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Chapter 14: Tsuzurigi Shiori

Although it is daytime, the alleyway was just dimly lit.

In this gloomy atmosphere, a girl was running like there was something in the air that she tried to escape.

It was a beautiful girl clad in uniform.

Even if she was running so that hair stuck to her head with sweat, even if she wore a painful expression, it did not refrain from her beauty. Rather, it was enough to make the viewer having a feeling of needing to embrace her. Or, for those with such preferences, maybe arousal from sadism.

This girl's breath became haggard. She is in despair and frequently swings around to worriedly glance at whatever is behind her. Whether it is due to fear or not, her feet get tangled and stop moving even as she wills them to continue onwards.

「Ah… no way…」

The girl utters a hopeless cry of despair. She is unable to relax because while she could only think about running away, she had gotten lost in this unfamiliar area and had run down into a dead end.

This is where the girl notices. That's right, she has a cell phone… Something that can contact the police and have them help… Why was such a thing not realized earlier…!

With hands that tremble, she searches around in her bag and takes out the phone.

But when she tried to extend the finger to 1 and 0, somehow… she begged her hand to move, it had suddenly stopped obeying her commands… (TN: police in Japan is 110)

「Too~ Baa~d! Ya were caught~… well well well? Ya trying to call the cops? That's a bad bad child」

「Oi oi, we are not doing anything in particular that is bad here, you know? Well, maybe I will do something now, gya~haha!」

These voices that echoed were of unrefined, crude men, and they took the cell phone straight out of the girl's hand.

The girl bore a hopeless expression upon her face, and raised her hand feebly 「Give it back… give it back, please…」 but she held no strength in the arms. It only made the men smirk, and they laughed more.

The girl who wore a school uniform was stared at, it was a gaze that crawled all over her body with perverted intents.

It was so intense that she could feel it, and her body became solid stiff. She asked herself why this has happened, but it was a question that she could not answer. Like usual after school, she had simply been on her way towards her home.

「Ara~ra, so frightened, so cute, naa~」

「Oi oi, this kid's seriously cute as hell man, after a long time, one great beauty came, ne? Right, ne?」

「Ya don't have to be so scared ya know~. Wasn't that the reason we run after ya like food? I want ya to keep us occupied a little ya know」

「Uwa! But you are going to eat, right? Because right there is a delicious meal. Hiyahaha」

These men's' hair is dyed in various colors, and tattoos are kept on the upper arms which are visible from peering out the shirt showily.

Since the girl was just a typical normal girl, these men looked dangerous enough to her that she would never even think about approaching them.

They are surely seeing this girl as nothing but prey and is preparing the attack.

It's going to get violent…

When this thought appeared in this girl's mind, tears began to fall from her eyes.

She is scared. She is unbearably afraid.

Help, someone, help her…

But there is no one here in this dark alleyway who could receive this helpless girl's wish. Like a captured rabbit, the girl could only tremble.

Yes, this is the moment I appear.

「What are you bastards doing!」

My timing was impeccable. The moment when the men finally got close to Tsuzurigi Shiori, I shouted and threw my bag that was aimed towards their heads.

This bag of mine, which fell to the ground, had collided with one of the men's heads and struck his pierced ear which opened a wound that drew blood.

「o- ow…! …what… ?」

「Oi oi, what do you want boy? Because it's a good place here, you're a bother so don't butt in ~yo」

At this sudden nuisance, the men seemed a bit crossed. They looked back at me and glared.

The girl who was about to be caught, Tsuzurigi Shiori, looked on at the spectacle like she could not believe what happened.

「She is bothered, isn't she? Get away from that girl」

「Aaa!? And who the hell are you oi? A wannabe Hakuba no Ojisama yo, oraa~」 (TN: it's like a girl's ideal male fantasy prince charming type)

「I'll mess ya up, bastard! To a cool little guy like myself their jus' no way I can lose!!」

The men that were disturbed, stood up and changed their target to me, they attacked.

There are four delinquents. And only one of me. Despite being in this disadvantageous situation of 4 vs 1, I dodge the delinquents' punches, well more like I easily sidestepped the misaimed swings. At the same time, I manage to call out to Tsuzurigi Shiori.

「Tsuzurigi-san! Run, hurry!」

「Eh… Etozawa-kun…? Why…」

「Nevermind that, hurry!」

She can't keep up with the situation, Tsuzurigi-san was shaken when she heard my strong voice, it was wonderful! After her body trembled, her tangled feet once more found a way to move forward and away from this place.

I confirmed that Tsuzurigi-san's footsteps became farther and farther away until they completely disappeared. I and the men stopped fighting.

I could finally take a breather.

「Fuu, well, this person… it's a Betta, if I say so myself…」

「Good work, Kotaro-san!」


「Chissu!!」 (TN: チッス some abstract form of Konichiwa)

The men bow their heads all at once.

Well, it went roughly as I expected it to go. These bad boys are the ones who have been hanging out in front of the station, and also, the ones who I had set Loyalty to 100 with my Rimokon.

And I had engineered a plan for these men to catch up with Tsuzurigi Shiori, it all went according to the book. They all moved just right according to the scenario I had planned out.

In short, this was all an act.

「Even so, as expected, that's our Kotaro-S! When you came to save her, even I felt the goosebumps-su!」

「Seriously impressed-su! Kotaro-san is a man-su! Kakkoiissu!」

「…ahー, that's enough already, guys」

「Ussu! I am sorry!」



When a man reaches Loyalty 100, this is mostly how they behave. It's nice that they try to flatter me, however, something is already hot. Annoying. (TN: I must have done a mistake… We never find out what is "already hot" >.>)

For now, my event is going to start. With the power of this Rimokon, I was able to exploit Loyalty and use it to capture Tsuzurigi Shiori, it was easier than I thought… But, surprisingly fun.

But, first I need to have a word with the baddies who still have their heads down in a bow.

「"Wannabe Hakuba no Ojisama temeeー!?" Ha, didn't that stink? Also, "I'll never lose to such a cool guy" wasn't that just too unnatural…?」

「So- Sorry… But, we said it for that child, Shiori-chan? We wanted Shiori-chan to see the goodness inside Kotaro-san!」

「Ussu! To help build Kotaro-san's appeal」(TN: not "exactly" what he said, I just can't figure it out)

「…whatever. I'll just raise Tsuzurigi-san's affection value gradually with the Rimokon. She won't mind it even though it's unnatural」

So, that is the completion of my event Part 1.

I nodded my head to the delinquents. Those guys will forever just be trash, at least do something useful for the society. I told them that and went home.

As a side note, about half a year since that time, I laid eyes on an article in the newspaper to which they made an appearance that 「The admirable young who offer youth to volunteer activities」 and there were stories of how they were volunteering (though they still had that same old dressing style). Well, let's forget it because it is not related to this story. (TN: the author wrote that last line, not me)

The very next morning, as I am walking to school Tsudzuruki-san approaches me.

「Eh, Etozawa-Kun… Yesterday, I ran away, sorry… you… are you ok…?」

「Hm? Aah, they were not a big deal. So then, Tsuzurigi-san is fine? How troublesome, to get involved with guys like that」

「Yeah… very… it was very horrible... that, I'm so sorry… that wound, it's my fault isn't it…?」

Around my face, I have put an adhesive bandage.

Since I was not injured at all, this, too, was just part of my plan.

Tsuzurigi-san who is seemingly anxious is staring at me. Because of that, our two faces approach each other. Behind long transparent eyelashes is white skin. The eyes that were normally hidden behind glasses now looked at me in worry and were slightly wet.

Hmm, she is cute. I want to kiss her…

But, I am a patient man. In this way, when I am fascinated by and staring back into the face of Tsuzurigi-san, she must have noticed that we were both indeed staring at each other. That is why Tsuzurigi-san hurriedly took a step in a panic and left my side.

「Ah, I'm- I'm sorry… that… um… I…」

I suppose that she is not too familiar with a man and that there were not a lot of cases where she had a chance to talk with a boy in such a close range.

I called upon my Rimokon and secretly confirmed Tsuzurigi-san's parameters.


Etozawa Koutarou boost 3/3


Tsudzurigi Shiori [CONCEIVE・MODE]OFF

Affection ■■■■■■■□□□ 71

Romance .. ■■■■□□□□□□ 45

Lust ..... □□□□□□□□□□ 0

Loyalty .. ■□□□□□□□□□ 15


Looks like Affection is 71 and Romance is 45, but they are still rising.

This Affection must be… friendship with a classmate, I guess. And is Romance value of 43 the level at which a classmate is starting to become an interest as a man, I wonder.

It would appear that yesterday's "play" had a moderate effect on her, given that the figures measured before yesterday's event were about 10 each.

「a, ano… about yesterday, I wanted to say thank you… I was really glad when Etozawa-Kun came to help me…」

「Nee, Tsuzurigi-san」

「Y, yes!?」

Tsuzurigi-san reacts when she hears my voice, interesting.

「Such an event happened yesterday. If you'd like, for a while, should I become a bodyguard for Tsuzurigi-san? Yesterday's guys might not limit themselves to just once…」

「Eh, um… that's」

「On the way home, we can just walk together. Ah, of course, if Tsuzurigi-san doesn't want to do it, I will not force her…」

「It, it's not that! Ah… that… if it's Etozawa-Kun… then… I would feel relieved…」

That "It's not that" was good, it was so loud that people around us turned around to look. Tsuzurigi-san was also surprised by her voice and was a little perplexed. Her face was turning redder as she fidgeted.

Out of the corner of my eye, I was able to faintly see the parameters on the Rimokon. The Affection value and Romance value were slightly higher than before.

It made me wonder whether or not she liked me more because of this bodyguard idea. Interesting. It sounds like a little game.

Yesterday's event, coupled with this rise in the love values, right now this is a relationship between Tsuzurigi-san and me that is heading towards a set fate. Though, it was all based upon a faked stage.

So, from today onwards, I am going to walk home with Tsuzurigi-san every day.


I repeatedly went on these "walk home from school together" dates with Tsuzurigi-san. There was an atmosphere around us like that of a couple that had just started going steady.


Etozawa Koutarou boost 3/3


Tsudzurigi Shiori [CONCEIVE・MODE]OFF

Affection ■■■■■■■■■□ 88

Romance .. ■■■■■■■■■□ 82

Lust ..... ■□□□□□□□□□ 5

Loyalty .. ■■□□□□□□□□ 23


During these days, Tsuzurigi Shiori's parameters were steadily rising.

Even if I could adjust these parameters by just pressing a button, it is more interesting to watch this natural increment without interfering, and observe this person's heart as if it was only a numerical value.

Tsuzurigi-san's parameters would rise and fall depending on my words and behavior. I embraced this opportunity to capture Tsuzurigi-san as if I was playing a game.

At this point, Tsuzurigi-san's gaze would be directed towards me like that of a girl who had fallen in love.

And today after school, I have an appointment with Tsuzurigi-san where we are going to study. It will be a library date. Isn't that just bittersweet, oi!

For a little while now, she had wanted to do something together with me, she had that atmosphere around her where I could almost smell it. She finally broke in and 「would you like to study at the library?」 I jumped at this proposal at once.

That is why I am now sitting with an opened reference book in the study room of the library.

The study room was as big as a classroom, and there were already a few students here who studied by themselves. Tsuzurigi-san and I sat side by side at one of the tables here.

「Hey, Tsuzurigi-san. I don't quite understand this here」

「Eh? Ah… that's…」 Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

Since we are in a library, I speak to her in a quiet voice. Sitting next to me and staring intently at my reference book is Tsuzurigi-san who is letting her face come nearer. As I watch her from the side, Tsuzurigi-san becomes too conscious of that fact and her face turns redder.

When my shoulder touch Tsuzurigi-san's shoulder she startled and her shoulder trembled. She is so excited that even this degree of physical contact is too much for her.

「a… ano… this…」

「Mmー, I don't understand it at all. Here, this right here~」

When I put myself further inside Tsuzurigi-san's personal space and touch her hand as I whisper, her face becomes even more flushed and she withdraws her body. But she doesn't try to get away from me at all, instead, murmuring words that aren't words as she tries her best to teach me and focus hard on studying.

Hmm, even while this nervous, she is pretty and cute.

Tsuzurigi-san's body is very close, she is soft and there is something that smells nice.

I feel excited as soon as I feel this delicate shoulder and smelling this fragrance.

Eventually, I stood up and stretched my body. I took off the vest that I wore atop the school uniform.

「Somehow, it has become very hot, I'll go to the bathroom for a bit」

「Ah… yeah. Take care…」

I put the vest on my seat where I had been sitting and left the library.

When I open the doors to the study room on my way out, I saw a plate of 「No Entry」that was hanging here. All right.

I waited a little while before returning until all the students except Tsuzurigi-san began to leave. Since the study period was now over, I pretended that I was on my way home too.

To tell the truth, all of those students that were inside this study room were my servants who had Loyalty raised to the max.

When I enter the study room, I hung the plate which prohibits entering the room, so that no other students will enter after me. And then I leave the study room again, pretending to obediently follow the orders that were asked of us to leave on time.

Now, in the study room, Tsuzurigi Shiori was alone by herself.

I leaned against the wall in the corridor.

The Rimokon was summoned, and I check Tsuzurigi-san's parameters.


Etozawa Koutarou boost 3/3


Tsudzurigi Shiori [CONCEIVE・MODE]OFF

Affection ■■■■■■■■■□ 89

Romance .. ■■■■■■■■■□ 84

Lust ..... ■□□□□□□□□□ 12

Loyalty .. ■■□□□□□□□□ 24


Affection and Romance were both rather high, I guess that means she is already madly in love with me.

She has still not yet bloomed and therefore I do not dare to confess to her, wasn't that apparent in the sighs earlier?

If I were to be like 「Tsuzurigi-san, I like you!」it would be nice, however, this time I am going to try a different plan instead.

Using the D-pad I move the cursor and manipulate the desired parameter.

The value of Lust.

After I raised it to 90, I left this spot while humming a tune.

I made all the students and staff who remained in the library leave using the power of the Rimokon, I also went ahead and closed the entrance.

Now then, with this, it should be only Tsuzurigi-san and me here in this library.

I returned to the entrance that leads into the study room with a relaxed walk, and listened outside the door curiously, what might be happening inside here?

「N…! Haa…! Etozawa-kun…, Etozawa-kun…!!」

This coquettish voice of Tsuzurigi-san was faintly leaking out the door.

While calling my name, it sounds like she was enjoying herself.

And then, I, while suppressing these excited feelings, put my hands on the door of the study room and opened it hurriedly.

I get inside the study room and what enters my eyes is a girl with her nose buried in my vest, her hand was stretched out to reach down between the thighs, moving and massaging, while endlessly calling my name.

I mean, like, that's my vest. She's sniffing it.

I was just half attempting it and left it on purpose, but apparently, it seems to have been put to effective use.

Tsudzurigi-san noticed the sound of the door and immediately looked this way.

She could not suppress herself and even with a head that was this excited by lust, when she saw my figure who had witnessed her, she immediately stopped moving and looked at me with wide-opened eyes. It was like she was wondering what to do now.

paku-paku, her mouth moved as if seeking oxygen like a fish, but no words escaped her at all.

This silence lasted for a couple of seconds longer until eventually, I opened my mouth.

「Tsuzurigi-san, what are you doing? Or rather, that's my vest, isn't it?」

「…!! E, Etozawa…kun…, w, wrong… this is…」

I had entered only to be surprised by Tsuzurigi-san like I had seen an incredible thing, kind of like that was the image I pretended to emulate.

Tsuzurigi-san who had returned to her senses tried in a hurry to come up with an excuse, but she never said anything at all, she was just quiet. Of course, she could not just say that it was because she was a perverted person who masturbates at school while sniffing the vest of a man.

I deliberately try to sound shocked while speaking next.

「Dtell me, you were masturbating? In such a place…」

「That, that's wrong… This is…」

「That was wrong? A~a, my vest is sticky with drool. I never knew. I didn't think that Tsuzurigi-san was such a perverted woman that would seriously masturbate at school」

I am exaggeratedly surprised and shocked, and with an expression of dislike on my face, I approached Tsuzurigi-san.

Tsuzurigi-san no longer had tears in her eyes, but she made excuses like 「wrong… it's different…」, but I ignore her and pick up my vest.

「Moreover, masturbating with my vest, ne? What, don't tell me… Tsuzurigi-san likes me like that?」

「Ah… Uu…」

With a look of despair on her face, Tsuzurigi-san begins to shed tears.

It was the same look from when those delinquents chased her, Tsuzurigi-san looks good with a face like this! It makes me want to torment her more and more.

I crouch low next to where Tsuzurigi-san who was withdrawing her body into herself was sitting, and grasp the leg of her seat. I yank it forcefully.

「Kya…! A…, Do, don't look…」

Sitting in front of me, I was met face-to-face with a panicked Tsuzurigi-san who hurriedly closed her legs. She tried to hold down her skirt that had been rolled up and shrunk her body.

The nasty one-man play that had been going on until just recently, had left its evidence. On Tsuzurigi-san's pure white underwear there was a big embarrassing stain in the crotch area.

What tickled my nose was the smell of a female.

It made me excited just thinking about it, and I grabbed Tsuzurigi-san's thighs. They were soft.

「Tsuzurigi-san smells horny. Nn, it smells good. It is the smell of a horny perverted woman」

「Ah… no~…, I, I'm sorry… it's not true… I, I just feel strange…」

Tsuzurigi-san was no longer crying. But she was hiccuping and trying to make up excuses for me.

To calm her down, I gently patted and stroke Tsuzurigi-san's head.

「E, Etozawa-kun…?」

「I could have never guessed that Tsuzurigi-san was such a horny girl… Well, but I don't dislike that. I already thought Tsuzurigi-san was good from before.」

「Ah… e…, ano… 」

「There there, don't dirty your cute face. See? Because I don't mind, so, wipe away the tears」

「Ah, uu… E, Etozawa-kun…」

Tsuzurigi-san bore a face that was radiating to me how she could not understand what I was saying. She suddenly started to masturbate at school, she was discovered by me, more than that, this me who was the subject of her love. It was such an embarrassing event that she wanted to die from just that alone, but now, somehow she was confessed to.

This could not be anything but confusing.

「Etozawa-kun… umm, just now…」

「That's right, I already liked Tsuzurigi-san from before. So much that I want to do "it" with her. Well, it was unexpected that Tsuzurigi-san was this perverted, but, I like slutty girls. So that's why, Tsuzurigi-san, don't worry about it」

「Etozawa-kun… aa…」

Though she is inside a sphere of confusion, joy began to well up inside her by hearing this confession from me. Tsuzurigi-san was stuck in between embarrassment and happiness, she could no longer understand these emotions that were pushed up and eventually burst into tears.

I'm glad that I get to comfort this kind of Tsuzurigi-san and gently stroke her on the head.

「Etozawa-kun…, hikku… ano, I… sniff… I don't normally do this… but, when we are together, I cannot contain my feelings. I, I also… Etozawa-kun I also like… love you…」

I caught her, I caught her. Tsuzurigi-san has confessed love.

「Really? Then, we share similar feelings, ne」

「I can't believe it… I'm so happy… dream, it must be a dream…」

「I'm happy too you know. Then, from now on we are a couple, ne?」

「Yeah… girlfriend… I want that. Etozawa-Kun's girlfriend… sniff」

And we hugged.

Now then, I wonder if it is time to wrap this up.

「Then, Tsuzurigi-san. May this boyfriend ask his first request?」

「Ah, yes… what is it? Etozawa-kun…」

「I want to see more of this slutty Tsuzurigi-san」

Continue masturbating, show it to me right here.


Tsuzurigi-san was petrified. Hahaha, it reminds me of Sakuya.


「A, ano… Etozawa-kun… You want me to…」

「To continue masturbating. You were doing it earlier, right? I want to watch Tsuzurigi-san when she masturbates」

「Eh, bu, but…」

Tsuzurigi-san is embarrassed, but I deny her to go free with my eyes.

I have not touched her Loyalty values. Therefore, this request would ordinarily be rejected when asked. However, the Affection and Romance values, and now also Lust value, all of these are at the moment very high. Together with this chaotic situation that was my confession right after witnessing her masturbating, Tsuzurigi-san is being swept away with the flow.

「Eh, bu, but… in such a place…」

The problem seems to be the location, so it is ok to masturbate in front of me if we move? Shiori-chan is very horny right now, after all!

「Iーwantーtoーseeーit.Tsuzurigi-san's onanism.Well, it's fine if you don't want to, so, let's break up」

「…eh, ano…」

「A girl, who doesn't listen to her boyfriend's wish? A girl who gets excited and hurriedly masturbates as soon as she is left alone, but suddenly becomes shy…? aren't you just playing around with me?! That kind of Tsuzurigi-san, I hate her」

「Ah… no…! Do… I'll do it… I'll do it so… don't hate me…」

Wahoo. Too easy.

Tsuzurigi-san's face is filled with shame, but she is struck into motion by the fear of being hated by me and accepts to do the masturbation show.

Wa~i, Tsuzurigi-san's live masturbation. She raises her hand to between her thighs nervously, in front of me who rejoices inside.

I am holding my excitement contained.

「Hmm, no, no. I can't see it well if you sit in a chair. Ah, I know, how about you sit on this desk. That way I can see much better.」

「Eh… such a thing…」

She is on the verge of crying and her face is getting redder, but if I raise my voice in dissatisfaction with 「Eeeー」, she hurries to obey me and do what I say.

Her butt is placed on the desk and she sits in an awkward state. I sit down on a chair to enjoy this front-row seat view.

「Ano… is this… good…?」

「Yea yea, so then, open your legs」

Urged on by me, but still ashamed, she spreads her legs.

The inside of her soft and slim thighs becomes exposed. Her skirt was still held down, so when I ordered that it's rolled up, eventually Tsuzurigi-san's stained panties were revealed.

「Uwaー, Tsuzurigi-san's place, it's already so wet」

「Ah, Auu…」

「And? Start masturbating. Continue from where you left off」

Tsuzurigi-san stretched her white finger to touch her secret place through her underwear.

Because I am watching, her movements are much more modest compared to when she is alone. But her Lust value should have been increased to 90 already, so, even with these tiny movements, pleasure surges throughout her body and it does not take long until the finger is moving more aggressively.

「Ah… Fua~…! Why… Even though Etozawa-Kun is watching… this… ya~a… it's embarrassing… 」

「Uwa, that stain is just growing bigger and bigger. Aren't you just a huge slut, Tsuzurigi-san」

「Fu~ ee…」

The enticing and tender meat which was visible underneath the transparent panties was changing in shape when she massaged it using her finger.

「n… ah… ha~a… my finger… won't sto… p…」

When she was told, Tsuzurigi-san immediately put her hand inside the panties and started to finger herself directly.

This introverted girl was spreading her legs in front of a man, and with hands inside the panties, comforting her secret place.

Kuchyu… there are the lewd sounds of a moist place being massaged.

「When you are wearing panties, I can't see the onanism very well… Tsuzurigi-san, take them off.」

「Au… why… n!」

「It's the request of your boyfriend, don't you listen to him?」

「Ah, take off… I will take them off…」

Tsuzurigi-san is panicking and hurries to take her underwear off. She swiftly curls up, and slide her panties off her pure white ass. Tsuzurigi-san pulls the panties down and off her thighs.

I grab these panties and sniff them with a deep breath. The smell of a horny female spread all over my nostrils.

Tsuzurigi-san reacts with a shy voice 「Au… they are being sniffed… my panties…」. What is she saying, just a short while ago didn't she smell my vest in the same way?

While Tsuzurigi-san was watching, I licked the part that had been in contact with her crotch. It was moist with her female juices. I glanced at the lower part of her body that at this moment was not wearing anything.

Her skirt is completely rolled up and the ass is in full view, but because she hides it with her hand, her private part is not visible. I want to see it.

「Tsuzurigi-san, remove your hand. Spread it out with your fingers and show it to me.」


「Do it. Show me」

「Au… yes… like, this…?」

Tsuzurigi-san does as I say even when she feels such shame that her eyes start watering.

kupaa… The light pink flesh was spread open with her fingers. This wet and shining with sparkle sparkle modest and clean pussy was befitting of someone like Tsuzurigi-san. (TN: kupaa sfx of her vagina opening)

I command her to continue masturbating the way she is.

She is too embarrassed to look at me and closes her eyes. She even turns her face away from me. Even so, she starts fingering her female parts again, like she was told to do.

Tsuzurigi-san's finger is swallowed up by the slit and she teases her private part so that its flattery meat is covered with love juice.

I'll try to help Tsuzurigi-san so that her masturbation becomes easier to do.

I grasp her thighs, and move them into the figure of M-shaped legs and pinch her pussy with my fingers and kupaa… I spread her lower lips apart.

「Fuaaa~…! stop… d, don't touch… I feel weird…」

「yaーrakeー, Tsuzurigi-san's pussy yaーrakeー」(TN: don't know what it means「やーらけー,綴木さんのおまんこやーらけー」)

When it is spread by my fingertips it softly changes shape and shows me the delicate meat of the insides of Tsuzurigi-san's pussy.

If I put my finger inside this small vaginal hole, Tsuzurigi-san's whole body trembles and she makes a cut-off scream.

A bit further inside from the entrance, is that donut-shaped thing her hymen? The insides of this masturbating virgin pussy should be very tasty.

「Tsuzurigi-san's virgin hymen is in full view. It's very cute」

「A, no, nooo~…!」

Tsuzurigi-san's finger stops moving for a second but「don't stop」 I say, and she continues.

「Tsuzurigi-san, ya know, do you masturbate at home?」

「Eh… ano… that's…」

「Answer honestly. Look, my finger has stopped」

「Auu… n… ano… sometimes… now and then… aah!」

「Sometimes? how often?」

「ah… n…! That… once a week… maybe…」

「How do you do it?」

「Au… breasts… massage… and like now… this, this girl's part… rubbing…」

I see, so she also usually fondles with her breasts.

「Then, Tsuzurigi-san. Let's take everything off. Then you can masturbate while also playing with your breasts as you do at home」

「Fu~e…!? Someone… what if someone comes…」

「I'll protect you. I'm your boyfriend after all, ne?」

Tsuzurigi-san hesitated a little when I spoke because she surely didn't want to become stark-naked, but she felt a little relieved at my promise as well, so after a while, she began to undress.

The skirt was undressed, and then her blouse, too.

The bra that matched her pure white panties was undressed as well. Tsuzurigi-san who was now not wearing even a single piece of thread descended upon the desk again, completely bare.

She had such a delicate body that I thought it would break when touched. However, this dazzlingly white woman's body was so soft, I wanted to push her down and jump right into the fray of desire.

These twin mounds that seemed like they would fit perfectly into the palm of my hands, I wonder if they were the so-called "beauty breasts". The shape was perfect, the pink buds on top were hard and sharp because of her excitement.

This is a girl who willingly undresses naked and masturbates at the school library.

And all of this is seen by me. In that regard, I wonder if she is more excited than usual. From becoming naked, I wonder if that suppression on her mind was broken.

Because right now, Tsuzurigi-san can only think about masturbation.

She is squeezing and rubbing her breasts while leaking perverted sighs from her tender lips, while at the same time pleasuring her secret place with her fingers.

This is a school after all, and whether you want to or not, someone might come. Despite that she is still fondling about with her pussy so that it can be shown off to me with her legs in the pose of an M. This fear regarding her situation, somehow it was just blown away.

「n… fu~a… feels nice… good… Etozawa-Kun… is this… good? I'm… going crazy… even with you watching… it feels… too good… 」

…My dick is already rock hard.

It's like it will burst out of my trousers at any moment, and I feel how the pre-cum ooze out of the tip and makes an embarrassing stain in my trunks.

「Tsuzurigi-san's erotic figure is too much for me. Here, look」

I open the belt of my uniform while feeling the strain as my penis grinds against my trunks and stretches the pants as I remove it all in one stroke.

As I look down at my bleached cock that jumps out, I heard a sound of holding the breath coming from Tsuzurigi-san.

「Is it the first time you see a cock? Because I got excited, it got thick like this」

Grasping this cock that had become hard as steel, I try to show off to Tsuzurigi-san. She was so fascinated by this symbol of a man that she forgot to masturbate.

「You stare so much at my cock, Tsuzurigi-san, just like a slut」

「Ah… no, that… it's my first time, so it surprised me…」

「Are you getting horny? From looking at my dick」

「Au… that's…」

Tsuzurigi-san hesitates to answer, but those eyes have been nailed to my dick for a while now. She is so easy to understand.

How is it? How is it? When I urge her like that she finally answers 「Yes… I'm horny…」, in a faint voice.

「Oh, is that so. Well then, look at my cock and masturbate. I will also masturbate while watching Tsuzurigi-san's naked body」

I rub my dick so that Tsuzurigi-san can see it. Tsuzurigi-san who was watching my performance with a red face also resumed her masturbation. That line of sight never left my cock at all.

We are both pleasuring ourselves while facing each other, and showing off our opposite gender genitals.

It is a mutual appreciation of watching each other masturbate. Tsuzurigi-san was intoxicated by this bizarre experience and was violently fingering herself while breathing quickly in hoarse rasps. kuchiyu kuchiyu, and wet sounds of water can be heard.

「Etozawa-Kun… ha~a…! extremely… dirty-desu…」(1)

「Tsuzurigi-san's pussy is so wet, it's so filthy. I'm very excited」

「Ya, yaa~… 」

I take my dick and rub it right in front of her face up close. Tsuzurigi-san doesn't seem to notice it herself, but her worldly desire has caused a spellbound expression to appear.

Her nostrils are moving with satisfaction as she inhales the smell of my cock that is in front of her eyes. This glasses-wearing girl is so horny. Is this her true form? (TN: not sure how to translate it)

「N… ah…! Fingers, I can't stop… cum… in front of Etozawa-Kun, I'm cumming…」

「Are you cumming Tsuzurigi-san? Well, in that case, let's cum together. Hora…!」

Tsuzurigi-san's miserable voice was increasing in intensity, while I stroked my penis harder. This desire to shoot out my warm liquid was rapidly rising.

「Ah… a~a…! Cum…ing… I'm cumming…!」

「I'm cumming…! As well… gu~!」

Tsuzurigi-san screams with a loud and joyful voice, and at the same time that her body starts to tremble I also met my limit.

Out from the tip of my glans byurubyuru! Semen was shooting out and landed on Tsuzurigi-san's face. A whole lot of it ends up on her glasses.

This tenderhearted person, this pure, and lovely face, is getting dirtied with white from my desire as a man. Semen drips down her cheeks, eyeglasses and her lips.

Some of it even entered her mouth a little. As if she was in love with this semen 「n…」she licks it up and swallows while her waist is humping the air.

「Fu~a… Etozawa-kun's… amazing smell… dirty smell…」

She mutters this as if it was the best feeling in the world for her to be sticky with semen on her face. To receive a cumshot on her glasses. Well, I suppose this girl does look good with a face and glasses drenched in sperm.

Standing here in front of a naked Tsuzurigi-san with her rough breathing does not help my cock to relax at all. I can't end it like this.

I grip my erect penis in silence and nuzzle it against Tsuzurigi-san's vaginal entrance.

Tsuzurigi-san who had lost the ability to think let out a panicked cry.

「eh, Etozawa-kun…? No, not… that place is…!」

However, I could only think about rubbing my dick inside her. It was the main dish, after all.

「Ah… fu~a! You're rubbing against… it's warm…」

My penis was soaked to the base with the wetness that escapes from her pussy.

This wet soft feeling made me harder. I slapped my dick up and down and covered it with more of Tsuzurigi-san's lewd juices. She leaks out sighs of pleasant sensations from her mouth every time I do so.

My cock which had gone weaker after Tsuzurigi-san's masturbation show seems to build up the urge for ejaculation again, just from this pleasant sensation.

Just like this, I will take this Tsuzurigi-san's virgin pussy.

I place the tip of my glans in front of her female hole and push it inside a little.


「I'm going to take Tsuzurigi-san's virginity, ne? N… it's just the tip but it feels so good I could cum at any minute」

「n… a… Etozawa-kun… enter… Nn~!! Ahh…」

Zuburi, and our hips meet.

Tsuzurigi-san wraps both hands around my back while her eyes start watering, and hugs me in a way that makes her cling on to me.

Looking down between her legs, the blood of a deflowered maiden was flowing.

「Fuu… As I thought, virgin pussies are the best. It's tight and nice」

「Ah… ah…! Etozawa-ku…n!」

Not waiting a moment longer, I start having sex by thrusting back and forth repeatedly, Tsuzurigi-san begins to gasp hard.

Although she just received a man for the first time, because the Lust value is high she starts to feel good quickly.

I suck on her lips while returning the hug from Tsuzurigi-san's clinging form. Every time I kiss, her vaginal walls close around me with kyun~ and tightens hard and massages me as if begging to receive my sperm.

The feeling puts me in a daze where I can only thrust my hips inside her. The sounds of our flesh against flesh are echoing around in the study room.

Tsuzurigi-san's well-shaped breasts are grasped, held and rubbed. My tongue tastes the nipples as it crawls over her skin. With each lick, she gave a sweet voice and held onto me tighter. Even though it is her first time, does she react like this from instinct? Where she clings to me and locking her feet to hold my hips firmly, it was a so-called impregnation attempt pose. (TN: not sure how to translate it better…)

Oi oi, this shy and docile face is getting hornier, this Shiori-chan.

I'm going to enjoy her body to the fullest while having sex with this glasses wearing schoolgirl.

But in due time I reach the limit, and I'm going to spill out any moment.

「Uu… cumming… Tsuzurigi-san's… Shiori's pussy is going to be filled up…!」

「a…n…! Ah…! a…!!」

Zunyuu… And I pushed my cock all the way to the back, I ejaculate straight inside Shiori's womb.

「Fu…a… Ah… ahh…!」

Shiori's body begins to tremble. I guess she had an orgasm from me cumming inside her.

Her face looks lost in pleasure, behind the glasses are eyeballs that were rolled up to the lids. Like this, Shiori accepts my semen.

But this is not the end.

With my cock still inside her, with Shiori still immersed in the reverberation of her climax, I summon my Rimokon. The button on its side is pressed – the Boost button.

Gan! An intense desire starts to build up in my lower abdomen. Inside Shiori's vagina, my cock grows hard and is wrapped tightly again.

「…Ah… inside, it's growing…」

「Shiori-chan has such a good vagina I got an erection again. Hora…」

「Ah… don't…! I'm sensitive…!」

When I move my waist a little, Shiori lets out a weak voice.

「Shiori-chan you want more of my cock right? I am going to ejaculate so much inside you that the smell of my semen will never leave your cunt. Aren't you happy?」

While I slowly move my waist to tease her, I ask that mean question to Shiori. She was sobbing with sweet long breaths as if giving up because she could not endure. She nodded.

「y… yes… lots, I want lots… I want so much that I'm full…」

「Good job」

「A… Aa!!」

I began to move again, and under me, Shiori once more begins to pant.

Like this, I will taste all of Shiori's body to its fullest extent.

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