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84.21% parameter remote control / Chapter 16: The student council’s new big job

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Chapter 16: The student council’s new big job

It's a bit sudden, but I think now is a good time I introduce the student council members of our school.

There is the Student Council president, Vice-president, and the Secretary and accountant, but in total the student council is operated by around ten people. Aside from these top three roles, they are doing two or more jobs at once while also managing the student club activities, while substantial management is done by only the top three people; the Student Council president, Vice-president and the Secretary.

The current student council president that is going to serve for three years, Kamiyama Natsuki.

A woman gifted with both intelligence and beauty, and with language skills to match, Kamiyama-senpai won the student council president seat with overwhelming support during last year's election.

She has said that her parent's house is a dojo for Kendo practitioners while standing proud and dignified. In her election speech, she expressed her opinions with a commanding and cold demeanor. Coupled with her natural beauty, she has many fans in school. She was especially popular amongst girls.

She has acquired the number one ranking as the top of the pack within the upper-class students which makes her into our Onee-sama, with the beautiful short black hair and intelligent sharp eyes, the reason for her popularity amongst girls is easily understood.

At our school's student council, Kamiyama Natsuki is holding the position of top star.

And if Kamiyama-senpai is like that of a shining star, our Vice-Captain and Secretary are like the shadows that support Kamiyama-senpai in places she cannot reach.

Because Kamiyama-senpai is very noticeable, even though they tend to end up in her shadow, the two of them are still very attractive girls in their rights, if not just as good as Kamiyama-senpai.

Vice-Captain Yuigahama Miyabi.

She is a third-year student of the same class as Kamiyama Natsuki. Not only are they close friends, but they are also childhood friends.

She gives off an atmosphere that gives off a feeling of relief, a completely different type from that of Kamiyama Natsuki, and more like the calm wind of a Yamato Nadeshiko.

Acting as something like the wife of our Student Council President, she is serving her as the Vice President and watching over Kamiyama Natsuki with a smile like a mother. She gives the utmost role of support.

It's like she has so much maternal instinct that the overflowing motherhood is appearing on her chest, she has the biggest boobs out of all the student council. However, she is not fat, and the proportions of her waist and rounded ass are simply wonderful.

And lastly, the secretary Shimizu Touka.

She is a second-year student in one of my neighboring classes.

She is an energetic one whose impressive ponytail is always swinging about. Her always "give it your all" atmosphere is her unique charm.

It could easily be mistaken that she was Kamiyama Natsuki's and Yuigahama Miyabi's younger sister because the treatment towards her is similar.

Shimizu Touka is always doing her very best in everything while being watched over by Kamiyama Natsuki and Yuigahama Miyabi who thinks that she is adorable. And Shimizu Touka respects Kamiyama Natsuki and Yuigahama Miyabi very much as her seniors and looks up to them with longing and honor.

When these three people of the student council are gathered, they give off an atmosphere like that of an exclusive and rich all-girls school where all males are forbidden. It would not be strange to say that anyone wearing a tie was going to be kicked down.

It was not only as a student council because even in private they seemed to be on good terms with each other. Sometimes they even get together and leave on holidays just the three of them.

This bond of friendship was a tight bond that was tied up, it was a feeling like nobody would ever be able to enter their circle.

Especially for boys, there would be no gaps at all where they could sneak in.

Because all three of them are beautiful girls, there have been many times where they were confessed to by boys. However, they seem to be focusing all of their time with student council work and are not interested at all with starting any such relations as making boyfriends.

And, at this moment, I was appreciating these beautiful student council members in their birthday suits and was staring lovingly at them.

This is inside the student council room.

They are sitting here and doing their business as usual, but they are completely naked.

They are so-called nudists.

Their asses, their breasts, it is a full-bodied nakedness.

Only shoes were worn, but it only helped to increase this erotic look.

These three naked girls are not minding it, and like usual they are simply concentrating on their student council work.

As far as they are concerned, there is nothing wrong or anything strange going on here.

And even if I am here and watching them, with my swollen dick swinging here and there in front of them, they do not show any signs of embarrassment at all. They have said that this much is just natural.

I'm getting excited from watching these sexy tits and butts of these three beautiful girls in front of me, and so I take another look at the Rimokon.

The Rimokon has a Decision button and 10 keys arranged around it.

The number of buttons had increased by one, there was a new button on the upper right.

This new button was easily understood because it had two very distinct kanji written on its face.

What was written there was 「Hypnotism」.



It came, finally, it came, that function has been implemented…! A terrifying evolution of the Rimokon, no, is it more right to say an evolution of my power?

Let me say it again. Hypnotism! Moreover, it's not just simply hypnosis, my hypnotic ability power is special because of the Rimokon. It is obvious that it is quite different from normal hypnosis.

I tried it at once, and experimented with a nearby guy, but as expected the effect was just normal hypnosis itself at first.

I just needed to point the Rimokon towards the person who I want to hypnotize, and when the button is pushed the subject will immediately enter a hypnotic mode. The eyes will glaze over, and the person will obediently answer any questions I ask, and then listen to whatever I say.

What is ordered during the hypnosis mode will be deeply carved inside the subconscious, and no matter what kind of command it is, the person will think along the lines of 「I must do this」 or 「This is common sense」.

With the Loyalty parameter, the course of actions a person will take from having it altered is somewhat lacking. Because it is simply a measure of Loyalty towards me and not against common sense and rules of the public. But with this hypnosis ability, it is possible to overwrite this mental limit or remove it completely.

I made a trial attempt using Shikimori Arisa and told her 「Women does not wear clothes when they are riding the train」, and after she was hypnotized like this, she went out and performed the task perfectly.

When we got on the train, Arisa was naked.

If this had been a command issued by Loyalty MAX, in the end, 「It's not normal to be naked in public」 would be executed as a common-sense trigger, so she would be too embarrassed or too worried about being seen.

However, the power of this hypnosis completely overwrites the common sense of the affected person.

As if it was completely natural, Arisa took off her clothes and got naked, and stepped inside the train.

To her, that was simply common sense.

The surrounding passengers were not reacting to the exposure because they were bound as servants to me for this trial so that there would be no trouble. But even so, there was no hesitation at all for her to strip down and walk around stark-naked.

Feeling very excited at the sight of her, I attacked Arisa as she was, only 「Women does not wear clothes when they are riding the train」did not include the act of having sex on a train, so the common sense in Arisa made her very embarrassed.

While bent over she was saying things like 「Senpai… Stop it. In such a place… An~!」and then she was panting hard and was fucking me herself, so what was she even complaining about, this Kouhai?

After giving her a vaginal creampie, I brought her into the hypnotic mode again and issued an order to cancel her hypnosis from earlier, 「Return what was removed. On the train I am usually not naked, and I do not take off my clothes」. And when these orders were received, Arisa was like 「Kyaaa!!」as she returned to sanity, and she went completely red as she shrunk and hugged her body.

「I want to die…」It took me a while to comfort her dark face and her depressing demeanor – but more importantly, this power had worked flawlessly. It's really dangerous.

That's why I immediately headed to the student council room and hypnotized the three people who had just gathered together here: Kamiyama Natsuki, Yuigahama Miyabi, and Shimizu Touka.

「Ok, then from now on don't forget what I say~. It's the student council's new big job. Kamiyama Natsuki, Yuigahama Miyabi, and Shimizu Touka, these three people will become the sex slaves of Etozawa Kotaro」

I pressed the new hypnotic button in turn towards the three women, and each of them had entered the hypnotic mode.

These three people then listened to what I said with their glazed-over eyes.

「The job of a sex slave is regarding Etozawa Kotaro. In other words, the purpose is to eliminate my sexual desires. That is the student council's most important task. By using your bodies you will please me sexually to calm my sex drive」

The three of them listen in silence to what I have to say.

Suddenly, I got a bit curious and had to ask:

「Shimizu Touka-san, what do you think about becoming my personal sex slave?」

「Yes. Because it is work, I will do my best, but honestly, I am a little reluctant. I have not had my first kiss yet, moreover, I have never talked to you, so there is some resistance towards having sex.」

Well, that's obvious.

I look at the values of the parameters on the Rimokon. Shimizu Touka's Affection value is only 5 and Romance is a mere 2. Even though she is in the class next to me, it would not be easy to offer her virginity to someone whose relationship was like 「I have seen that person」, even though it is work.

I'm actually really kind, so I will adjust the parameters of Shimizu Touka. I don't dare to tamper with her Romance value, so only her Affection value will rise to 100.

「Well, let me ask you again. Shimizu Touka-san, what do you think about becoming my personal sex slave?」

「It's a wonderful job. Etozawa-Kun is an important student that goes to the same school as me. I am glad that I will be able to help him to eliminate this sexual desire. I think I am going to work hard」

Hmm, as I expected she will do it only for work, it has nothing to do with passion at all. But with this, Shimizu Touka will be able to ease into her new job as a sex slave without fuzz.

While I'm at it, I'll raise the Affection value of Kamiyama Natsuki and Yuigahama Miyabi to 100 as well.

「Kamiyama Natsuki-san, what do you think about becoming my personal sex slave?」

「I think it is a good idea. I think that this was one reason why I decided to become the student council president. Since I have never dated a man before, I am a little worried if I will be able to please Etozawa-kun properly, but I will try to do my very best」

As expected of the prez, such a serious and sincere answer.

Let's listen to Vice President Yuigahama Miyabi's opinion as well.

「What about you, Yuigahama Miyabi-san?」

「I think that it is wonderful. Together with Natsuki and Touka-chan, I will try my best to eliminate Etozawa-Kun's sexual urges. I have a big chest and do not want to be looked at by the perverted eyes of any men, but I feel proud when I think that Etozawa-Kun might be pleased with it」

「I see. Is Yuigahama Miyabi-san a virgin?」

「Yes, I am a virgin. Since I am not interested in men」


I am amazed at the secret that jumped out of the Vice President's mouth now that she has lost her ability to think.

「Eh, so you are a lesbian?」

「Whether or not I am a lesbian, I don't understand it myself. But I think that I would very much like to stay together with Natsuki and Momoka-chan for the rest of my life.」

「Humm, I wonder if that isn't taking a friendship to another level… You don't take perverted photos of Kamiyama-senpai and Touka-chan by any chance?」

「Not at all, but they do occasionally make me horny」

Doesn't that mean you are a lesbian! It's surprising.

Yuigahama Miyabi's surprising confession is even heard by Kamiyama Natsuki and Shimizu Touka who are listening right next to us. But they are under the hypnotic mode right now, so they cannot respond.

「Kamiyama-senpai, regarding what Yuigahama-senpai just said, what do you think about it?」

「Miyabi is my important best friend, but because we are the same sex… as an object of sexual attraction…」

「What about you, Touka-chan?」

「Miyabi-senpai is a important senpai that I respect. But doing etchi stuff with another girl is a little…」

Yuigahama-senpai is staggered.

「As you heard, Yuigahama-senpai. What do you think?」

「I had already guessed so, but it is a shock to be told so clearly. I'm going to cry」

Yuigahama-senpai has already started to tear up, even though she is in a hypnotized mode.

I guess it can't be helped…

「Don't worry, it will be ok. I wish you good luck as my sex slaves, and I will make the three of you into my girlfriends. In my harem, all of the girls are close friends. So, working together, amongst other things you will be able to kiss and eat Kamiyama-senpai and Shimizu-san. Are you happy with this?」

「Yes, that makes me happy. To be able to do erotic things with Natsuki and Touka-chan, somehow it feels like a dream」

「Good for you… Ah, right, Yuigahama Miyabi-san. Do not feel jealous when Kamiyama Natsuki or Shimizu Touka are doing erotic stuff with me. Sounds good?」

「Yes, I understand」

Even though Affection value has been raised, I don't know in what way Kamiyama Natsuki's and Shimizu Touka's affection feeling means towards me. I'll have to tread carefully.

Yoshi, so, let the student council's new big job begin.

「But Etozawa-Kun, while it is nice that I can be your sex slave; honestly, I don't know what I should do…」

The naked Kamiyama-senpai is anxious while she tells me this.

Her body is sexy like a model, the perfectly shaped breasts are bouncing around as she moves. She is truly a magnificent piece of eye-candy.

「Well~ no worries Natsuki-senpai. Senpai's boobs and ass are honestly the best! Your little cameltoe-chan spreading while you crouch is also the best!」

「I, I see… but I get a little embarrassed, I am completely naked after all…」

「No way Natsuki-senpai. It's your new work after all, isn't it? See? Don't hide your boobs like that」

「Ah, a~a… yes, that's right. I'm Etozawa-Kun's sex slave from now on. It would be bad if I got shy, wouldn't it」

Senpai mutters as she was unexpectedly ashamed and tried to hide her body. What a serious person she is, this senpai.

I take a long hard look at Natsuki-senpai's body and kiss her boobs.

Natsuki-senpai got a little startled and trembled. But she quickly looked at me in mischief as if she was a bad child, and there was a smile on her face.

「Fufu, you wanted to have sex? Etozawa-kun」

「Mm, for the time being, how about Natsuki-senpai just use your mouth.」

I'm sitting on the sofa that is here inside the student council room and decided to take off my pants, I stood up and made sure to show off my dick.

Natsuki-senpai slowly crept closer, until her face was right in front of my dick and was looking at it with curiosity.

「Well, my first task as a sex slave… I want to do it, but, sorry. It is the first time for me, so I don't exactly know what to do.」

「I understand, so how about this? Pretend my cock is an ice cream cone, something that you lick and sometimes suck, but don't bite into」

「Is that… so? Chyu~」

「Yeah… nice, Natsuki-senpai. That feels good」

「Re, really? N… chyu…」

Kneeling in front of my crotch, Natsuki-senpai had begun servicing my penis with her mouth.

Boasting a tremendous popularity amongst the girls at school, this beautiful and cool Natsuki-senpai was now licking my dick. Just thinking that this was happening, made my dick even harder than normal.

Let's also have Shimizu Touka to come here.

「Touka-chan, come here and show me your pussy. I want a side dish」

「Yes~ No problem~! You want to see my vagina right?」

「Yes, yes, correct. Spread it open with your fingers and show me its insides. Mhm, this is a beautiful pink color」

Shimizu Touka cheerfully appeared next to me and spread her legs.

With one foot on top of the backrest of the sofa, she opened her slender legs and spread the puff with her fingers as I told her, showing me her pink and seducing meat.

She barely carries a strand of hair atop this pale cherry blossom colored female genital, it indeed looks very delicious. I stroked her clitoris with my finger, and it made Touka react to the stimulation with a sweet voice.

「Hyan!! …to suddenly touch it, that's foul play!」

「Sorry, sorry, Touka-chan's pussy was just too adorable」

I continue to massage and push and play with her clitoris and before long, when I finger this vagina like this, a lewd female juice starts to drip down Touka's legs.

While I'm getting more excited from watching this sight, and toying around with Touka's pussy like this, Natsuki-senpai continues to move her mouth all over the length of my penis.

「N… fu~a… Etozawa-kun became bigger… Did seeing Touka like that excite you?」

「Hmm, yea, Touka-chan's pussy is so cute after all. Natsuki-senpai's blowjob is feeling really good, too. Ahh, there, there, that spot around the edge of my glans feels so good」

「You mean here? chyu~… hamu…」

「Right there, this spot… Huh? Where's Miyabi-senpai…」

I suddenly realized that there was no sign of Yuigahama Miyabi anywhere, and I looked around the student council room in search of her.

Then I see her in the corner of the room with her head tilted backward and fingers holding her nostrils shut.

「What are you doing? Miyabi-senpai」

「Ah, Etozawa-kun, I am sorry. Natsuko and Touka-chan are naked… this… a nosebleed…」

While squeezing her nostrils shut, Miyabi-senpai tells me something ridiculous.

She is a senpai that is gentle and kind, but when encountering the sight in front of her head on like this, she doesn't know what to do.

「Miyabi-senpai also needs to do her job as a sex slave. Here, come and give me a boob massage」

「Ah, yes… Should I massage Etozawa-kun with my boobs?」

「Yeah. Hey, since my back has been stiff lately why don't you help me with that… that would feel good」

I scoot forward a little so that Miyabi-senpai has room between my back and the sofa backrest.

And my request to have a back massage with her boobs was set into motion. Miyabi-senpai pushes her breasts against me and after a few attempts of trial and error 「Is it something… like this?」 she finally got a little bit better.

The hard, pointed nipples becomes an accent to the big marshmallow breasts that were pushed at me and changing in shape, it felt good.

「Well, this is nice… Uu, I'm getting close. Natsuki-senpai, here comes the first load, get ready…」

「Fua… aa, let it out. In my mouth, give me loo~ts…」

Natsuki-senpai who could barely speak with her mouth full with dick was a great turn on, I released the first ejaculation straight into her mouth.

「n… nn…!」

dokudoku! The semen was fired. I grab Natsuki-senpai's head and ejaculate deeper down inside her throat. She gives a painful voice, but in that voice were also traces of desire. Natsuki-senpai is not able to free herself from my grip and is gulping down the semen I pour into her.

Eventually my orgasm ended. After I released Natsuki-senpai, she asked me whether it was painful or not, while having droplets of tears in the corner of her eyes.

「n… "gag"! "cough"! …nn. Haah haah. di, did it feel good? Etozawa-kun」

Even with semen spilling out of her nostrils, Natsuki-senpai's priorities laid with my wellbeing.

Natsuki-senpai who is always so dignified and with a cold exterior is now smeared with semen that drips from her mouth and her nose. It is like a switch was pulled that has made her aroused.

「Ahh, that felt very good Natsuki-senpai. Miyabi-senpai, can you lick the sperm off of Natsuki-senpai and make her clean again?」

「Clean… is it?」

「Yeah, you can do french-kiss or anything you want. Just make sure to clean her mouth」

「…Eh. I, I can do that?! Etozawa-kun!」

「Ah, Miyabi… nn!」

「Natsuki… n~chiyu… chiyu… You're drenched in Etozawa-kun's semen huh… nmu…」

Embracing Natsuki-senpai's body, Miyabi-senpai presses her large breasts against her best friend, and greet her lips with a deep kiss.

Natsuki-senpai, who widens her eyes in shock, is unable to withstand the momentum of Miyabi-senpai and is pushed to the floor.

「nn… Natsuki… chiyu… haah… my dream has come true. I can kiss with Natsuki…」

「Mi, Miyabi…? I can't help but feel that this is not part of our jobs as sex slaves… nn!」

chiyu chiyu, the two beautiful girls are entangled on the floor in front of me.

Oh, Miyabi-senpai pushed her knee in between Natsuki-senpai's legs. Ah, she started rubbing her breasts. Not bad.

Natsuki-senpai then calls out to me for help from her position on the floor.

「E, Etozawa-kun! Is this part of our job as your sex slaves too…? Nmu…, Mi, Miyabi… stop… That's enough…」 Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

「Watching Natsuki-senpai and Miyabi-senpai embracing each other so passionately is satisfying my sexual urges, so, yes, since that is your job it includes stuff like this」

「Miyabi… umm, your eyes are scary… you're scaring me a little…」

The excitement between these two people were rising and rising.

And Touka who was looking down sideways at these two figures, 「I've just seen something big」 was the feeling I read from watching her face. (TN: big as in "big news")

「Hiy~a…, Do, Doing something like that… Fu~a, Miyabi-senap and Natsuki-senpai are amazing…」


「Fuhiya! Ah, y, y, y, yes. What is it Etozawa-kun?」

When I stealthily put my hands on her body, she startles and gives a jump.

She seems to have been lost in the sight of her honored senpai's taboo and naughty embrace.

With Touka in this disarrayed state of mind, I sneak my head towards her face and lock my lips against hers.

「Ah, Etozawa-kun… n… chiyu…」

At first Touka was surprised, but once I aligned myself properly with her mouth and searched her lips with my tongue, eventually she returned the kiss passionately.

We exchanged saliva and entangled our tongues for a while, until we released our lips and she muttered embarrassedly:

「I, my first kiss…」

「Are you not satisfied with me being your first?」

「That's not it! It was a very nice kiss… Eee, Etozawa-kun is gentle and nice…」

Touka was smiling through her embarrassment.

Watching her smile shyly like this, bikun, my dick became hard again.

「Touka-chan, then, isn't it about time that you give that pussy to me now?」

「Ah, Yes! I'm already prepared, so anytime works fine for me you know? But it's my first time… So I, I'll do my best!」

Touka spreads her vagina open with her fingers, and true to her words it was overflowing with liquids.

「Ah, wait a sec. After all, three people is better right… Touka-chan, would you go over there for a bit?」

I ask this of Touka while still watching the entanglement of Natsuki-senpai and Miyabi-senpai on the floor, who are still growing more and more excited by each other's embrace.

「Natsuki… Natsuki…!」

「Au… Miyabi… Yan~n! Sto~p… I feel it too much…」

Natsuki-senpai was continously calling out Miyabi-senpai's name while laying on the floor underneath. Miyabi-senpai who straddled her from on top had a slender white finger that glistened as it went in and out of Natsuki-senpai's womanly hole as her tongue twisted around inside her mouth. Natsuki-senpai who kept calling out to Miyabi-senpai to stop was also starting to get breathless.

Touka who was also watching this, turned to me and asked fearfully:

「Eh, Eeeー… You want me to go over there…?」

「Yeah. You don't want to?」

「No… I love Natsuki-senpai and Miyabi-senpai and I respect them completely… but, they are scaring me a little bit now…」

「It will be fine, they are going to be gentle. See?」

With my persuasion, Touka nervously moves slowly towards the two Senpais' who are entangled on the floor.

「U, Umm… Miyabi-senpai. Etozawa-kun said that I should join you…」

Hearing the voice of Touka behind her, Miyabi-senpai turned around and showed us her blank but horny face.

Unlike her usually gentle appearance, now there was an atmosphere of a sex-craved predator that was seeking a mate.

While watching this strange new Miyabi-senpai, Touka tries to speak with her again.

「U, Umm… Miyabi-senpai…?」

「To, Touka-chan… it's fine? I can kiss even Touka-chan? Aa… A dream. Thank's so much Etozawa-kun!」

「Well, it's fine」

「Miyabi-senpai…? Um, you have scary eyes… Eh? Ah, Wait… nn!!」

Miyabi-senpai quickly attacks Touka with a rain of kisses and pushes her down to the floor as well.

I went a little closer to appreciate the sight of the two of them being entangled. Then, Miyabi-senpai altered their positions so that I could see even better, and spread open Touka's legs into an M and started stroking her vagina with her fingers.

「mm… chyu… So this is Touka-chan, and already soaking wet… Etozawa-Kun is going to enter inside this place. N… amazing…」

「Fu~haa…! Miyabi-senpai… nn, chyu… hiya, don't, that place…」

「Fufu… Touka-chan is so cute… Ah – hiya! Na, Natsuki?」

Miyabi-senpai who was preoccupied with Touka, had failed to notice the looming shadow of a person that stood behind her.


Seeking revenge from the earlier assault, Natsuki-senpai had sneaked up behind Miyabi-senpai and gently slid a finger along the slit of Miyabi-senpai's secret place and traced it all the way to her clitoris.

「Na, Natsuki… Hiya! Don't…」

「When I told you to stop, you didn't listen. So this is my revenge… Fufu, Etozawa-Kun. Miyabi's place seems ready, too. Soo~ which one will you choose, I wonder?」

Natsuki-senpai had the grin of a mischievous fox as she asked me this.

In front of me, there were three different wet holes offered to me, each one begging to be comforted by a hard cock.

Three female bodies entangled into each other, squishing their breasts together so that they are changing shape.

Grabbing my throbbing dick with my hand, and letting my gaze flow over these three women, I then decided to violate Miyabi-senpai's hole first.

Kuchyu… The glans of my penis kiss the entrance to Miyabi-senpai's vaginal hole.

「Ah… Fua… Etozawa-Kun… the first one, is me…?」

「First of all, let's get rid of your virginity Miyabi-senpai… n… it's a bit tight…」

「Ah… fu~a…!! It's, inside…」

Zuburi, and my cock entered inside her.

While I'm trying to squeeze further inside this tight hole of Miyabi-senpai, I operate the Rimokon and raise her Lust value. Then, her pain was quickly graduating towards pleasure and she started to let loose sweet moans.

「Ahn…! Ah… Amazing… How. This… it feels so good…」

「Miyabi-senpai, how is it? This is the cock of a male」

I'm thrusting my waist back and forth while massaging her endowed chest. With every yelp from her mouth, her vaginal hole tightens further as if denying me to pull out, it only increases the stimulation.

「Ah, Amaz… ing… Etozawa-Kun's dick… it feels so, good…」

「But you were not interested in men, right?」

「An… you see, it's different with Etozawa-Kun … n. I'm the sex slave of Etozawa-Kun, so, it is to make you feel good that my pussy is accepting this. For the purpose of my work… n!」

I begin to thrust more violently inside her, which makes her boobs sway happily underneath her.

I begin to worry that I can easily ejaculate if I'm not careful. I haven't even put it inside the other two girls yet. My focus shifts to the lower region of my body, and I begin to endure the urge to ejaculate.

Suddenly, Miyabi-senpai let out a scream and squeezed her ass tightly to try and cling onto my penis. I wonder if that was her limit.

I pull the dick out of her.

「It's unfair if I have sex with only Miyabi-senpai…」

My penis that was moments ago inside Miyabi-senpai, was now looking forward to violating the wet female hole of Touka.

She had gotten even more excited from watching me have sex with Miyabi-senpai. And even if there were difficulties to insert it, she was able to accept my cock completely.

If I just raise the value of Lust, whether it is a virgin or not, they will end up panting happily and accept all of it with ease.

「Ah… aaa! Etozawa-Kun…! How, is it? Touka's pussy… does it feel good…? an!」

「It feels good inside Touka-chan. Do you feel good, too? Your pussy, I feel how it tightens around me comfortably」

「Noo…! It's embarrassing…」

I'm moving fast and fuck Touka's pussy violently. But it's amusing to watch as she breathes heavily with the rhythm of my thrusts. It didn't take a long time at all before Touka's body started to tremble as if she had a cramp, and she arched her back.

「Next up is Natsuki-senpai, huh… Ah, or are you not prepared? It will feel great, you know」

「Yea… I have seen these two people's reaction, I can't hold back any more… Etozawa-Kun, please violate my virgin pussy, too…」

Natsuki-senpai got on top of the back of Miyabi-senpai as if riding a horse and stuck her ass out towards me.

Opening the walls of her vagina with her fingers to invite me inside her, there was no longer any sign of the dignified and cool Student Council President Natsuki-senpai anywhere.

What was there was only a sex slave, a horny teenager that was waiting for my cock to take away her virginity.

「Ehh? So Natsuki-senpai is already ready, I see. …Do you realize? This is the cock that stole the virginity of your two best friends.」

「Ah… yes… this is Etozawa-kun's… cock that made Miyabi and Touka cry… …nn!

Zuburi, my dick entered Natsuki-senpai.

Breaking into this virgin pussy, Kamiyama-senpai bit down on her lips and twisted her face to kill her pained groans. But after moving my hips two times her waist was raised. And on the third time, she started panting with a sweet voice.

It made me more excited, and my dick grew harder.

「Ah… Fu~a…, inside, It's even bigger… an!!」

「Uu, looks like I'm already…」

「Me as well… Ahh…! Not good… This is indecent… ah… n!」

The sound of our flesh slamming together was echoing in the Student Council office.

Eventually, I reached my limit and began to shoot my semen out into Natsuki-senpai's insides.

Byuru! The sperm flowed straight into her womb, and as soon as it hit her Uterine Ostium Natsuki-senpai let out a shrilled scream. It was an orgasm.

「Ahhh!! It's… coming… inside」

「Uu… Take some too, Miyabi-senpai!」

I pull my erect penis out from her vagina and while continuing to ejaculate, I insert it deep inside Miyabi-senpai.

「Ah… Etozawa-Kun… An… It's pulsating…」

「Hah… Hah… I can do more… next is Touka…」

「Ah, Yes… Please let it out inside me too… n… ah… It entered…」

After I poured some semen into Miyabi-senpai's vagina, I pulled my dick out quickly and inserted it inside Touka to finish my ejaculation.

It was squeezed out to the last drop in three different holes and started to go slack.

「Hah… Hah… Fua… A lot was released…」

Three beautiful girls now had my semen spilling out of their secret place in front of me. Everyone was immersed in the reverberations of pleasure with a relaxed face.

Eventually, Natsuki-senpai, who was still breathless, took control as the representative of the three girls.

「How, How was it, Etozawa-kun…? Did we help you to remove the sexual urges…?」

My answer was to simply press the Boost button on my Rimokon.

The limp dick was invigorated in the blink of an eye, and the rock hard rod was back once again.

As if insulting the girl's hard work, my cock was looking up towards the sky.

And at the sight of this, the three beautiful girls breathed out things like 「Ah…」「 Wow…」「Fuhaa…」

I felt satisfied with their reaction, and called out to my new sex slaves:

「…Looks like my sexual urges have not been resolved, as you can see. Now then, let's get this cock all cleaned up. With your mouths」

The girls had a spurt of inspiration, and as one, they rushed upon their knees in front of my penis.

Natsuki-senpai kisses the glans, Miyabi-senpai nibbles on the rod and Touka licks the balls. It was a triple blowjob.

「Fufu… Looks like Etozawa-Kun is still energetic down here…」

「Please use our bodies and ejaculate a lo~t, ne…?」

「As the sex slaves of Etozawa-Kun… Breasts, Pussy, Everything… Please use whatever pleases you Etozawa-Kun. It is all for making you feel comfortable」

With my cock in front of their face and servicing me with their mouths, they say this one after another.

After that, I made them have sex with me until I was completely dried out.

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