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parameter remote control

Author: Hentai_Lord

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Chapter 1: what is this?

My name is Etozawa Kotaro and right now in my hand is something like a remote controller. I think its probably a remote control, but I have no conclusive evidence. Its because I do not remember seeing this remote control, I am not confident if its a remote controller for a tv, air conditioner or audio. This remote control looks really simple there are only two buttons, they are up and down. On top is an triangle while on the bottom is an inverted triangle. It seems the top-bottom must increase something while the bottom button decreases something. At the tip of the remote controller there is something like a transmitter unit thing. And then between the buttons and transmitter, there is a liquid crystal. Looking at the black screen but now there is nothing being reflected.

What's is this? I, muttered while examining the remote control in his hand. When did I get hold of this? While thinking about the mystery, for the time being, it was placed down nearby on the table.

Did somebody leave this behind? If its something important I must return it.

Even though I can't do it now I will do it in my spare time.

While thinking about it, I lie down on the hospital bed.

Because there was no space in my bed, I couldn't furnish it into what I wanted, and it would be problematic if I asked for my own, quiet, private room. I've already finished reading all the manga and whatever I got from visitors.

One day, suddenly, a meteorite fell from the sky and struck the head of a young boy, it was also nothing serious in particular to his life, since it only caused a big, nevertheless, it was decided that for the time being it should be treated at the hospital. To explain plainly, this content caught the interest of humans and was in the newspapers for about a week. It said a boy is struck by a meteorite in the head. On my way to school, as usual, I rub my sleepy eyes while walking towards high school, but on my way, a large meteorite volleyball fell from the sky.

And thus I was struck in the head.

Normally you would think that would cause instant death. Even after the shock wave blew the town, as far as the eyes can see it was far from instant death, its notsurprising.thatthere was also a large hole. Or perhaps I should say it was expected.

But that meteorites mass was close to zero as possible as it was like an ultra-light sponge. The soft light brought peace of mind as the meteorite sponge struck! It was a substance not found on earth. That must be why it only resulted in making a bump.

That moment I was struck I still remember the pain, though I lost consciousness immediately, afterward my memory was in turmoil.

There were several witnesses, they were the same as him, students on their way towards high school, it was only one person who called an ambulance and according to the eye witness, the meteorite certainly fell from the sky.

I was taken to the hospital (for only a bump), and then the police came to inspect the site I wonder if they wrote in the report saying that a meteorite fell? and how it finished a long journey from space to reach earth, it then finally meteorite fell to the surface and bounced off my head. It seems to have been brought to an institute laboratory where it was analyzed.

Yesterday, my younger sister came to visit me and told me that the material making up the meteorite cant be found on earth, so it certainly came from outer space at least that is what the newspapers and people are saying.

So now the whole world is wondering how I survived a meteor striking my head.

"It seems big brother's thick head was actually useful"

My sister laughs, but I was hurt, is this really a situation where you're supposed to laugh?

I did not understand why day by day I received so many examinations but since it's finished, I feel relieved. Besides the fact that I am a healthy average second year high school student. I spent more than 1 week on this bed and except having some spare time, there was nothing to do.

Because a nurse would often make rounds I was not able to quietly masturbate. My healthy body has not been able to masturbate for a whole week so right now I am so fucking horny, so much so that I could actually explode.

I cant wait to go home and start masturbating.

When he was looking at the ceiling absentmindedly while thinking of such a thing, the sound of the door opens with somebody coming inside.

It seems the nurses are making their rounds.

A nurse enters the room, however, she stands out from the rest, or perhaps I should say that it feels like this nurse does not belong to a hospital.

In a few words, she was a hot blonde nurse with glasses.

"Kotaro-Kun, you're still feeling good right~?"

"If my condition gets worse will my hospital stay be extended?"

For the past week I have gotten acquainted with this blonde nurse. Hanayashiki Ema is the name written on her tag. Her beautiful golden hair extends to her back. Others say she dyed her hair but I say its her real hair.

Her father is British so she is only half Japanese

I may say she is half but she doesn't have a foreigner feeling. She has the figure of a great figure and a cute face. Such a beautiful face was hidden underneath some ugly black frame glasses, but still, it cannot really be hidden because the glasses strangely fit her. what most attracts me though is that she is slim with large breasts whilst her ass is plump making her proportions very attractive to men.

"Isn't that so Hanayashiki -san"

she lightly laughs while holding out a thermometer.

During the boring hospitalization life of the tasteless hospital, having a conversation with the beautiful Hanayashiki-san (Emma) is about the only enjoyment I can have.

While I desperately try to stop a grin coming on my face, I try hard to have a look cool whilst receiving the thermometer.

While I hold the thermometer between my armpit, Hanayashiki-san stands beside the bed writing something on a paper while glancing at me.

Hanayashiki-san says "it can't be helped that there is nothing to do since the hospital only heals people."

Earlier, I asked about her age, and she got angry. I think she's probably 20 and for a high schooler like me, I would call her an adult woman, that is beautiful and sexy.

From her nurse uniform, I could make out some amazing proportions. It was a figure which would drive you crazy. I smile and made a *henya~* face (like a pervert face with the upper lip coming down.) and the atmosphere became softer.

She lifted my arm (to get the thermometer), and from her hair which rustled every time, it swayed, a somewhat pleasant smell was spread.

In this hospital, you can smell the medicine so when I smell her its enough to make me melt. I say it the magic of her cuteness. making me want to have sex with her.

I stare at her plump ass tightly wrapped in her nurse uniform, CHICHI, the thermometer`s alarm rings letting me know the temperature measurement is finished.

"Are the measurement finish?

"Umm~ it's a normal temperature. All right you're all healthy!"

While Hanayashiki-san approached to collect the thermometer, her fragrance floats towards me making me for some reason move restlessly

It's heartbreaking for oneself to not be able to masturbate for a week.

I want to touch Hanayashiki-san's breasts.

"You're leaving the hospital tomorrow right. You must have been bored for a whole week right?"

"If Hanayashiki-san is here it would be good to be hospitalized for life."

"Ahaha, remember I am your big sister so it's no good to tease me~"

"Even though your head got stuck by a meteorite it only resulted in bump. Your head must be very strong?"


I will say it again. Look, my head is normal.

"Umm~ let me see?" Hanayashiki-san gently touches my head. During this week I have gotten on good terms with Hanayashiki-san, its also possible that she may see me as an younger brother.

Unintentional Hanayashiki-san places her hand on my head, stroking it without any kind of wariness.

At this exact moment, Hanayashiki-san breasts come before my eyes, I just glare at how the uniform wraps around her breast.

She smells so good.

When I return home I think I will remember Hanayashiki-san in her nurse uniform. ( I hope you know what he is talking about)

"The bump is already gone from there. Right, so In a short time, you will return home but if you feel any discomfort feel free to come back to hospital?"

"If I can meet Hanayashiki-san I want to come every day!"

"Although there is no business, elder sister will not meet growing children~"

"Well then, what about outside the hospital."

"Oh dear, youre quite the smooth talker, if youre so energetic its all right~"

Hanayashiki-san laughs while lightly patting my head. This is true happiness.

Suddenly I remember the remote controller.

The remote controller I do not recognize. It's possible that somebody forgot their belongings.

Ah,this. There was something which looks like a remote control but I pointed towards the table next to the bed, some time ago I placed the remote controller on the table.

I noticed the remote controller was not on the table.

Remote controller? What remote controller

No? I am confident that I placed it there wow!

While my hand pointed towards the table before I know it the unknown remote controller appeared in my hand, causing me to unintentional raise my voice.

What? Even though I am certain I placed it there. Or perhaps I should say I don't remember grasping it in my hand?

"Ah, no this remote controller"


"Remote controller? What thing?"

"Eh? No, this remote controller"

"hmm? You're not holding anything?"

What does this mean?

That's it when I pass the remote controller to Hanayashiki-san, she does not notice it at all. It was irritating that just in front of me she had a strange face as if saying What remote controller?

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I am such a fool. Surely I am holding the remote controller but despite bringing it before her. I was frustrated so I directly pushed the remote controller in Hanayashiki hands. Hoping that she would see it.


No way, look this, this. wah!!

Eh!? W-What!?

The remote control that I pressed in Hanayashiki-sans hands goes right through. The remote controller was like a ghost, slipping through Hanayashiki-Sans hands going the opposite side. Since the remote controller had no contact, my hand hit against Hanayashiki-sans hand. It was as if the remote controller doesn`t exist.

Flustered, I retracted the hand holding the remote. The remote even came out of the other side of her hand. Although I was expecting a wound, there wasn't a single one.

"Kotaro-Kun? Are you all right? Do you want me to call a doctor?"

"Ah, no. Its nothing"

Hanayashiki-Sanlooks at me with some worry. However, I cannot believe what I'm seeing so I tightly grasp the remote controller in my hand.

"Are you really okay? Perhaps it's your head"

"No..that was some pantomime practice"

"Pantomime? I was getting worried. stop teasing elder sister."

haha I laughed awkwardly, Hanayashiki-Sans appearance just says Since it can't be helped


So far, such mischief had been done previously at times. "Oh well since you're so healthy as usual you would be able to be discharged from the hospital tomorrow" Hanayashiki-San gives a wry smile while leaving the room.

And so I was left alone in the hospital room.

What is this remote controller?

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