, too, isn't it? 」

「Hi~ya…! To, to take off my panties… Hi~… it's, warm…」

While stroking the soft flesh of Arisa's ass, I put my hands on the strings of her panties and slide them down.

When her panties were lowered to around the middle of her thighs, Arisa's butt became completely exposed. It was white and with beautiful cheeks that seemed soft to the touch.

I poked it with my glans and slid my meat rod forward to divide her ass cheeks.

「Ha~a… how is it? My cock that is sliding up against Arisa-chan's pussy. Understand what that means?」

「Au… au…」

Arisa is feeling a lot of shame at the moment, so she is not able to say a word at all.

The feeling of her soft thighs, and the plump meat of her female part. My erect penis was ecstatic and passed through her crotch area so the tip was peeking out at Arisa's front.

「Hey, look, look. It's as if Arisa-chan's vagina has grown a cock of its own」

「~Nooo… It's embarrassing…」

「Arisa-chan, won't you help me to ejaculate? You'll have to watch properly」

「Uuu…, Senpai's… soft… pulsating thing, I see it…」

Embracing her from the back, when I massage her breasts covered in her uniform, Arisa is getting even more shy and self-conscious.

I'm slowly moving my lower back to grind back and forth against Arisa's genitals.

And with each rub「n…」Arisa kills off her sighs that are leaked out of her sweet lips.

As time passed like this, that soft and smooth feeling of her thighs eventually changed into a more slimy feeling.

「…Arisa-chan, somehow I'm able to slide much easier now. I'm happy, you're giving me so much pussy juice to help me ejaculate. That's a good little Kouhai」

「Fu~a… n…! Senpai's… hot… pulsing thing…」

「Arisa-chan, can you massage the head of my dick with your hands?」

「Ah… yes… like… this?」

Arisa reached out to my glans that was peeking out at her front as I moved, and stimulated it by stroking it with the palm of her hand.

While embracing this beautiful Kouhai on the train, I'm getting a taste of her secret meat from feeling it.

That realization strangely excited me, and eventually, I felt the need to ejaculate.

「…Gu! Arisa-chan, it's coming out… Uu~!」

「Eh? A…, kya!」

Byuru byuru, white semen was shot out from the tip.

While hugging her tightly, I dirtied the palm of her hand with my semen since she was still covering my glans.

「Fu~a… Senpai went byuru byuru, and there is so much… This, This is how men ejaculate…」

Catching my semen with her palm, Arisa had a voice that sounded like she was off in her own world.

When I could not spit out more semen, Arisa's palm was completely covered with this muddy and white desire.

She was in awe at the sperm that is held in her hand.

Her face was brought close, and this beautiful girl started sniffing the smell of my semen with a look of fascination.

「Amazing, smell… this is Senpai's… baby making ingredient」

It was like she got hypnotized by the scent of my sperm, she was entranced and kept on sniffing it like it was the only thing that existed in her world.


「A… Ah! N, No it's not what you think. That… what is it…?」

「Perhaps, you were enjoying the smell of my sperm? You were smelling it right?」

「Uu… that is… yes…」

Arisa looked a bit confused and her face was dyed with shame.

This figure of her summoned new desires within me, so I brought my mouth close to her ear and whispered:

「Are you interested in my semen? Then, since there is no place to wipe it, how about you clean it up with your tongue?」

「…eh? A, ano…」

「Or is it that maybe Arisa-chan is not able to taste and eat my sperm? What a shock. It must be because you dislike me then」

「Tha, That's not true…! Ano… I just have to lick it and clean it, that's it, right…?」

「Yeah, lick it all up and make it clean. Since Arisa-chan was able to make me ejaculate, you have to clean up properly, too」

「Yes… Senpai's, semen…」

She needed to be persuaded, but her expression was that of fascination. Her hand that was filled with semen was brought towards her mouth.

Pero… her tongue stretches out and gently taste the semen on her palm.

「n… fu~a… 」

Her eyes close and lick by lick, her hand that is smeared with semen is being cleaned with an increasingly more aggressive tongue.

「Arisa-chan, is my sperm tasty?」

「Nku… n… Y, Yes… When I think that this is Senpai's… somehow, I…」

In due time Arisa had licked up all of the semen and, fuu… she had an expression like she had fallen in love, and turned her glazed-over eyes towards me.

Bikun, my dick got hard instantly.

Arisa can feel it as well, and again her whole body stiffens.

「Ah… Senpai, again…」

「It's dangerous how Arisa-chan can be this cute. I will need to ejaculate once more now」

「Nn…, Ok. If Senpai needs to do it again… that is, ejaculate again… I will help you…」

「Really? You're the best, Arisa-chan」

Even though I had just finished an ejaculation, the penis was flooded with blood and I grew another erection. While rubbing it between Arisa's legs I checked her parameters.

Her Lust value had risen to almost 80, even though I had not tinkered with the Rimokon at all.

She has been squeezing my dick with her thighs, given me a handjob and tasted my sperm, looks like she got horny from doing all of this. She used to have this innocent atmosphere around her, but now it was like she was begging for my cock in a way only a female in heat could manage.

Whether she was aware of it or not, Arisa was humping my dick with her ass to give it stimulation. She wore an expression that said she was a female that simply wanted a man's sperm inside her.

With Arisa in this kind of mood, I take my fingers and cover her mouth. I let them trace along her soft lips and when I put a finger inside her mouth she automatically begins to suck it and kiss it.

When I saw that Arisa was like this, I changed the movement of my waist. Instead of just grinding against her flesh, my glans was now tracing along the entrance to her vagina.

「…Fu~a…, ano, Senpai…?」

「Arisa-chan, you are so slimy down there. It might slide and enter inside a strange place」

「Eh… ano…」

She gets frightened, but, she cannot hide the lust that lingers on her face.

Furthermore, when I press the glans against her vagina hole, there is a warm and wet comforting feeling as if she was trying to suck me inside.

「A, ano… Senpai. If you move like that, it might enter…」

「Well, there are so many people that I can't move very well」

「Ah… Fu~a… No, not good Senpai… If you move like that… we might have se, sex… there are many… people…」

「Arisa-chan, perhaps you don't want to have sex with me? You would hate me?」

「W, Wrong…! If it's Senpai, I…, but, these people might…」

The tip of my glans enters Arisa's hole.

This touch of being inside her shallowly, it was completely different from just being squeezed within her thighs. It sent a chill of excitement up my spine.

「You're not giving up, are you? After you said you would help me. I want to ejaculate with the help of Arisa-chan's pussy」

「Fu~e… Senpai… Stop it…」

The glans penetrates her.

Zuburi, her horny female hole was so wet that it easily accepts my hard cock.

I grab Arisa's waist and push my dick even deeper inside her.

There was some resistance along the way, but without a care, I just thrust and tore right through it.

「…! Se, Senpai… Fu~a… ah…」

Arisa's vagina had swallowed half of my penis when it started to drip deflowering blood.

She had just lost her virginity on a train. With her mouth opened, she still didn't let leak out any sounds of pain.

「Arisa-chan's virginity was given to me. It makes me happy. Now I can cum with the help of this virgin pussy」

Arisa's vaginal hole was ridiculously tight. This hole that had never known the taste of a man was so tight I could barely insert my dick.

Standing like this with my penis halfway inside her, I reach out my hands towards Arisa's uniform and stuff them inside.

Once inside, I slide her bra away to grasp her boobs. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

I could feel her young and elastic breasts with my hands, and on top of her tender twin peaks, there were two hard nipples.

Eventually, Arisa could not hold her breath anymore, but instead of pain, she let out a sigh of pleasure. From her tight pussy leaks even more sticky love juice around my dick that is like an invitation for me to enter deeper inside her.

「Arisa-chan, are you feeling good now? Even though you are a virgin, did this turn you on?」

「Ah… Fu~a…, Senpai… I'm feeling weird… Even though all these people… I'm…」

Even if her breathing had become calmer now, she was slurping as she spoke.

And when I push my cock all the way inside her, Arisa's body begins to tremble with pleasure.

「Arisa-chan's horny virgin pussy feels great. I'll be able to ejaculate much easier like this」

「Ah… n… Senpai has… entered… I'm, having sex with senpai…」

There is a remarkable sound of two genitals' wet flesh grinding against each other. This girl's female hole simply swallows my dick whole. It did not take long until I started to feel the urge of ejaculating while listening to the entrancing voice of Arisa.

「Ahh… It's coming again… I'm going to ejaculate inside Arisa-chan's pussy, I'll give you lots of semen… Does that make you happy?」

「Fua… ahh…! Senpai… Are you going to ejaculate inside me? …n! Ahh… that's… an」

Panpan, Sounds of my hips slapping against hers echoed in the car.

Guchuguchyu, the lewd sounds of water, and Arisa's lovely voice as she is pierced by me.

However, the people in the car act as if we were not here, they don't hear anything, they don't react, I can't see anyone who is disturbed.

「Uu… cumming….! Arisa's virgin pussy is making me cum, it will end up inside her…, uu!」


Inside Arisa's vagina, my penis starts to tremble.

Byurubyuru! Semen spurts out, and not knowing how dirty it is, Arisa has her whole pussy dyed completely white. (TN: not sure what was meant)

「Ah… Ahh… It's coming out… Senpai's… a lot…」

While taking my semen deep in her vagina, Arisa muttered with a slur as she could no longer think straight.

kyunkyun, Arisa's pussy started squeezing me as if milking, and I gave her as much semen as I could while enjoying it until the end of my ejaculation.

Eventually, the train starts to slow down. The next station is where we must get off.

I pushed my dick a little more to completely wring it out of semen, and then pulled it out from inside Arisa's vagina. She was completely drained of strength and needed my help so she could stand. I helped her to pull up her panties that had been lowered, and kopo… all the semen that I had poured into Arisa's cunt started to slowly flow out.

It starts to drip down along her crotch and falls. This was my sperm mixed with Arisa's vaginal fluids that blended into such a white mess.

When she wore her panties like this, beneath her entrance there was a big stain that started to spread trying to escape through the cloth.

I was rather satisfied with this result, so I started to leave the train together with Arisa who seemed to be unaware of her surroundings and walking like she was drunk.

「Arisa-chan, that felt good. My erection has also disappeared, so thanks.」

「Fu…~a… Se, senpai… that's good… I was glad to help senpai…」

With glazed-over eyes, she entrusted her body to me as we walked.

「Also please help me with ejaculation when I ask, that would make senpai happy…」

While staring intently at my face, she started blushing in red and gave me a shy smile.

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