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16.92% PATH OF THE STAR HUNTER / Chapter 11: Chapter 11 A tough fight.

Chapter 11 A tough fight. - PATH OF THE STAR HUNTER - Chapter 11 by cryzsalix full book limited free

Chapter 11: Chapter 11 A tough fight.

Desmond proceeded to approach his last quarry, despite all the conviction he had gathered this morning; he still felt uncomfortable every time he took a life. Perhaps he had not thought or felt it so much, because until now all his prey had threatened his life in one way or another, so killing them had felt necessary; but the terrestrial wolf was different.

He had chosen him, he approached him intending to end his life, he stalked him slowly while waiting patiently for the perfect opportunity to present itself; and it did. After that everything happened naturally, he used his skills, the tools he had at hand, and his intellect to win; the poor creature probably didn't even know who took his life from him.

Despite what he felt at this moment Desmond's movements did not stop, he was aware that the time for the antics had passed and it was time to take things seriously; It wasn't just about his current situation and his desire to return to his world, it was more than that. His world was not a safe place either, forget about potentially dangerous Espers, the place where he lived was not safe from mutant beast attacks; Although he tried not to think about it too much, the image of the chaos that occurred 5 years ago was still fresh in his mind.

Shortly after the passage of the strange comet that scared half of humanity, strange events began to occur around the earth. First were the seas, all kinds of boats began to disappear, at first, nobody gave too much importance to it; not until mutant beasts began to appear on the ground as well. Their appearance was not particularly special compared to what they had before the mutation, but they were many times larger than their old forms and it didn't take long for humanity to realize that they were also much stronger.

The weapons managed to restrain them for a time and the people were safe in the cities, but the beasts kept getting stronger, to the point where beasts with Esper abilities began to emerge. The vision of a 20-foot-tall Gorilla covered in lightning still appears in the nightmares of those who were there during the fall of the defensive walls.

Many began to lose hope until Lionel Incort appeared; the first Esper and currently the most powerful of them. He came to the battlefield being a nobody, but after tearing up hundreds of huge beasts with his bare hands, he came out of the battlefield being the Champion of humankind, a symbol of hope but above all; a symbol of power.

Desmond admired him, wanted to be like him, until the day he went to the analysis center and was told that an Esper power will never awaken. The news shocked him greatly, not because he couldn't be like the man he admired, but because he knew exactly what kind of new world awaited him.

Despite what many might think, Desmond was not a fool, he knew that although humanity seemed safe at the time of the birth of the Espers; the world is no longer what it once was or to be more precise; it went back to what it was a long, long time ago. A place governed by the oldest of laws: The law of the jungle, where the weak are eaten by the strong. And both Desmond and his sister were weak.

Now it might seem that Desmond has been very unlucky with the way things have turned out so far, but he thought differently; this could be a difficult test but it was also an opportunity. One to get stronger, to stop being at the bottom of the food chain, to gain the power he had longed for and protect what he held dear. And Desmond would never pass up an opportunity like this, he would do whatever it took to secure his and Claire's future, take every advantage he could get and every resource.

For that reason, although he still felt a bit of guilt for killing the terrestrial wolf, he still approached him intending to claim the prize from him. The meat of the wolf Terra might not be a delicacy but that did not mean that nothing was valuable; his heart was very precious and Desmond planned to collect at least that.

Aware of the fact that the number of resources he could collect was limited, Desmond had decided to only collect only the most valuable parts of his prey and leave the rest to predators.

Seeing the corpse of the terra wolf right in front of him, only a whisper escaped Desmond's lips.

´´ was necessary ´´

He bent down and proceeded to open the earth wolf's chest with his steel dagger, not having much experience in this kind of thing, he went through a lot of trouble to be able to see the wolf's heart; he had lost count of how many times he had to break or go around the various bones of the wolf's diaphragm to get to what he was looking for.

Without many other options and the necessary knowledge in anatomy, it was only natural that Desmond could not do the whole process quickly and cleanly. Fighting back nausea and trying to ignore the strong smell of blood, he proceeded to rip out the heart in a crude way; just using the dagger to cut anything that would keep the heart connected to the wolf's chest.

When he finally finished, he had time to observe his prize, the heart was the size of two fists together, it was earthy in color and it was much heavier than it looked; Desmond thought that wasn't unusual considering the wolf's earth elemental affinity and the fact that the heart was supposed to be a material used to make defensive armor. Wasting no more time than was already used, he proceeded to use the collection function to store it.

Having finished everything he had to do Desmond intended to leave the area before other creatures were drawn to the scent of blood that abounded in the air.

He only took a couple of steps forward and realized that perhaps the goddess of fortune was not smiling at him today, perhaps because she considered him a pervert or an idiot; but the reasons weren't particularly important now.

Because about 8 meters from him he could see a creature that was unknown to him, it was there, simply watching Desmond, but despite his apparent tranquility; Desmond was sure he wasn't here to make friends. Taking advantage of the calm demeanor of this stranger, he quickly pointed the hunters' s book at him and used Analysis.


<Swift Fist Monkey cero star class low level.

Age: 3 years (juvenile stage).

Elemental Affinity: Wind.

Materials: A creature underappreciated among hunters because despite being quite strong among its level, only its meat can be considered scarcely valuable due to its high amount of nutrients.>

A six-foot-tall ape with light brown fur was in front of Desmond it might be the most normal animal he had seen so far; the only thing that differentiated it from a common ape was the sporadic light green spots on its fur and its slightly larger than normal fists. Even so, Desmond did not dare to belittle him, similar to the dark predatory spider, the ape in front of him carried an indicative in his name about his behavior; swift fist probably implied that he was focused on close combat with his fists. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

Trying to test his new rival, Desmond fired a quick shot with his bow, focused on speed he couldn't prioritize targeting a vital area of ​​the ape but that was never his intention. What he wanted to test was his reaction speed, although his name said his fists were fast, Desmond guessed that a beast whose elemental affinity was wind would not be slow in any way.

When he saw the ape calmly dodge his arrow, he verified two things; the first was that for certain beasts his bow was simply not a threat. His second discovery was surely more important: This would be a tough fight.

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