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21.62% Part-Time Star, Full-Time Dad / Chapter 14: Pan

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Chapter 14: Pan

I was aimlessly walking around the bank making myself look busy.

I took a mental note of everything that could be used to my advantage.

I don't know how many I'm fighting but if it's in 5 and under then I'm confident but if it's more then I'll have to get creative.

I'm not sure just how much improvement I got from Increased recoil control and aim assist but I won't put anything up to chance.

I walk up to one of the indoor ATM's and withdrew $50 just to avail any suspicion there might from the aftermath.

I've already come up with a reason for coming to the bank so that when I do give my statement it won't seem like I knew something was going down.

One thing I'm certain is that a bank robbery was about to happen in a few minutes but what I'm not sure of is if that's all there is to it.

There is a chance they use it as a cover to get to the father and daughter as hostages. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

I'm certain that I won't die today but I will be getting out of this with an injury or two. Hopefully, I won't be crippled.

Time was cruel as it felt like I had been analysing my surroundings for hours. I kept my wits about for any sudden movements or anyone with an odd walk which could signify that they were hiding weapons but still, nothing came of it.

I looked at the mini-map and timer and thought 'Target is still in the building, the timer is 5min and 45secs. If it's a robbery then now is the best time'

I watch the seconds slowly go by '44, 43, 42, 41, 40'

Just as it hit 5min and 40secs 3 white vans pulled up on the outside. The vans completely blocked the view of the outside and the inside.


• • • • • • • • • • •

|First Pov Clone outside|

As I can, simultaneously control my clones and myself I'm completely aware of everything that happens both inside and outside.

I walked around the white vans and watch four men wearing white hard hats and a high visibility jacket with a face mask step out from the van.

The four men then pull out a bunch of construction fences and lock off the sidewalk. They put a sign up saying "Under Construction" then pulled out some jackhammers before aimlessly begin to destroy the sidewalk.

They had entirely isolated the bank from praying eyes and covered any noise with the loud construction sounds.

They have only a few minutes before authority figure out there was no planned construction within the area.

• • • • • • • • •

|First Pov Theodore Inside|

The people inside had noticed what was going. The two guards on duty stepped out to ask what was going on.

Before they got to ask what was happening 8 men stepped out in all black leather biker uniforms and black motorcycle helmets with a tinted visor.

One man was carrying a large duffle bag with an action pump shotgun in one hand and a pistol at his side.

The other men were either carrying assault rifles or SMGs with a pistol in a holster at their hips.

The guards pull out their guns and shakily try to hold their ground before two men burst out from the group with phenomenal speed and punch them perfectly on the chin.

The guards fell back with their eyes rolled back and their heads making a horrid thudding noise after connecting with the floor.

"Blitz users," I said with some shock.

The power Blitz is under the minor-power category. The ability allows the user to burst from its position without much effort and cover at most 20 yards. It also gives the user a boost in leg strength and stamina from birth.

The setbacks with the ability are that the cooldown is 1minute and it leaves the user drained of energy.

The fact that they managed to throw a punch with enough force to knock out the guards after using it tells me that they are well-trained.

The two blitz users lean against the door frame to catch their breath while the other 6 men enter.

Everyone attempts to call police but found that they had no cell service. Thankfully I made the smart bet to leave my phone with my clone, who had already called the police.

A man steps put from the group of assailants and shoots the ceiling.


With a distorted voice, he shouts "If you don't want to die, move to the left wall and get on the floor, face down, hands behind your head and legs spread out. No one will get hurt as long as you cooperate"

No one was willing to get hurt so they followed his instructions while shaking in fear and tears streaming down from their eyes.

One man from the group shoots the ground a few metres to my left.

I thought it was just a random shot but a man that I had taken note of earlier appeared out of nowhere with a shriek.

"As I said on the floor or the next one won't be a warning shot," Said the man whom I had presumed to be the leader.

'Invisibility!! They must have thermal on them' I thought apprehensively

• • • • • • • • • • •

|First Pov Clone outside|

I quickly bought a set of kitchen knives a bag of zip-ties and a pan from a nearby shop. I then rip them out from the packaging and casually strolled up to the vans.

I stab the tires allowing it to rapidly deflate and cause the van to lean to one side. The so-called construction workers hadn't noticed as they we're hard at work making as much noise as possible.

I hoist myself up on top of the van and scoot myself over the roof. I drop down on the floor and put myself down. Walking up to one of the construction workers I tap him on the shoulder.

The man turned around expecting one his members but is rudely greeted with an iron pan to the chin.


The man falls back completely knocked out "Ouch, he's gonna feel that for the rest of the week"

I then repeated. the process with the other three construction workers. I then put the men in the van and tied them up using the zip-ties

Now that the outside was cleaned up I could now start.

• • • • • • • • • • • •

|First Pov Theodore inside|

"Oi, you! On the fucking floor!" Said the leader While pointing his gun at me.

'Well let's see just how good Master Level Acting is' I thought while psyching myself up.

I began to tremble uncontrollably with tears drowning my grey metallic eyes and snot building up in my nose. My face turned into a vibrant red as my hands began to wander around my shaking body.

I finally reach for my gun and shakily point it at the leader and with a desperate shout I said "I don't want to shoot you so p-please please let me leave"

The leader tilted his head watching comically at my blubbering and desperate attempt to escape.

"Go ahead shoot fatty, come on a pussy shoot," He said in condescending tone while approaching me.

His chest was an inch away from my gun as he said "I thought so, you couldn't even kill a fly"

I just smiled as a response and kneed him in the dick. His body arched forwards as he groaned in pain I then brought my elbows down on his back while still holding my gun and pointing it at the group.

The 7 men point their guns at me. The leader who was now grasping his nuts "Who the fuck do you think you are, You're outnumbered and outgunned"

I was getting sick of his blubbering and kneed him in the stomach before ripping his helmet off. Not caring for his appearance I brought my knee to his face and knock two front teeth out.

"Agh you crazy bastard," said the leader while spitting blood on the floor.

I then spun the man around and put my left arm around his neck with my gun against his temple. I tighten my grip around his neck and forced him to look up.

I face the other 7 men and said "Drop your weapons or he gets it"

The hostages looked up at me with hope and fear.

Despite how decisive my movements were I was extremely anxious so seeing them feel like I was their only hope of escape both encouraged and pressured me.

I took a deep breath to calm my heart. While calming my heart I tried to keep their eyes on me "If you don't drop it I'll shoot!!"

They hesitated and looked at each other for an answer before the two men with Blitz powers approach.

"Back up," I said while rubbing my back against walls looking for a particular mounted item that I had seen from before.

The two men didn't listen and approached further so I shot the ground in front of them "I said back up"

'Found, it' I thought while feeling a square object up against my back.

'58, 59, 60' I was watching the timer, keeping count of when a minute has passed before the two Blitz users activated their ability and burst from their position.

I step to the side to reveal the square object that was pressed up against my back was the fire alarm. I then brought my right arm down and elbowed it causing the alarm system to go off.

What follows the alarm was the sprinkler that quickly, doused the floor in water.

The two Blitz user was not at all ready for the sudden change in terrain as they slip and slid across the floor into the walls.

*SMASH* "Argh!!" Said the two men while their body was mangled.

'Three down five to go' I thought before getting to work.

The sprinkler was not only for the Blitz users but to mess with other fives vision. I instantly aimed the gun at one of the remaining criminals.

The moment I aimed with the intent to shoot it rectified itself to be more accurate and then I shot.


The man collapses and grasps the hand that now had a hole in it "My fucking hand!"

There isn't a lot of recoil in a Glock 17 but when I shot it I felt like the gun I just shot was a toy gun.

I then whipped the muzzle around and shot another four shots that readjusted itself without any recoil.


Four men fell to the floor whimpering in pain. The leader in my arm was visibly shaken by the outcome.

I was also shaking not due to fear but pure excitement. I looked at the Glock in my hand and thought 'Man, does it feel good to shoot you after so long,'

I then looked at the leader who was shaking in his boots and put him in a sleeper hold. After five seconds he was out cold.

The clone outside strolled in with his pan and swung at all the wailing criminals heads. I then make another clone before we dragged all the criminals to one side and took away their weapons.

I then fall on my ass with a tired sigh and say with a reassuring smile "You can get up now"

The hostages responded with cries of pure joy as they hug their loved ones and begin thanking their gods.

To one side I saw a man who looked to be in his mid thirty's with whom I presume is his daughter that looked about 10 hugging each other desperately.

They were most likely the targets as I did see them while following the red dot.

With all the criminals out cold a hologram of information on what the Inhuman Beast exercise entails appeared in my vision.

As I briefly read through I couldn't help but comment "I'm gonna die"

The police came storming in, "Put your hands in the. . . . what happened?"

The other hostages who saw the whole thing play out ran up to me and repeatedly said "thank you"

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