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80.59% Part-Time Star, Full-Time Dad / Chapter 52: Reccomend

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Chapter 52: Reccomend

After Mary left Theodore's clone got to work looking the through his memory of music trying to find a modern Spanish song that changed the English music scene.

He sifts through his memory's until he found the song that caused the Spanish trend. In 2017 a purely Spanish song called Despacito made history as it became a global hit in which opened door's for the Spanish community to integrate themselve into the main stream media. So much so that many English speaking artists began to get Spanish artists for features.

This was all thanks to it perfect ensemble of style these being Latin, Caribbean and Hip Hop style. The perfect blend of rap was another addition that caught hip-hop lovers off guard.

'Perfect' Thought Theodore as he laughed to himself before pulling out his acoustic and running some tests.

As he was coming to the end of recording the cords and listening to it his original body got a system notification.


[Congratulations on completing the Task: Gain 500,000 downloads for 5 songs: 5/5]

{Reward: Game Memories: Recollect all memories of Game's host had played in past-life}

"Urgh" As usual the sudden rush of memories came with an overwhelming headache.

Little flashes of games from his past played while a mix of emotions began to appear on his face.

He remembered the first game he played was kerby on the yellow Pikachu themed Gameboy colour that his friend got for him when he was 6.

He never had a console as a kid and it wouldn't have lasted in an orphanage. It was when he got his own place that he fell in love with games.

It allowed him to escape his mundane life to experience exciting stories through legendary game characters like Master Chief, Ezio Auditore, Solid Snake, Gordan Freeman, Kratos, Sam Fisher and so much more.

He remembered the time he put into Dark Souls and Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice.

Over 700 gruelling hours that taught him pain, despair, self-loathing, bliss, immediate disappointment and then the satisfaction finishing it.

With his memory of games now unlocked he looked into his status to see the new task for his next set of memories.

[Task: Drive the world crazy with a simple-looking game that will test the player's patience. To complete the task the host must have over 50,000 genuine good reviews with 1 million downloads]

[Note: Host may use his own name and advertise in any way possible]

{Reward: TV/Web Show Memories: Recollect all memories of TV shows host had watched in past-life}

Theodore quickly wrote down on a sticky note a set of games that had those criteria's and stuck it to his wall for later.

He then got to clean his room before he had to start streaming.

. . . . . . . . .

(Note: Kent is David, Samantha and Lily's surname)

|Third Pov Kent Residence|

Theodore, Rose and Lilly were having pancakes and waffles with fruits for breakfast.

While David sadly spooned his oatmeal with fruits into his mouth with his eyes never leaving the stack of pancakes.

Samantha also had oatmeal but she enjoyed the light breakfast, unlike David who only felt pain with every spoonful.

"Honey can I just have one with a tiny winey bit of syrup and I'll have lost of fruits on it," Begged David

"No, now enjoy the healthy breakfast I made or I'll cut lasagna out as well," said Samantha

"Dad should listen to mommy. . . Don't hurt my lasagna day" Said Lilly as she chopped down on a waffle.

"Now that's just cruel" Cried David as he went back to quietly eating his oatmeal.

Lily then got changed for school and joined Rose in watching cartoons.

"School again?" Asked Rose

"Yep, it's Monday. Remember on Monday I start school and then Friday I finish school" Said, Lilly like the smart older sister she is.

"Oh," said Rose in a sad tone

"It's Okay after school you can play with Lilly just like the other Monday," Said Theodore in attempt to cheer her up

Rose just looked down at her hands sadly before asking with hopeful eyes "I go school?"

Theodore began to sweat as he said "Ah yes but that's a long, long, long time away"

"Hmmm, 10 sleeps?" Asked Rose with her method of tracking days and showing ten fingers

Theodore opened his arms and emphasised "Lots and lots of sleep!"

"Oh," Said Rose once again feeling sad

"Do you wanna drop Lilly at school with us?" Asked Samantha

Recognising an opportunity to see what school looked like Rose nodded eagerly.

'It's almost time to start streaming' Thought Theodore as he made two clones to go back home and help his other clone with the stream.

. . . . . . . . .

|Third POV Clone Hunt Residence|

All three clones were now ready to go live. Clone 1 would be hosting, Clone 2 was running the subtitles and clone 3 would be controlling the music and just keep an eye on the Chat.

Throwing the BoxCam and giving it the same old instruction and then checking the lighting before moving around to where the light coming through the window hit his face.

"Going live in 3. .2. .1 go" Said Clone 1 who was now sat in front of the BoxCam put on a welcoming smile.

He waited a few minutes for it to fill before inform the usual punctual crew that always appear on time "Morning everyone slightly different stream no work out today I'm gonna rest this week and then next week back to some intense stuff to keep up this body of mine. So we'll give it a few minutes for more to join then we'll get to Sole Piece. I think I'll start doing a night streams this is where you'll get Batman updates. So let's talk got any question"



[Lil-CAAN!!]: 1ST🥳

[OneShotBro]: When are you gonna do a gaming stream?🤨

[NoSocial]: How do I make friends? 😅

[Blues-Got_No-Clue]: Do U See a Clue 👀

[S.P_Fan2056]: Let's Go Sole Piece

[RicherThanYou]: Bella says Hi

[HackerMan]: Can you say Happy Birthday to my friend Hannah

[Umm Yeah, NO!]: What do you do to keep your hair looking like that

[LadyLuck]: Morning Hubby 😘💋💞💞

[Call-Me_Chad]: Hello master Me and the fellow bros hope that you may leave us some beautiful B*tch's to fornicate when you go on your


"Ah I forgot to mention that I bought a V.R Cube, It should be here later, so tonight I'll show you my embarrassing attempt at getting used to it. . . I can't tell you how to make a friend I kinder sucked at it back in school but just try talking don't do small talk no one enjoys that. . . Hi Bella and Grace. . . Happy Birthday, Hanna, I hope you have a lovely day. . . For my hair, I just do basic maintenance washing and brushing. To my fellow chad brothers sorry but I can only do so much"

[S.P Fan1 Donated $10: Can you recommend some Manga/Manhwa/Manhua]

"Sure, at this point everyone knows Solo Leveling so I'll give two similar ones that are their own stories and not just copy and paste. Blade Of Evolution-Walking Alone In The Dungeon which is kinda infuriating and Kill The Hero which is like the best Solo Leveling inspired piece I've ever read"

"My Dad Is Too Strong is a fun one, it's not your typical overbearing Dad trope its a pretty laid back story. Roof Top Sword Master is an amazing brutal revenge story set in modern times"

"I'll just list the other's, Overgeared, Gosu, The Descent Of The Demonic Master, The Great Mage Returns After 4000 years, I Log In Alone, Murim Login, Red Storm and lastly a wholesome one Leveling Up, By Only Eating. So yeah that's what I recommend some of them are bit slow. Search on wetube for them if you can't find any more chapters"

(Note: These are my recommendation check them out my personal favourite is Kill The Hero and Leveling Up, By Only Eating)



[JawBreaker3000]: Dude, Rooftop Sword Master is fucking fire 🔥

[Big-M-B!ch]: I'm here Master 💋💋

[BangMan]: Nice work last night bro 🥳👍

[CommonMan]: The bubble trick was cute

[Can-I-Interest-U]: In burying that fat 🍆 in my 🍑

[Yes Man]: Making Monday's tolerable

[Lack_Of_Friends]: New Guy here, Hi Chat

[SoAmbiguous]: Last night was a banger

[Step-Mom]: 😍💦💦


[Coffee_N_D!K Donated $40: Sing Lean On Me with the lyrics plzz]

"Sure, just turn on subtitles and it should be there," Said Clone 1 while Clone 3 then played the instrumentals.

"~Sometimes in our lives we all have pain

We all have sorrow

But if we are wise

We know that there's always tomorrow~"

Four minutes and eighteen seconds of soul and comfort reached every viewer. Causing chat to be nothing but POG and fire emojis.

Then an obvious organised attack occurred with an army of hateful comments spammed over and over again.



[QuiteNoise]: POG

[OtakuFPS]: I think I can survive Monday now, Thx😅

[BigFriend]: Who did you by your song from?

[GamerBod]: Love it 😍

[ThiCCC-Rear]: 💞💞

[XThe_No, No_BeardX]: @BigFriend who the fuck told you he bought the song? Check the copyright shit stain

[Big-IQ]: Lip Syncing phoney

[TheCucer]: Loser

[LessCream]: Thief


[Cracked]: Boring

[CellMate]: The keys are so simple a baby could have put this shit together

[BeatsByChris]: Where the fuck did these assholes come from???


"You should know that I'm fully aware that you guys are paid by someone to spread rumours and try to deplatform but I really don't care. You have zero evidence to back up what you're saying. I initially wanted to celebrate today by revealing something and singing a new song but now I can use it to further prove that I'm your worst nightmare a. . . talented Chad. Fear me mongrels Hahaha all joking aside I'm really not feeling the least by pressure"

"Let me clear up a few things, my parents are not rich not even the slightest and even if they were to suddenly get some windfall they would definitely not send me money for something like buying a song. Let me show you something. What your about to see is my accounts on OriginCopys which will show you all my copyrights"

The video feed changed to his phone as a small face can show in the top left corner.

He signed in as his regular name and showed his song copyright which are Smile, Humongous Penis and Lean On Me with one they didn't recognise Despacito.

He also showed his copyright for Sole Piece, Batman and 1,000 Days Of Lonesome Grinding.

Then he signed out and signed into his Lonely Hunt Account. The name was immediately recognised by viewers who had either heard his songs or become a religious fan.

Their thoughts were further confirmed when copyrights under the alias were shown. Comethru, Crocodile Tears, Acoustic, FMO and Dream On.

"So yeah let me reintroduce myself I'm Theodore Hunt Manga and Comic artist, light Novel and Fairy Tale author, a small musician Oh and I am Lonely Hunt the up incoming indie artist taking over the music scene as some articles put it"



[Coffee_N_D!K]: Comethru is my fucking theme tune to life

[4Skin MunchRrr]: Dude, I can't help screech along to Dream On!!!

[Mode-PeakWeeb]: FMO helped get over my ex

[Lady Luck]: OMFG 🤯 💦

[Can-I-Interest-U]: In becoming the icon to my new Cult The Theo?

[Yes Man]: POG

[ThotPatrol]: That raspy voice for Acoustic makes me question my sexuality.

[Lack. . Of. . Friends]: POG

[TakeMeSerious]: Screenshot and share!!! 😆

[Lost-Interest]: Don't worry chat I found Interest, dad was holing him hostage LOL 🤣

[BeatsByChris]: I love Crocodile Tears I just play it whenever my girl be wilding

[Lost-Aggresssion]: DREAM ON! DREAM ON!🤩

[Herpes_free_since_03]: Dream On, Dream On

[SadAssMan]: Lonely Hunt music honestly makes HappyAssMan

[TheRealJesus]: I must discuss with father on the world balance and how one man is turning it upside down

[GamerBod]: Haters ain't saying shit now 🤣🤣🤣

[ThiCCC-Rear]: I get off to Dream On


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Flat_Moon Flat_Moon

I hope you enjoyed it and proceed to be healthy. I need to sleep the cold has put me in hibernation mode.

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