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Chapter 5: Tomoko Yamashina

"Because everyone will make a ruckus if they knew I was going out with Mizuhara-san, let's keep it a secret."

Is what I said to her.

"Let's keep a secret that Mizuhara-san and I already make out."

This was my true intention

Even though Mizuhara-san was madly in love with me, I decide to hide it as much as possible. Even if we meet at school, we will not speak with each other in front of other people.

But, because I said so, Mizuhara-san said [I want to talk with Etozawa-kun much more…] with teary eyes. Because of that, I decided to make a hideout. A secret place at school…

At my house, there is Sayaka-san and my younger sister, and a high school student can't enter a love hotel. Of course, I can disguise myself, but it will be foolish to spend money on it.

That is why I plan to make a free hideout at school. Fortunately, in the old days because of the increasing of the student in the past, our school building was reconstructed. Now, there is a lot of empty classroom at our school building because the number of students has decreased from the past.

But, It was necessary to involve a teacher on this plan.

That will not be a problem since I have this invisible remote controller with me.

If I increase their affection to me they will give me permission to use the empty classroom easily.

Then, I wonder who I should target.

A man will be out of the question. Even though I can raise their affection, it will not be fun at all. I think it will be worse if the opposite was gay and I get attacked because of it. It will be super scary.

As expected a female teacher will be the best. And If possible a beauty too.

If I can have her with Mizuhara-san, it might become a forbidden teacher-student combination.

While thinking about such fantasy, I stare at Yamashina sensei that was standing at the platform teaching modern Japanese.

Tomoko Yamashina, 24 years old.

After finishing her University, she comes back to her Alma to teach, this year she was responsible for a class for the first time.

She has soft black hair that extended to her back. She has good looks, and her expression when she was troubled and going 'Au au' was cute. If I want to sum up Yamashina-sensei in two words then she was a natural airhead. It is not only her appearance but, her atmosphere as well. She was usually wearing a cardigan, but, leaving her appearance aside if you look at her chest... She has a gigantic chest. She was a natural airheaded big breasted sensei. Looking at her appearance she seems more suited to be a University student or a maid, instead of a teacher.

For some reason, she seems to want to hurry up progress the teaching, but when she tries to progress the textbook for some reason it goes back. [Sensei, we already cover that up yesterday] and was pointed out by other students. 'It can't be helped since it was Tomo-chan~' when another student said that everyone in the class starts to laugh. Yamashina-sensei panicky said [Don, don't laugh~], and everyone starts to laugh again.

When I look at Tomo-chan carefully.

Her wavy soft hair, and her expression that seems like a small animal was lovely. I think cute is a much more accurate way to describe her than a beauty when she walks around the town she must attract a lot of attention.

Thinking about how I will push Yamashina-sensei down, I start to cowering down, however thinking about how good it will be when I violate her, my blood starts to flow down to my lower part.

Alright, I have decided to make Yamashina-sensei mine. Let's do it.

"Tomo-chan sen… Yamashina-sensei~"

"…Etozawa-Kun, just now you were about to call me Tomo-chan sensei weren't you?"

"It's just your imagination."

"Even though it was 1 wordless I can still hear you know! You shouldn't do that! Because I am a sensei!"

Tomo-ch... Yamashina-sensei doesn't like people calling her by her nickname. Even though she was lecturing me, to be honest, I didn't feel scared at all.

Before long, it seems like she gives up lecturing me and she lowered eyebrows, and now she asked me with a smile in her face. she said no matter what she was glad that the student was able to rely on her. Usually, it was the other way around.

"So, what does Etozawa-kun want with sensei?"

"I have heard a cat cry at the classroom that wasn't used in 2nd school building."

"A cat…. Eh. it must be cute."

While imagined a cat, Yamashina-sensei has a soft smile on her face.

"It will be good if it was a cute one, but, I hear it cry meow, meow, and the sound of scratching at the wall. Perhaps it ran inside the class and can't get out."

"Eeh!? Seriously? We need to hurry up and help it."

"That is right. But the door is locked. So I can't look inside the room."

"Fuwawa…. It is terrible. The cat is going to die"

"No, I am sure the cat isn't going to die…. Sensei? Why are you trembling?"

Did she imagine that the cat will die from loneliness in the empty classroom? Holding on her own shoulder Tomoko Yamashina 24 years old body began to tremble while her face was pale.

…. I know it was me who try to deceive sensei with my made-up story, however, isn't she too airheaded?

Yamashina sensei who was trembling before long lifted her face and start to say panicky.

"Etozawa-kun, this is a serious problem! We should hurry up and help it!"

"Yes, that is right. So let's get the key and have sensei to come with me."

"I understand! The life of the kitty was in the stake! Let's hurry up."

"Yes, let's hurry up and do it."

We rushed into the teachers room, the other teacher didn't pay attention to what we do and Yamashina-sensei took the key to the room I told to her. In order to save the life of the kitty, we hurriedly run to the 2nd school building that was rarely used. Well, even though there is no cat there though.

This school building was built in the old day, Because we mainly use the new building now, not many people will come here. In the classroom in the corner of this school building, Yamashina sensei and I were searching for the made-up cat.

This classroom that have not been used for a long time smelled of wood.

Yamashina sensei was looking around restlessly.

"Etozawa-kun, is this the classroom? But, I can't hear the sound of the kitty."

"Yes, this is the one"

"There is no kitty here~…."

"Because we came here suddenly, it might have been surprised and went into hiding. Let's look for it."


She returns the reply absentmindedly, and Tomo-chan begins to search for the cat that was never there, to begin with.

"Kitty-Chuan~, where are chu~. Don't be afraid cyu~"

Looking at Tomo-chan that was searching around while talking in baby talk, my head start to have a headache. And her Japanese began to turn weird.

But somehow I have a sudden urge that I should protect this teacher somehow. I think sensei is probably the kind of person that would be easily be tricked by a bad man.

However, I should accomplish my original purpose first, that is right, throwing the remote controller toward Yamashina-sensei.

The remote controller that I throw easily slipped out from Yamashina sensei body When I wished for it, it comes back to my hand. Now then, time to raise her love points…, when the remote control come back to my hand, I was surprised.

The buttons on the remote controller have increased. Now there is 2 sets of triangles and inverted triangle. What the hell happened? Before it was only one a up and down button before. Furthermore, there is something like a silent mode switch that was common for a smartphone included on the side. I confirmed the message that appeared on the LCD screen while being puzzled by the change in the remote controller. Like what happens to the button, the format of the message change too.

Tomoko Yamashina [Child making mode] on

Affection -->34

lust --> 0

….Child making mode?

Instead of written in Katakana it becomes a Kanji instead? And the parameter increase!

And from Love, it changes into affection. However for other parameters, lust…. what a straight to the point parameter.

And then this [Child Making Mode]

When I press the switch on the side to try, the [Child Making Mode] that was on turned into off.

[Child Making Mode] Off. This…. does that mean if I cum inside her they will not become pregnant?

Un, this is good. I will turn it off. I wouldn't want to become a father when I am still a high school student.

Now there is 4 button lineup. There is 2 combination of triangle and inverted triangle. One was for affection points, while the other was for lust points. I try to press up the right button and the numerical for affection was raised up.

Then is the left side for lust points?

I try to push and hold the up button of the left side. Then the numerical value of lust points increases, and finally stopped at 100 points. I see it was the same as affection point, and the max points are 100.

Tomoko Yamashina [Child Making Mode] Off

Affection --> 35

lust --> 100

Now then, I wonder what is the effect…, Looking at Yamashina sensei, it feels like it was obvious.

Yamashina sensei who was squatting down to look for a cat was turned back and look at me with rough breaths.

"Sensei? What wrong? Did you feel something wrong somewhere?"

"Do, don't come! Etozawa-kun… Sen, sensei just remember that I have something to do…"

"What about the cat?"

"Uh… that is right…. If the cat dies…. But… Hau…"

She somehow tries stand up and want to leave the classroom with vacant eyes and blushed face. The sensei that was usually a natural air headed was now letting out a strange sexy voice.

Looking at Sensei's condition, I approach the classroom door directly and turned the key and locked it from inside. Yamashina sensei was confused when she looks at my action.

"Etozawa-kun…? Why…. are you locking the door?"

"Sensei. Actually, It was a lie when I said there is a cat locked here."

"Fue..? why did you do that…"

"I have an important story that I need to tell sensei. That is why this place where we can be alone was convenient."

Yamashina sensei shoulders starts to tremble when she hears me say the 2 of us alone.

Even though she was a natural air headed sensei, it seems like she finally understands the present situation.

"Eh, Etozawa-kun… Don't… Come close to me…"

"Sensei. I, like sensei. I didn't see sensei as a teacher but as a woman. I love you!" I approach Yamashina-sensei slowly.

Yamashina-sensei was trying to stay away from me and starts to retreat backward, but her body doesn't seem to be able to move well. And wasn't able to escape entirely.

"D, don't…. If you touch me now…. Hyaa… Furthermore… Etozawa-kun is a student… and I am a teacher…"

"How can you said something like that! I like Sensei! No, I Love sense!!"

*Gaba! I hug Yamashina sensei.

When I hug her Yamashina sensei starts to twitched in my arm and shouted 'Hyu!!!!' with sexy voice. It feels good to be able to hug Yamashina sensei body.

Nevertheless, this reaction…. Is it possible that she c.u.m just from being hugged?

When I separate our body and look at Yamashina sensei face, she has lool on her face that seems like she has gone senile. Uwa, she really did just cum.

"Sensei!? Are you okay, sensei!?"

"Hyaa… don't… touch… Hya…"

Even though I only grasped her shoulder, Tomo-chan sensei's body starts to tremble and her expression seems to be on her limit. The power of 100 points of lust…. is amazing. However, even though it was great, we can't talk if it was like this. Because sensei seems like she will faint soon.

I summoned the remote controller to my hand and lowered her lust point from 100 to 80 points. Finally Yamashina sensei consciousness seems to be returned even though her breathing was still rough.

"Eh, Etozawa-kun…. Don't… we are teacher and student…. okay?"

Oh, it seems like she was able to talk now.

Her face was still blushing, Yamashina sensei that was showing a very sexy expression,

"I love sensei! I want to make sensei my women!"

"That… I love Etozawa-kun as a student too…. But for the relationship between men and women, it was prohibited. I think there is a much better girl that will like Etozawa-kun…"

Because I didn't raise Yamashina sensei affection, she rejects me because of her teacher ethic. But, because her lust points were raised, there is not much power behind her word.

The line that seems like often said on soap opera comes to my mind.

'Even though your heart didn't want it, your body was honest?'

Do men really say such things? While thinking so. I messaged Yamashina sensei breast.

[Wh, what…!] While saying so, Yamashina sensei body starts to twitch and tremble.

Her breast was much bigger than Mizuhara-san. While hugging sensei, I ma.s.sage her breast over her cardigan. I can tell how elastic it was when it changed its form in my hand.

"Hya, Hyauuu…. Don't…. Etozawa-kun…. Don't…. NNnnn….!"

In addition, I stop Yamashina sensei lips that were protesting vehemently with a kiss. At first, sensei tried to resist weakly, but when I inserted my tongue through her lips and run wild inside her mouth with a deep kiss, she starts to lean her body to me.

"NNnn… Nnn…. Um... Etozawa-kun…."

"Fuwa…. Sensei is so cute."

"Don't…. What happened today, I will not tell it to anyone…. Okay? So please…."

"I didn't understand, Sensei."

I reach my hand under her skirt and traced Yamashina sensei private part over her underwear. Through my hand, I can feel something moist under it.


"For sensei to getting this wet by from being forced on by a student, It doesn't seem convincing."

"That is no… Hyann!"

I retracted my hand from her secret spot, and bring my wet finger before sensei face. When I spread my two-fingers apart, the sticky liquid was spread apart leaving a string trail. When Yamashina sensei watched this, her face was flushed red, but, she still resisted with her mouth.

I undo the buttons from the shirt Sensei was wearing. Sensei starts to say[Don't….] and [Stop…] but, it seems like there is no strength in her body because she didn't resist it at all, or is she trying to resist but didn't want to resist at all?

How should I said this, Sensei's rejection by saying 'No, No' was strangely seductive, and it was giving an opposite effect that makes my dick wakes up.

I remove all the buttons from her shirt, I reach my hand to unhook her bra and her abundant breasts appear. Looking at it from the closer, it looks amazing. they have a good shape, and on top of her two mountains, there are her lovely pink nipple.

When I rub it from the bottom to the top, I can feel its softness.

"Wow, Sensei breast~"

"Ya… don't…. Don't rub it."

"Sensei, why did your nipples become hard?"

"Don't…. Lick it…. Hyaa!"

While I lick sensei breast and play with them like they're toys, I reach out my hand to remove her skirt.

"Then, sensei. I will take it off"

"Y, yaa…"

I take off her shirt together with her cardigan, I also take off her bra and strip her skirt off her. I was lost in the word for a moment when I see what appear under her skirt. I was surprised she was still wearing a print panty when she was 24 years old.

"Sensei…. I don't think anyone wearing a printed panty when they are 24 years old. Moreover, it was bear panty."

"It is cute, it is my favorite….! Ah, don't…. Take my panty…!"

"Sensei panty was too childish, so I am going to take it off~"

It took a while to take the bear panty off from sensei. As expected Yamashina sensei was showing resistance when I try to take off her underwear, however, there is no strength at all. Before long her figure in her birthday suit was shown to me.

In the empty classroom, the beautiful female teacher was stark naked. She tries to sit down with her body that was filled with carnal desire, but there doesn't seem to be power in her body.

"Umu, sensei really have a nice body. It was erotic."

"U, ero…!? Don't say it like that…."

"Hora, don't hide it. Let me see sensei private part"

"Hy, Hya!"

I move her hand that was trying to cover her private part and catch Tomo-chan sensei knee and hold it to the so-called Manguri position. Her private part and back door were completely exposed to me without anything to hide it. Surprisingly Tomo-chan had no pubic hair. I wonder if it was because she cummed just now. Her Private parts were wet because of her love juice and it made an indecent sound. I can see her pink clit as well.

"Wow. Sensei has already become this wet. I should lick it to clean it up"

"Fue…. Li, lick it…!? HYA, fuaaa!!!"

When I bring my face closer to sensei's private place, I can smell her womanly smell.

I thrust my lip and suck her pussy *Jyuru *Jyuru

Tomo-chan sensei moans erotically and her body trembles in pleasure. Her body really was honest.

I lick her thighs going up towards her pussy. Sensei's smooth and soft thighs now were covered with my saliva. Sensei always wears a knee-high skirt, sometimes when I was at the bottom of the staircase I can see it when it was lifted by the wind. I thought that I want to lick sensei white and smooth thigh someday. After thoroughly enjoying her thighs, I start to lick her stomach. Her breasts, neck, armpit, I trace my tongue completely throughout sensei body

In this empty classroom, the figure of a female teacher that was exposed to her birthday suit was gasping for breath. By the time I have licked her body from the tip to her toe, she has cummed several times. I lay her wearily body down to the floor that was still twitching.

"Sensei was so ecchi. Even though I only touch, sensei already become like this."


"Me too when I look at sensei like this I have become like this. Look"

"…! No….Etozawa-kun….Don't…. Only that…."

I take out my dick that had already become erect out. Then Yamashina-san who was still laying limply on the floor shaking her head and begged with teary eyes.

However, I disregard it and start to take off my school uniform.

"Etozawa-kun…. Please…. Just let me go…."

"It's useless. Because I will make sensei my women. I will violate and cum inside sensei until sensei becomes pregnant."

The moment sensei hears become pregnant, sensei face change.

Her expression was filled with fear. However, under her face, I can feel her excitement that appeared and disappeared in an instant. While being pinned down by man, she has an expression of joy like a female that will be violated soon.

"Sensei, it seems like you have become excited when knowing we will embrace each other nakedly."

"No…. Don't…. Etozawa-kun, please…."

"Then, this part of sensei was this wet? Look, even though my tip was only kissed with it, it feels like it tries to swallow me whole."

When my glans was swallowed by her private part, I move my waist a little bit with [Hya…] in instant her expression change.

"This part of sensei, doesn't it look delighted? It seems to want my dick"

"No, it was different…. No…."

"Look… my dick is entering sensei private part…. N…"

"Hya, Nnn… Ahn…"

My cock was piercing her wet private part. Her wet hole was tightened around my cock gently, it feels good.

While Yamashina-sensei suppressed her voice with teary eyes, and try to endure it desperately.

However, it was quite tight…. If I do it slowly, it seems like I will ejaculate immediately, so when my glans were already half-buried, I thrust it inside quickly.

"HyaaA…!!! … uuu…." Sensei raise her voice.

It seems like she was enduring the pain, when I look at her private part, I can see a trace of blood that flowed out of it.

It was the blood of deflowering.

"…Sensei, was a virgin…?" Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.


"To be able to get sensei first time. I am happy, in return, I will make sensei feel good"

Using the remote control, I raise the lust by 10 points and make it reach 90. The expression of sensei that was enduring pain was gradually melted.

When her pain already lessens up. I start to do deep thrust. A sweet sigh was leaked from sensei mouth, and her hole was tightened around my cock. Soon, my cock was buried completely inside her hole.

"Look… all of it already entered inside. With this sensei already become my women"

After inserting all of it inside her, I pat the hair of Yamashina-sensei while speaking with her.

Sensei expression already become dim because of pleasure, and she only can receive my cock while panting.

Even though I didn't move and just keep still, sensei start to move timidly without my permission, even though she has tears in her eyes, it seems like she enjoys it.

"Ah… Tomoko… become Etozawa-kun women…?"

"That is right. Look, all of it is already inside, do you understand what this means? Sensei and I have become one. You already become my women."

"Fuwaa…. Uuu… I have become Etozawa-kun woman… Tomoko… have become an adult… I am gonna become pregnant and bore Etozawa-kun baby…."

I am the first for sensei.

I didn't understand why sensei suddenly become obedient when I insert my cock deep inside her. It is just like the line from doujinshi [Stick your meat stick deep inside the women to make them obedient] was that true Or it is just that Yamashina Sensei was easy? Because it doesn't seem like she was in pain now, I start to thrust my waist. Whenever I trust it inside sensei face was panting as if she was suffering. Her hole was so wet and tighten around my meat stick as if asking me to spit my semen and fill her hole.

"Etozawa-kun…. Amazing… It feels good…. Tomoko, Feel so good…"

"Me too. Hey, stick out your tongue. Let's kiss."

"Ahn…! Un… Ki…sss…. Because, Tomoko was Etozawa-kun women…. I want to… Kiss… Fuwa…n!"

Sensei sticks out her tongue like a dog, and entwines it with mine, she happily drinks my saliva when I give it to her.

I feel there is something wrong with her reaction, so I summoned the remote controller while moving my waist and look at Sensei Parameter… and I become surprised.

Her Love point was gradually raised.

The numerical value that should have been at 30 points at the start, now already raised to 72, furthermore the numerical value still raising right in front of me as if it was totally linked to the movement of my waist. Was it because I stuck my dick inside her and she immediately fell in love with me? Good grief looks like this natural airheaded teacher was a natural lewd teacher.

"Sensei, did you love me?

"N… ha… un… Like… I love you so much…."

Her love point has exceeded 80 points and still raising.

"Sensei, did you want me to cum inside? So you can completely become my women."

"Un… Do it…. Make Tomoko…. Etozawa-kun…. Women…. Ahn!"

At last, it arrives at 90 points.

My dick was at its limit too. I start to move my waist furiously for this last spurt, and sensei starts to wiggle crazily under my body.

And at last, I reach my limit.

"….Urgh! cum!! I am cumming!! Sensei!"

"AHnnnN!! cum… Tomoko, cummming toooo!!"


I slam my waist hard to her and push my cock deep inside her and my semen was gushing inside her with great momentum.

"Ah… so hot… Tomoko private part… feel so full… Aan..!"

I trembled as I ejaculate inside Sensei.

After I poured my semen inside her, before long my ejaculation was over.

"Fu…ah… an unbelievable amount came out…"

When I look at sensei it seems like she already fainted after she cum. Her body was still twitching even though she already lost consciousness.

Looking at Sensei's naked body that was lying on the floor, soon… I can see my sperm that flowed backward from inside of her hole.

Uwa… it feels good to cum inside her hole… It feels like I am conquering her.

I feel satisfied since I was able to violate a woman to my heart content. Next… who should I invite to this room…

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