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Young Ding Hao - Peerless Immortal - Chapter 2 by Mantao full book limited free

Chapter 2: Young Ding Hao

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation


Ding Hao was elated. He opened his mouth and spat a black colored-stone.

This was the thing that caused him to transmigrate to this world. It was said that it belonged to the old demon Ding Chunqiu. The greatest function of this black stone was to enhance the meditation experience. When Ding Hao was learning the power absorption skills on Earth, he needed to meditate. And he was able to achieve a meditative state easily by placing the black stone under his tongue. 

"Good! Thank god that this black stone transmigrated with me to this world!"

Without any further delay, Ding Hao sat cross-legged by the bed and put the black stone in his mouth.

"Enjoy wine and songs while we can, life is short1. Quite the mind and heart."

Every time Ding Hao placed the stone in his mouth, he would hear the above phrase. Upon hearing that phrase he would immediately enter into the meditative state. His sight became blurred and…

At this moment, a loud noise came from outside the house. When they realized that Ding Hao did not wake up from the loud noise, they dropped the copper basin. "Bang". Ding Hao could sense that someone knocked him very hard. He had no choice but to leave the meditative state.

Being woken up from a meditative state made one feel very uncomfortable. Ding Hao's face was pale.

"You horrible people! No wonder the previous Ding Hao had trouble being awakened. It was all your doing!"

The mean Ding Laosi had been interfering with Ding Hao's ability to be awakened. The domestic servants had been instructed to interrupt Ding Hao whenever they saw him meditating. They would bang on tables and chairs. If that did not work, they would bang on the copper basin. They would even use a broom to knock him while pretending to sweep the floor. 

"Abominable servants bullying the master! How would he be able to achieve awakening?" Ding Hao screamed in his heart.

These servants were too much. There was no way he could achieve awakening when they woke him up every time he tried to meditate. The previous Ding Hao was too timid. He kept quiet when they did that to him, and they got more and more unscrupulous!

"Humph, you terrible servants. I will think of something to take care of you!" Ding Hao growled.

Ding Hao was no gentleman, all the Ding family descendants inherited the old demon Ding Chuxia's shameless and despicable character. He had a bad reputation. Ding Hao's father named him 'Hao', because it means righteousness and grandiose!

Unfortunately, Ding Hao's character… haha.

Since the servants kept interrupting him when he was meditating, he left the house.

The Ding family was a middle-class family. There were five rooms in the house. However, their status and wealth had declined much over the years. The thin camel is bigger than a horse. They still had servants and gardeners.

The gardener was standing beside a tree. He had his hand on the tree, and he was able to use his celestial power to communicate with the trees and guide them in the direction the gardener wanted them to grow. It even bore fruits too. There were a few other servants in the garden who were planting flowers. With a wave of their hands, they were able to exercise their celestial power to debug and fertilize the plants. Then another servant used her water celestial power to make it rain. She used it to water the plants.

"What an incredible world." Ding Hao was deeply moved.

When he was on earth, farming was modernized and industrialized to maximize the scale of production. In this world, one only needed to use a little of celestial power and you could plant dozens of acres effortlessly.

"This is high technology." Ding Hao nodded. "In a world like this, lay people who were not awakened couldn't even work in the farming industry!"

He walked along the corridor and arrived at the main hall. There was a wooden statue in the room. It was his great ancestor, Ding Yibai.

There was a rule in the World of Jiuzhou. If one' family had an ancestor who was a strong celestial teacher in the Celestial Cultivation Realm, then a statue could be erected in their home. The more statues they had the more powerful they got. The higher the level the ancestor achieved, the better the material they could use for the statue!

In the Celestial Cultivation Realm, Ding Yibai was a Jiadan level cultivator, thus his statue was made with wood. If it was a foundation establishing level cultivator, the statue would be made with clay! And if it was an energy forging level cultivator, they could only have a memorial tablet!

If a family has a statue made of either silver, gold, or jade standing in the main hall, all emperors and lords in Little Jiuzhou would have to kneel and worship them!

Do not belittle the statues. They could apparate!

When something big happened, or when someone was praying to them, or when a family was having problems, the ancestors would apparate and keep them safe.

Unfortunately, something must have happened to the Ding family's ancestor in the Celestial Cultivation Realm, as they had not apparated for a long time! Even after Ding Hao's father passed away he did not apparate! Thus people guessed that something bad must have happened to the Ding family's ancestors in the Celestial Cultivation Realm!

These things happened. They are bound together for good and ill. If the ancestors were alive, the descendants would prosper; but if something bad happened to the ancestors, the descendants would be doomed. 

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Ding Hao picked up the incense on the table. He lit it and prayed to the wooden statue that was twice his height. He thought, 'Please don't blame me. Although I'm not really your great-grandson, my body belongs to him. Please bless and help me to achieve my awakened state soon…'

At this very moment, a dog came into the main hall.

"Bow-wow-wow!" The dog barked and pounced on him.

"Damn it!" Burning incense did not bring the ancestors but a dog thought Ding Hao. 

He moved away from the dog, lifted his head, and saw a shadow of a ten-year-old boy. It was Ding Juncai, the mean servant Ding Laosi's second son.

"Minion, kill him and eat him!" Ding Juncai said impudently, but he did not come in.

'Couldn't the dog just bite me? Must he kill me?' Ding Hao thought angrily. 'How can a ten years old boy be so vicious?'

Ding Hao was great with dogs. He spat the black stone out and placed it close to the dog.

"Enjoy wine and songs while we can. Life is short. Quite the heart. Quiet the mind"

A voice that only dogs could hear came from the black stone. Then the ferocious dog dropped and laid down on the floor. Its eyes stared blankly at nothing. It was in a meditative state.

"This stone is amazing. Even dogs can enter into a meditative state." Ding Hao petted the dog, then placed the stone back into his mouth.

Ding Hao had the stone for a very long time. Therefore, he only needed a second to enter the meditative state.

Minion was in a meditative state for a short time. It seemed a little blur. It looked at Ding Hao and left the main hall.

Ding Hao took some incense ash and left the main hall. Then he saw Ding Juncai lead Minion to a tree. Ding Juncai was holding a bone of a woolly monster.

The woolly monster was one of the lower level spirit monsters in the world of Jiuzhou. The meat was fresh and tender. It was beneficial to those who had unawakened celestial genes. 

Ding Hao knew the old man was extremely terrible. He had told Ding Hao that there was no money. So, how many members of the Ding family were staying in the Ding house? Money was required to feed them. Where did the money come from? The dog had woolly meat, but the young master did not.

"Minion, kill that piece of trash!" Ding Juncai shouted.

The people in Jiuzhou matured quicker. The ten-year-old Ding Juncai knew that the piece of trash needed to die if his family and he were to become members of the Ding family.

Unfortunately, Minion did not listen to his command.

Ding Juncai shouted again, "Minion, bite him, and I'll give you a bone!"

Minion did not move. It laid on the floor.

"Minion, bite him! Go!"

Ding Hao looked at Ding Juncai groaned and said, "You people are evil and cruel. Even the dog won't listen to you. You wait and see!"

Then he walked toward his room.

Upon reaching his destination, he set things up and sat cross-legged. He pretended to meditate.

Very soon they were banging on things outside. The noise did not affect Ding Hao at all. The power of the black stone was too strong. He was in a deep meditative state. Even thunder would not wake him. Ding Hao's only fear was the servant who came in and knocked him.

Sure enough, when they saw that Ding Hao did not move, a servant with a red skirt walked toward the door with a broom. Just as she opened the door, something fell on her head. It was incense ash. It was all over her face!

"What is this?!" The servant opened her eyes, and she saw that Ding Hao had already opened his eyes and was sneering at her.

"Piece of trash how dare you trick me?!" The servant had incense ash all over her body, she looked terrible. The worst part about the prank was that ash was hard to clean up.

"Tricked you?!" Ding Hao stood up and said coldly. "You are a servant! How dare you come into the master's room without knocking the door? Don't you know the rules and customs of being a servant? Are you the master or am I the master?"

The servant sized him up and said contemptuously, "Master? That's funny. You are 15 years old and have not been awakened. What makes you the master? I was already awakened at 13 years old! You were just lucky that you were born into a better home!"

"Whether I am awakened or not is none of your business. Don't forget that everything that you are consuming now is provided for by the Ding family! If it were not for the celestial seed that the Ding's ancestor received, we wouldn't have 50 taels of silver offerings. If we didn't have those offerings, do you think you can eat and sleep here so comfortably? You are enjoying the rewards of my family, and yet you stop me from visualizing and meditating. You attempt to take away my celestial seed identity!"

Ding Hao approached her as he spoke. He pointed at the servant. "This is my last warning! Ding Hao is no pushover. This time I have used incense ash. The next time it will be swords and knives!"

"Who are you trying to kid?" The servant was reluctant to admit her wrongdoings and left.

  1. A phrase from a short-song ballad by Cao Cao, who was a Chinese warlord, statesman and poet.

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