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Chapter 8: A Beautiful Man Dropped From the Sky

Translator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

The girl's implacable expression was so dazzling, causing Yan Jin's profound eyes to narrow into slits and emit a gloom that could make one breathless.

In a second, he chuckled softly. His arched brows soared and his black eyes darkened like the pitch-black night.

"What about the contract between us? A master-servant contract is the most tyrannical of all pacts; it can't be broken unless you break it with me. Otherwise, if you die, I will bury you with it!"

If that wasn't the case, he wouldn't be so exasperated either.

Of course, he wasn't looking forward to leaving now. Since this girl was the master of the Alchemical Book, staying by her side would definitely restore his strength faster.

Mu Ruyue frowned. In short, he kind of agreed to her conditions.

"It'd be too obvious with you tagging along with me in this form."

The implication was that he must hide in the shadows and not come out.

But with Yan Jin's persistent character, how could he willingly hide in the dark?

"That isn't a huge problem for me."

Yan Jin's brows raised into a domineering, sword-like shape, then he let a black light envelop his body. His body shrank gradually, turning him into a small black beast that was only the size of a palm.

The little beast's body was as crystalline as jelly and its soft wiggling was utterly adorable. Its palm-sized body was inlaid with two large teary eyes that were seemingly hazy with mist.

It was hard to imagine that this little beast that evoked an urge to ravage it was the overbearing and handsome man just now.

"This is your torso." Mu Ruyue smiled and squeezed the little beast's elastic body, laughter gathering in her eyes.

In an instant, Yan Jin's entire being froze in place as if zapped. Then, a suspicious red smeared his black body. If in proportion to the human body, that was his butt…

A young human girl actually managed to pinch his butt twice?

Mu Ruyue, however, was oblivious to the part she was pinching. It seemed she didn't have the slightest intention of stopping. Yan Jin fumed with rage between gritted teeth. If he were in human form now, his entire handsome face would've long flared red like blood.

"Come on. Let's go and take a look outside."

The Imperial Capital, Feng City.

It was a sight of prosperity.

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Strolling through the busy streets, the young girl's indifferent gaze surveyed the pedestrians to confirm once more that she had indeed crossed to a world that was off the rails from China.

Despite bearing the memories of the previous host, this world was completely foreign to her.

"However, as long as I don't die, I will definitely make it back to my homeland alive." Mu Ruyue squeezed the soft little beast in her hand twice as hard as she could. She raised her eyes slightly and a calmness inconsistent with her age settled on her delicate face.

The little beast glared at her indignantly. Recalling the woman's pinching earlier, his teary eyes were filled with humiliation.

There was no way around it. In order to regain his strength as soon as possible, he could only endure it!

"Girl, where are we going now?"

Yan Jin's domineering voice leaped into Mu Ruyue's mind, causing her to frown and snap, "Don't talk."

"I was talking to your soul." Yan Jin gave her a blank look, conveying his outright contempt for this country bumpkin who knew nothing.

Mu Ruyue, however, merely brushed him off and lifted her eyes a bit, her gaze glowing with a searing light.

"Find a way to make money."

She needed to refine medicinal pills and elixirs. And of course, money was needed to buy what was vital for refining pills and elixirs—pill furnaces and medicinal herbs. Unfortunately, she was poor and penniless.

Meanwhile, Mu Ruyue had just stepped into the most prestigious restaurant in Feng City, Xiangyun, when she heard a cacophony of noises coming from upstairs. Before she knew what was going on, something slammed her to the ground.


Mu Ruyue gasped and her brows furrowed at the pain emanating from her crushed bones. Just as she looked up to see who had crashed into her, a handsome face suddenly appeared above her.

At that moment, she understood what it meant to invert all sentient beings—he was absolutely stunning.

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